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Climbing the Corporate Ladder

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It is known that the business world is as unstable and unpredictable as an earthquake. So it would be wise not to leave your career in the hands of destiny alone; push it along and make sure it keeps growing.

Sarah Ford was one of those young professionals seeking to build enduring and continuous supremacy within the company. Many employees were willing to leave their job for a pay raise of 20% or less, but definitely not her. Sarah would rather build stability by moving up the ranks within the firm.

Not only was she smart and motivated, but she actually enjoyed her work. Being a junior executive meant a lot to her and she wanted to show to the company how much she was worth. She has always thought she had to toot her own horn regarding her reputably accomplished productivity because it is unlikely that anyone would do it on her behalf. The job market is a competitive environment and everyone is looking out for number one.

Sarah was confident she would get the promotion she so much deserved. She has strategically associated herself amid individuals in high positions in order to further her career. Her colleagues have mentioned several times that she had seniority in the workplace and treated her accordingly.

The fact that the entire board of the directors, including the CEO, would be replaced came as shocking news, as she has remained visible to affluent individuals in her firm. She considered networking an integral part of developing a name for herself and maintaining constant growth in her professional career.

Coincidently, it was the time of the year that the board reviewed everyone's work, in order to elaborate a top performer list. That list was nothing more than a collection of names eligible for promotion, based mostly on productivity. But, nothing is that simple, and being the best employee on side of the Pacific wouldn't mean anything without anyone to acknowledge her hard work.

It wasn't like Sarah was overly ambitious, but she has made quite a few commitments of her own. Her husband Ted has recently lost his job and she was having a hard time maintaining the budget all by herself. To top that, they just bought the house of their dreams, and it certainly didn't come cheap. Now, they did not have the means to pay for it, and the thought of losing her house haunted her.

This promotion was something she just had to get, and she was working hard for it. Sarah had to be sure this sudden change didn't compromise her goals. She just needed to have a quick talk to her new CEO and boss. These occasions are perfect for demonstrating leadership and organizational skills. Supervisors always notice these attitudes that transpose well into the work place.

"Hi, Sarah." Her workmate Claire brought her back to reality.

"Hey, Claire. What's up?" Sarah asked her.

"Have you met the new CEO yet?" Claire started gossiping.

"No, how is he like?" Sarah was curious.

"His name is Dwayne Malone; I think he is a bit older than us, but physically build and quite charming. A nice guy from all that I heard about him. He gives money to charities and even runs homeless shelters around the city. A respected man and well liked in the community." Clair mumbled.

"Sounds like someone up to the task." Sarah said.

"Indeed. And he believes in casual work dressing as a way to improve productivity!" They both laughed at her commentary.

"Do you think it would be possible to schedule a meeting with him today?" Sarah questioned her.

"I know his late working hours are well known. You could try to reach him after business hours; his office is at the top floor." Clair tried to help her.

"Will do that, thanks Clair." Sarah said as she headed to her work station.

The new CEO might be a fan of casual dressing, but 29-year-old Sarah Ford has always believed in proper dressing, and she has done it with style. She'd always looked younger than her age, and she still looked girlish now, despite the size of her big, round tits, long legs and tight behind. Sarah's blue eyes were wide and innocent-looking, and her long, straight blond hair framed her beautiful, delicate face perfectly.

She was wearing one of those suit's jackets with a white blouse under it, which hung over her large 36C breasts, not even close to touching that gorgeous flat stomach of hers. She also was wearing a matching skirt, which hung to just above, mid thigh level with a black belt around that thin waist.

The skirt showed those long, smooth legs off nicely, encased by stockings. Her long straight blonde hair hung down passed the bottom of her shoulder blades, brushed so it feel behind her shoulders so that her magnificent chest was shown without any obstruction.

She didn't want to use her beauty as a way to achieve professional success, but knowing how to explore her good side was a strong quality. Besides, it didn't hurt to look good, the outfit emphasized her very ample chest. She wore black high heels, to further enhance her presence. She looked a knockout as always. Her blue eyes looked even bigger than normal, contrasting against the mix of black and blonde.

Sarah resumed finishing her report, she had to take advantage of opportunities that came her way, and ones that didn't. Advancement would not be handed to her on a silver platter; she had to work hard and persevere.

She has remained receptive to future opportunities by mingling with co-workers from different departments. Reaching the zenith in a specific field of the firm did not mean the stagnation of her career; it simply meant that she would have to seek other ventures in the company for advancement.

She believed that in order to be taken seriously by colleagues, and more importantly superiors, one must show initiative in their work. So she didn't wait for crystal clear explanations from her boss regarding her tasks. She often took initiative, proving she is the best for the job and well on her way to a promotion.

She has been competitive among colleagues because it's a dog eat dog world. No one would step aside to help her get the promotion she has been waiting years for. The business world is a selfish one that doesn't pardon play well with pity.

But going the extra mile did not mean "brownnosing" to Sarah. She has never volunteered to wash the boss' car or to baby sit his children over the weekend. She got her act straight and gained respect for her motivation and proficiency in the work place.

She knew volunteering time would help her reputation and she wasn't afraid to offer time and expertise to train new employees and hold tutorials when needed. These little exploits wouldn't go unnoticed by supervisors who are likely to remember her last name when promotion time swings around or an important rush project needs undivided attention. This helped formulate an alliance with her superiors, which was key in moving up rapidly.

That is what she wanted to talk to the new CEO, she wanted him to be well aware of her actions and history at the company.

*** 6 hours later ***

"No, he isn't back yet. He should have been an hour ago but he's not and he hasn't phoned yet." His secretary answered.

"Thanks, anyway." Sarah told her.

It was way past business hours now, Sarah was the only one left at the floor. She didn't want to give up, but the CEO was simply unreachable at the moment. Maybe he was already reviewing everyone's files and wasn't available. In that case, the only way was to talk to him personally.

She felt she had to try, so she entered the elevator and headed to the top floor. As the doors of the lift opened, she noticed that she was indeed out of luck. Not a single soul there, only empty work stations running the firm's screen saver. She walked down the hallway and finally found his office, a large room by the end of the long corridor.

Opening the office door, without even bothering to knock first, Sarah had a bit of a shock; she hadn't expected to see the man staring back at her, sitting at the CEO desk: Dwayne Malone was about sixty years old, grayish white hair on his balding head, short and way overweight. Nothing like what Claire described.

He wasn't wearing a suit alright, but she assumed he would at least wear something more adequate to the work's environment. His jeans were ragged and faded, showing signs of heavy usage and his shirt was a couple of sizes too small, looking ready to burst.

He was caught by surprise and rushed to the mouse to close the file he seemed to be working at his computer. It was probably some confidential document of the company, and Sarah immediately regretted her harsh action.

"You can't be here!" Dwayne promptly said.

"Mr. Malone, I am terribly sorry to bother you like that. I did not mean to intrude." Sarah said, trying to hide the discomfort in her voice.

"Oh... In that case, what are you doing here?" Dwayne asked her, after regaining his composure.

"My name is Sarah Ford; I am one of the junior executives. I am sure you must have heard of my work, sir." Sarah politely introduced herself.

"Can't say that I have." Dwayne stood there, now with a large smile on his face, obviously ogling at her body.

His dry answer just made Sarah even more nervous, as it was clear that not only she didn't have any chances of promotion, but she was making things even worse by making a fool of herself.

"I have a few matters I need to discuss with you, sir. I was hoping the previous CEO had filled you in." Sarah tried to remain calm.

"He never told me." Dwayne said, "I suppose you had better come in, then."

Sarah moved past the door, shutting it behind her, and walked towards him at his large table. She held her skirt as she sat on the chair, right in front of him. They sat there for a couple of moments in silence, Sarah looking everywhere else while Dwayne seemed to openly ogle her.

"So what can I help you with?" Dwayne finally broke the silence.

"It is about the performer list, sir." Sarah went straight to the point.

"Is that supposed to mean anything to me?" Dwayne harshly asked.

"It's the annual promotion review system, sir. I am sure you've been briefed about it." Sarah reminded him, a little puzzled.

"Oh, yeah, that. What about it?" Dwayne maintained his indifferent tone.

"I know it may sound too forward, but I really think I deserve to be on that list." Sarah finally spoke. It was time that significant higher-up in her work environment must acknowledge that she is indeed all she can be, and this is not solely in reference to the U.S. Army.

"Do you realize how many times I have heard that? Most of the times it's been all talk, why should it be any different with you?" Dwayne asked, incredulous.

"I am hard working and reliable, sir. Besides, I am very productive." Sarah brought her best side to attention.

"That is what I pay you for! Do you think you are doing me a favor?" Dwayne seemed upset with the way this conversation was going.

"Not at all, sir. I didn't mean that." Sarah was caught off guard.

"Cause it seems to me you feel you are better than your peers and you want some sort of privilege around here!" Dwayne continued.

"No, sir. I would never think that way." Sarah replied, clearly shaking now.

"So is there anything else? I am a busy man, you know." Dwayne finally tried to break the conversation.

"I am sorry, sir. I really think we started on the wrong foot here." Sarah told him, while remaining professional.

"I certainly think so." Dwayne replied.

Sarah took a deep breath and started explaining her point of view. She thought the key was to take authority, or rather, act as though she could be the next boss. So she described her milestones, her envisioned goals and how she had focused her career path. She did plan her rise to the top with proper visualization and aspirations after all. She took the opportunity to present him some of her projections and set optimistic but attainable goals that would drive her to surpass her original plans and push the envelope.

"That was quite illustrative, Mrs. Ford." Dwayne said, looking very bored.

"Thank you, sir. It really means a lot to me." She smiled.

"But, I can clearly notice there is more to it than simply your devotion to work. What is it really?" Dwayne confronted her.

"The thing is that my husband and I are going through some tough times, and that promotion would help us get on our feet again." She finally said, being quite sincere.

"So you are expecting me to be sympathetic?" He measured the authenticity of her voice tone.

"I just wanted to be honest about the situation, sir." Sarah continued.

"Fair enough, Mrs. Ford." Dwayne concluded.

"So you will consider me for promotion, sir?" Sarah hopefully asked.

"I will tell you what, Ford, you have guts to come here and ask me that, so I am willing to take a risk." Dwayne told her.

"Thank you, sir. You won't regret it." Sarah assured him.

"But I have to be sure I am not taking a hasty step first, so I need to know some background information about you. Is that alright?" Dwayne asked her, in a serious tone, while he seemed to reach her file at his computer.

"I understand, sir. Please go ahead." Sarah complied.

"So how long have you been working for this firm?" He asked without stopping what he was doing.

"Five years now, sir. I first started as an intern." Sarah promptly answered.

"It says in your file that you are one the most promising young professionals around here." Dwayne stated.

"I am glad to hear it, sir." Sarah's smile widened.

"How old are you, if you don't mind me asking?" Dwayne continued.

"Twenty nine, sir." Sarah replied.

"And how long have you been married?" Dwayne shifted the focus to more personal questions.

"Four years, sir." Sarah was very private about her life, but it seemed fair that her new boss wanted to know more about an employee, especially in this case.

"Do you always wear that kind of outfit to go to work?" He stared at her. Sarah usually looked amazing, but in that figure hugging business suit, she looked radiant, and so unbelievably fuckable.

"I believe so, sir." Sarah blushed.

"Your husband is a lucky man, indeed. You have kids?" He praised her.

"None, sir. I am focusing on my career at the moment." Sarah answered.

"And what kind of underwear are you wearing right now?" Dwayne pushed further.

"Excuse me?" Sarah thought her ears must be playing tricks on her.

"The way I see things, Ford, what the hell, I am just gonna call you Sarah from now on." Dwayne tried to explain his actions. "You are skilled, dedicated and you probably deserve that damn promotion. But that ain't gonna happen!" He continued.

"I don't understand, sir." Sarah expected a CEO to have better arguments than that.

"It is quite simple really, Sarah." He resumed his point. "If you want the promotion you need to give me something in return, and by that I mean that lovely piece of ass of yours." Dwayne boldly stated.

"What? Are you fucking serious?" Sarah shouted, outraged.

"Do I look like I am kidding?" Dwayne kept his indifferent posture.

"This is sexual harassment, I will have you fired and charged for this!" Sarah threatened him.

"You can do whatever you damn please, Sarah, I don't care." Dwayne didn't seem to mind. "It will be your word against mine and by the time it gets sorted out your promotion will be gone. So let's just be practical about it." He continued.

"You fucking pig!" She yelled as she slapped him hard on the face.

Sarah got up and rushed to the door, there was no way she was gonna walk in front of this guy and give him an excuse to view her ass. She got out and slammed the door behind her.

"Dirty old bastard!" She thought. "I'm old enough to be his daughter."

Sarah clutched the nearby wall; she was shaken up and on the verge of crying. She couldn't believe he had the nerve to propose something like that to her. She was honest about her work and circumstance and he just tried to take advantage of her.

She wanted to make the old perv pay for his offence, but he was right about his point. Surely she would find a way to prove he harassed her, but that would take an awfully long time. She only had until tomorrow to make it to that damn list and so far she had nothing.

As much as she hated the idea, she needed to go back to his office and try to reason with the old prick, hoping he would come to his senses about the matter. She took a deep breath, straightened herself and headed back to his office.

"Sarah, looking good as always." He said with that stupid smile on his face, as she walked in and sat at the chair facing him again.

"I am willing to give you a chance for you to apologize." She told him straight up, making it look she was on top of the situation.

"Sarah, come on. It's a long way to the top, and you are only showing that you don't have what it takes to get there." Dwayne laughed.

"I am a hard working and honest professional and I love my husband! You should be ashamed of yourself, you asshole!" She shouted. Maybe she could convince him by showing an aggressive side.

"High moral standards won't get you anywhere. Besides, quit being a baby! I am not telling you to love me or some shit like that. It is strictly a business transaction: we both want something and we are trying to reach an agreement." Dwayne tried to rationalize it.

"I don't want it all that much!" Sarah promptly answered him.

"Is that so? How come you are back here, discussing it then? I may be an asshole, but I am not a hypocrite, I am not forcing you to do shit! If you want to go and report me go ahead, I don't fucking care, I just gave you an option!" Dwayne finally lost his temper.

Sarah was stunned. He had it all figured out. She wanted so much to get out of there, but she though about her her husband. They needed the money for their house. She sat there thinking and thinking.

"So what is it gonna be?" Dwayne finally asked her.

"I will listen to your offer." Sarah managed to say, trying hard not to cry.

"It has been a while since I had a woman, Sarah, and I can honestly say I never had one nearly as gorgeous as you." He told her as if it was a compliment.

"I am not gonna fuck you!" Sarah immediately answered.

"See, Sarah? You are learning how to deal. How about you suck my cock, then?" Dwayne continued.

"How about you masturbate your pathetic penis, knowing that you will never have me?" Sarah taunted him.

"That is the kind of attitude I expect from my employees, Sarah. But I am afraid that is my final offer, take it or leave it." Dwayne stated.

"I will not put my mouth anywhere near your excuse for a penis!" Sarah replied with a dry tone.

"You are one tough cookie, I'll give you that. How about this, you let me eat you out and that's it?" Dwayne insisted.

His propositions weren't going to get any better than this. Sarah was completely lost and didn't know what to do.

"You will perform oral sex on me and nothing more?" Sarah asked, a bit skeptical.

"That's the deal." He replied.

"If I let you eat me now, will you give me the promotion?" She whimpered as her predicament sunk into her.

"Sure, Sarah." Dwayne assured her.

"What about after?" Sarah continued.

"You go your way; I go mine, no strings attached." He tried to sound reasonable.

"You don't really expect me to cum for you, do you?" Sarah mocked him again.

"You don't have to enjoy it but you sure as hell must pretend it! Now lock the door, get over here and let's do it!" He smiled.

Sarah sat there with shock in her eyes. Slowly, she realized she had no choice. She was going to do it. She was going to do this for the husband she loved. Reluctantly she got up, locked the door and turned to face him. He was smiling triumphantly.

"My, you look pretty!" He laughed gazing at her young, firm body in a low cut, business suit. "Dressed up for me?" Sarah hated him but nodded yes.

"How nice! What about your underwear?" He asked getting closer to her for a better look.

She despised him and what she was about to do. She took off her jacket and slowly unbuttoned her blouse, she couldn't face her boss. As the buttons came undone, she held her blouse closed, hoping he would finally end it.

"I am waiting!" Dwayne sneered.

Resigned to the inevitable, Sarah silently slipped her blouse from her shoulders. She stood before her boss in her sexy, lacy, skimpy bra. The top was light blue and clung to her tits making them look even bigger than what they actually were, and they were big normally. It barely covered those firm mounds; her nipples were poking through the thin material. She looked ravishing.

"Lovely! What about the rest?" Dwayne asked, impatienly.

Sarah lifted the front of her skirt. She had on stockings, a garter belt and sheer string bikini panties that matched her bra color. The bottoms were so small that it clung to her body in a way that her pussy was just covered by it.

"Let's get this over with." Sarah said as she reached to unbuckle her skirt, but he grabbed her hands before she could unfasten a button.

Dwayne slowly released her hands and positioned his face between her legs. As his hands massaged her inner thighs she began to breathe heavier. He pressed his nose right up against her button fly and inhaled her scent.

Slowly, he began to undo the buttons off of her fly. She felt the front of her thong being pulled off the surface of her mound as he pulled back to remove the button. When he finished he pulled her skin tight skirt over her gorgeous hips and gazed up at her.

He moved up further on the chair and began to lick her thong very deeply. She felt the satin thong get pushed deeper and deeper into her. He reached over and undid the string of her thong, and removed it, placing it in his shirt pocket.

"I want to taste you!" He eagerly told her.

Sarah was shocked. She enjoyed being eaten, certainly not by this awful old man, though.

He extended his tongue and took his first taste of Sarah's luscious pussy. The flat of his tongue swept between her widespread cunt lips and brought an involuntary gasp from her throat.

Almost against her will, her hand moved behind her head and she tilted herself down so she could watch directly. His mouth glued itself to her pussy lips and he sucked hard, letting his tongue curl deep into her moist cuntal passage and then twitch as her interior muscles closed around it. He worked it around then out, seeking the tip of her clit and teasing it, then nipping lightly, expertly with his teeth.

Sarah could hardly believe that it was really her, half naked with a near stranger, degrading herself, letting him lick her pussy. It was something she never would have dreamed possible. But then it started. Almost imperceptivity at first.

"This can't be!!" She fought the feeling

"No, please don't! Please stop!" She sobbed. But they both knew she didn't mean it. Even if she did, Dwayne didn't care. She was flailing her hips wildly as he continued to slaver at her wet throbbing cuntal slit. The tormenting wet licking kept on and she heard the lewd noise of his tongue licking against her pussy.

She was beginning to enjoy this lascivious licking by this old man. She couldn't believe the change that had come over her body. She tried to suppress her pleasure, but she couldn't stop herself from crying out in obvious passion when Dwayne again took her clit between his teeth and began to titillate it with his tongue.

"You got a gorgeous little cunt, Sarah!" he said as he stroked his fingers over her lightly-furred sex, experimentally feeling the slippery wetness of her neatly trimmed, aching pussy-slit.

Suddenly, he stiffened his wet, slashing tongue and rammed it as deep as it would go into the hot pulsating passage between her wildly thrashing legs.

"Ohhhh!" She moaned. Sarah nearly went insane from the expert tongue fucking. Her excited quivering cunt walls clung to his long darting tongue. Her naked round hips and ass quivered and shook with the vibrations which spasmed throughout her pelvis.

She grabbed his head by the hair, roughly pulling his face onto her creaming fuck-hole. Sarah gasped as the old man suddenly glued his lips to her pussy, thrusting his tongue deep into the interior of her hotly burning slit. If she was gonna do this lewd act, at least she would get something in return, she decided. She only hoped he did not notice it was not an act.

"Uhhhhmmmmm, fuck, yes! Lick it, Mr. Malone! Lick it good!" Sarah clutched her boss's head with both hands and wiggled her ass pleasurably on the chair, sighing as he began dragging his fat tongue up and down between the flowering folds of her pussy.

Dwayne was a practiced, enthusiastic cunt-sucker. He moved his hand between the wife's legs, delicately opening her pussy-lips with his fingers. He lapped her cunt much faster, licking all the hot, flowing juices from the depths of her drooling cunt.

"Unnggghhh! Suck it, Mr. Malone! Suck it good!" Sarah couldn't restrain herself from humping her ass, grinding and thrusting her burning pussy-hole against his lips and tongue.

"Oh yeah! Yes! Yes! Do it to me! Lick my pussy! Make me cum! Just a little more and I'll make it! Please!" She heard her words but couldn't believe she was saying them. She was completely uninhibited and aroused now, every nerve ending tensed and poised for the bittersweet agony of completion. Almost there, she felt his tongue move deeper up her cunt one more time, licking savaging away.

"Ooooohh, fuck, that feels so good! Get your tongue in there, Mr. Malone! Make me cum!" Sarah yelled.

Dwayne kept lapping Sarah's tasty pussy, she shuddered as he slid two fingers gently into the clasping interior of her cunt. He jacked off the horny, humping wife while he ate her pussy, stabbing his fingers rhythmically in and out of her gooey, wet fuck-channel.

"Suck my clit!" Sarah pleaded. She humped harder, gasping and groaning, unable to keep her blushing ass still on the chair.

"Uhhh! Feels good, Mr. Malone! Oh, fuck, I'm getting close! Lick it, suck my pussy! Make me cum!" She yelled.

Dwayne touched his tongue on the swollen pink bud of Sarah's clit. Instantly, the young wife humped her hips up at his mouth much faster, pulling his hair as she fucked her wet pussy all over his face. He took her burning clit between his lips. He sucked her clit firmly, grazing his tongue on it, simultaneously pounding his fingers rhythmically in and out of her juice-gushing cunt.

"Gawd! I'm cumming Mr. Malone!" Sarah hissed, humping so fast that he could hardly keep his mouth on her pussy-slit. "Unggghh! Suck my pussy! Oh, fuck! I'm cumming, now! Yes! I'm Cumming!" She shouted at the top of her lungs.

Sarah's pussy exploded violently into orgasm, her trimmed fuck-hole contracting tightly around the old man's probing fingers, her clit tingling and pulsing almost unbearably between his lips. Dwayne kept sucking and jacking her off, guiding Sarah through the intense peak of her cum.

Sarah chanted mindlessly as her passion deranged hips began to grind against Dwayne's half-hidden face in her convulsing cunt. Her cuntal walls milked greedily on his thick thrusting tongue now. Her hands dropped to entangle themselves in his grayish white hair in an effort to force his head even further between her lewdly spread legs.

Never before had she experienced such a wildly exciting rapture. As he continued to tongue-fuck her hot convulsing pussy, she found even more new frenzies of pleasure.

Finally, he was finished. Dwayne's tongue stopped licked her cunt and he slowly pulled his head back, staring at her hot swollen cunt lips. As the tremors in her satiated body began to subside, the pleasure he had just given her made Sarah ashamed of herself. Trying to catch her breath, she sat there, her skirt up around her waist. She closed her legs in embarrassment.

"Wasn't so hard, see?" Dwayne laughed as he wiped her pussy juices from his face.

"You really are a selfish bastard!" That was Sarah's only answer.

"Come on, Sarah. I think you are exploring your potential here, by overcoming an adverse state. Our firm truly can use individuals like you." Once again he sounded like he was complimenting her.

"We are done here!" Sarah covered her breasts, pulled her skirt down and got ready to leave.

"Before you go, let me offer you something else." Dwayne tried to get her attention.

"What is it this time, pig?" Sarah replied, very angry.

"Since you are so interested in that promotion, why don't you go the extra mile and aim for that senior position? I am sure the income difference would be substantial." Dwayne proposed.

"You would love that, wouldn't you?" Sarah showed him the finger.

"I told you earlier, we are doing business here, we have our deal already. Do you want this new position or not?" He asked her, impatiently.

"What's the catch?" She told him. After that entire ordeal, she would at least hear the egoistic pig's offering.

"We have to renegotiate that cock-sucking clause of our little contract." Dwayne laughed.

"Fuck you, asshole!" Sarah cursed him.

"Suit yourself, Sarah." Dwayne ignored her and sat at his table, returning his attention to the computer.

Sarah knew an opening for a senior position wouldn't be available for the next seven years. It would certainly be a great career upgrade and financial solution to her problems.

"If you tell this to anyone, I will have you arrested, do you understand?" Sarah threatened him.

"Perfectly." Dwayne smiled as he realized what she was willing to do. "Now, get over here!" He ordered.

Her heart was beating rapidly as she approached Dwayne Malone. When she came behind his desk, Malone slid his chair back away from his desk. Sarah tried to ignore him; her fingers trembled as she opened his belt and yanked down his zipper, he lifted his hips slightly to help her as she tugged his ragged jeans down to his ankles, freeing his throbbing cock under his huge beer gut.

He wore no underwear and his dick was nothing like she had imagined. His cock was enormous: so long and fat that the wife gasped at her first sight of his tremendous prick.

"Oh, my!" She thought. "Look at the size of that thing. It must be twice longer than my husband's and way thicker!" Sarah couldn't help but stare at the huge prick pulsing like a steel rod between his belly and herself.

A sudden image of herself sucking Mr. Malone's giant cock flooded into Sarah's mind. She imagined herself on her knees, whipping her fist, furiously up and down his big, stiff prick, slurping loudly and shamelessly on his cock-knob. The flush in her cheeks turned nearly crimson, and Sarah realized how wrong that was.

"See anything you like, Sarah?" He snapped her out of her reverie.

"It's no big deal!" She angrily replied.

"How come you can't take your eyes from it then?" Dwayne laughed.

Sarah blushed as she heard the bold commentary.

"Get down on your knees in front of me and suck my prick. Suck it good and the senior position is yours. Suck it bad and you're stuck to a regular promotion." He ordered her.

The boss' eyes were all over the wife's gorgeous body, and when she saw his gaze on her crotch, Sarah opened her thighs wide, giving her boss a good long look at her dripping wet cuntslit.

Dwayne's massive cock bucked and throbbed, obviously as stiff as a prick could get, he was red-faced yet trembling with lust. He gazed down at her, his huge fuck-pole throbbing right in front of her face. Sarah whimpered as she wrapped both hands around his prick, amazed that so much of his stiff cock still protruded from the grip of her fists.

"Is this how you like it, Mr. Malone? Is this how you want me to stroke your cock? Huh? You do want to fuck me, don't you?" Sarah though she could stall him and get away with a hand job.

Sarah kept stroking his gigantic, stone-hard cock. His incredibly long, fat prick arched stiffly over his equally large belly, capped with a puffy, helmet-shaped knob that oozed milky pre-cum.

"Oh, Mr. Malone, what a monster! Let me take care of that big, beautiful prick for you!" Sarah's mouth watered as she stared at her boss' magnificent cock.

"Does this feel good, Mr. Malone?" The wife asked, jacking her boss' prick with her hand, pumping her fist fast and hard up and down his huge throbbing erection. "Does it, sir? Is this making your cock feel better?" She teased him.

"Y-yes, Sarah." Dwayne stammered. "Oh, yes!

"It feels good to me, too, sir!" Sarah hissed. She beat his cock-meat as fast as she could, excitedly watching the pre-cum oozing from his piss-hole.

Sarah ran her fingers up and down his hard cock-shaft. She thought if she stroked it enough, he'd cum before she had to suck him. She moved her hand to his balls and gently caressed them.

"Beg for me to suck my cock!" Dwayne commanded.

"Please, let me." She said, without the least sign of enthusiasm.

"Remember what is at stake here." He reminded her.

"I really want to suck your prick, Mr. Malone. I want to an awful, awful lot. Will you let me, sir? Will you please let me suck your big, fucking cock?" Sarah pleaded, in a slutish tone.

"That's more like it." He laughed.

Sarah's mouth watered as she realized how desperately she longed to suck the salty prick-juice out of her old boss' hard cock, imagining herself slurping down his cum.

Ashamed but knowing she had no choice, Sarah moved her face to his cock- head. She was revolted and her heart was beating rapidly as her silky tongue tentatively emerged from between her soft lips. Then, ever so slowly, her tongue touched the underside of his cock. Sarah tasted her old boss's prick.

Dwayne just moaned. Sarah dropped her hand, pressing her lips in a lewdly sucking kiss on the spongy tip of his prick. She tasted the strong saltiness of her boss' cream, and her pussy ached as she imagined how much cum was stored in his balls, how much of his hot, sappy jizz would soon spew down her throat.

Gradually, the wife let her lips part, making loud, wet, smacking sounds as she took her boss' cock deep inside her mouth. Hungrily, she licked her tongue around the swollen length of his prick-shaft, delighting in the taste of his fuck-rod.

Sarah shut her eyes, concentrating on nothing else in the world but the taste and feel of her boss' cock in her mouth; she wanted it to end soon. She started sucking, her cheeks flushing brightly and puckering with her suction around the stiffness of Mr. Malone's dick.

Sarah clung to her boss's cock with her hand, holding up his wand of prick-flesh as she slurped and sucked loudly on his cock-tip. Up and down her head bobbed, shamelessly fucking her face with Mr. Malone's giant fuck-stick.

Dwayne put his hand on her breast. He squeezed it hard, feeling her nipple become erect. He slipped his hand inside of her bra, touching her bare tit flesh. First, his palm pressed against Sarah enlarged nipple. Then, he tweaked it between his thumb and forefinger. He kneaded her soft tit flesh as the stunned young wife kneeled before him obediently.

"Oh, Sarah!" Dwayne groaned. Dazedly, he looked down at his employee, excited by the spectacle of the cock-loving wife with her lips stretched to bursting around the steely stiffness of his prick.

Malone pushed her skimpy bra cup aside, exposing Sarah's milky white soft breast. He squeezed and pinched her naked tit. Sarah remained on her knees before him, half dressed and in shock as his hand worked on her breast.

"Harder, Sarah!" Dwayne dropped his hands to her head, curling his fingers in her long, golden blonde hair. He bucked his fat hips off the chair, nearly choking the young wife as he tried to jam his cock farther between her lips.

Sarah's soft, perfectly painted red lips closed around the older man's long, fat cock. She felt his prick begin to enlarge as her tongue moved along the shaft. Sarah moved her head back and forth sucking as much of the growing shaft into her throat as possible. Her moist, watery mouth covered his cock shaft with hot saliva.

His mushroom shaped cock-head grew larger and more resilient with each passing second. The rhythmic sucking and milking of her soft velvety mouth made Dwayne's prick continue to enlarge. He was moving his hips back and forth as her cock-sucking mouth aroused him further. Her eyes were opened and she saw his gray pubic hair inches from her cock-sucking lips.

The cock-sucking act Sarah was performing on the old man was affecting her. Although she tried to rationalize that this was not really sex, her nipples were hard and erect, her bra pushed aside exposing her naked tit flesh. She felt her pussy quivering and throbbing.

"Come on! Put it in your mouth and suck it good for me!" He ordered her.

Encouraged by her boss's eager words, Sarah sucked his fuck-pole even harder. His hot, salty cum-juice was oozing out of his piss-hole. His prick was growing even stiffer, pulsing rhythmically on the roof of her mouth.

Dwayne was looking down on her, watching his cock slide in and out of the married woman's mouth. He watched her head bobbing back and forth as her lips held his cock-shaft tightly and her tongue flicked madly at the sensitive underside of his prick. He knew she was getting into it, she was enjoying sucking him off.

Although she was an experienced cocksucker, Sarah had trouble swallowing more than half of his large prick, and continually alternated between sucking near the head and kissing and licking further down from mid cock to the base where her hand was gently stroking and milking his shaft.

"Would you like me to do something to make you feel even better?" Sarah asked him, in a girly tone.

Dwayned just noded. Still jerking his cock-shaft with her hand she moved her mouth over to his cum filled balls and licked at his nut-sack. Then she sucked one of his balls into her mouth along with his gray curly pubic hair. Her tongue and lips worked to devour his one cum filled ball, then switched to the other.

Just as she thought she had sucked on his balls enough, Sarah kissed and licked each one gently before returning her mouth to his cock-head. Dwayne looked down at her and watched his cock sliding in and out of her mouth. As he felt up her tit, he was moaning and moving his hips, trying to push more of his cock into her mouth. He took his free hand and wrapped around hers, showing Sarah how he wanted her to jerk him off into her mouth as she sucked him off.

After she was doing it the way he wanted, he pulled his hand from her breast and put both his hands on her head and held it still and then moved his cock in and out of her throat, fucking her mouth. As his cock passed back and forth between her lips, her tongue licked and flicked at the underside of his prick. Her lips held his cock tightly. Sarah felt his cock getting bigger and hotter.

Sarah knew she had her boss was close to blowing his wad. Relentlessly, she sucked on his aching cock, the bedroom filled by the constant slurping, gurgling sounds of the frantic blowjob in progress. Her hand jacked on his fuck-rod again, frantically beating his cock up to her cock-filled lips.

Her moist tender lips grasped tighter and tighter around his glistening prick as her warm wet mouth took more and more of his huge shaft. After a few minutes, Dwayne had his entire 11-inch cock in Sarah's mouth, her nose was buried in his pubic hair.

He then held her head steady, and pistoned his entire cock-shaft rapidly in and out of her mouth from his piss-hole to the root. He fucked her accepting mouth for several minutes, driving his cock deep in her throat.

Sarah's hands were now holding his ass cheeks, her mouth filled completely with the thick, long mass of cock-meat. Her tongue licked and flicked along the underside of his cock as he reamed it in and out of her throat. Then, he grabbed her head by her long blonde hair and roughly moved her head back and forth along his prick as he continued to fuck into her cock hungry mouth.

Sarah continued sucking his burning prick as hard as she could. Sarah moved her hand between his thighs; sighing around his cock as she felt the heaviness of his hairy, wrinkled balls. Lovingly, she fondled his congested balls, slurping and sucking madly on the rigid stiffness of his prick.

"Its time to eat my cum, Sarah!" Dwayne panted as he felt his balls swell in anticipation of bursting forth with a heavy load of sticky white cum. "That's it! I'm cumming!"

Dwayne's creamy torrent of cum blew into his prick-sucking employee's mouth, splattering on the roof of her mouth, and then shooting past her tonsils down her throat. Sarah clung happily to her boss' erupting cock, feverishly gulping and swallowing as she sucked, determined to nurse down every drop.

His jism was delicious, the tastiest cum she'd ever swallowed in her life. And his load was every bit as huge as she'd hoped it would be. A tidal wave of cream blasted again and again out of Mr. Malone's cock, making his prick pulsed wildly between her lips as it vented its load of boiling sperm.

"Fuck yeah!" He screamed.

His hands grabbed her head and he shoved her hungrily sucking mouth down hard onto his manically jerking cock. Dwayne's cum filled balls spurted another three or four large loads of their precious fluid in her mouth, Sarah continued sucking greedily as every drop emptied down her throat. She tried to lick every moist bit of his cum from the madly throbbing head of his cock. His hot gooey semen tasted like heaven to her.

It was an incredibly big load, bigger than any Sarah had yet nursed from her husband's balls. His cum-blast spurted into her mouth, nearly choking her as it spewed down her throat. Sarah sucked his squirting cock harder than ever. The sequence was followed by spurt after spurt of rich, milky, salty-tasting spunk.

Again and again, his jism streamed up from his balls, inundating her mouth and throat with her boss' rich cum. The sounds of the wife's wild prick-sucking grew even louder as she swallowed his cum.

She tried to swallow it all, but some slipped from her lips. He then pushed her head back and shot several spurts of cum all over her face. Sarah watched as his cock jerked about wildly, ejaculating his hot load on her face. His cum was in her eyes and on her nose. Large globs of cum dripped down her cheeks.

Dwayne put his prick back in Sarah's mouth. Her lips again tightly encircling his massive cock-shaft. He continued moving her head back and forth as she continued nibbling on his cock-head, sucking clean every last drop of his life-giving sperm that she could until he was completely drained. He left his big cock inside of her mouth as it slowly softened.

Hungrily, Sarah continued to suck Dwayne's cock even after she'd swallowed the last spurt. "I don't think I've ever seen, let alone swallowed so much spunk in my life." Sarah thought.

"Oh, shit!" Dwayne moaned happily. He grinned down at Sarah wickedly as she finally let his still-hard cock slide out of her mouth. He had to push her head gently away to make her actually take his saliva-and-cum dripping prick out.

"Man, you are such a good cock-sucker, aren't you, Sarah? The way you were talking before, I almost thought you'd turn me in to the cops. I should have known all along how bad you craved a big cock!" He laughed.

"Hope you enjoyed, you bastard!" The wife sat up on her heels, still staring transfixedly at his huge cock as she licked drops of cum from around her mouth.

"Congratulations, Sarah. You are a seniour executive now. Wasn't it worth it?" Malone laughed.

Sarah, still revolted by what he made her do, just nodded.

In a daze, she got on her feet, repositioned her breasts in her bra, fixed her blouse and put her jacket on. Dwayne watched as the pretty young wife who had just sucked him off for a promotion got herself cleaned and fixed her makeup.

"What do you say?" Malone asked, when she headed for the door to leave.

"Thank you." Sarah answered, infuriated, but knowing she didn't have a choice,

"You are very welcome!" He laughed. "What the hell! How about going for the gusto?" He asked.

"What do you mean?" She couldn't believe he kept pushing this situation further.

"I am talking about a chair at the board of directors. You will be the youngest employee to get there and you will be set for life. All or nothing!" He gambled.

"And what would that cost me?" Sarah asked, even though she already knew the answer.

"That tight little cunt of yours." Dwayne replied, straight to the point.

"There is no way I am gonna take a cock as large as yours! I wouldn't be able to feel my husband for weeks. I am not even sure if I would be able to feel him anymore after taking a horse cock like yours." She told him, her concerned eyes wide open.

"I see you are a fast learner, Sarah." Dwayne reached into his desk and retrieved his checkbook. "How about all we discussed, plus an additional one million dollars added to the pot?" He started filling it.

The offering of that overwhelming sum of money, plus all the associated benefits, left little to say. "Okay Mr. Malone." she said breathlessly. Considering all the degradation, there was no turning back now; there was no point in doing that.

"I'll let you shove that monster cock of yours inside my tiny, tight pussy and fuck me. Nice and hard, the way I'm sure you want to. But not without a condom on! I am not on the pill and I am pretty sure I am at the peak of my period." Sarah demanded.

"I don't do condoms!" Dwayne argued.

"Tough luck!" Sarah turned to leave.

"Wait, wait! You win; we'll do it your way!" Dwayne acquiesced, opening his desk drawer and retrieving one of those ultra thin extra large condoms. "With one of those it's like I am not wearing a condom at all, so we both win." He smiled up at her with contempt.

Sarah snapped her attention back to the agreement and realized she would be best to keep her boss happy if she wanted to be a chairwoman. She quickly obliged and stripped down to her stockings. Dwayne leant forward to suck on one of her nipples, his hands squeezing and pinched at her big breasts the whole time.

"You've got a great rack!" He said, and then returned his hungry mouth to her nipple.

Sarah closed her eyes and let out an involuntary moan. He continued with this foreplay for several minutes until he thought she was ready.

"Okay, so it is set!" he said. "We have a deal, right? I get to fuck your tight, little pussy now, don't I?" He wanted confirmation.

"Oh, gawd, yes!" Sarah whimpered, licking her lips as she stared at his massive prick. "We have a deal. Now, fuck me, Mr. Malone! Put your cock in my pussy and fuck the crap out of my juicy cunt!" Sarah walked towards the couch, sat down and spread her slender thighs wide apart, then lifted them high, until her knees hovered over her shoulders.

Dwayne just grinned and started stripping off the rest of his clothes, his naked figure was nothing something easy on the eyes. He quickly wrapped his massive cock with the polyurethane preservative and got into position on top of her, bracing the weight of his torso on outstretched arms.

Sarah got comfortable on the couch, in order to endure her imminent ordeal, trembling harder than ever. She wiggled her heart shaped, pert ass into a good humping position, then spread her slender thighs as wide as she could, letting her horny old boss see all of her tight, wet, pouty-lipped cunt.

Both of them looked down to watch his endowed, condom-wrapped cockhead aim at her hot cunt. He kept staring down at the wife's round, peach-shaped asscheeks, and at the wet, trimmed lips of her cunt. Holding his stiff cock in hand, he moved forward until his cum-oozing prick-knob pierced her pussy-folds.

He found her entrance and slid his big cock into her. Her tight pussy seemed to stretch beyond possible. "Oh, fuck, Mr. Malone!" She cried out even before the hilt of his cock reached her lips. "Ugh, sir," she grunted. "Be gentle with that big thing! Fuck! I never had anything nearly as big! Oh, you are splitting me open!"

"You want this? You want this hard cock inside of you? Do you want me to fuck you right here at my office?" He asked her while slowly pushing his cock further into her pussy.

"Yes, sir, please fuck me! Slide your big cock into my pussy and do me! Put that hard cock inside of me! Fuck me right here!" Sue pleaded.

"Ohhhh, Mr. Malone! Ohhh, fuck! Yes!" Sarah clawed the cushions and humped in a frenzy of desire, groaning and gasping as she ground her sopping wet pussy against the root of his cock. "Fuck your hot employee, sir! It's almost all the way in now! Give it to me, every single inch!"

"Unngghh! Oh, Mr. Malone!" Sarah started humping as soon as he had his prick securely embedded in her pussy, wiggling at the same time to help him spear his cock all the way up her juicy cunt.

"Fuck me, Mr. Malone! Oh, gawd, that feels so good! You've got such a big cock, sir! It's really a monster! Ram it up my pussy! Fuck my cunt and make me cum!"

Dwayne gasped, realizing that Sarah's pussy was even tighter then he expected. Her wet, pink fuck-hole nipped and sucked around his giant cock, as if welcoming it into her pussy. Relentlessly, he pushed his prick into her trimmed pussy-slit, sinking inch after inch of his cock into her narrow, gooey cunt.

"Fuck my pussy! Fuck your hot, horny employee's pussy!" Sarah gasped. She dr*ped her ankles over his shoulders and humped her ass like a bitch in heat, groaning and shuddering as she thrust her red-hot pussy onto the satisfying stiffness of his long, hard prick.

"It's going into me good, Mr. Malone! Oh, fuck, it's such a whopper! All the way in now, sir! Shove it all the way up my hot, tight cunt!" Sarah begged.

"Really? What about your husband?" He taunted her.

"You are twice his size, sir! Push that long, thick cock into my juicy tight cunt! I want you inside me now way further than he can be! Stretch me like he never will!" Sarah managed to say between moans.

Dwayne collapsed on top of his hot, shapely employee, crushing her big, stiff-nippled tits under his chest, sinking his massive fuck-shaft to the balls in the gushing sheath of her cunt. Sarah nearly started cumming all over again as she felt his bloated prick-head plumb the depths of her womb.

Instead, she scissored her ankles together high across his back and started humping as fast as she could. She squirmed and whimpered shamelessly as she pistoned her drippy pussy onto the root of the old man's huge prick.

"Fuck my cunt, Mr. Malone! Fuck your employee's juicy cunt! Unggghh! Oh, fuck, you've got such a big cock! I love your huge, fucking prick! Ram it up my cunt, sir! Fuck my hot pussy as hard as you can!"

Dwayne pulled his cock out slowly, sighing as he felt her exquisitely snug little pussy-channel clinging wetly to his prick. He paused with just his spongy cock-tip inside her cunt, then thrust even farther up her pussy. He began working his hips steadily between her spread-eagled thighs, reaming out the wife's heaving pussy with long, driving strokes of his blood-swollen prick.

"Unh... unh... uhhhhh, that's right! Oooooh, fuck! Ohhh, gawd!" Sarah grimaced as she humped her slim hips up to meet his strokes, relentlessly thrusting her pussy against the pulsing root of his cock, ramming all of his 11 inches in and out.

"Fuck me, Mr. Malone, fuck your horny employee! I love your big prick, sir! Oh, please, fuck me faster with it! Gawd, I Love your big, fat monster prick!"

Harder and faster, Dwayne fucked the prick-hungry wife's cunt, the couch springs squeaking beneath them, her tender pussy-hole squishing audibly as it sucked hungrily on his older prick.

Sarah felt his cock pulsing ever more stiffly up her pussy, and knew that the he wouldn't last long at that pace.

"Harder!" She clawed his back with her fingernails, grasping his gyrating ass-cheeks in a desperate attempt to make him force his cock even farther up her cunt. "I'm gonna cum again! Harder! Keep fucking my pussy, Mr. Malone! Oh, please, make me cum all over your prick!"

Dwayne fucked the shameless wife as fast as he could, driving her ass into the cushions as he relentlessly stroked his massive prick into her gushing, open pussy. In and out, his cock sawed, in a blur, seeming to pleasure a different-part of her pussy with every thrust. Sarah humped with all the energy in her loins, crying and panting as cum-spasms erupted deep inside her cunt.

"I'm cumming, Mr. Malone! Fuck me! Ohhhh! Fuck my pussy! Unnggghhh! Oh, fuck me, sir, keep on fucking me! Uhh! Uhhhhhh! Uuhhnnnnnnhhhgggghh! I'm cumming!"

Sarah's pussy exploded, spewing cunt-cream all over Dwayne's hammering prick, her trimmed, wet fuckhole spasming and contracting repeatedly around his cock. He sighed and sank down on top of her, thrusting his aching hard-on to the balls in her cumming cunt.

"Fuck me from behind, sir!" Sarah mumbled. She blushed, ashamed of the intensity of her lust. "Come on, Mr. Malone, I need more of you! Need you to fuck me hard!"

But she didn't have to ask. Dwayne Malone still had a giant, throbbing hard-on, his prick stiff and tall, pumping in and out of her. Sarah's pussy was throbbing almost painfully, she desperately needed to get fucked.

"Come on, Mr. Malone!" Sarah swiftly got into the dog-fucking position, dropping her shoulders low and wiggling her round, peach-shaped tight ass at him enticingly. "Fuck me good, old man! Ram that monster prick inside my hot cunthole and fuck me hard!"

Dwayne got into position behind her saucily rounded ass, his long, stiff cock twitching up and down before the wet, pouting lips of her trimmed cunt. Holding his prick in hand, he took advantage of the fact she was facing away from him, tossed his condom and fit his bare spongy cock-crown into her fuck-hole.

"We won't need this anymore!" He thought. Then he grasped the wife's child bearing hips and pushed his cock into her pussy, squishing inch after inch of his naked erected prick into the sucking, wet heat of her fuck-channel.

"Oh, Mr. Malone! Your massive cock is so much hotter now!" Sarah cried, and grimaced as she felt his giant prick boring into her pussy, stretching her cunt-lips wide around the invading thickness of his cock, unaware that he wasn't using protection anymore. "Fuck my pussy, Mr. Malone!"

Sarah clawed the cushions and started humping, wiggling and bucking, thrusting her red-hot pussy against the satisfying length of his prick.

Dwayne rammed his prick all the way in her cunt and started fucking her tight, little pussy fast and hard, rhythmically spearing his cum-loaded fuck-pole in and out of his employee's tight, slippery twat. Sarah bucked to meet his rhythm, whimpering as she thought how incredibly good it felt to have a giant prick like her boss' embedded in her pussy.

"Fuck my cunt, Mr. Malone, fuck your employee's juicy cunt!" She cried. "Oh, fuck! Ooooh! Gawd! My pussy loves your big prick! Ahhh, yes, fuck my cunt! Fuck me, sir, fuck me! I'm cumming again!"

Immediately, Sarah started humping, desperately thrusting her horny cunt back against the satisfying penetration of her boss's rock-hard cock.

"Unnggghhh! Oh, Mr. Malone! That feels so good! I said, fuck me, sir! All the way in, sir! Ram you big prick all the way inside me!"

Dwayne held the wife's hips, looking down at the juncture of their bodies where his bloated cock-tip disappeared into the clinging lips of her pussy. The old man pushed his prick in her cunt again, making Sarah gasp as she felt inch after inch of his long, hard cock slide relentlessly up her gooey snatch.

He slammed forward, burying his enormous prick to the hilt in his employee's hot, clinging fuck-slit. He clutched her hips and fucked her cunt in a hard, driving rhythm, pumping his blood-swollen fuck-pole in and out of her juicy, sucking cunt.

"Harder, Mr. Malone!" Sarah's face was a contorted mask of ecstasy as her boss pounded her pussy, giving her the relief she'd needed so badly. She bucked tirelessly to meet his strokes, her huge tits jiggling and swaying over the couch.

"Oh fuck!" Dwayne cried. "Oh fuck! I'm cumming!"

The second load of cum rushed up from his balls, making his enormous prick jerk and quiver deep inside her belly as it injected her cunt with his hot, gooey sperm. Sarah felt his cum splashing deep inside her pussy, drenching her cunt with another torrent of her boss's rich, creamy spunk.

"You bastard! You tossed the condom! Pull out! You will knock me up!" Sarah pleaded.

Dazedly, she did the opposite of she intended as she flexed her cunt-muscles around his squirting prick, helping her old hung boss shoot out every drop of his jism deep inside her.

"Man, that was a good one!" Dwayne, grinning down at Sarah as he popped his wet cock out of her drenched pussy. "Don't worry about it; you will have plenty of money to raise a kid." He laughed.

Sarah pushed him roughly away. The initial heat of their fucking had faded, allowing room for the shame and guilt she'd suppressed all along. Sarah couldn't believe that she'd just given her pussy to her old boss and let him cum inside her unprotected pussy. She didn't think she could ever face her husband again.

"Hey!" Dwayne protested. "What's the problem..."

"Get out!" Sarah demanded hoarsely. "Just, just leave me alone! Get out of this room!"

"Hey, come on! I just fucked your hot little ass all over the couch, and now you're acting like..."

"Just get out!" Sarah interrupted, shouting. "Yes, I know what we just did! And I regret that! Just leave me alone! Get out right now!" She ordered.

Dwayne looked at Sarah for a moment longer, then shrugged, picked up his clothes and trudged silently out of his own office. Sarah lay naked on the rumpled couch, his milky boiling cum still oozing out of her well-fucked cunt.

"What have I done? My own boss!" She thought, over and over. "I let my own boss fuck me, and I enjoyed it!" Sarah regretted.

*** Following day ***

Sarah couldn't sleep that night, whenever she closed her eyes she had visions of Mr. Malone's giant prick. She could feel her pussy-lips pulsing in and out. Her clit felt very swollen, and she knew that nothing could gratify her tight little pussy the way a large penis like his could, and that killed her inside, as she didn't want to hurt her husband.

She lost track of time and was late for work. That meant she wouldn't have the time to deposit the extraordinary sum into her own account. Not that she would do it by herself, anyway. She would just need a reasonable story to justify that amount of money to Ted. It is not something trivial, to become a millionaire overnight.

She reached her destination about an hour late; everyone was gathered around the message board on the department's entrance, trying to learn who was eligible for the promotion.

"Hi, Sarah. Congratulations, you made it to the list!" Claire was excited to tell her friend about the good news.

"Thanks, Claire. I worked hard for it." Sarah faked a smile.

"We all knew you would make it, girl." Clair reassured her.

"So what level did I reach, senior consultant, director?" Sarah asked.

"That was funny, Sarah." Clair laughed. "You managed to step up from junior executive, just like you planned."

"That lying son of a bitch!" Sarah thought.

"I guess the conversation you had with the boss went well?" Claire winked at her.

"Not at all." It was Sarah's only reply.

She rushed to the elevator, and once again headed for the top floor. She wouldn't let him off the hook that easily.

"I need to speak to Mr. Malone." Sarah stated to his secretary, the one who wasn't there the night before.

"Right away, Misses ..." His secretary tried to remember her name.

"Ford!" Sarah completed, a bit harshly. She watched as the young secretary announced her over the intercom.

"Mr. Malone will be here shortly, Mrs. Ford. Please wait for him at his office." The secretary politely said.

She entered his office and sat at the couch. She was upset about what happened but couldn't help but smile at what she was now considering her "adventure". She was a millionaire now and soon all that would be past her.

Another thought came to her and her smile deepened and she even let out a little chuckle to herself. She had been sitting on the sofa which she had fucked her boss, Mr. Dwayne Malone, on. The thought of that ugly, fat, old man made her queasy still but the thought of his hard 11-inch dick impaling her made all the other thoughts disappear.

Suddenly, a middle aged man entered the room. He looked awfully like what Claire described yesterday; maybe she had him confused with someone of the board of directors.

"Hi, you must be Sarah Ford." The man reached for Sarah's hand. "I am Dwayne Malone, the new CEO here." He introduced himself.

"What? You are Dwayne Malone?" Sarah asked, completely lost.

"And who else would I be?" Dwayne laughed at what he thought it was a joke.

"I don't understand, sir." Sarah continued.

"I own you an apology, Mrs. Ford. My secretary told me how hard you tried to contact me yesterday, I was being briefed and wasn't available, I am truly sorry about that." He told her.

"And I also had to go sort a mess at human resources today, which is why I couldn't be here earlier." He apologized again. "But I had the time to go through your file and set your name for promotion."

Sarah couldn't focus on what he was saying, her head was spinning.

"Are you alright, Mrs. Ford? You look awfully pale." Dwayne asked, concerned.

"There was a man here, yesterday." Sarah finally managed to say.

"You mean old Larry? He was just a bum we took from the streets. We wanted to do some social work, by giving him a job as a janitor. It really helps cutting down the taxes." Dwayne explained. "But he kept breaking into my office to use the computer to download porn, so I had him fired, which was the actual mess I was straightening out at the human resources."

"Did he bother you, Misses Ford?" Dwayne asked her.

Little did he know just how he did a whole lot more than that. She had swallowed an immense load of Larry's cum and he'd also shot globs of his hot seed deep into her unprotected pussy after fucking her relentlessly. But of course, the real Dwayne didn't know any of that.

Suddenly Sarah Ford felt sick. She was also catatonic as she turned around and headed for the door. She wasn't a millionaire: she just had literally been fucked! By an old, hung, street bum, to make things even worse!

Dwayne's last words echoed in her brain as she headed to the bathroom: "This should help guide you as you gradually climb the corporate ladder. Remember that luck occurs when hard work meets opportunity."


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