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Computer Problems, a home visit from IT

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You hear a knock at the door. It must be the Nerd Herd tech you had sent over to take a look at your laptop. You toss on a button up shirt but don't bother buttoning it or your wranglers, just leaving them zipped.

You open the door to see a little brunette standing at your door with glasses and pig tails. She has a button up shirt on and a grey pleated skirt that hits just above her knees. She has on knee socks and penny loafers and her name tag says Tammy just above her pocket protector.

She pulls out a clipboard from her bag and looks at it over the glasses that have slipped down her nose. She looks up at you and says "Mr. Chris Matthews?". You smile and say "At your service.". You can't help but notice the curvy figure under the Nerd Herd uniform.

"I am here to repair your lap dance.... Um..... Top! I mean lap top." she says blushing profusely. You notice her eyes drop the front of your pants. You feel yourself beginning to harden. Her eyes widen and quickly return to your face. She blushes again at having been caught in the act of checking you out. You grin and open the door to let her in. "the computer is this way" you say as you lead the way through your house.

She follows with bag in tow and you show her the laptop and desktop computer. "Both are pieces of shit. Running like crap." you say. She smiles and says "Don't worry we will fix you right up".she bends over and looks under the desk, identifying where the wires and plugs are. You get a peek of the backs of her legs as she bends. Then she drops down to get something out of her bag and you watch her crawl under the desk to plug in her test laptop. You stand back to check out the view of her backside sticking up out from under the desk.

"Mr. Matthews, can you please hand me the ethernet cord? It's the one that looks like a phone cord." She calls out from under the desk. You look around and grab the orange cord she set next to the bag. You hand her one end under the desk and slide your fingers up the back of her thighs and under the skirt. You notice she is wearing red lacy panties under her skirt and you can see her creamy white skin beneath the lace. She wiggles as your fingers touch her skin and you say "Woops, my hand slipped." She arches her back, making her ass stick up further before she wiggles back out from under the desk. She stands up and gives you a look as if you are in big trouble. Then her lips twist up in a half smile and she turns to plug in the ethernet cord to her laptop. She connects a few more wires to your computer and ensures that her bends and twists give you a good view of all her assets.

You sit down in your desk chair, just close enough so she can't really work without you being in her way. By this point your cock is a long ridge inside your jeans and she is very aware of your current state. She brushes against your leg, reaching over you to press a key and move the mouse. You move your knee between her legs, just as she slides her ass to the side. She loses her balance and plops down right in your lap. "Oh!" she exclaims, as your rock hard dick presses against her ass cheeks. You run your hands up her back and pull her down for a long slow kiss. She moans in your mouth as your kiss takes over her, melting her in your lap like butter in a frying pan.

Your hands slide up the inside of her thighs as your tongue lays siege to her mouth and lips. You feel the heat radiating from her core and you can't help but put your hand there. You are surprised to find the red lace panties are actually crotchless. You pull your mouth away from hers to look under the skirt. She smiles shyly from behind her glasses but her legs open like a flower to give you a good view of her dripping wet lips surrounded by red lace. You feel overcome with passion and you can't help yourself. You grab the front of her button down shirt and pull. Buttons fly everywhere and the material rips as you expose her milky white breasts. You lean down and hungrily take one into your mouth as you slide two fingers inside her wetness. "Oh god" she moans as she arches back over your arm.

You feel her tighten and tense up about to orgasm when the computer beeps signaling that the scan is done. She jumps up like she has just been caught with her hand in the cookie jar. You watch a flush creep up her back as she moves the computer to the next phase. You take this opportunity to remove your shirt and pants, releasing your long thick cock. You grip her skirt clad hips and guide her back and slide her down onto you. You slide inside her deep wet pocket and she immediately creams around you. She spasms as you rock your hips and pound into the deepest part of her, she screams and throws her body back, putting her head on your shoulder and arching as orgasm rips through her body.

She straddles your legs and grips the arms of the chair to help her slide up and down your pole. Your hands massage her nipples, tugging on them as you run your teeth across her neck. Her thighs tighten on your legs and she uses her strength to pound up and down hard on your cock. You give her nipples an extra hard tug and she let's out an animal growl as she cums around you again.

You feel the need to take over so you bend her over in front of you, still deep inside her and begin to pound her. She still has her skirt and panties on and you run your hands over the sexy red lace covered ass. You gently rub your fingers around her anus as she is bent over grabbing her ankles. You press your finger forward gently, entering just slightly with the lace covering your fingertip. She shudders and you feel her tighten around you again as she succumbs to another orgasm. You pound into her and wiggle your fingertip feeling her orgasm over and over.

Suddenly, her phone rings and it is her work ringtone. She tries to pull away but you hold her in place. She answers the phone and you can hear her trying to keep her voice from trembling. You pound her hard and she begins to squirm as she is talking on the phone to her boss. She wiggles away just as you feel you are about to blow and you grit your teeth in frustration.

She stands up and holds up one finger as she answers a question in computer geek talk. You sit down again and stroke your cock sullenly.

She grins at you and finishes her call. She hangs up the phone and drops to her knees. She smiles at you and bats her eyelashes as she slides her hands up your inner thighs. She takes note of the cream covering your cock and she clicks her tongue "tsk tsk tsk, look at that. I have made you a mess". She leans down and licks the pool of cream from your balls before sliding her tongue up the underside of your cock. She wraps her hand around the base as she slips your head into her mouth. She sucks gently and begins to move her head up and down. Cleaning her juices off of you thoroughly. She begins to speed up and she drives you wild with her sucking. You grab her hair and hang on as she strokes you in and out of her hot mouth. You yell as you feel your hot cum shoot down her throat and you feel her tongue press you as she swallows deeply several times.

She licks her lips as she sits back on her heels. She grins at you like a cat who just ate the canary. She stands and finishes the cleaner and does some testing to ensure the computers are now working properly. She pulls on her bra and ties her button up shirt just under her breasts since the buttons have been torn off. She takes a swig of the bottle of water she had in her bag and rinses her mouth. She reaches under the desk and unplugs her devices. She leans over to kiss you deeply and you feel her place a card on your chest. She smiles at you and says, "this is our survey line, be sure to give me a high rating.". Then she tugs her bag on her shoulder and shows herself out. You look at your computer and wonder what you can do to break it again so you need more IT assistance!!

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