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Changing My Panties

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Following me into the room, you spank my ass and squeeze my cheek as I bend slightly to grab out new panties from my drawer. I stand up straight, squeak escaping my throat. I spin into your arms for your kiss. Wrapping my arms around your neck as your other hand grabs my other ass cheek. Or tongues slowly exploring each other. Rolling, swirling, playing, tasting. You pull my pelvis closer to yours so I can feel your growing erection against my belly. I answer your groan with a moan of mine. My fingers slightly dig into your back as my hands go down. I spank you and squeeze your ass as I bite your neck. As I push your shirt up you nibble and lick my ear. Before I get you shirt off I squeeze your chest with my hands as I moan with pleasure. Your hands slide up my back with my shirt pulling me closer. When your hands reach the middle of my back you lightly bite my pulse point in my neck making me moan just a little. I push my breasts more firmly against your chest. "Let me see you my Goddess" you whisper in my ear as your hands slide along my skin towards my front. Pushing my shirt over my breasts, looking deep into my blue eyes turning green with my excitement. Pulling it over my head you let it drop to the floor as you bend your knees to kiss your way down my chest to one nipple then the other. Nipping, licking, suckling, paying the same attention to each one. While your mouth is working wonders to a very sensitive area I arch my back and slide my hands into your hair. Your hands on my upper back supporting me. Pulling on your hair I bring you up for another kiss. But you make me wait by slowly nipping and kissing your way back up. Paying extra attention to my pule point and ear. My hands push down your boxers. Rubbing your long hard cock. You push my pants down and lift me out of them. You turn me around and tell me to go to bed. You spank my ass right before you grab my hips and push yourself closer to me rubbing your hard erection against my tight, but soft ass. Nipping my ear lobe you whisper in my ear "I promise I'll make it worth your while." A moan comes out on a sigh "Yes master" I say as you watch me walk to the bed. But before you get to me I shake my head and tell you "stay there for a minute." Then I look directly into your deep blue eyes. I lick my lips as I lazily let my hand glide up my tummy going to my breast. I squeeze it. Lifting it to my mouth I lick my nipple. Then I suck it into my mouth and bite gently. Using my other hand I start to push my thong down, but you step up to me saying "Don't, not yet Goddess." Stopping me by putting your hand over mine. You lift my hand and kiss my palm, sucking each finger just a little. You sit on the bed and pull me onto your lap. Kissing me deep and twisting us so that I lay on my back with you between my thighs. You use your mouth on me going from my mouth across my cheek to my ear down to my pulse in my throat. Down my neck to my collar bone. Going down to my breasts. Your hands following. Your mouth going down my belly to my belly button making my hips buck when your tongue darts into it. Your hands go to my hips to steady them. My hands dig into the sheets as a frustrated groan escapes my lips. "Please my lord quit teasing me." "I promised you Ecstasy my Goddess" you respond as your thumb finds my clit through my thong. "OOOHHH!" I scream softly as I close my eyes and arch my back. "Look at me" you command as your thumb finds it's way under my thong. I slowly open my glazed eyes to look deep into yours as my clit gets wet. I bite my lower lip after begging "Please" and I rotate my hips into your thumb hoping you'll enter it into me. But instead you move your thumb, frustrating me further. Then you put your hands on each side of my waist and lower my thong as you kiss and lick the path that the panties are going. Tossing them aside, you run your hands up the inside of my legs. Running your thumbs along my clit. First one then the other. All at once you push my hips and ass down firmly to the bed at the same time as you push your tongue roughly along my clit. Licking, sucking, nibbling on my clit. Using your teeth on my nub. Sliding your tongue inside my hot wet pussy. Swirling all around. Darting in and out making me chant your name. As my pitch gets higher you massage my clit with your thumb as your tongue devours my cum. As my inner muscles clench and flex your tongue darts in and out faster making more sensation for me. Slurping up my juices you lick all the way up to my lips to kiss me. I moan with the taste of my own juices. Grabbing my ass and spreading my legs you put your tip at my entrance while still kissing me. Slowly going in and out inch by slow inch. Moaning, groaning, and grunting as your big cock slowly penetrates fully into my tight wet pussy. Biting my neck you flex your hips to penetrate me further. I bite your shoulder. Slowly pumping in and out grabbing my ass. I meet your strokes our breathing starting to get erratic. Going deeper and pulling out to your tip. Penetrating further and faster. I wrap my legs around your waist as your hands slide up the sides of my body. Your hands digging into my hair pulling my head to an angle so you can kiss me deep as you spill your seed deep inside me. My muscles clenching around you. Breaking the kiss you continue to pump hard till your last drop is inside me. "Ohh! my lord" I scream my nails digging into your back. Spent you collapse onto me rubbing my ass and kissing my neck "My Goddess, My Queen" you whisper before you kiss me slowly rotating your hips slowly moving your softening cock inside me to help my cunt finish it's orgasm. I run my hands up your back to pull you closer to me. "mmmmmmm what a way to change my panties"


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