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Claire and Drew

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August 16th 2011

It hadn?t been long since Claire had last seen Drew. Two weeks? Seven days, maybe? The busy schedule she kept didn?t allow her much time for simple fraternization, let alone a steamy romp in the hot tub. Drew?s back patio hot tube was exquisite. Eight jets?and enough room for 5 people to sit comfortably. That night back in April she was damn sure they weren?t sitting?

April 3rd 2011

?Drew, come on out.? Claire had already started to undress after their dinner out. Drew hadn?t made plans?no reservations. He used his natural charm on the tight little hostess at the restaurant to get a table. He had come home after work and changed out of his sport coat and into the nice dressy shirt that Claire liked so much. Clung in all the right places. Told her to put on the blue sundress and the strappy beige heels that he liked so much. They hugged her feet in such a way that made him quiver at each glance. As the hostess seated them, Claire could feel all eyes on her and her man. They were easily the best looking couple there that night. Others were quite spiffily-dressed, which was a nice attempt. It didn?t stack up to what crossed through the center of the dining hall that night.

Claire pulled the sundress off her body slowly, savoring the delicious clash of cool spring air against her skin. When the dress was just about over her head, she felt a pressure against the small of her back and then a pair of large, rough hands grip her waist. ?Hey baby? Drew said warmly into her ear. He traced his lips down the long line of her neck and strayed just a few extra seconds at her nape before releasing his grip. Claire continued to pull the dress over her head and threw it on the patio. She bent down and unfastened the top strap on the heels, slid them off, and placed them on top of the strewn sundress.

Claire strode towards the hot tub and, once she reached the edge, bent over to turn the jets on. She lifted her leg and straddled the silky edge of the tub for a few seconds, sliding back and forth across its textured surface, and then brought her other leg in and found a seat. Drew slid the porch door closed behind him and brought over a glass of champagne to Claire. He stepped into the tub and raised the glass to his lips and took a slow sip. While he savored the mouthfeel of the champagne, he heard the water splash slightly and felt movement in the water towards him. He finally swallowed the gulp of champagne and, at the same time, felt Claire?s mouth on him. The feeling was more tingly than usual. Before approaching him Claire had taken an equally impressive sip of champagne. Drew savored Claire?s mouth on his cock?it was so ?right. She removed herself from his member and slid the champagne glass up onto the deck surrounding the hot tub. Rapidly, she waded back to Drew and took him fully again. She gripped his thighs and moved her head in long and slow motions while pulling him into her mouth at the same time. One of Claire?s hands slid between his legs to cup his balls while the other slid up to touch his thick chest. Drew looked down at the sight of his wife utterly pleasing him and enjoying the hell out of the experience. He made a quick mental note for later recollection and removed his cock from Claire?s mouth.

Drew grabbed Claire?s hips again, tighter than before, and swerved her around so she was facing out of the tub. He slid behind her, pressing his cock against her creamy ass.. Claire slowly began to thrust backwards against the pressure, but Drew kept back up. The harder Claire thrust, the more he withdrew. After a solid minute of this, Claire finally yelled out ?God damn it?FUCK ME!? Drew obliged this time and, when Claire thrust backwards, he met her with an extremely hard 7 inches that slid inside her easily. She paused for a few seconds gaining the feel of Drew?s cock inside her walls. She squeezed her pelvis letting him know she was fully ready to be fucked. Drew?s motion was slightly uneasy at first. While he was playing the ?cock at the backdoor? game with Claire, he had finished his glass of champagne?and downed the rest of Claire?s as well. He shook off the cobwebs when she looked over her shoulder at him and whispered ?Give me all of that dick.? He placed two hands on the small of her back and began to pump a little faster and a little straighter. Claire?s increasing warmth made Drew pump even faster. He made sure he had his footing and then grabbed Claire at the elbows pulling her arms back and using them like handles. ?Are you ready? Drew asked. Claire whimpered a ?yes? and lowered her head. Drew pulled out of her, traced her lips with the head of his throbbing cock and plunged in again. He began a furious rhythm pushing in and out of Claire?s sweetness with extreme urgency. She felt him growing even harder than before if that was even possible. She could feel his cock pulse in her pussy?she knew what she was about to get. Drew?s pounding turned into hammering. His cock was shoving deeper inside Claire every minute. He let go of Claire?s arms and told her to grab the edge of the hot tub?tightly. She did so. Drew told her not to let go. As soon as she had gripped the ridge on the tub, Drew lifted her up from the thighs and wrapped her legs around his sides. He withdrew, found his footing, and entered Claire again feverishly. He continued to fuck her as fast as he could. He knew he was near completion. Claire could feel it too. Drew grew bigger inside Claire and pulsed even faster. Drew tightened his grip on Claire?s thighs and spread them apart more to allow room for his frantic thrusting. ?I?m about to cum..fuck?I?m gonna pop!? Drew saw the green light. Claire said ?Go ahead?cum inside me?fill me Drew?I want it all!? Drew thrust 9 more times. On his tenth thrust he let all hell break loose. Thick ropes of cum spewed into Claire, as warm as anything she?d felt in a long time. The cum kept flying out of Drew. He continued to hold Claire above the water and could feel her legs twitching to be released. But he hadn?t finished yet. He pumped three final times and then withdrew. He slid Claire back down into the water. The feel of her flushed skin against the water sent a tingle up her skin that made her nipples rock hard. She sat back down at her seat and looked up at Drew. He approached her while tightly holding the base of his dick. ?I told you I wasn?t done.? Claire smiled and opened her mouth. Drew approached and placed his still swollen head on the tip of her tongue. When he released the grip on his shaft, a large, final spurt of cum coated the inside of Claire?s mouth. She swallowed his final delivery and smiled at him??When?s my turn?? she asked. ?Soon, baby, soon.? drew said.

To be continued?

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