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Coming In Out Of The Rain

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Preface: This fantasy was penned from 2 points of view by 2 authors. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it down. Let us know what you think.

-Mrs. CuriousAtwCpl & Mr. Kangg

G: We come in out of the rain and I slowly start to remove your wet clothing... I start to let my hands wander some

L: You slip the straps of my tank top off my shoulders...

G: I gently nibble on your ear while my right hand cups your breast

L: I watch your hand on my breast... and lean into your mouth... turning my head to find your lips... my tongue explores... my teeth gently bite your lip...

G: I reach around and release your bra as my tongue explores your mouth

L: One hand is on the back of your neck while my tongue meets yours returning touch for touch

G: My hand slides slowly up your side and as I start to caress you breast as we embrace

L: My fingers curl in the hair at the nape of your neck... a moan escapes

G: My left hand caresses the small of you back... as my hand slowly traces a line down your stomach to the button on your jeans

L: My left hand is on your side, moves up to run up and down your arm... my body leaning into yours'... I shiver in anticipation... I turn slightly to the side to give you access

G: I release the button and unzip your jeans

L: My legs move slightly apart...

G: I cup your sparsely clad pussy as I slide your jeans past your firm ass... they fall to the floor leaving you standing there in just your red thong

L: I kick them aside... and reach to undress you... after I pull your t-shirt off... I reach up and start kissing a trail...

G: My heart races at your touch

L: Starting at your ear I move down the side of your neck... then, down your chest until I reach your waist

G: I hold my breath in anticipation

L: I undo your jeans and pull them down... slipping my hands in to pull your boxers down with them... my breath just grazing your cock as I go by

G: My cock stiffens the moment I feel your breath... I brush the hair from your face

L: I kiss your thighs without touching you... I watch your face, seeing the anticipation on it

G: I tremble at your touch

L: I get closer - licking your balls... between them ... and up the bottom portion of your shaft... then I slowly suck your balls into my mouth one at the time - swirling my tongue around each in turn

G: mmmmnnnn...

L: I slowly run my tongue up your shaft... circling the head... and then slowly, slowly suck your cock into my mouth - encasing you in my warm, moist mouth... my tongue caressing you... sucking ever so slightly

G: aaahhhhhh...

L: I twist my mouth as I move up and down your shaft... my hands roaming the back of your thighs and balls as I suck you

G: I push your hair back from your face so I can see this beautiful woman working my cock... I run my fingers through your hair and gently pull your mouth from my cock

L: I stand... my almost naked body pressed against your naked one

G: I kiss you deeply

L: I somehow pull you closer still... my arms wrapped around you

G: I guide you over to the bed and lay you down

L: I find myself holding my breath in anticipation

G: I kiss my way down from your neck stopping briefly at your breasts to give them the attention they deserve... my hand teases up your leg to you inner thigh

L: I arch my back trying to get/feel more of your mouth as it moves ... watching you each inch of the way... my hips move closer - legs spreading to accommodate you

G: I continue kissing my way down, as I hook my thumbs inside of your thong and start to peel it off

L: I lift my hips to let it slide down... lifting my pussy toward your lips in anticipation

G: My tongue traces down your mound and caresses you outer lips

L: My hands are on your shoulders and then your head... restraining myself from pulling you closer... trying to be patient... aching to feel your tongue

G: My tongue parts you lips and starts to find its way into the folds of your pussy

L: My clit is pulsing against your tongue... my pussy wet

G: My tongue dives deeper into your pussy

L: I gasp and my hips move restlessly...

G: My tongue slides out of you and circles your clit

L: I'm so close to cumming, I can feel it... I know that as soon as you actually touch my clit I will go over the edge

G: I suck you clit out of its hiding place and start to lick it with the tip of my tongue

L: I shutter as I start cumming... my pussy dripping juices now... my hands holding onto your shoulders... my eyes close and it's one orgasm after another

G: I suck harder on you clit as I continue to tickle it with my tongue

L: I cum even harder... just holding on for the ride...

G: I start to lap up your juices... then I slide a single finger inside of you as I continue playing with your clit

L: You feel my pussy contracting around your finger almost immediately... my restless hips moving... willing you to move in and out - to send me over the edge yet again

G: I suck on your clit and insert a second finger as I move them to match your rhythm of your body

L: Damn! I've given up watching you at this point and am just laying back with my eyes closed... holding onto you... feeling the sensations washing over and over me

G: I let you finish your orgasm and start to kiss my way up your body as I gently massage your pussy

L: On the verge of begging you for more... to feel you inside me... my hands are on your back... pulling your mouth to mine... needing to feel your lips on mine and my tongue meets yours... my hips rising to meet you... legs naturally wrapping around you

G: I kiss you deeply as my cock begins to separates your lips

L: I try to be patient - to not pull you closer until you're ready...

G: I slide my cock slowly in until you take all that I have to give

L: A gasp escapes my lips as you enter me... my legs pulling you closer to me, deeper still... my hips rise to put us closer

G: I pause for a second before I start to pull back

L: I hold my breath in anticipation

G: I slowly thrust again

L: I find myself staring into your eyes as you move slowly back in... wanting to see that you feel the intensity I'm feeling

G: I continue to drive in and out slowly increasing my pace

L: I love the way my nipples graze your chest as you plunge in and out of me

G: My cock slides in and out of your slippery pussy as I kiss you tenderly

L: I'm kissing you back... my hands up and down your back - holding on tightly each time I cum...

G: I kiss you deeper as my thrusts quicken

L: I'm shuttering... my legs wrapped tightly, my arms holding you close...

L: My lips meeting yours'

G: Your pussy grips my cock each time you cum and pushes me closer to the edge

L: I can feel you with every inch of my pussy and I'm glad you're not wearing a condom... I can feel that little electrical feeling that tells me you're on the edge

G: My body starts to stiffen as your pussy brings me over the edge

L: My eyes fly to your face - I want to watch you cum... I hold you tight - riding the wave of feeling with you... matching you shutter for shutter

G: I thrust one last time as my first load of cum fills your pussy... several more follow until I am spent, exhausted, lying there in your arms

L: My hands continue caressing up and down your back... holding you close... as your face turns toward me, I catch your mouth with mine in... I kiss you gently

G: I return your kiss as we drift off in each other's embrace

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