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Chapter 1 of My book Soliders Homecoming

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3 more days, 3 more days that's all he could think about. As the convoy rolled through the hot ass desert in the middle of nowhere. That's right he is a U. S. Army solider providing security for a oil convoy in the Middle East. 3 more days and then a flight home. Then all of a sudden he was shaken back to reality as rounds from small arms fire shot across the hood of the Humvee they were in. We rolled out of the truck and began firing in the direction of the fuckers shooting at us. Then secured the trucks and kept the heads down of the drivers and over took the enemy. Then we began to move again and got to base that was the last convoy he would have to do in this hell hole. One quick briefing and then a shower. God we loved the showers then was mail call. He never got mail like the others in his unit. They received mail on a regular bases from girl friends, wives, and family. He had no real family he was a foster kid until he was 18. Then he joined the army. That was 4 years ago. Now he can give this shit hole a big fuck you and catch a big silver bird back home.

Danny had to go though the pain of not getting mail but the goodies others got was good they always shared. Danny not getting mail was a good thing though also because he never had to deal with the dear John letters that others got. Today was a good day no one got a dear John but one guy got a porno and a nudie magazine. After the shower all Danny wanted to do was go to bed. Sleep was well more like a nap with waking up every 30 minutes. So sex dreams didn't happen. What did happen was the 20 minute latrine break where he would jerk off for relief. His fantasy was always joining the mile high club on his flight home and in 2 more days he was gonna try and make that happen.

Breakfast same old shit. Greenish scrambled eggs and white toast with coffee so thick you can stand a spoon in it. Actually he liked the coffee. As soldiers mill in and out of the mess hall this brunette female solider walks in she is familiar to him. He and her had a fling when he first got here 17 months ago. She had a boyfriend at that time as for now he does not know anymore. Relationships change quicker than a persons underwear. Her name is Julie Borrows she is a nurse. Nice rack and those pants are so hot on her. She sits next to Danny and eats her eggs and drinks her coffee. Julie says she is a short timer tomorrow is her flight home. Danny said wow really my flight home is tomorrow also. He thinks he might have a chance to score tomorrow on the plane but plays it cool for now. He keeps the conversation light talking about the hot weather and the green eggs. Julie says today's plans for her are packing up and saying her good byes. Danny's day will consist of packing and turning in his M-16 rifle. Once that is done it will day dreaming about his car and place back home. His apartment is nothing big but a friend checks on it once a week well he hopes. As for his car left it in storage with insurance. It is a Purple Pontiac GTO mint condition and his baby. He bought it with the money he got from enlisting in the army. When he got it, it was a broke down piece of crap but with T.L.C. and lots of hard work it is in top condition. At least it was until he unit got the orders to come to this crap hole with people that do not even want us here.

Well with one day to go. He is starting to get excited about the flight and getting home but hours on a plane and then the high and mighty customs agents. They think they have the power to stop and take everything they want. Not like he has shit for them to take. Uniforms and boots and a bunch of sand. They can take that damn sand for all he cares. Just point him to the bar he wants a cold beer and a hot piece of ass. That day past fast for him as time seemed to fly by. The night brought no relief though the heat and lack of sleep. That is one thing he will not miss is trying to sleep in a pool of sweat. Thank god the plane will have air conditioning he kept telling himself that and Julie.

That morning came and the truck to pick them up was not fast enough he thought. As they wound their way though the base to the airport. Once on the plane it was time to put on his game face though. As normal the stewards told them about the safety precautions and reminded them to stay in there seats till the captain turn of the seat belt sign. Once in the air Danny found Julie and sat next to her then her ordered a drink. He had plenty of time to make his move why hurry and have to deal with the awkwardness of then sitting next to Julie if the plan failed or he was able to fuck her one last time. Then what to do next he knew he would not ever see her again after this flight. Hell its a 9 hour flight surely they can find something to talk about.

They make idle chit chat for a couple hours then he decides to make his move. First he puts his hand on her leg as kinda of a gesture and to see how she reacts. She didn't flinch or move his hand he thought that was a good sign. As they continue to talk he slowly moves his hand up her leg and still she has not stopped him. This is a good sign he is sure of it now. So he figures he can move it to her crotch and can feel through her clothes she is already wet. She licks her lips and make a puckering motion to him. Then say's she feels the need to go to the restroom. He figures that is a hint and proceeds to follow her. She opens the door and goes in first and Danny looks to make sure no one has seen her go in and then he opens the door and goes in. As soon as he is in the toilet he realizes that there is almost no room in the bathroom with two people in here.

They passionately embrace arms wrapped around each other. He gently moves the hair from over her ear and kisses her soft supple lips. He slipped his tongue into her mouth and there tongues intertwined. He moved his hand done her back and slipped it past her waist line down to her butt. Grabbing her firm ass she kissed him harder and let out a soft moan. She began to undo the buttons on his shirt starting at the bottom and working her way up taking her time to enjoy every moment. He moved his hand around to the front of her jeans and undone the button and zipper and let her pants fall to the floor of the bathroom. Her underwear were a little black thong job. Barely enough to consider cloth more like yarn with a 2 inch by 2 inch piece of fabric. He then quickly pulls her shirt up over her head and then reaches around and undoes her bra to let her beautiful breast free. Her nipples were hard and he took one into his mouth and sucked on it. She moved her hand done and undid his pants and took them down as she did she found her head at his crotch level. Since he didn?t wear underwear she took the head of his rigid cock into her mouth. She took her hand and stroked his cock and moved her mouth with her fist she was using lots of saliva making it really slick. Using her fist on his shaft she took his balls into her mouth and gently sucked on them. He was really enjoying this but was quickly noticing there was a problem. There was not going to be enough room. So quickly he comes up with an idea. He could sit on the toilet and she can ride him. Won't be the stuff stories are told about but it will work he thought to himself. She sits down facing him. Gripping his long hard shaft she lets it slip past the warm fold of her pussy. It has been way to long for them both. As she lets out a moan and her tight pussy clinches his cock. She begins to rhythmically move up and down on his shaft. Letting it slip almost all the way out before she bounces back down on it. There was no fore play no warm up no nothing just hot animal fucking. Not what he really wanted but hey he will take what he can get. She was fucking him so hard and fast that he did not last long maybe five minutes at the most.

After he was done he was thinking it was gonna be awkward but Julie was ready for a nap on the plane so was he actually. She went to her seat and he sat next to her. They both fell asleep and did not wake up till wheels down in D.C. For Julie this was her final destination Danny was continuing on to Chicago. Once that flight was over a short taxi ride to the storage unit and he would have his GTO and be on the road to Fort Benning GA.

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