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Chocolate is the root of all evil. I adore it and it has become an unhealthy obsession. I found myself eating it at all times of the day. Pouring liquid chocolate on my fingers to suck it off, I was getting addicted. I knew I needed assistance to kick the habit when I was eating chocolate instead of a healthy meal. I had to exercise more so that the calories wouldn?t accumulate from my constant ingestion of it. I was out of control.

I got fired from my job at a chocolate factory because I got caught eating the merchandise instead of wrapping it on the procession line. Obviously upset, I heading home after cleaning out my locker and passed a chocolate store. I tried so hard not to look, but I was depressed and the beautiful chocolates lining the window made me crazy. Since I was having such a bad day, I just decided I might as well go in and buy a box with nuts to make myself feel better. By the time I left the store I had purchased one-hundred dollars worth of chocolate!!! Eating most of my purchase that night?I knew I was in trouble!!

My girlfriend Lisa heard the stress in my voice when she called and came by my apartment after work. Once she got there and entered my apartment, she was in shock to see me sitting in the middle of the living room with empty wrappers and boxes strewed everywhere. ?What happened here Megan?? Not wanting to look her in the eye I relayed the shitty day I had and how deep I had sunk to relieve my stress. ?Megan, you?re out of control, you need to see someone?. I looked up at her as she dug into her purse and pulled out a light brown business card with a doctor?s name, address, and phone number.

?I don?t need a psychologist!? I exploded at her, but she knew better. ?He is better than that he will psychoanalyze you and help you with your chocolate issues.? ?Plus he is a hypnotist?. ?The first visit is free Megan, just promise me you will try it and go.? I knew my friend meant well, so I took the card and made an appointment with her standing there. She helped me to clean my apartment of any excess chocolate and took me to dinner. I had an appointment at twelve noon the next day.

Dr. Richards had a complete office setup on the 15th floor in a beautiful building on the east side of Manhattan. Once I reached his floor, I was consumed by the beautiful colors of brown, yellow and gold that graced the walls. I seemed to instantly relax as I approached the receptionist. ?Hi, I?m Megan Short, I have a noon appointment with Dr. Richards?. She barely looked up, and handed me a board with a form and a pen and asked me to start filling out the paperwork. ?The doctor will be with you shortly.? She concluded.

Sitting down and filling out only the important stuff, I noticed a large section to be filled out for the nature of ones visit, I briefly filled it out and returned it to the receptionist. Waiting to see the doctor call on me, I get a whiff of a very familiar scent coming from somewhere and realized it?s chocolate but couldn?t figure where its origin was. After a very brief wait, the doctor came out to bring me into his office. My pussy immediately switched from my first sight of him.

?Hi Megan!? was all I could hear as he extended his well manicured hand and I looked into the greenest, dreamiest eyes. ?I?m Brad Richards?, he said with a sexy and very evil smile. He turned briefly to tell his receptionist and told her to head to lunch and to put on the ?Out To Lunch? sign. And he would see her at 2:30. With that, he led me into his fur lined office and I heard her close the front door just as he was closing his office door. I knew I would enjoy my first session with such an attractive doctor. He glanced at my file and motioned for me to lie down on a long couch as he sat in a chair next to me. I looked around the room and looked at his diplomas as he read all about me and my problems.

?Okay Megan?, he startled me by talking and I jumped when I responded to his deep raspy voice. ?Yes, Dr. Richards?. ?Please call me Brad?, he smiled as he reached behind him to his desk and put next to him a beautiful bowl of assorted chocolates. ?I think I can help you, and it may take a few sessions, but I want to change your focus on chocolate to something else.? Laughing at his comment I listened on. ?You seem to have been punished as a child and denied chocolate when you did something bad. I?m going to reverse that, make you only really want chocolate at other certain times in your life?. Not amused at all, he asked me to focus on a wild looking pendant with multiple colors as he moved it across my face. ?Count to fifty softly to yourself and keep watching the colors in the pendant as I speak.? I did as he asked, and by the time I got to twenty, I was fixed on the colorful object glowing right before my eyes. I even grew a little tired but kept counting.

He continued, ?From now on Megan, chocolate will be a pleasure zone for you not a pain zone, and you will learn to only eat chocolate whenever you suck cock or have sex?. He counted down with me and although I was slightly dazed, I was coherent. By the time we got to fifty, he loudly snapped his fingers and I shook my head out of the fog I was in, plus, the pendant was gone.

?How are you feeling, Megan?? He looked at me, waiting for my response. ?I?m Fine.? And I honestly did feel good. ?Would you like a piece of chocolate?? he asked. He then brought over the full bowl to my nose and I drew back my head in disgust. ?Sorry Brad, I don?t eat chocolate?. He just placed the bowl down, picked up a piece in his hand and said, ?Very Good?. He bite off the top of a chocolate covered cherry and licked out the cherry filling inside leaving the chocolate to melt on his fingers. Moving next to me on the couch he rubbed some of the melting chocolate on my lips as if he were putting lipstick on me and brought back his finger to suck it.

My nipples started sticking up through my blouse from watching his sexual attack of the chocolate and my clit came awake throbbing. ?This is really good?, he said as he kept licking the excess chocolate off his middle finger. With his other hand he reached down and rubbed my protruding nipple lightly, pinching it on the out-stroke and causing me to moan a little. Once all the chocolate was gone from his finger, he bent down and kissed my lips ever so tenderly, invading my mouth with his chocolate tasting tongue. I sucked on his tongue and moaned as he worked on the buttons of my blouse and then ran his full tongue over my lips licking off more chocolate.

I was moaning under his touch and he opened my blouse to expose my heaving breasts hiding under my bra. The bowl of chocolate was near by and he grabbed another one still teasing me with his sultry, slow consumption of the treat. Sucking out the cherry filling again he moaned loudly as his tongue invaded the hole of the candy and licked up every last cherry residue. He took the rest of the melting chocolate and painted my breasts top and in between my breasts to clean his finger. He then leaned into my cleavage and licked the chocolate out with his long, eager tongue. He began taking off my shirt to give him more access to my breasts and my neck.

Biting, licking at my bare cleavage, he nudged my neck and began relieving my shoulders of my bra straps. I was on the edge and couldn?t ask him to stop, the sensation was incredible and his licking of the chocolate slowly off my body was causing my pussy to cream more. I squeezed my legs together to caress my swollen clit a bit and bring it some attention.

His mouth licked at my neck and into my ear he whispered, ?You sure you don?t want any chocolate?? I had suddenly changed my mind! ?Yes, please Brad, give it to me?.I mean, I need some chocolate bad?. With that demanding request, he stood up, unbelted his pants and asked me to sit up and take off my bra and I could have some chocolate. I was confused but did as he asked and removed my bra and flung it to the floor.

Letting his pants fall to the floor, his manhood was urgently trying to get out from its hiding place in his underwear and he released him as he lowered his underwear and this beautiful massive head sprung out towards my face. My nipples responded from this magnificent sight and his big veined cock standing so hard and straight at attention. I thought he would burst any second, but he was in total control.

Unconsciously I began pulling at my nipples as my pussy started leaking in my panties, I wanted to cum so bad. He sensed this and reached over into the chocolates again taking out another chocolate. Placing the chocolate over his cock he crushed it with his hand and all the liquid and chocolate leaked on his hard cock. I couldn?t take my eyes off him as he meshed the chocolate and cherry filling onto his cock manipulating it into his skin but stroking his cock with the liquid candy. ?Come get some?, he coaxed as he continued slowly stroking his cock. The entire chocolate had melted instantly on his skin and between his candy-covered shaft and his cherry dripping cock-head, I wasn?t sure where to lick first. I opted for the cherries.

I enclosed the entire head in my mouth as I sucked it and attempted to clean off the cherry treat. Pre-cum was mixed into the cherry juice and I quickly swallowed and licked at it to avoid any spillage to his rug. I heard him moan and quickly went on to attack his chocolate coated shaft. His knees were started to give way as he sat next to me, reaching for the zipper on my pants. I sucked and sucked his cock as if it was the last piece of candy in the world, he tasted so good.

He started to move away from my cock and I continued to reach for him begging him for more. ?Let me taste you, I don?t want to cum yet?, was his reply to me. He reached for my underpants and pants and took them off in one complete sweep. Seeing the stain in my underwear, he moved them to his face and breathed in my pre-cum state of fluids. Placing down my under wear he moved between my legs while on his knees and pulled my thighs apart. He licked his lips at the sight of my cum coated pussy haired entrance and the cum dripping down my thighs. He licked the inside of my thighs and lost control. His lips finally met my clit and he sucked on it making it quiver over and over again. He then moved his tongue to my pussy entrance and licked vigorously at my outer pussy lips and my clit. Concentrating on my clit he moved one of his middle fingers into my pussy and fingered me in and out a few strokes and then placed two fingers in my dripping cunt searching deep inside me with them. He found what he was looking for and as his finger curved upward, he found my G-spot and fingered it making it grow. I lost control from this and his deep sucking of my clit and exploded all over his fingers and hand.

Without missing a beat, he removed his hand from my leaking hole and sat down next to me. ?Straddle me?, the doctor hoarsely demanded as I stood and began to spread my legs over his as he sat. He was stroking his cock with the hand that held my leaking pussy juice. His cock patiently waiting for my hot pussy to engulf it, I caressed it into me. Guiding his cock inside, I began lowering myself fully on him and we fucked against each other in a heated embrace. His cock was crooked at the end a bit and he was long enough to reach the back of my G-spot again. I held onto him as he led us into a symphony of orgasmic release. We came together as I felt my pussy walls fold around him and I deeply felt his hard pulsating hardness against my walls. It was heaven in itself. We collapsed against each other mixing bodies, cum, sweat and excess chocolate.

Once we calmed a bit, we got dressed and Dr. Richards made a notation on the form I had handed him. Getting a manila file, he placed the sheet of paper in there and looked up at me. Completely dressed and calmer, I waited for his further instructions. ?Very Nice Session, Megan?. ?I have no doubt that after a couple of sessions, you will be fine and better able to handle your addiction?. ?Let?s schedule you for next Tuesday?? he looked up at me waiting for approval. Thinking it was only Thursday I said yes, heck where did I have to go. Ending our session, the doctor stood with me, handed me his card and shook my hand.

I headed to the door to leave he stopped me, ?Chocolate Megan?? he stated as he held up the bowl of chocolates. I instantly made a face, ?Told you doc, I don?t eat chocolate? and I turned to leave. ?Yes you did Megan, yes you did?.

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