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Coffee Shop Dream

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It was a lazy, late Sunday morning. The winter wind cut through her overcoat, chilling her to the bone as she ducked into the local cafe. She was after one thing -- liquid warmth served by the cup. As she stood in line to order, her mind kept lingering back to the vivid dream she had had the night before. She couldn't help that little achy feeling in her womb that kept churning and churning. Was it that dream, that man? Surely not! Surely just a dream could not stir her so deeply! But she couldn't get him out of her mind. He was tall, dark-haired, strong, silent, but with kind hazel green eyes. Those eyes; they had pierced her very soul the first time she saw them and now they were tormenting her again. "I've got to get a grip. It was a dream. That was all. Time for coffee." she said to herself resolutely. She cinched her coat tightly around her and moved forward to the counter. The teenage clerk stared at her blankly while trying to figure out that last level of Halo IV in his mind. From behind her, the cafe door opened with a light jingle (those holiday bells were always a welcome touch). She turned slightly to see who had so rudely let that bitterly cold wind in and quickly spun back around to avoid his eyes. It was him! It was the man from her dream! How the hell? The feeling of déjà vu was so intense that she had to grasp the counter top for support. "Oh my God. The things I did with that man in my dream last night." she thought. "How am I going to look at him with a straight face?" She heard him walking up behind her. She listened to every step. He sounded close. Close enough that her personal space alarm was sounding. He was so close; the front of his jacket actually brushed her left shoulder ever so slightly. That achy feeling was churning within her again. What would she do? Should she lean back in reciprocation or step to the side and let the moment pass? She was always proud of her ability to intellectualize all aspects of her normal, controlled life, but this time, it was different. It felt like her body was in control. It was aching to feel this man in the flesh. It was telling her in no uncertain terms to hang on for the ride! She leaned back and to the left; turning slightly to look at him again. She was going to make damn sure this man got the hint! He looked down at her and smiled and whispered "Pardon me." His kind eyes looked at her in a way that seemed different than the way she'd been looked at by a man in the past. It was a kind look, but it was also one of desire. Her body unconsciously told her what she already knew. She could feel herself starting to get wet. Every fiber of her being wanted to grab that man's hand and take him to the nearest closet. She wanted his mouth locked to hers. She wanted to feel his shoulder muscles under her fingernails. She wanted to be crushed by his strength. She wanted to feel him stroking deeply to the bottom of her womb. She wanted his seed! She wanted to feel taken.

She reluctantly walked over to the counter where the sugars and creamers were. She felt him before she saw him. As he reached around her for sugar, his mouth close to her ear, he whispered 'I know you'. She took a deep breath, She whispered barely loud enough for him to hear, 'How?' He reached around her for a napkin, brushing her tit through her sweater, the nipple immediately stood at attention, and her breathe was stolen away. 'In a dream that is about to come true!' The thought of that dream coming real made her knees weak. Her breasts demanded release from their restraints, her desire warmed her jeans. He firmly grabbed her arm and directed her to a table in the corner. As she sat down he moved a chair to sit closely to her. As she started to speak, he said 'Go to this hotel and use this key the room number is 214, wait 5 minutes after I leave. He slid a key card over to her and got up and left. She couldn't peel her eyes from his broad back and fantastic ass. That is it, 5 minutes nothing. She sipped her coffee and left. As she opened the door to the room, all she heard was the air conditioner for the room was so dark she couldn't see anything... His voice spoke from the darkness as she stepped in the room and the door closed. "You didn't wait and then he was there, kissing her with a fervent need screaming for raw unbridled sex. No dream could have prepared her for this!

His hand wrapped in her hair tugging it gently to tilt her head up to let him deepen the kiss. His other hand held her waist and as his kiss deepened his hand slid to the small of her back pulling her against him. As the shock of the feeling cascading down her body wore off, My god! He tasted good! Her hands gripped his shoulders as she melted into his body. He started tugging at the hem of her shirt to lift it off and over her head. Only to continue the assault on her mouth before it could hit the floor. He had already removed his shirt and the feel of his skin on hers radiated heat. Within seconds the bra was history, as one hand held her waist to his body the other hand kneaded her breast. His fingers found her nipple and pinched it to full attention. Her hands found the waist band of his jeans, his belt was undone but his jeans still held tight to his waist. In no time the snap was undone only to hear the whisper of the zipper moving down. She reached around and slid her hands down under the material to grab his ass. Wow, just as firm as it looked. Slowly she moved around to the front to feel his semi hard cock. She longed to free it of its restraint. She released his mouth and softly kissed and nibbled her way down his neck. She managed a small shove and he landed on the bed, as she knelt before him. She pulled the material out of the way to free his cock. One hand braced him up behind his back as his other hand tangled in her hair. She slowly blew along the length to reach the end with a small kiss. She then ran her tongue over the tip leaving a wet trail. Then blew gently again and felt his cock respond with a slight jump. No longer able to control her need, she grabbed the waistband of his jeans and shorts and pulled them off. He fell back on the bed. With one hand at the base of his cock to direct it into her warm mouth, and the other hand massaging the tender inside of his thigh. She slowly slipped the tip into her mouth and ran her tongue along the tip. Bit by bit she slid more into her mouth as her hand caressed the base. OH he tasted so good, she just couldn't get enough. She released his cock to lick and suck on his hardening balls and then that soft tender spot just beyond. His moans and deep breathing encouraged her to nibble and caress this sensitive area. Then without warning she impaled his hard cock back into the warm wet depths of her mouth. Sucking hard and working her hand in time with her mouth. His hands found her hair and were urging her to continue as his hips started to pump into her mouth. His hands held her firm as he shot his load deep in her mouth, with growl. As he sat up he commanded her to stand before him. His hands slid to the waist of her jeans and removed them with speed, leaving the lace panties. He flipped her onto the bed as he hovered over her, firmly holding her hands above her head. He devoured her mouth with urgency. He slowly kissed and nipped a trail down her throat, softly he growled for her not to move her hands as he slowly slid down to her tits.

He released her arms and his fingers burned trails down her arms till they reached her heaving breasts. His tongue swirled around one nipple then the next, as his fingers worked each one. He feasted and feasted on each, as she started to move her hands down, he growled a firm reminder to keep them put and squeezed each nipple to show her who was in charge now. His tongue made a trail down her stomach to the top of the lace. His fingers hooked under the lace and traced a delicate line to each end and then he sat up and removed the last barrier. He opened her legs and started with firm kisses as his teeth nibbled on her inner thighs. She longed to run her fingers through his hair but her tender nipples reminded her to stay put as his tongue found her clit. Oh, she could have come right then. He worked her as a man who hadn't eaten for years. He worked one finger into her hole and then two pumping ruthlessly as he bit and sucked on her nub. She couldn't hold back any longer and came, hard and fast as he continued to nibble and pump. Then his mouth was on hers demanding she taste her juices as his hands covered hers. He rubbed his hard cock against her, teasing her with the promise of what was next.

As he kissed her deeply, he reached down and grabbed his cockhead and began to slide up and down her slit. He felt the warmth and silkiness of her labia and felt his head swell under the additional pressure. He had waited long enough. This woman was his and he was going to make sure she remembered him forever. He nudged his head into position, his lips never leaving hers. Little moans were escaping from her as he pushed into her with one strong motion. He sunk all the way to the very bottom and felt her cervix with the tip of his cock. "Mmmm. Just where it needed to be." he thought. He crunched down his stomach and raised his cockhead up inside her until it was pushing heavily against her g-spot. She moaned again. Her hips started to grind in slow fuck-me circles. She wanted him buried as deeply as he could be. She wanted to be taken completely. He reached up for her hands still above her head and interlaced his powerful fingers through hers. He slowly kissed her again as deeply as he could while feeling her beneath him. The power, the strength of being a man. It was incredible. Slowly, he pulled out, and then pushed back in strongly once again. He slipped in just a bit deeper. He felt her cervix again. She started bringing up her legs uncontrollably, trying to deepen his penetration. At last, he began to stroke her. In and out. His mouth reached the heel of her hand and he bit down. She winced, but loved the mixture of pleasure and pain. He began to fuck her earnestly then. Harder and faster. She continued to draw her legs up around him until she felt her feet on his ass. She bucked and pulled at him to fuck her harder...faster... without warning she flipped him over with out breaking the rhythm. Her turn to devour his mouth as she moved up and down on his cock, his fingers tangled in her hair reminded her of his strength as his hips moved in time with hers. She sat up with a moan as his cock reached depths within her that craved more. His hands caressed her breasts as he rolled her nipples between his fingers. His hands were suddenly on her hips as he began to pump hard to meet every thrust as she rode him. He sat up and flipped her back over as he pumped her harder and faster. Her orgasm made him lose all control and he came with a growl and final thrust deep into her very core.

The base of his cock spasmed and spasmed, shooting his seed deep in her belly. He kept his cock deep in her womb as he felt the heat of her wetness mix with his. She ground and tugged at his ass with her feet as wave after deep wave of pleasure washed over her body. He felt her body squeezing and milking his cock for every precious drop of cum and he kissed her harder as the last spasm subsided. She moaned in his mouth one long last time as their bodies locked together in a complete way. They lay there for what seemed like an eternity...afraid to remove themselves from being one body. She felt him still deep within her, still where he belonged. She noticed again just how strong and wide this man's hips were! God, her legs ached in such a wonderful way! He felt a few last lingering twitches fire through his pelvis and began slowly to pull out. He drew his head downward and kissed her on the neck, then breasts, then a little trail down her stomach. It rose up to meet his kisses as he continued his decent. He turned his head and placed it on her belly. He could hear her heart beating and could feel her warmth. He had come full circle with this woman, this stranger. At first, all he wanted to do was ravage her, to take her. Now he just looked up at her etching that little knowing smile, the smile only lovers can share, deep in his mind's eye. He pulled up the covers around her beautiful legs, up to her belly and turned to dress quietly. She didn't say a word, she only watched him. She watched him dress, watched him tug up his jeans, and heard the rattle of his belt. She started to drift slightly, her head got all fuzzy like a mix between chocolate and chamomile. She snuggled her head into her pillow still feeling him as if her were still there; inside her. As he tugged his shirt over his head, he leaned over and whispered, "Sleep now beautiful girl." She opened her eyes and began to say something, but he quickly placed a finger over her lips. She wanted to tell him how he made her feel, that she wanted to feel him again and again. He saw her eyes and smiled. "I know. I do too." he whispered. He turned and walked to the door. "Soon." he said. "Soon."

The End

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