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I began to cum in her. Cumming in and with her is unlike cumming with any other woman I have known. My body strains like a violin string starting at my toes and trying to bend my legs backward as it tightens its way to my butt and cock. I can then feel the shot of cum coursing through the tubes to the little hole in the end of my cock. It is outrageous in its extremity. She follows or leads me each time we get to this point, and her body vibrates and tightens and explodes in concert with mine. We collapse in a heap with hearts pounding and it feels as if we are glad that it is over. We can go back to being normal again, until the next time.

She is my brother's wife Jackie. We enter this intense erotic world we share on rare occasions. Neither of us comprehends what happens when we are alone. It is not as if we try to get alone, in fact both of us try to never let it happen. But when it does happen we have to fuck. And it is not the usual romantic affectionate approach. I am normally a tender lover stretching foreplay to the point that my partner demands action. To me each occasion should be a seduction with all bases touched before cumming. And apparently Jackie is much the same way when making love with my brother. But when we are alone long enough she just says one word, my name, "Jim----", and I could drive my cock through a one inch plywood board if I knew her pussy was on the other side. And it is not just the hurry to bury it in her, but the steady frantic thrusting and grabbing and cursing onslaught until we cum. And she is every bit as aggressive as I. It comes very close to violence going both ways. And then, it's over.

Actually Jackie and I were each other's first fuck. We had attended high school together. She lived fairly close to the house in which I grew up. We never had a date. That is I never asked her out or she never suggested that I should. In fact we both had other steadies on and off throughout our high school years. We met downtown one evening and I walked her home. We started to neck a little and the fire was lit. We fucked up against a wall in a secluded part of the baseball field. There were few words, neither of us really knew what to do except get the cock in the pussy. Even then it was frantic. As time went on we became a little more accomplished, but nearly always standing up somewhere. The garage to her house bordered on the street and we could slide down along the wall unseen by her parents or anyone else. She had quite nice tits and I felt them sometimes as we came together, but I do not recall taking them out to suck. And I love sucking tits. It was always get her panties down and my cock out and in.

I left home quite young, went to college and then chose work that allowed me to travel a lot. My brother stayed in the hometown and took over our father's business. I had no interest in the business at all, so it was a good fit. My brother is about 5 years older than I and a very conservative type guy. He worked all the time and went out on very few dates as a young man. I was quite surprised therefore to find out that he was getting married to Jackie. He had never known that she and I had dated because really we never had. Neither of us are ones to brag or talk about conquests and so as far as I knew the only ones who knew we had fucked ourselves silly on occasion was she and I.

I went back home for the wedding of course. My brother brought Jackie around to "meet" me and things seemed fine with no outward uneasiness from either she or I. She looked very nice, had filled out from her high school days but my heart did not start pounding when I saw her, and I sensed a similar impression from her. Things looked good. My parents had a party a few nights before the wedding for visiting relatives and friends. During the evening Jackie and my brother had a disagreement and she stormed out. My Dad intervened and told me to get her home safely and I followed her out. I caught up to her and just as we passed our ball field she looked at me and said, "Jim----". It was like I was programmed and without another word we ran to our old high school location and our mouths met in a wild tongue lashing kiss as our hands ripped and tore at each other's clothes. My cock headed for her cunt like a missile locked on to a target and we fucked like crazy people. Horny does not come close to describing our need. And it was not over in seconds or minutes, we could thrash at each other for many minutes starting with the long quick ones and ending up hard crunching short strokes, followed by that mind bending orgasm almost falling to the ground. It was over, we pulled back and straightened up and continued to her home. All was well and the wedding progressed without a hitch.

I was quite shaken and I learned later that Jackie was as well. Neither of us had expected that old time yen from high school days to overcome us. She had not really been on my mind through the intervening years but now I wondered what the hell to do. I was fine when away from her and only thought of her if I was going back to my hometown and the inevitably of meeting her. What if we somehow would find ourselves alone? There was little doubt we would fuck if we did. But it seemed no matter how much we tried to avoid being alone, we were almost thrown together on several occasions.

I was on my way to another destination but decided to stop in my hometown for a day or so. My parents had moved south by this time and my brother insisted that I stay with them. My preference would have been to find a hotel for some freedom and separation from the temptation called Jackie. I slept in late the first morning after being tired from a week's steady travel, showered and went downstairs. By this time my brother and Jackie had two small kids so I figured things would be safe through the day. Jackie was in the kitchen looking out the back window at the two little ones playing in the yard. She heard me come in and turned to me. In just one moment her eyes turned wild and she lifted the front of her skirt and pulled her panties aside to show me her bare cunt and murmured "Jim----". God I leaned over and turned the lock on the back door and moved up to her pulling my cock out of my fly and jammed right in her pussy alongside her panties. Whimpering and cursing at the same time, with her back jammed up against the counter top and one of her legs hooked around behind me, we fucked like mad animals until we both came. Just like that, we had answered that primal call and ignored the rest of the world. We calmed a bit as I pulled it out of her, my cum running down the inside of her leg and without a world she moved to the bathroom to clean up. It did seem to clear the air and the rest of my stay was trouble free. But the remorse settled in for both of us.

On my next visit I called ahead once more to find that my brother was away at some sort of convention. Jackie did not invite me to stay there which pleased me no end. So I arranged for a motel and a date with an old girl friend who was suddenly available after a failed marriage. The date went well and normal. We enjoyed a movie and dinner and some pleasant necking in the car in a park. We went to her apartment and enjoyed a nice evening; lots of foreplay, nipple sucking and pussy licking and a nice tender fuck session. Just the way I like it. I returned to my motel fairly early as I had an early morning business call to make. The phone rang. I suspected it was Jackie as there was no other likely call at that time, but thought it might be a family problem. Well, it was, but it was Jackie and I who had the problem.

She wanted me to come over. Her kids were in their early teens by this time, and she could not get away easily, and yet if I showed up there the danger would be high. I told her that I could not see her, it was too risky. I was able to say this because I could only hear her and not see her. I believed that at any rate. She was quiet for a few seconds, I could hear her breathing, and she said "Jim----". Ah fuck, despite myself I was out of the motel and in my car and over to her place. I parked away from the house and walked down a back lane and into the back yard by their pool. She was in a little play cabin slash office. She was bare naked for the first time in any of our meetings. We were going to fuck lying down for a change in a small cot. Her legs were wide open as I stripped and struggled towards her in the poor light. My cock was inflamed despite having been satisfied just a few hours prior. That cunt of hers seemed to have some sort of remote control homing device which pulled my knob towards her cunt without guidance from me. I was in her like that, a little different feeling because we were naked and I could feel her bare tits and hard nipples on my chest. All those senses disappeared in seconds however as we once more launched ourselves into pure fucking for the sake of fucking. It was wild and uncontrolled and over in twenty minutes or so. We lay there afterwards and I said, "God Jackie, what are we doing". She just said "I know." This attraction seemed beyond our control.

Not long after I married a great gal, both of us in our early thirties and our sex life together could not be better. After a few months I indicated that I had a serious problem in dealing with my brother's wife and to please never let me be alone with her. If she was curious she never asked more about it, and just told me to not worry. The stakes were even higher now than previously and I do worry.

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