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College daze

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As a neat freak, I'm sure I was considered unusual by many. But keeping things tidy worked for me and I didn't care much what others thought. Besides, as a single guy, my attempt at keeping things neat served two purposes -- it always impressed the ladies and by keeping things in order, I saved time not having to worry about rushing around and straightening up for visitors.

One of my "time saving habits" was sleeping on the couch. It came about quite by accident as I dozed off watching TV. I found I didn't have to worry about making my bed. As a result, my bedroom stayed tidy and sheets nice and clean.

I lived in an apartment complex, one of the nicer ones in town, throughout my senior year and after graduation. It was popular with many students, young married couples and plenty of singles because of its nice swimming pool.

The apartments were basic -- a small living room which connected to a kitchen/dining room with the bedroom and bathroom in the back. A large plate glass window in the front provided a view of the open hallway outside.

After a night of serious partying, I returned to my apartment, stripped off all my clothes, grabbed my blanket and headed to the couch. I hardly remember turning on the TV and passed out rather quickly. I was awakened in the morning by a hidious tapping noise.

To my horror, I had forgotten to close the blinds on the window and there staring at my morning glory were two coed residents. They tapped on the window and laughed. I reached for the blanket that I had kicked off on the floor to cover myself but they smiled, gave me a sly grin and walked away.

I felt a little foolish as well as hung over. I showered, shaved and left for work still feeling foolish about my exhibitionism.

That evening, while reading on the couch (this time with the blinds closed), someone knocked on my door. I opened the door to face one of the girls who witnessed the morning show.

"You work at the newspaper don't you," she asked. I said yes, then started to apologize for what happened that morning. "Don't worry about it," she said. "Besides, I may need you help with some stories I am writing for one of my journalism classes. Would you help me? By the way, I'm Sherry"

I agreed and was a bit flattered by her asking. I offered her a drink and she sat on the couch and opened a notebook. While sorting through some papers, I noticed a nude polaroid photo in the binder and looked away when she saw me looking at it.

"No big deal, you might as well look at it," she said rather casually. "My roommate took it and besides, I've already seen you naked." She handed me the photo and immediately felt my cock harden. Her somewhat plain face was a perfect disguise for an incredible body -- firm 36C breasts, a smooth slim waist, rounded hips and partially shaved pussy.

"Hey," she said rather forcefully, "what about helping me with my stories." Her command jolted me back to reality as it was obvious I had spent considerable time enjoying the photo.

I read her work and was impressed. I recommended some minor edits and suggested a few different approaches but admitted that her work was suitable for publishing. She was relieved and delighted with my assessment, gave me a hug and quick kiss.

In a flash, she thanked me and left for her apartment. Her scent lingered in the room and I vividly recalled her trim body in those shorts and tank top. I rubbed my cock through my shorts only to have my private fantasy time interupted with another knock at the door.

I arranged my cock, opened the door and there again stood Sherry. "Want to join me for a swim," she asked playfully. I couldn't believe the words that fell out of my mouth as I declined her offer. "Okay," she said, "but if you change your mind, you know where to find me."

"Wait," I blurted out. "I changed my mind." I mumbled something about changing clothes but she said I was fine. I grabbed my keys and off we went.

The pool was all ours and I enjoyed watching her slip out of a long sleeved denim shirt that covered her bathing suit. The suit wasn't too revealing, but it very flattering. She dived in. I tossed away my t-shirt and joined her.

We swam, floated around the pool and talked then things turned a bit playful. We took turns splashing water in each other's face and suddenly, she squealed slightly, covered her eyes with her hands and whimpered. Fearing I had hurt her, I rushed over and grabbed her shoulders.

She did a good job fooling me because I thought she was sobbing. She uncovered her eyes, laughed and threw her arms around my neck. That embrace led to a full body hug and series of kisses, each kiss more passionate.

Sherry rubbed her hands across my shoulders and my back, then down to the waist band of my shorts. She leaned forward and whispered slightly, "I've seen it, can I touch it." I said nothing, only returned to kissing her with my tongue probing deeper into her mouth.

Sherry's hand brushed across the front of my shorts, pausing slightly at my hard cock. I suggested we find a place more suitable and she agreed.

"We could go to my apartment but my roommate is there and there's no sense in sharing," Sherry teased. I grabbed her hand and led her to my place.

Inside my apartment, she wrapped her arms around herself and shivered. The air conditioning combined with being wet brought forth goose bumps and her pronounced nipples. I offered to give her some clothes but she insisted on a quick shower and asked me to fix us a drink.

I changed into dry shorts and a shirt, fixed the drinks and waited for her in the living room. She came out drying her hair with a towel and was wearing one of my shirts. We sat on the couch, made futile attempts at sipping our drinks and having casual conversation before giving in to temptation and kissing each other madly.

I unbuttoned the shirt slowly while kissing my way down her body -- sucking her nipples, pausing to lick and probe her naval with my tongue then kissing around her neatly trimmed pubic hair and the inside of her thighs. She moaned and squirmed with each kiss as I neared her pussy.

Sherry pealed off the shirt, wrapped her arms around my neck and suggested we move to the bedroom. In one motion, I picked her up and carried her to bed. She giggled, hugged and kissed me during the short walk.

I gently placed her on the bed, slipped out of my clothes and returned to kissing her thighs. As my tongue approached her pussy, she seemed to stiffen. "Are you okay," I asked. "Do you mind."

Sherry blushed, looked away and said, "That's something rather new to me and don't know if I like it," she said. I agreed to stop but admitted to her that it was something I really enjoyed and guaranteed she would as well. She playfully kissed me and told me to continue.

I resumed kissing around her pubic hair before brushing her pussy lightly with my tongue. She was very wet and her clit swollen and easily found. I concentrated on her clit for a few minutes before probing her pussy with my tongue. Sherry's breathing became more irregular and her hips moved slightly with each lick.

When I returned to her clit, swirling my tongue around and around it, it became obvious, Sherry has relaxed and was enjoying the treatment. "Oh shit," she cried out as I made her cum. She bucked her hips against me face until the sensitivity exceeded her tolerance and she asked me to stop.

She pulled me beside her and while panting, admitted that she had never experienced an orgasm "that way." I felt quite content and obvious by my hard cock, quite excited. She also apologized for using a dirty word and I laughed and told her to relax and say whatever she liked.

Sherry cuddled up next to me, kissed my neck and stroked my cock. "I want to put my mouth on it," she whispered. "Oh please," was about all I could say. She moved between my legs and used her hand and mouth in tandem as they slid up and down my cock. She fondled my balls with her other hand as she took more and more of my cock into her mouth. At one point, she stopped, reached for her drink on the nightstand then returned sucking my cock. She had slipped an ice cube into her mouth and the sensation of the ice and her warm mouth pushed me to the edge. I groaned and muttered that I was about to cum. Sherry responded by pushing mt cock deeper into her throat. She choked slightly as my cock filled her mouth with spasms of cum.

"I guess you liked it," she asked in a sweet, innocent manner. "What do you think," was my reply. "I've never tasted cum before and think I like it," she said before rolling on top of me, kissing me deeply and grinding her pussy into my leg. As we kissed, my cock came alive again and I reached between her legs to guide it into her pussy.

She immediately rolled off of me and on to her stomach, lifting her ass off the bed. Now positioned with her head on the pillow and sexy ass in the air she said, "I want it this way if you don't mind." Hell no, I thought as I moved behind her, rubbed my cock up and down her pussy and ass before slipping slowly into her wetness.

She groaned as I buried my cock deep into her pussym then scolded me when I pulled it all out except the head. I fucked her slowly with long, deliberate strokes. I paused briefly, pulled out my cock and rubbed the head around her swollen clit before sliding back inside her.

Sherry gripped the sheets and pillow firmly as my pace quickened. I knew I was approaching another climax and sensed she was too. She beat me to it and cried out. I felt her pussy tighten around my cock. She moaned and said she enjoyed feeling the pulse of my cock as I filled her with cum.

We relaxed, kissed and held each other and made small talk then Sherry admitted, "If I wasn't so messy, I'd sure like you to kiss me down there again." "Heck, I don't mind," I announced as I peeled off the sheet and let my mouth wander down her body to her soaking pussy.

She tasted like both of us which I found exciting. My tongue probed her pussy as deep as possible but Sherry wiggled her hips and enticed me to return to her clit. I obliged and within minutes, she was cumming again. Her hips moved quickly and before she stopped, I flipped her over, slipped a finger deep into her pussy and licked her ass. She cried out and begged me not to stop. I kept it up, licking and teasing her ass while using my thumb in her pussy with a fore finger on her clit. She finally collapsed, admittig she experiences waves of cum.

Exhausted, we held each other and I asked to stay the night. She agreed but called her roommate to announce that she would be home in the morning and not to worry. "I'm in good hands and lips," she said with a giggled as she turned and winked at me.

I woke up the next morning to the sound of the shower running. Sherry was gone but I was tired, closed my eyes and tried to return to sleep. A series of kisses on my forehead and mouth brought me out of my daze. There standing next to the bed was Sherry, freshly showered and completely shaved.

"I fixed you something for breakfast," she said. Sherry parted her legs and straddled my face, lowering her sweet smelling pussy to my mouth. As my tongue found its familiar way to her pussy and clit, Sherry groaned, pressed herself against me and said, "don't worry, I have something in mind for my breakfast too."

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