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Cheyenne and Holly

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Cheyenne was at home and knew that he needed a break. He had talked to Holly the night before and she had invited him to come down and see her in Scottsdale. Cheyenne questioned this but Holly assured him that she could take care of things on her end. Cheyenne booked a flight for Saturday morning and was waiting.

By Friday night Cheyenne knew that he could not wait any longer. He threw together a suitcase and hit the door at 5:45. The snow was coming in and Cheyenne was determined to beat it lest he get stuck in Wyoming. He needed Holly now.

As he wheeled the car south towards Denver he thought that, although a long shot, he may be able to get on a flight tonight. When he reached E-470 he headed straight for the airport. When he arrived it was 8:15. He explained the the lady at the ticket counter that he had a flight booked for tomorrow but was trying to get out tonight. She informed him that there was a flight tonight but that there would be a substantial charge for the re-booking. She then looked up at Cheyenne and smiled. This one is on me she said and handed him a ticket for the 9:00 flight to Phoenix.

As Cheyenne ran down the terminal to catch the flight he called Holly on the phone. "Do you like surprises?" he asked her. She exclaimed that she did and he told her to pick him up in Phoenix then at 11:15. She sounded very happy and said that she would be there.

The flight seemed to take forever. Cheyenne had butterflies in his stomach and was very anxious to see Holly again. He had not seen her in two weeks and that was to long. Finally the plane landed and Cheyenne took off for the passenger pick up area.

Holly was not there yet but called and said that she was close and would be there in just a couple of minutes. True to her word she came driving up in her white pickup shortly thereafter.

Holly looked gorgeours as always. Capri pants, sandals and a top that set off her captivating eyes. They embraced immediately and gave each other a long kiss then just stopped to look into each others eyes. It did not matter how many times they saw each other. Each time was special and they knew it. The drive back to Holly's house was pleasant as they chatted. Cheyenne could not help it and rubbed Holly's thigh with his hand. He would reach his hand down between her legs occassionally and rub her sweet pussy through the denim with the blade of his hands. Cheyenne never had been able to keep his hands off of Holly.

Soon they arrived and Cheyenne grabbed his bag and followed Holly inside. She showed him to his room and told him that she would be back shortly. Whe came back and suggested that a nice hot shower might feel good. Cheyenne was only to happy to oblige. The showere was spacious with seperate heads on both sides of it. As they both got in they embraced once more. Holly's lips tasted so good as the water ran down her face and across them. Cheyenne could hold onto her forever. Slowly at first they kissed, talked, and cleaned off. Finally Cheyenne could take no more and asked Holly if he could lick her pussy. She nodded and Cheyenne dropped to his knees forcing her into the corner of the shower and lifting her leg up and over his shoulder. Cheyenne did not hesitate and dove his tongue into her sweet folds. Holly always tasted so fresh and exuded sex. Cheyenne could get hard in an instant when he was with her. He continued to lick her sweet pussy and tongue her clit until she was fully enveloped in the throws of an orgasm. Just when it could not get any hotter Holly let loose again and then a third time.

Looking down at Cheyenne she guided him up with her hands and then turned away from him placing her hands on the wall and offering her backside to him. Holly has the most perfect body that Cheyenne has ever seen and needed no further encouragement. With her long legs her pussy was at the same height as Cheyennes cock and she reached back and guided it in. Holly was so tight, so hot, so wet. Cheyenne grabbed onto both sides of her hips and slowly rocked his cock in and out of her box. Soon she was in the throws again and cumming hard as the water cascaded off of her back.

Cheyenne and Holly embraced again and then toweled each other off before retreating to the bedroom. Cheyenne laid Holly down and just caressed her. Her ample breasts, her tight belly, her beautiful legs. Cheyenne was where he wanted to be.

Once in bed Holly went down on Cheyenne taking his large cock in her mouth. Holly could suck a dick like no other that Cheyenne had ever been with. She would do it with passion and with no inhibition. Cheyenne loved it and begged for more. Soon Cheyenne knew that he needed Holly again and begged her to get on his cock. With Cheyenne on his back Holly threw her leg over him and once again guided his long shaft into her pussy. Holly could grind a cock and it was fabulous. Soon she was on the verge and Cheyenne told her that he was to cum inside of her when she came. Holly was happy to oblige and began to scream Cheyenne's name when she was close. Cheyenne could take no more and with a powerful explosion came deep inside Holly. When he came it was the most intense feeling ever. He could feel his balls tighten, his shaft lengthen and the cum ricochet off of the inside of Holly. With this Cheyenne and Holly collapsed in the bed next to each other falling into a blissful sleep.

The next morning Cheyenne awoke only to discover that Holly was no longer with him. He did not mind for she had warned him that she was expected to wake in her own bed every morning. After all this was the family house and they were not totally alone. Cheyenne got up and soon met Holly in the kitchen for breakfast. It was late in the morning but the sleep had felt very good for both of them. The day ended up being very relaxing for both of them. Lunch at a nice Italian restaurant, some shopping then back home to relax for the evening. Soon the family was in bed and it was time for Holly and Cheyenne to be together. It had been hard for them all day as theirs was a secret love and not even the family knew. While together with others they had to act as friends. No easy feat when you are as hot for one another as they are.

Holly playfully told Cheyenne that she had turned the heat on in the pool earlier in the day and suggested that they may want to take a little swim together. Soon they were in the pool and under the cover of darkness and water could not keep their hands off of one another. The suits did not last long as they were taken off and thrown up on the deck. One end of the pool had a waterfall coming down. They discovered that once behind it you were hidden from view and they began to kiss and fondle each others naked bodies. Holly told Cheyenne to take a seat under the waterfall which he did. She reached out from under the water and grabbed his already stiff cock placing the head in her mouth while plafully grabbing at his balls. God it felt good to Cheyenne. Holly continued at this till Cheyenne slipped back into the water. Holly was facing Cheyenne and lifter her legs locking them behind his back. It was not long before Cheyenne found Holly's sweet folds and slid his cock inside of her pussy. Cheyenne had never fucked in the water before and the sensation was one to behold. He reached under Hollys arms and grabbed the back of her shoulders. From this position he could lift her up and down in the water as she rode his cock. While she was doing this Cheyenne could feel his balls gently swinging between his legs. He was amazed at how wet Holly was for even though they were in the water she had no trouble making her pussy inviting and slick.

Soon they had worked over to the edge of the pool and Cheyenne helped Holly to sit on the side. When the cold air hit her skin Cheyenne smiled when he saw her erect nipples and the tiny goosebumps. Holly's pussy was at the edge now and at just the right height for Cheyenne to bury his tongue in it. He commenced to do what he loved the most to Holly and that was lick her hard clit. Holly was continuing to take Cheyenne to placed he had never been and this was one of them. The last time that he had gone down on a girl outside it was with Holly 18 years earlier. He continued to lick up and down both sides of her swollen pussy till she was cumming hard and then caught her as she slipped back into the pool. The pool was so warm that both of them were now flushed and ready to cool off. They grabbed their towels and headed inside.

Once inside they took a nice showere together and then retired to the bedroom. Every night with Holly was a special night and this was no exception. Holly pushed Cheyenne to yet more places he hand never been and he loved her for it. After a hot night of love making they retired falling asleep in each others arms once again.

On Sunday they woke and started the day out lazy. Cheyenne loved the time that he spent with Holly and did not care what they were doing. He found that some of the most enjoyable time that he spent with her was in the kitchen. Holly was very good and cooking and Cheyenne loved it as well. Both of them loved to use the freshest ingredients to make the best dishes.

After a while they decided that it would be nice to take in some sun. The house had a great deck on top of it with a couple of chairs. Holly and Cheyenne took a couple of Coronas up to the deck and sat to soak in the rays for awhile. After a little chat and a few smokes it was clear that it was not going to end here. They were obligated to do things with the family today but first they needed to rid themselves of a little stress. Stress from not being able to be with each other freely. Cheyenne laid several towels down on the roof and invited Holly to lay on them. Holly was wearing a cute little two piece and Cheyenne could not help but notice that it was tied on each side. One little tug and her gorgeous ass and cute little pussy were exposed for his satisfaction. Cheyenne kissed the inside of her thighs before gently settling in on her pussy again. It has been said once but bears being said again, Cheyenne could lick that pussy for hours, days, years. Soon Holly was cumming with Cheyenne licking her clit while using his finger to rub her G spot. Soon she had cum several times and Cheyenne could not wait to fuck her. Holly got on her knees and Cheyenne got in position behind her. As always Holly's pussy was wet as could be. With a gentle push Cheyenne was up to the hilt. This was not love this was passion, lust and unbridled energy. Cheyenne started to fuck Holly as hard and fast as he could. The temperature outside was over 100 and Cheyenne and Holly were both feeling it. With sweat dripping and animalistic lust unleashed they fucked as hard as two people could. Cheyenne was soon calling Holly's name as he grabbed her hips and sucked her pussy down onto his cock. The release was unreal. Then as naturally as it had started they were finished and made their way downstairs as if they were nothing more than friends. Only they knew, only they would know for some time.

The next day was to be Cheyenne's last day with Holly but he could not bear the thought. With a little time on the computer he figured out he could take a Tuesday flight instead and still make it to Wyoming in time to work that day. Cheyenne and Holly would have one more sweet night together and it would turn out to be the best night either one of them had ever had with each other.

The day was pleasant with the normal routine of errands and running around. After they had seen the family off to bed Cheyenne and Holly once again retired to the bedroom to enjoy each others company.

Cheyenne had promised Holly and massage and he aimed to keep this promise. Holly stripped and lay on the bed face down. Cheyenne poured oil on her back and started to rub out Holly's muscles. Starting with the shoulders, neck, back, ass and down to her legs Cheyenne left no part of Holly's body untouched. Down to the soles of Holly's feet Cheyenne rubbed only to have her turn over and start again on her front side. Tonight was not about sex, not about lust but about love. Never in his life had Cheyenne felt this close to Holly. He loved the touch of her soft skin, the sweet smell of her body, and the soothing calm in her voice. After Holly was relaxed Cheyenne began to make sweet love to her.

Holly was on her back and Cheyenne got on top of her slipping his cock in her waiting pussy. As he was stroking in and out he whispered in her ear to put one leg down. Holly did this and the feeling intensified. Cheyenne encouraged her to put her other leg down and put them together and Holly obliged. The feeling was like nothing Cheyenne had ever felt. Holly's sweet lips were enveloped around his cock and he could feel the head rubbing on her G spot while the base of his shaft was stimulating her clit. Slow and deliberate he continued to stroke while he and Holly's lips met time and time again. Holly's hands were at the base of his neck pulling his head closer to hers. The feeling was love. For what seemed like a skip in time they continued with each thrust getting more and more intense. Cheyenne had never felt this feeling before. He knew at this time and he and Holly were not a fling, not just for fun but the two of them together were for real. With the tempo increasing Cheyenne and Holly agreed that they would cum together. When they came it was special, intense and for real. With the lights dimmed Holly and Cheyenne fell asleep cuddling each other.

Cheyenne drifted to sleep sure in the fact that he and Holly would have their time together. They were meant for each other and both now knew it. One day their love would no longer be a secret and they would have all the time they wanted together. After all they were in control of their own destinies.

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