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Chance Meeting

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You are sitting alone at the bar of the restaurant, drinking what remains of your wine. You are deep in thought, a knowing smile on your face. Suddenly, I appear beside you and I confidently asks, "May I?" of the open seat next to you. "Of course," you respond.

I sit sideways on the bar stool and look intently at you. You turn to me and smile. I return the smile and then lean in and whisper into your ear, "I want to take you home right now and kiss every inch of you." Electric tingles of desire shoot off from your head to your toes as I make this declaration. I lean back, run my hand down your arm and smile at you. I have that look in my eye that clearly tells you I am serious about my intentions. You take the last sip of your drink and turn to me and say, "Take me home, now."

We stand. I put my hand on the small of your back and direct you to the door of the restaurant. Expertly, I guide you through the crowded foyer and to my waiting car. Just before opening the car door for you, I turn to you, draw you against my chest and kiss you - lightly at first, but then with gaining intensity. Your knees go weak with anticipation of what is to come. Your lace panties begin to feel decidedly wet. With no words, I open the car door and usher you inside. I then drive towards your new place, following your directions. I park in the garage and then come around to your side of the car to open the door. I take your hand and again pull you into me. This time, however, my attention is on your neck. I nuzzle into it, kissing and sucking on the parts of your neck that you arch towards me. You moan softly, followed by your signature giggle, that I first heard yesterday and already love. You know, that there are very, very good things to come. I direct you inside and you tell me to go get comfortable on the sofa. Then you rustle around lighting candles, putting on music and pouring us cold vodka from your freezer. You come in to find me on the sofa and sit beside me. We sip our drinks and smile at one another. You lean your back into my chest, kick off your shoes, and let out a sigh of contentment. I place my glass behind me and again nuzzle into your neck. Kissing and sucking it slowly. You again show your pleasure with an arch to give me better access and a moan of delight. With my now free hand, I reach down and begin to caress your breasts. I go lightly at first, but deftly towards your already excited nipples. As I continue to kiss your neck, I tease your nipple with my fingertips, swirling and twirling around until it is fully erect and beginning to tingle. You then turn to me and our lips meet.

Our kisses become forceful as the electricity between us ignites. But I not a guy who is looking to take things too quickly. I want us to pace ourselves and enjoy every single moment together. After several minutes of kissing and fondling, I stop and pull back to look at you fully in the eye. "You are so beautiful," I say as I push a piece of hair behind your ear. "Let me take you upstairs where I can more comfortably give you all of my attention." I pull you from the couch and again guide you with my hand on the small of your back up the stairs and into your waiting bedroom. Again, you take a few moments to light some candles. The music you previously turned on can be heard in the background from downstairs. I lay you on your back on the bed and then I stand to look down on you. "So, so beautiful I say," and then I lean down to lightly kiss your forehead, your eyes, your cheeks, your lips, and your neck. "I want to kiss every inch of you," I repeat. And so I begin again at your forehead, eyes, cheeks, lips and neck with butterfly kisses. Nuzzling my way downward while unbuttoning your blouse. As I reach the nape of your neck, I push your blouse away from your shoulders and begin kissing there as well. My free hand, meanwhile, finds your breast again, and the waiting nipple. I massage and caress your breast while nuzzling and kissing your neck and shoulders. Your back arches in sheer pleasure. Your eyes closed, you moan in ecstasy.

My hand then continues down towards your belly as I kiss in between your breasts, nuzzling my face between them, kissing the sizeable mounds that protrude from the top of your bra. You know that I will come back later to give your breasts the full attention they deserve. As I continue downward, kissing your belly while undoing your skirt. I stop briefly to pull off your skirt, leaving you in nothing other than your lace bra and panties. I continue my downward trail of kisses towards your hips and begin massaging your inner thighs. I rub the inside of your thighs, teasing you with my touch. I continue to kiss you from your hips to your inner thighs, one of your many hot spots, then your legs, taking each one in turn all the way to your toes. Only upon reaching your toes do I stop. I again look at you smiling, a glint in my eye. You gaze up at me in sheer pleasure. I take off my shirt, pants and finally my briefs. You glance at my hard, throbbing erection and cannot wait to feel it inside you. I slide on top of you and begin to kiss you on the mouth. You feel my erection against your belly. I fondle your breast and then move my hand down to your waiting pussy. It is wet with pleasure, swollen and throbbing and waiting for my touch. I lightly tease it with my finger, swirling it around in your wetness until you can barely take it anymore. Then I deftly remove your panties and begin again, at your inner thighs kissing and slowly, work my way up to your warm, soft juicy fruit. I place my tongue on your waiting clit. I tease it, suck it, and swirl my tongue around it as you arch your back in moans of pleasure and excitement. As my sucking intensifies, I first place one finger and then another inside you waiting pussy. Then I begin to expertly move my finger in and out, in and out, in and out of your wet pussy until I bring you to an explosive wave of orgasmic pleasure. Your juices run all over my waiting tongue and fingers. You twist and moan and cry out in pleasure and pull my head back up towards your mouth, hungry for me. I return to your lips, kissing you intently, allowing you to taste yourself. Again you feel my hard cock against your thigh. You reach down and caress it. As we stop to take a breath and look into each other's eyes, you say with your hands lightly teasing the top of my cock, "Would you like me to return the favor?"

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