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Co-Worker Encounter

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Our story has been in the making for some time and finally has the ending that I can?t help but share and enjoy telling the story. I was assigned to work with Fran in 2001. I knew her from another organization and never showed much interest in her as we rarely talked and I really knew very little about her. The few times I spoke with her she was very nice and seemed very conservative. We began working together as a team that year and our relationship remained very professional and never crossed the line in any manner.

As the years passed and we grew closer in our friendship we would talk a lot including feeling comfortable with sharing dirty jokes and dirty talk. I found that she was not shy and enjoyed talking "dirty". I would often get excited hearing her dirty talk and really enjoyed her frequent brushes and touches as we were always together.

She would always claim she would never mess around with coworkers because if things didn't work out it would be an awkward situation. I would agree but seemed to always be fantasizing about doing a lot more with her. I would have frequent dreams about her in sexual situations and she really enjoyed me sharing with her the following day. She would share dreams she had as well describing in detail how we were together and usually having sex in the workplace as she would describe. I would get very excited and usually had to hide my bulge as she would tell me the story.

During the summer of 2006 I decided to take another job within the company. I would no longer be her partner and would be in another role within our organization. I figured at this juncture our talks and sharing would come to an abrupt end. In fact it was just opposite! She would constantly send me chat messages and emails with dirty talk and suggestive conversations. I was doing the same with her. I continued to become more and more attracted to her and would dream and fantasize about her all the time.

In 2009 our company went through a restructure and I was forced to move back in the group where she now worked with 2 other guys. Our relationship started off kind of slow initially but as time went on it just got hotter and hotter! You could feel the sexual tension every time we were near each other. We both wanted to take it to the next level but seem to always wait for the other to make the first move.

So I bring you up to date on how we moved to the next level....We had always made references to the "affair motel" that was nothing more than a joke we would use during our nasty chats. It was nothing more than our own hints as to what we were both willing to do if one of us would make the move. I finally decided to get a room near work on our last workday of the week. I asked her to lunch the prior day to make it easy for us to go to the room after lunch if she was willing to join me. As we ate lunch near the motel, I nervously stated that I had a room if she wanted to join me for some extra lunch. She replied with a ?let?s go? which led me to believe she thought I was just joking. I said ?no really, I am serious; I have a room if you want to go for a while?. She immediately agreed which kind of took me by surprise.

We finished up lunch and I drove us to the motel. I had already picked up the key so we went straight to the room. When we entered I placed my hands on her shoulders and said, "I am nervous too but we have both wanted this for a long time" she agreed and then for the first time in the 12 years that I have known her we kissed long and hard. After we enjoyed our first kiss she stated she wanted to step in the bathroom to freshen up. I told her I wanted to as well when she finished. Thank goodness she asked that because if she would have reached down and touched my penis I would have cum right there in my jeans.

She soon came out of the bathroom still dressed but had removed her extras, phone, pager, badges, keys and so forth, I went into the bathroom and removed my clothes to wash up in anticipation of what might be coming. I wrapped a towel around my waist and entered the room. Fran sat there on the end of the bed and motioned for me to sit next to her on the bed. I sat there and we immediately started kissing and exploring each other?s bodies with our hands. She reached down and grabbed my now rock hard penis. She gave a moan of approval and we both fell back into the bed. I sat up over her and started to unbutton her shirt. She helped by unbuttoning her jeans and lifted up to pull them down and off. I pulled her shirt off and could not wait to unhook her bra. Her breasts were very soft and sexy and now sporting hard brown nipples that were just awaiting my mouth. I began sucking her nipples as I reached down to feel her soaking wet panties. She was stroking my cock as I put my hands down her panties to feel the most incredibly smooth shaved pussy and soaking wet lips. I sat up to remove the towel and her panties as I couldn't wait to get my tongue in her sweet wet pussy. I went down on her and could not believe how sweet tasting she was and how much I wanted this day to come. She reached down to pull me up and say she wanted my cock to share in the oral experience. I turned around so we were in a sixty-nine position enjoying each other like we both have always talked and fantasized about. It was the most incredible feeling as she took my cock in and worked both sides with her tongue. She would gently suck on by balls and continue running her tongue up and down both sides of my shaft. I was enjoying her clean shaved pussy lips and her rigid clit between my tongue and teeth.

I was not able to hold back and let her know I was going to cum...She bucked and wiggled as I blew my load deep in her throat. She screamed out as she exploded in my mouth with an orgasm of her own. We both lay there a moment to regain our composure before squaring up to begin the next round of pleasure. We continued with deep kissing and heavy petting and it was only a few minutes before I was once again rock hard and ready for more. We wanted to take full advantage of this special time we have both been anticipating and waiting for.

I asked Fran to lay on her stomach so I could give her a mini massage. She was obliged to do so and I grabbed some oil I conveniently staged on the side table. I worked the oil into her shoulders and down her back. I massaged the oil in her buttocks and took advantage of sliding my fingers down her ass and to her awaiting and once again wet pussy. She raised her ass in the air to allow me full access as I slid two fingers deep inside her and massaged her g-spot until she was begging for my cock inside her. I could not wait to mount her from behind and bury my cock as deep as I could go in her. She asked me to pump her for a while and then let her take my cock in her mouth to taste our juices together. This continued as we fucked for the next 30 minutes until we both exploded in orgasms that I have never experienced before. We both lay there for 15 minutes or so then decided it was time to clean up and return to work. We both stepped into the shower...cleaned each other up with some additional petting and kissing. We dressed and returned to work. The rest of the day was so relaxing and wonderful knowing we now have a special bond that will never be forgotten or taken away from us. It?s been a month now since our meeting but we both know we want to repeat it when the time is right. We have never been closer since our day together.

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