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Confessions of a Cougar

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Funny now things work out. Finding myself sitting in first class sipping champagne and on my way to meet someone half my age is somewhere I never thought I would be. Never thought possible really. The past 10 years taking care of my sick husband and mother had taken its toll on my identity.. I had lost myself in the caretaker mode of nurse and errand runner. The past 3 years I have been rediscovering myself and feel pretty good although a bit surprised at who I am and continue to define in my journey of self awareness.

I wouldn’t call myself a cougar really, but I do like young men. My husband and I were married 20 years and he was 24 years my senior. Not a rich man, but the one I fell in love with and had two children. I skipped the age range of 25 to 47 year old male experience. I find myself attracted to the younger half of that age range the most. Something about the way they walk and carry themselves. Somewhat cocky, arrogant, yet naïve and eager to learn at the same time. They are very much like me really, searching to find out who they are and where they are headed.. I love men in general, always have. I love the way they smell, Laugh, refuse to have cocktails that have umbrellas and love a woman who likes to dress. I like being the girl in the relationship, having my door opened, carrying the luggage and not taking out the trash. I love to cook for men and let them be men. It is almost erotic to see my man watch sports on TV. and relax with his friends. My time will come later when his friends have gone home and I have him all to myself.. “More Champagne Miss?”, startled I glanced up at the flight attendant and smiled as she refilled my glass.

Shawn was an incredible man. We met oddly enough on a on line game. I am somewhat of a novelty item being on a game primarily played by 20 year old men. I am not looking for anyone, I have always enjoyed playing electronic games. I am a woman who played Pac man after all. Shawn was different then any of the younger men I have met. He is a single man enlisted in the Navy. Very mature and settled for someone at the tender age of 24. His “notyourtype” game name was unique and not the grandiose names I typically see on line, so I was receptive to the typical banter one does while playing. Eventually we started talking and exchanging emails and here I am, on my way to finally meet him. I close my eyes and visualize his dark blue eyes looking into mine. His muscular shoulders glistening as he begins to sweat…..”Ladies and Gentlemen, return to your seats please we will begin our decent in a few minutes”. Startled back to real time again, I am filled with anticipation to see this young stallion.

I told Shawn to meet me in the hotel bar instead of picking me up at the airport. I wanted to freshen up before I met him. I have never been to Washington D.C. before. I haven’t been a lot of places. Born and raised in Orange County California, I never felt a need to really travel. Now I am making up for lost time.

I have a large room with a view of the skyline. Shawn did a very nice job picking out a hotel that is nice and near his home as well. I fill the bathtub and pour my self a glass of champagne. I sink in and sip this glorious nectar, Damn, this boy had some style. Waiting for me in my room was a bottle of champagne and some Brie, crackers and fresh fruit. He had been paying attention…..The thought of him ordering and planning this little surprise made me smile. How sexy he was. I sink lower in the bath and close my eyes, wondering what he was doing right now. I find myself gently caressing my breasts and stomach. Outlining my love mound with my nails, careful not to part my lips, I don’t want to pleasure myself just yet.

Breathing slower, I can see my breasts lift up with each inhale I do and part the bubbles enveloping them. Almost hypnotic. I am startled back to reality with my phone ringing. Oh my god its Shawn! He is downstairs in the bar. I have lost track of time. I tell him to wait a few and order me a Cosmo I will be right down.

I throw on my black cocktail dress that is a bit too snug, but cup my breasts perfectly. Sewn tight to the waist and a bit snug on my ass, it shows my curves well. If I gain 5 pounds, it will split a seam for sure. I put on my black thigh highs and hurriedly attach them to the garter I am wearing. I haven’t worn panties since I was 17. Slip on my favorite strappy black spike sandals and look in the mirror. Damn,, I have no make up on and my hair is starting to curl up again from the humidity of the bath. I straighten my brown shoulder length hair every chance I get, but it curls up like a permanent with any hint of moisture or humidity. I don’t want to keep him waiting so I figure he is going to see me bare anyway, so I put on some pink lipstick and mascara and am out the door.

Shawn couldn’t have picked a better place to meet. The hotel lobby was the traditional modern vaulted ceilings with cut glass art deco lamps hanging down and projecting prisms of color along the walls as the sun changed direction from day to night. The travertine flooring echoed the clicking of my heels as I hurriedly headed for the bar. I was trying to adjust my eyes as I glanced into the darkened retro 70’s type venue. I was getting a bit nervous. In my haste to get here, I had forgotten my glasses so I could not see as clear as I normally would. The bar was very sexy. Dimly lit tables that were encircled with a dark red leather upholstery. Small candles adorned the center and each was semi private as they had high backs on them. I can not see Shawn. I head to the bar and try to sit casually on the high bar stool. Crossing my legs, my dress hikes up and exposes my lace thigh high. I tug at my dress to pull it down a bit and order a Cosmo as the bartender puts down a napkin in front of me. Adjusting my self a bit, I notice a few men are watching me. I gingerly smile back and try not to make eye contact. Where is Shawn? I cant imagine him leaving after all of this. But, now I am worried.

Twenty minutes pass and I order another drink. I feel a bit light headed and angry at the same time. Sitting alone at the bar and feeling a fool for flying out I almost welcome the attention of the men sitting across from me. One of them sends me a drink. I tip it up and mouth a thank you at him as I get ready to drink it in one gulp. My philanthropist counterpart stands up to make his way over to me and now I am feeling dread. I should have sent the drink back. He reaches the empty stool next to me and is getting ready to sit down when I feel two hands on my shoulders and the soft touch of lips on my neck. “Hi baby, sorry I am late, I got called out soon as I hung up the phone”. His mouth felt like heaven on my neck. I could smell his skin as his face came up closer and he whispered in my ear some words I couldn’t make out. But his warm breath and faint roughness of his after 5 brushed my cheek, I could feel my self get weak. I turned my mouth up to meet his and we kissed. We kissed like two people who have been kissing for years. As if we knew all this time exactly what each other liked. No awkward first kiss movement. Tilting ones head the wrong way, parting lips too soon. Forgetting to breath was my usual m.o. But my savior standing beside me kissed me and meant it. I felt a bit light headed and weak kneed. Completely forgetting my benefactor, I stood up and hugged Shawn and pressed my breasts tightly against his chest. He had a broader chest then I had imagined. Very masculine body. His arms envelope me and I feel immediately safe and relaxed. The benefactor leaves almost immediately opening up the seat for Shawn to sit beside me. Again, my dress exposes my thigh highs as I cross my legs on the stool. Shawn puts his hand on my leg and circles my knee with his beautiful tanned hand. The Navy has been good to him. He is well built. Average height, with broad shoulders and narrow waist. He is wearing some kind of designer jean that enhances his tight beautiful ass. He is wearing a somewhat snug silky type pull over shirt that accentuates the benefits of years of working out in the gym. He motions to the bartender that we are moving to a booth and to send over a bottle of champagne. I am somewhat taken aback at his command of the situation. So young, yet so incredibly smooth. I can feel my body warm up and begin to tingle as he guides me over to the table. I slide into the booth about half way, meeting him as our thighs touch. We exchange the usual small banter and somehow work our way through a bottle of champagne before I get the nerve to ask him if I look like he thought I would. I feel like a stupid school girl all of sudden with this Adonis sitting here with me. This is a new feeling for sure. He has dark brown hair that make his dreamy blue eyes look like sapphires. As he gazes back at me. He smiles when I ask him his impression of me and puts his hand on the inside of my thigh. I am facing him in the booth with my leg half on the booth and the other half on the floor. He gently moves his hand up and his fingers begin to touch my moist lips.

I lean in towards him as if to whisper something in his ear, but it is really so I can move closer to him and allow him more access to my now wet lips. I hold my face close to his and take in the moment. I am feeling the effects of the champagne and Shawn’s obvious skilled hands. His fingers part my lips and circle my clit. I am so hungry for him I almost want to undress right there in the booth. He moves his other fingers to explore more of me and inserts one of his fingers. I moan and my breathing gets heavier and my lips start to kiss Shawn’s cheek, my tongue circles his ear and moves to his neck. I whisper in his ear that we should go up to my room. He brings his hand up and I take it and put his wet finger in my mouth and suck all my juices off.

Walking hand in hand towards the elevator I can t help but notice Shawn’s remarkable ass. Damn, nothing turns me on more then a man who can fill out a pair of jeans. It takes me back to my first love in high school. A football player who was built a great deal like Shawn. Broad shoulders with a smaller tight waist with hard ass. We don’t speak in the elevator. Oddly quiet, anticipation has taken over any conversation. Not wanting to accidentally harm the mood with a wrong word or remark we both seem to recognize the importance of quiet. I fumble for my hotel key card and Shawn stands behind me kissing my neck. Grabbing my waist close to him and running his mouth on my neck, shoulders and ears is the single most incredible thing anyone can do to me. It always gets me hot and absolutely out of control filled with desire. I can feel his shaft against my ass and it is rock hard. Oh, the beauty of youth. I feel like a 5 year old on her birthday opening up all the presents and realizing I am getting everything I ever wanted. We finally make it inside the room, Shawn immediately grabs me and backs me up against the wall and somewhat pins me there with his hands on my shoulders. He starts kissing me hard and aggressive. I like it. A new move for me, but a totally erotic one. I like losing control to this man. His hands cup my breasts through my dress and he brings his mouth to them. My dress exposes just enough of my DD’s to bury his mouth in them. I try to grab at his belt but he pulls his hips away. I want him so much right now I feel like I am going insane. He moves his hands up my thighs to pull my dress up over my hips. I turn around and motion him to unzip my dress. I hear something un zip but it isn’t my dress. It is his jeans. I can almost immediately feel his cock on my ass. He moves his hips towards me as he grabs my waist , Rubbing his shaft between my legs enough to feel my wetness, I want him in me. I bend over and wait. He doesn’t enter me. He is teasing me now. Rubbing his cock on my pussy but only on the outside. Making me yearn for him to fill me. I am almost beyond desire. I am so wet, his shaft is glistening with every thrust. I turn around and think, this boy is not going to control this cougar for long. I stand up and push him back with force. I smile and say, “okay, here is how it goes down. Do not touch me, do not make a move for me. If you do, I will stop whatever I am doing“. He smiles and relaxes his arms and waits my next move. I guide him over to the desk chair in the room and have him sit. I pull his shirt up over his head and throw it aside. I undo his belt and finish taking his pants off. His cock is hard and straight up. I turn my back to him and sit down on his lap. I gently guide his cock into me. It is large and very thick. I am so tight, I worry even as wet as I am, it may not be too easy. I spread my ass cheeks to make this easier and it helps a bit, as I slide down on him slowly and rub my clit. I tell Shawn to un zip my dress. He does and I remove my dress. I continue to slowly slide up and down his cock.. This is the most intense feeling. He is almost too big. I stand up to give it a minute. I face him and begin to kiss him again. I move my mouth down his neck, ears, chest. I nibble on his nipples, playing with them with my tongue. I make my way down to his massive unit and caress his balls with my hands. Stroking them with my fingers, outlining them. Feeling them get hard as I do. My mouth reaches the head and I feel Shawn put his hand on my head. I stop. I look up at him and he looks confused.

I reminded him of the rules. He smiles and puts his hands at his side. I stand up and look at him admire my body. Wearing thigh highs, garters, no panties and a snug chemise that hugs my body and shows off my curves and hiding the soft area of my belly I now I have at 48. My breasts and long waist have always been my favorite features. The chemise hugs my thighs and give me a nice hour glass figure. I can see he is pleased. I move my hands down my body and caress my breasts slowly, keeping my eyes on him. I move my hands down to my clean shaven mound and use my fingers to part my lips and play with my clit. I am using one hand on my breast and one on my clit. Stroking it and feeling it start to swell and get more and more tender. I put one of my feet up on the chair between his legs. I watch his erection and crave him inside me.

I continue to play with my clit and near an orgasm. Shawn is sitting there almost in a hypnotic trance watching me. He starts to stroke his cock, I want to stop and tell him the rules again, but now I can not stop. I am going to cum. I stroke myself faster and faster and am now playing with my nipples, I lean in and shove my breasts into Shawn’s face and I tell him he is allowed to touch my breasts only. He rapidly grabs them and starts devouring them, rubbing his mouth all over them like a man dying of thirst. My nipples are hard and erect and my clit is now exploding. I shove my body against him and continue to moan and shiver. My body is tingling and I have beads of sweat coming down the nape of my neck. My hips thrust at him as my orgasm reaches peak and then I suddenly have to stop, my body falls against him and I just sit on his lap face to face, straddling him but like a rag doll. I lay my head on his shoulder and try to recover. Shawn asks if he can touch me now and I laugh. I forgot the rules! I said, “yes please do“. He says,,” you sure you still need me around darlin“ you seem to be doing okay on your own here“ I pushed my head back and said, “Darling, you have no idea what it is to be with a woman my age and with my sexual appetite. This was just the introduction. You have a long night ahead of you“ With that he pulled my head towards him and kisses me, gently this time. Sensually. Not as hungry as before, but with more emotion and eroticism. He does have a few layers to him. He may end up teaching me a few things.

His leg damp from my juices dripping on him, I stand to get a towel, but he says, “baby, you are not going to wash away any of this nectar. I want to have you all over me. Head to toe“ He stands up and says,” now, you may not touch me, kiss me, or otherwise react to me or I will stop, you understand?” I nod my head yes.. He lays me back on the bed and starts in as I had on him. He kisses my face, ears, neck, shoulders , only this time he is laying on top of me letting his hard cock rub in between my lips. My clit is swollen still and very tender, but he is gentle and seems to know exactly what he is doing. I wish I could see his ass though. I try to visualize his ass muscles clenching with each thrust. His shoulders flexing as he moves up and down. It is almost too much to bear. He now has my breasts in his hands and is sucking on my nipples. Nibbling on them. Using his teeth gently to tug at them. This is sending electricity through out my body. It is incredibly erotic and each tug on them seems to be connected to nerve endings on my clit because it tingles from nipple to clit each time he does it. Now using his tongue to circle my entire nipple, he glides his hands down to my now incredibly wet pussy. He leans back off me and spreads my legs completely apart so that my clit and lips are completely exposed to him. Grabbing my ass with his hands he pulls me up to his mouth and used his tongue to circle my clit and reach down to my pussy and rub his tongue firmly up and down and in and out of me. I have never felt so sexually aroused in my life. Absolutely the most wonderfully gifted man I have been with. He begins to insert his fingers inside me and stroke me with his tongue at the same time. Firmly and as if to devour me, he does not let up. I almost immediately cum again and clench his head with my legs. Using my hand to hold his head in place, he stops. Oh my god! The rules. I am cumming hard and he stopped. I beg him and tell him not to stop. He looks up at me and says,” these are your rules baby, not mine“. “Shawn, please baby don’t stop“. But he does. Now I think I have been dealt an incredible lesson from such a young man. Wow! I lay there and try to recover my senses. My clit is swollen and tingly. It is begging for his mouth. Shawn’s erection is facing the ceiling, it is so hard. Shawn motions me up and says” okay, I will allow you to touch me now. And, no more rules my dear“. I smile and kiss him and say “okay“ Lesson learned. I want to make it up to him and as we both are kneeling facing each other on the bed, I grab his cock in my hand and begin to stroke him. He kisses me and is squeezing my ass and breasts and holding me close. He stands up and I am now face to face with this huge beautiful cock. I put my mouth below it though and start sucking on his balls. Circling them with my tongue to feel them, sense their intensity and willingness to cum. They are hard and close up against his body. My mouth is very wet and I am able to get them both in and use my tongue at the same time. I move up a bit and take my tongue up to feel his entire shaft with my mouth. Using it as a guide, I kiss it and suck on the sides, top, bottom anywhere I can and feel so amazed by its beautiful skin and strength. The vein on the underside is huge and protruding. I trace it with my tongue and rub his cock on my face to feel its warmth and soft skin on my lips and cheeks. Taking the head in my mouth I trace the rim on the head with my tongue and feel the hole with my tongue, as if trying to enter it. Sucking on the entire head now I am still holding his balls. Stroking them softly. My mouth is very hot and very wet now and I am able to move up and down on his cock easily. As I do, I make sure my tongue is massaging it all the time. Pushing on it. Feeling it throb in my mouth. Shawn is rocking back and forth in my mouth. He is so large though I am scared I will gag. I try to control how much he is able to put in by holding his cock in my hand and stroking it as I suck him. This is getting me hotter and hotter and I want to feel his cum in my mouth. I want to feel him explode.

Shawn doesn’t seem to be worried, this stallion has more then enough for this cougar, and plans to give it to her.

Just when I think he is about to explode in my mouth, he takes it out and turns me around and I am now on all fours. He grabs my hair and at the same time, he inserts his hard cock in between my ass cheeks and rubs his cock back and forth. His thrusts are becoming faster and faster as I move my hand to my clit and start to play with her. I want him inside me so much, I almost begin to get angry at his teasing. “Fuck me Shawn! Please Fuck me hard. Why wont you put it in. I need it inside me, and I have to have you drilling me now!”

Then I feel him gently inserting it in, the head of his cock feels bigger then an hour ago. I can feel its outline with every thrust. Shawn is drilling me with such fierce determination, I can feel his balls slap against my pussy with every thrust. His cock is hitting me up high inside. Almost hurting me. But it is a wonderful hurt. My ass cheeks are shaking and this turns him on. He slaps my ass and lets go of my hair. I can now look back at him and see his chest glistening and beads of sweat running down his neck and chest. God this man is a turn on. I moan and move my body to his rhythm and push my ass up as if offering it up to this Adonis like an alter sacrifice. I do not know why I have been blessed with such a wet pussy, but my entire life it has been this way. Maybe years of masturbation have conditioned it. I never used my hands or a dildo but pleasured myself with the standard vibrating egg. I never had interest in a dildo because absolutely nothing could ever take place of a mans hard cock. And the strength of a mans fingers as he brings my clit in his strong fingers will get me to orgasm faster then anything I could do. I move my hand away from my clit and grab both breasts and play with my nipples.

Shawn is fucking me harder and faster as if reading my mind. His cock is massive and I can feel it throbbing inside me. He leans down and I can feel his breath on my shoulders and his hands grab my hips and he holds me up tighter to him while starting to kiss my neck. I turn my head to him and use my tongue to explore his mouth. We are kissing hard and thrusting our tongues into each others mouths with furry. I can feel his sweat drip on my back and his breathing is getting deeper and faster at the same time. He is going to cum. He is moaning and telling me not to stop moving my hips. “faster baby, move your hips faster and up at me” I do and at the same time he takes one of his hands off my hips and finds my clit. He starts to squeeze her with his strong fingers and finger me so perfectly I am going to cum again, and fast.

My orgasm is cumming and not a second too soon, his hips are slamming into my ass so hard I feel like I am going to get whiplash. “oh fuck Shawn, fuck, I am cumming baby, oh God, Shawn fuck me baby, fuck me, shove that cock in me deeper, oh fuck Shawn” I scream at him as I explode, my juices running down his fingers and onto the bed. I now can feel his cock throbbing and exploring inside my hot pussy. :”damn baby your so hot, wet and tight, I cant believe how good this feels. Fuck sweetie, I’m cumming…..” and now the moment I had been waiting for since I first spoke with this hot man had cum. His body shivering and shaking as shoots his hot cum inside me. He is holding me tight as his body jerks and jerks as he cums and cums. This is a big one for sure I muse. He collapses on top of me and lay there on my back. Neither one of us can move. We are so drained. I have never felt so sexually alive and sexually spent at the same time in my life. This is what heaven is. What wonderful thing this younger man is.

Shawn never take himself out of me., we just lay there and doze off. We awake and he is erect inside me again. This time he turns me over and faces me. His face is so handsome. His hair is wet on the bottom ends and hugging his neck. He is beautiful. He is a master in the bedroom. He has made good on his promise to show me a good time. I came out thinking I would teach a young man how to be a great lover and he has in turn showed me he didn’t need an instructor, just a cougar hungry for more then her typical date back home could offer.

We spent the next 2 days in bed. Hardly stopping long enough for food or rest. Even showering became a place of sex play. Water running down my hair and into my eyes as I look up while taking his cock in my mouth, almost asking permission with my eyes as he gazes down at me. Rocking my head back and forth, making love to his cock with my mouth. Drinking him every chance he allowed me to. Bending over and grabbing my ankles, offering myself to him like a cat in heat. I couldn’t get enough of him. His skill at eating my pussy and sucking my clit was the best I ever had. 20 years of marriage and my husband had never quite got the combination as wonderfully as Shawn. Maybe it was my willingness to tell him what I wanted instead of assuming he would just figure it out was the key.

Something about getting older has taught me that life is too short to waste it on shyness and conservative ideas that good girls don’t have sex let alone enjoy it. I had spent the first half of my life worrying what others thought of me, only to find myself determined not to waste anymore time caring.

I left Shawn at the airport. Looking back at him as I left, I thought, this cougar has done good. I found perfect prey to devour and be devoured. Although not hungry at this moment, I spent the entire flight back home shipping champagne and thinking of new prospects yet to be discovered. New prey yet to be hunted, new youthful bodies yet to be kissed. Oh what a wonderful life this is. “More champagne maam?” voice bellowed at me, awaking me from my daydream. I open my eyes and see this handsome young flight attendant holding a bottle of champagne, I nod my head yes and smile as we make eye contact. “he will do nicely I think to myself. I have yet to join the mile high club”…….

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