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Community Service Girl (errors fixed)

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I knew that today was going to be a good day but I had no reason to know why. I got up and turned the alarm off and got in the shower to get ready for work. As I finished getting ready I went grabbed some coffee and went out the door. Mine drive to work was uneventful I had stopped at the store I always did got a soda and gas and flirted with the girl behind the counter as I always did and went on in to work. As always I was the first one there and not having a gate key I had to wait for mine boss to get there to open the gate. Mine friends and family always put down mine job but I liked it, working at the animal shelter was fun. I got to work with animals and meet people and help them choose the pet that fit their lives. The day however went as usual and I was getting in mine car to leave for the day when one of the girls that was there for community service came over and waved for him to hold on.

Sure as long as your mom doesn’t care. I replied.

I’m eighteen and if she cares she’ll get over it.

Hop in I have some errands to run though.

That’s ok I’ll tag along. She smiled as she buckled up.

We left and I went about doing my errands and even stopped to get a bite to eat which she joined me. As we sat and talked I found that she was doing community service for DUI and that she was und*rage. When we finished eating and got back in the car to leave.

Do you have your own place? she asked


You drink?

Yes. Do you want a beer? I asked

I looked at her she was smiling and biting her lower lip she nodded and so I drove to my apartment. When we got there we went inside and I went to the kitchen to grab some drinks.

Well I’m going to go hop in shower make yourself at home I wont be long.

She nodded and sipped her beer. I climbed in shower and got cleaned up so I wouldn’t smell like wet dog and cat. When I got out she asked if she could take a shower I nodded and she said she had clothes in her bag and went to get a shower. I noticed that she didn’t close door all the way so I sat in the recliner so I could see in the mirror I saw that she was on the phone and was undressing. She closed the cell phone and finished stripping I strained to look at her body which was very athletic she looked as if she weighed ninety pounds and she was five foot eight inches. He body was toned well as if she worked out well and her breasts looked as if they were at least 34c. She got in the shower and my peep show was over. I grabbed another beer and seen that she had downed hers so I went to through the bottles away and grabbed another and seen that while I was in the shower she had grabbed two more. I went back to the couch and sat about the time I had finished my beer she called for me to come there for a bit. As I went to the room she stood there with the curtain closed and asked if I could grab her a towel as I did she stuck her head through the gap in the curtain and said she didn’t know were they were. I went back to the chair and sat down and turned on the television and found a decent movie as she came out of the room dressed in a pair of shorts and a white tee shirt. The shorts showed off her nice tight ass and her shirt was now see-through cause of her not drying properly. She asked if she could have another beer I said sure but grab me one. She came back as I finely chose a channel as I saw what I had picked it was History Channel and there was a program about the history of sex.

Great, I thought she’ll think I am nothing more than a perv.

Nice choice, she said as she stood over me holding out my beer.

Uhhhhh….. I started as I saw that I got an up-close and personal view of her shirt to see she wore no bra and I could swear she had no panties.

You like what you see?”

God yes I said

Well I liked the view I got as you got in shower she blushed

I sat my beer down and pulled her to my lap and she sat there and ran her fingers over the base of my neck. I leaned in to kiss her but she pulled back at last minute. She got up downed her beer and I did same. As I sat my bottle down she looked at me and winked.

Music please.

I turned the radio on and played a cd. When the music started she began to dance for me and ran her hands up and down her hips and chest. As I sat there I got a front row seat and she came over and knelt in front of me and tugged at my pants I let her take them off and then she took my shirt off.

That’s better now you can enjoy the dance and so can I.

She danced for me for what seemed like hours but it was only till the end of the song and she was still dressed. As the next song came on I was already rock hard and she began to strip. As she took off her shirt I noticed I was right and she had no bra and then she took her shorts off and I saw that she was indeed wearing no panties. She came over and sat in my lap and I felt her nice, hot, wet and cleanly shaved pussy against my cock. I looked up at her and she said that I was hers and hers alone tonight. She go down on her knees and giggled as I stared at her opened mouth as she took my cock in here hands and licked it up and down then she said that she had never had any one this big and she wanted it all and then she rammed it in her mouth. I moaned and leaned back to enjoy when I looked down I saw that she was looking at me and was enjoying it. She stopped and asked if I wanted more and I told her that I did and she went back to sucking my cock like some hunger crazed beast. I watched her head go up and down and felt the tingling in my body she looked at me and I could see the smile in her eyes as I busted a load into her mouth and she swallowed it all and licked and sucked me clean. She got up and sat in my lap and I felt her pussy soaking wet drip on my legs. I stood up holding her in my arms and laid her on the couch and made my way to her pussy and licked my way down. I felt her hands on my head as if guiding me to her juicy twat. As I began to lick her she moaned and squirmed and I kept it up until I felt myself get hard again and she moaned loudly as I continued. I got up and pulled her to me and made her sit on my lap so she could feel my hard on.

Damn your ready for more as she started to get up to suck more I stopped her and looked at her and she smiled and grabbed my cock and rubbed her pussy with the tip I grabbed her nice tight ass and slowly insert it into her pussy when she let out a scream of delight and threw her head back and lowered her self onto it. As she went up and down riding m cock like a pro she arched her head and back and screamed and collapsed in my arms and I could feel the sweat of her body she was soaked and so was I laid her back and went to town fucking her till I got close to cumming I told her and I pulled out and shot my load into her face and she was like a hungry animal again and licked and sucked every drop of my cum and looked at me and said I knew I was right you are a good fuck.

I looked at her shocked and asked, What?

My sis knows you and says you are always flirting with her and I saw you one day and I told her that you would be a good fuck, so when I got community service at the shelter I saw you and I knew I’d get to fuck you. So I called sis when I was in the bathroom and told her to come over after she went by the house and grabbed some clothes for me and her and you are going to please her and me tonight.

I knew today was going to be a good day, I said shacking my head.

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