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College Daze 2

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Sherry pushed her freshly washed and shaved pussy against my mouth. It was obvious, she thrilled at her new found discovery of having her pussy eaten. Her smooth skin covered my mouth and wetness dripped down my chin even though I licked as fast as I could to save every drop.

While she bucked against my face, I looked up and Sherry had thrown her head back and had both hands on her firm, youthful breasts. She rubbed each on in slow, sensuous circles, working her way to her firm nipples which she squeezed between her fingers. She looked down and saw me watching her, smiled and continued.

Her breathing became more shallow as her hips moved quickly against my mouth. "Oh god, oh god," she whimpered as the first wave of cum traversed through her. My tongue switched from her firm clit and plunged deep inside her. She grabbed the headboard for support, let out a deep breath, then relaxed.

"That is so wonderful," she panted as she slipped off my face and sat on my stomach. She leaned forward, offered my mouth one nipple as a time which I gladly sucked. Then she kissed me deeply and licked her wetness from around my mouth and chin.

"I guess I need to get up and get cleaned up since you are way ahead of me," I said. Sherry smiled admitted that she was ahead of me in more ways than one. "I'll let you up in a minute, but first I want to show you something," she said.

With that, she leaned back, spread her legs and parted her moist pussy lips with her hands. "Like what you see," she said as her fingers moved around her clit then disappeared into her smooth, dripping hole. "Hell yes," I said. My cock, already hard from eating her for breakfast, was now straining against her back.

Any inhibitions Sherry had the day before had vanished in the night. I laid there and watched her play with her pussy. At first her movements were slow and deliberate, then became faster as she approached her second orgasm of the morning. She climaxed with one hand rubbing her clit and three fingers from her other hand buried deep in her pussy.

When she finished, she fell off my stomach and on to the bed next to me. She giggled, cuddled next to me and buried her face in my neck, kissing her way to my mouth. "That was nice and something I've never done for a man before," she said. As my tongue passed slowly across her lips, her mouth opened and she sucked my tongue deep into her mouth. Her hand was rubbing the pre cum around on the head of my cock, creating an incredible sensation and nearly finishing me off.

"It's your turn," she said, "show me please." Puzzled, I ask what she meant. "I want to watch you stroke you cock and cum." Her request made my cock even harder which seemed impossible. When I asked if that is really what she wanted, she giggled and again said "please." My hand moved to my cock and she stared intently.

"Move on top of me like I did for you," she said, rolling over on her back. I put my knees on either side of her waist and lowered myself to her stomach while stroking my cock. Seeing her beautiful breasts rise and fall with her breathing and knowing I was putting on a show for a sexy young woman created intense passion.

I stroked my cock slowly and Sherry helped a little by cupping my balls in her hand. I periodically paused to rub the copious amounts of pre cum around the head. Sherry dipped one of her fingers into her pussy, then rubbed the wetness against me ass. I raised my hips to give her easier access.

"Are you ready for this," I said as I felt a surge of cum boiling up from my balls. "Give it to my on my tits but save some for my mouth," Sherry panted. As her finger entered my ass, streams of white cum streaked across her breasts. With her free hand she rubbed the liquid over her breasts, adding plenty to her nipples.

I leaned forward and her mouth greeted my cock as another stream of cum filled her. "Mmmmmmm," she said, "I'm starting to like this too," Sherry mumbled.

She removed her finger from me and rubbed my cock as I lay next to her. She thanked me and kissed me deeply then coyly said, "don't you think you need to clean up my titties." With that invitation, I lowered my mouth and licked the cum from her breasts. She admitted that was a first for her. Same for me.

After a few minutes of cuddling and kisses, I admitted that I really needed to clean up and get to work. We sat together on the bed, watching a morning news show while I shaved and she played with my cock. Shaving finished, I brushed my teeth and entered the shower. Sherry joined me and put on another show rubbing piles of soap bubbles over her breasts and down into her pussy.

She turned away from me, bent over and placed her hands against the wall, looking back over her shoulder and asking me to wash her back. My hands roamed over her back with the soap, first her shoulders, down to her narrow waist and then over in tempting ass in slow, teasing circles. Sherry wiggled and moaned.

I moved closer to her, grasped my cock and rubbed it up and down her ass. Sherry moved with me, moaned and told me how good it felt. I rubbed the head of my cock around her pussy lips, teasing her for a couple of minutes before pushing it into her pussy. Sherry gasped and tossed her head. I leaned forward and kissed her neck and ears while slowly working my cock in and out of her.

Taking a lesson from Sherry, I slipped a finger down to her ass and played with her asshole, finally letting it enter her slightly. She squealed with delight and I felt her pussy muscles contract around my cock as she approached another orgasm. That was enough for me and I pumped cum deep inside her as my hips pushed my cock as deep inside of her as I could.

I was spent. I leaned hard against Sherry's back, pressing her against tight against the wall. We both moaned and savored the moment and as I pushed away, she turned and kissed me. We finished the shower, stepped out and while drying each other Sherry kissed me again and asked when I would be back from work.

"I'll cook dinner if you like," Sherry said with a smile, "since I think you like breakfast." We laughed and I told I would enjoy that alot. "When you get home from work, come to my apartment. My roommate and I will fix something for you."

I knew it would be another day where concentrating at work would be nearly impossibe.

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