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Coming home from work

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It was a Friday night and he just got home from work. She had been waiting for him all day, she was acting like a 5 year old kid as soon as he walked in the door she was all over him begging for his attention and love.

See she has had changes happening to her and her body over the last 4 years since meeting him. She has been getting desires that she didn?t have before. She has noticed that she is wanting sex more and more and almost to the point of just wanting to stay naked and have his cock in her. She doesn?t feel right with out having him stretch her pussy or ass wide with his cock. It?s to the point that she uses vibrators or dildos to try and make the urge go away until she can have his cock. With her now being retired and a stay at home wife. She doesn?t have the normal work things to keep her mind busy. With every session they have together she ends it with wanting his cock more. She doesn?t understand the power he has over her or why he does this to her, but she doesn?t care. She loves the sexual urges and the rush of energy she gets when she thinks of his cock slamming in and out of her ass as he plays with a vibrator in her pussy. She knows that she is becoming more and more the submissive she wants to be for him. She loves to dress up for him now. See before she would be scared of dressing up or trying things because of her fear of embarrassment, but with him and the last 4 years he has helped her let the fears go for the sake of them and her. She has learned so much about herself and about sex. She used to hid from her partner because it was not a loving and caring relationship, but with him this has all changed, she can feel free to let lose of the hang ups the worries about what some one else might think! He says he loves her and that she is beautiful and she knows he see her that way.

Well back to him coming home. Just as he walked through the door (something he is starting to get used to) she was wearing one of the cute little, and by little I mean almost not there, out fits he loves so much. He loves to see her in it and since she stays home all day she puts it on first thing in the morning before he gets up so that she has it on when he gets up. It is to the point now that she will wear that all day because it makes her feel sexy for him and she gets so hot and wet thinking of being sexy for him. She now walks around the house with the windows open and even to the point of answering the door in the outfits. As he walked in and dropped his bag she started to take his things, which was the normal routine. Well to day the routine would change and forever be different. Today she didn?t just stop with his hat and shirt and jacket and boots and outer clothing. See today she did all these things but as she took off the last boot she pulled his cock out and started telling him how much she wanted that today. She told him she masturbated 3 times trying to get it out of her system. But she couldn?t! all it did was make her want it more so she spent half the day cleaning and taking care of the house and stuff and when she vacuumed she felt the vibration from the motor sending chills down into her pussy so she had to run and turn on one of the many videos they have made. To watch his cock ram in and out of her as she jammed that dildo into her pussy! And the other time she was out in the back yard in the outfit only watering when she sprayed the house and it sprayed her back getting her wet right away, thinking of being in the shower with his as he peed on her and feeling the hot wetness running down her chest in comparison to the cool water that was coming out of the shower. The third time was when she was watching TV and saw a show about bisexual relationships and it got her thinking to the ones she had in the past. See that wasn?t whet got her worked up. What got her worked up was thinking of how good it would be with him and another woman! She did like it the few time she did it, and was sure that she would love it even more if it meant she would have his hard cock in her. So she started to watch the show and as she did 15 minutes into the show she realized that her hand was in her pants softly rubbing on her clit! As soon as he noticed it she reached under the sofa and pulled out two toys. One was a but plug (one that he made her wear around the house some when he was planning on coming home and ass fucking her right away. The other was a larger than normal realistic cock. So then the toys in hand she made then out of hand and into her pussy. As soon as she slipped the butt plug in she felt a warm rush in her pussy! She knew that feeling oh so well. It was the precursor to her squirting! So with full concern for the furniture she slid down to the floor and continued. As she did she watched the tv and the blonde and brunette on the show kissing and she remembered how soft a woman?s kiss was. As she finished squirting and cumming all over the floor and her hands and arms she cleaned up and said ?good I still have time till he gets home!? so she finished the cleaning up and the taking care of dinner and all and now back to him walking in. with his cock in her mouth he strected back wards to reach the front door but she was not having any of that and as he tried a second time she pulled him away father to make sure he didn?t reach. He asked why she wouldn?t let him close it. She said because someone might be watching us! And that turned her on and him too. See he like the idea of having sex with her in public. He would do it on the table in the middle of the food court because he likes the possibility of people watching. People seeing how good the sex is and how beautiful his wife is. Well as she is giving him the blow job she keeps taking his cloths off him and has now stripped him completely naked standing right there in the door way. Once she has him stripped she backs him up to the sofa where there is a cold beer and the remote waiting. She mumbles around his cock that it was for him. and as he turns on the tv he see a porn playing. Not just any porn it was his wife another woman that she knew from the neighbohhood and they were both going down on each other with is wife looking at the camera and looking what seemed to be right at him. see she made this video the other day while he was on duty. She had gone for a walk (one that they normally do together after he gets home and eats) and bumped into a neighbor as they stood and talked the conversation some how got to relationships and the other woman told her about the one she just got out of and with that she told my wife about how much she loved the sex she had with her ex they were big into toys and public flashing as my wife could see since the woman had a thin see through shirt on. Well they keep talking and my wife asked if she wanted to come over for a glass of iced tea. The woman agreed and said she would be right over. Well my wife finished the walk and headed home. As soon as she got home she hopped in the shower and before she could even get soapy the neighbor was at the door so she leaned out the shower and yelled come in and have a seat be just a second. Well the woman came in and walked up to the bathroom, well my wife doesn?t close the door so the lady walked up and in and started talking right where they left off at. They were talking about sex and bisexual relationships. My wife told her about hers and the other woman told my wife and before you knew it she was at the shower with her head in talking face to naked wife. Well the neighbor said how good the shampoo smelled and asked if she could barrow it. The wife was just finished with it and said sure, thinking the lady was going to take it home, well the woman backed her head out and in a few seconds the door opened up fully and shocked my wife the woman was getting in with her.

Well before you know it there are soaping each other up and talking just like normal about everything and then my wife brings me up, well the woman knows who I am because she ahs seen me before and said that I was cute not her type but cute, well that opened up a door for my wife to talk about me and with them being naked and facing and soaping each other the neighbor took her hands and started to rub my wife?s pussy. She didn?t stop her but lifted her leg giving her room to play. With all this going on my wife had this idea in her head to get the video out and tape them playing. Thinking of me watching it and her sucking and fucking me while we both watch it. With these ideas and the neighbor rubbing her pussy she figured she would be up for it. So she asked. ?Would you like to dry off and take this in the other room. I would like to see what we can do, and while doing that tape it for my husband. The neighbor liked the idea and asked if she could get a copy when we were done with it.? So that is how the tape was made. So as I sit there on the sofa my wife is sucking on me like there is no tomorrow! And all I can see is her in a 69 with the attractive neighbor, both ramming vibrators in side each other. Well as I start to get closer to cumming in my wife?s face she hops up and plants her ass right down on my cock! Not stopping for anything. I hear her yelp some as my cock wasn?t lubed up enough but that didn?t matter the pain was gone as fast as she could get bouncing on it? as she did this she reached under one of the cushions on the sofa and pulled out this huge toy that I had never seen before. She said that the neighbor left it her for her. (What happened to the old days of barrowing a cup of sugar) well my wife takes that toy and starts to push it up her pussy and along my cock as I rub it up and down in her ass! With the tight feeling and the new toy and the video and the control I have over my wife! I shot my load so hard that I think it hit my wife ribs! She started to grind all the way down on my cock and then she said she wasn?t done and started to ply with the new toy. It had ribs on it and ever time she started to move it would rub me and send chills down her and make her pussy jerk.

Well it only took a few more strokes and she was squirting all over the coffee tables and my legs and then she hopped off my and stuck a but plug in her ass and told me that she will be ready as soon as I am to do it again. And as she got up she spun around and leaned over and sucked my balls dry of hers and my juices! And off she skipped to finish dinner. That was a start to many of duty days with the neighbor. But that is a different story.

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