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Cold Night in August Turns HOT

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Lynn lives in another state and I had to drive to her house late Friday afternoon, but was able to do so before the traffic built too much. When she came home after work, I was working away on the computer, but looked up to see her wearing a skirt that was considerably above her knees, showing off her amazing legs. Her legs are nice and thin, with a great tan that covers most of her body. Although her legs aren't overly muscular, there is a nice curve to her calves, and it's rare at our age (mid 40's) to find a woman with such small thighs. Lynn is about 5'6", 115#, with a beautiful smile that melts me. Her whole face smiles, including her beautiful mostly blue (though truly they're hazel) eyes. Her Irish good looks include reddish brown hair and freckles on her upper chest and legs. The tan she's gained this summer just adds to her sexiness and creates what I see as a beautiful glow. She works hard to keep in shape and it certainly shows. Lynn has perfect (I'm guessing 32C) breasts that are topped with small areolas and large nipples that are closer to the erasers you put onto pencil tops when we were kids. MMMM just how I like them! She has a flat stomach and the cutest little but this side of heaven!

We made plans to go to a Mexican place for margarita's and dinner and Lynn got us out of the house soon after I wrapped up my work. By the time we were finishing our first Margarita, I could tell the tequila was getting to her. She was touching my legs (I was in shorts) more and more often, and her comments combined with her touch made it clear she was feeling extra frisky! Though the a/c wasn't on, her nipples were starting to show despite her bra, a tee shirt and sweater. She?s very self-conscious of her nipples, but rather than fold her arms to hide them, she was letting me see, knowing I love it when they get hard.

When we moved from the bar to a table for dinner, she rubbed her breasts against me; those awesome nipples first tracing my forearm then grazing against my back. She giggled quietly when she heard me gasp. As we had another round of margaritas we spoke very frankly about how we missed each other, and how good it was going to feel to intertwine our bodies. A few times during the drinks and dinner she reached under the table and stroked my thigh, then getting bold reached up the leg of my shorts and grabbed my cock and gave a squeeze. As she ran her nails over my thighs pulling her hand out, my cock responded and became rock hard. When she repeated this she would inch her nails closer and closer, finally rubbing her fingertips over the enlarging head of my fat cock. I told her I couldn't get up from the table for a few minutes, which had the desired effect of bringing her hands back to my lap quite a few times the rest of our meal! I knew she would do that if I told her how hard I was, and she loved that she could make me hard as a rock from her simple touch. Before we could get out of the restaurant, Lynn had teased me to the point where I had to tell her to stop so I could get up and walk! A few people from surrounding tables were looking, but I didn't care, and don't think Lynn did either. By the end of the meal, she wanted my fat cock as badly as I wanted to give it to her.

As we got into her convertible for the ride home, I pulled her face to mine and kissed her, our tongues briefly dancing. I told her how much I loved that she played like that in the restaurant, and was bummed I didn't get a chance to reach up her skirt. "Payback is a bitch" I told her, to which she laughed and said "you're too easy, you'll never be able to tease me like I do you." Little did I know how right she was! ;) I tried to inch my fingers up her drive on the way home, but was only able to gently tease her outside her soaked panties, the warmth coming from her crotch driving me wild with desire.

We finally made it home, got what we needed to get ready for our slumber later that night in her backyard (there was a meteor shower predicted) and finally put a dvd in. It never even got started. As we cuddled on the couch, I told her of my plans to pay her back for the teasing I got at the restaurant. In no time we were nearly naked, and I was kissing her neck, my hands running all over her amazing body. She was starting to breathe hard, and again her hands found my cock. I've always loved it when my lover reaches into my boxers and pulls me out, and this was no exception. Lynn fumbled with the buttons of my golf shorts, but ultimately reached right in and stroked my rapidly growing erection. I was easily as turned on as she was. I let my tongue drift from her sweet lips and was soon nibbling and kissing her neck, leaving a trial as I headed to her tits. When Lynn?s nipples are hard, the entire breast seems to come to life, firming up and just begging to be licked, sucked and nibbled on, and I was not going to disappoint them! I couldn?t feast enough on those beautiful globes, and her nipples had never been harder. When I let my fingertips wander down her stomach, up and down her thighs and ultimately just barely grazing over her mound, I found her lips swollen and puffy with lust and her arousal obvious from the heat and moisture emanating from within. I let a fingertip slip between her lips; she was soaking wet!

Unlike others here who all seem to be hung like horses, I am your average 6 or 7 inches, though some women tell me I am a bit thicker than usual. Lynn had me hard as a rock, but I was trying to tease her as she had done to me for a few hours already. I continued kissing and sucking on her tits, paying a lot of attention to her thick nipples. I bit and teased her nipples, allowing my hand to roam her cute little butt, and my fingers to repeat my little tease of her pussy. When I finally ran my fingertips up and down her pussy for the third or fourth time, I could feel she was literally dripping with excitement. At that point, with her pussy soaked and me like a flagpole in her hands, she swung her legs over mine and started to rub my cock against her beautiful and soaking wet pussy. "So much for your plans to tease me" she said as she lowered herself down on me. She was right, there was no way I was pushing her off, or somehow stopping her!

Lynn's pussy is amazing. It's warm, wet, tight and she can work her muscles so I feel it grab every inch as she rides up and down my shaft. As she slowly lowered her tight little cunt on my fat shaft, I could feel the muscles inside her gripping each and ever inch. She smiles that smile that melts me as she rides me, and her confidence that she can overcome my desire to tease her turns me on further. Soon Lynn is riding my pole like there's no tomorrow, and the little moans and gasps she makes fills the air. She has this way of changing the angle so the head of my cock is rubbing against her G-spot, and still has most of my cock inside her pussy, milking my rod for all it?s worth. I notice that sounds are coming from me that I've never heard before, and she changes the angle again, pressing down, rubbing her clit along the top of my shaft, feeding her perfect tits to me. The cool breeze we felt moments ago has deserted us, and I am rapidly building towards a mind-blowing orgasm. I feel her start to cum and in a breathy moan she confirms she's cumming. This is too much for me as I start to feel her wetness run down my cock to my balls, I pull her so I am as far inside as possible, my cock spasming as I shoot what must have been my biggest load as rope after rope erupts from my cock deep inside her. She collapses on top of me, both of us breathing hard, my cock continuing to spasm for what seems like a few minutes until, finally spent, it shrinks back to normal size. When she feels I am about to slip from her, she tells me not to make a mess of her couch. Who am I to complain, lol, but I wonder exactly what she wants me to do about it! So I pull her closer and wiggle my hips a little bit to stay inside her a few minutes longer, loving every second of the after glow with my amazing partner. Finally, when my cock wiggles free, she jumps up and grabs the throw blanket, and putting it under my ass says "at least that's washable!" She then lies back down on top of me, and we cuddle for an hour or so listening to John Mayer fill the room from her stereo.

When the CD ends, we decide its time to head out into her backyard. For August it was very cold this night, with temps in the upper 50's. I set down the air mattress that I previously inflated and put a sheet on, and we then lay down and pulled a comforter over us. Lynn was instantly cold (she grew up in the south) and pressed her body to mine. Of course I had no objections, but immediately started kissing her neck and squeezing her butt. Soon I had her as excited as I was, mostly from her body against mine, but fueled by her kissing my neck and teasing my nipples. Her hand slowly made its way down where she found me very hard once again. Pushing her onto her back, my knees spread hers, and I slowly let the tip of my cock enter her. I tried once again to tease her, only fucking her with the tip of my now raging hard on, and this drives her crazy. But sure enough, I had to give some deep strokes for my own benefit as well as hers, and when I would change from shallow to deep strokes, I could hear a change in her moaning and passionate babbles telling me I was pleasing her, too! From time to time I noticed one of the neighbors lights go on, as we weren't being quite and our obvious noises must have raised some suspicions. But I was soon driving away, with Lynn filling the air with her sweet sounds of passion. Looking out at the lake, the stars, and the sounds of the animals in the surrounding wooded areas, I soon realized that my fantasy was being realized I was making love to a beautiful woman under the stars right in the middle of a residential neighborhood. I started to really pound in and out, which is how Lynn likes it, her moans reaching peak after peak. The neighbor on one side of her property drives up in his driveway, but we hardly notice, even though he stands outside his car for a few minutes before heading into the house. I don?t know if Lynn noticed or not, but I certainly did, turned on by the fact that Lynn wanted to fuck me so hard that she didn?t care who watched. The neighbor on the other side must have gotten quite a show as well, as his porch light stayed off and their typical screaming arguments subsided for a few minutes before I heard his wife yell ?what the hell are you doing out there in the dark?!! After a good half hour of alternating between long slow strokes and pounding away on Lynn?s sweet pussy, I succumbed to that feeling that started below the base of my shaft concluding with an explosive orgasm deep inside her. I collapsed on top of her, where she immediately whispered "don't even think about moving, you're staying right here."

After a few minutes I rolled over and pulled her to me so we were side by side looking up at the stars. Lynn wanted to close her eyes, but I reminded her that we were sleeping outside to watch the meteor shower. Sure enough, when I saw the first meteor, she had her eyes closed, which would happen 10 or 12 more times throughout the night. At one point she told me she thought I was seeing shooting stars by closing my eyes after our love making, though I know that wasn't the case. My eyes were wide open, but I couldn't deny that her body against mine might have ignited some fireworks.

Despite a few misquito bites (shouldn't those things die when it's that cold out?) it was one of the most amazing nights of my life. I held Lynn throughout the night, only getting minimal sleep, but happy to have her in my arms. The sun woke us both in the morning, but we stayed under the covers watching the day break, enjoying a slow leisurely fuck with the birds, squirrels and lake creatures sharing their morning routines with us. Nature's call finally kicked us out of bed at about 8 am, though it was quite a challenge to get up without giving the neighbors a daytime show!

THANK YOU LYNN for one of the best nights ever. The meteor shower and our fun continued the following night as well, but Friday was the best!

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