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Chaise Lounge by wyteknight

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She was reclined in her chaise lounge chair and seemed to be staring out into nowhere. One could say her glance was casting out through the window, as her eyes were half-open and that was the direction she was facing, but it was truly without any real focus, and no intent, if you were to ask her.

Flowing gowns were her preference, and today she had a white flowing garment with traces of pink and lace throughout. It was an airy fabric and lifted up and around her with the breezes in a random pattern that gave her the feeling of dancing in the clouds. The room was almost Victorian in its design though its actual age was much, much older. The walls had a purple patterned wallpaper inset with gold Fleur de Lis motifs, at least, where you could see it, as the walls were covered with pictures, many pictures of people from different times and places. Pictures flowed everywhere in this room, and radiated warmth with the many smiles shining down from their frames, smiles lasting for eternity.

In the room was luxurious carved wooden furniture from another century, featuring a massive bed right in the middle of the room, fluffed full with a down comforter and sheets that all matched the wallpaper and window curtains perfectly with their slight variations. The oversized bed had a canopy with four towering carved figural supports, that was draped with a fine see-through fabric giving the impression that to lie within would protect one from time itself, to lay dormant waiting for a prince charming to come and kiss to life the one within.

The sun was bright and the day was warm with the hope that only Spring can bring, saturating the air. There was sound filtering into the window from outside, through the light material of the curtains. Was it music? Was it people? It was both: it was the sound of the city and the people passing within it. It droned and set a tone for the day, that called to her mind a past picnic in Vondelpark, a time she sat outside on the cobbles of a sidewalk café, musicians in Leidseplein, even the Calliope she had seen outside the main train station. It all melted together into the symphony of the moment, her moment.

The sunlight glittered the air into stardust in one section of her view, which was actually a corner bay window in the room. That was important to her, that stardust, it helped her preserve the day and the moment, as she knew this was akin to a rainbow, something that God created for a few precious moments for us to gain reflection upon, but something that we could not recreate easily. It existed within the context of the moment anyway, was contingent upon it, such that when it went away, that moment left and life went on in new directions. She felt all of that without words, she knew it inherently, as we all do.

She was almost indistinguishable from the room at first glance, she was so much a part of it. The slight waft of her gown in the breeze from the window belied her presence, and drew attention to her.

She reclined gracefully into the chaise, with her legs spread open slightly, draping them over the side of the lounge. The chaise was as oversized as was the rest of the furniture in the room, and she had plenty of room to find a comfortable position. In fact, there was no position that was uncomfortable, as she surrounded herself with small, soft pillows and coverings of handmade material with excess fringe.

As her legs flowed over the chair, positioned between them was a man. He appeared almost as an extension of her, they were as one with the room. His gazed fixed forward as hers, and his lithe body was limp and casual against her.

He was ageless, and truly so to her, for she truly did not know a number to attach to him. He had a rugged and yet contradictory innocent beauty shown in his sculpted features, and could be compared in many ways to the statue of Michaelangelos David in Florence. And how old was David?

Certainly David was young, by the story we know, but to look at the statue without knowing a name to it would be unrevealing. The touseled mane of this mans hair might seem indicative of youth, but her hand had certainly stroked it to this condition, so this would not tell you. And it did not matter. He had all the character and charisma that a man could have on this earth, that transcends time and the fact of having earned it or not, and was present for him at his birth. He shone for her and met her needs, when she needed it. (To protect his and her identities, we will now call him David, and the woman Anja)

What did she see in him? It was more a matter of what he saw in her, for he was infatuated with her, and she was attracted to this infatuation. When they made love, she would look into his eyes to look for the essence, the base of this attraction, to possess it for herself, to capture and lock it away into her heart, having solved the eternal mysteries of loves desires. And then to selfishly keep it for herself, to perhaps dole it out to others on the quest, sparingly. He was attractive and all that a woman could desire, and that, being enough for most women, was basic grounds for his presence in her room that fine day.

He was sitting on the ground on a pillow facing away from her, his face pressing up against the inside of her thigh, and he occasionally turned his head slightly and breathed a wet kiss there. He had one of his arms wrapped around one of her legs, the other propped up onto the other. His lips were rose colored and luscious against the perfect skin of his cheek, his nose was chiseled and perfect. The flow of her gown would brush against his shoulder as he sat against her and he would love those sensations, soft as an ostrich feather, that sensitized her to him.

Anja was in a deep state of relaxation as was David. A friend had brought over some opium that morning, and when the friend had left, David and Anja decided that they would try it together, having heard about its erotic possibilities. The friend had brought it over for that reason, and that reason alone, for that friend, being a friend, wanted nothing but to pleasure others.

David went first, then Anja tried it as well. They giggled over it, having never really been into this kind of drug, and both agreed it was for novelty and experiment and not something for lifestyle. They were of the type to keep the danger of addiction at bay, for they were wanting and willing to try anything to bring them to new heights of ecstasy, but as such were quickly consumed by boredom with repetitious activities and actively avoided them as their policy.

Anja fell first into the spell. She went for walk and briskly padded about the streets taking in everything in this new light. David stayed and cooked a late breakfast for them both, and when Anja returned they ate it while Anja told him about all she had seen. She marveled at details she had never been aware of before; the small gargoyles on a house she had passed many times, the sights and smells of the canals. They were all awakened to her senses and now seemed very vital and important to her. She had to tell him before they were lost again.

They jumped onto the bed afterwards to make love, but were distracted for a moment by a sound outside and lost the immediate focus for that. They were not even sure what the sound was, because time was now flowing into itself and they quickly forgot about it as that sensation was now replaced by something else and then something else again. The sensations began to bombard them, and then just as soon subsided.

They were both fast becoming accustomed to this new, strange state and were taken to another time and place together, bonded to each other. They were as far away from home as one could be while still being there, and for a fleeting moment Anja thought of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz flying through the sky while lying on the bed within her house, and thought of it as an odd but appropriate parallel.

They fell into each others arms laughing and inches apart from each others faces, stared at each other, beholding the beauty of each other in new wonderment. There is something primal encoded into our brains about the eyes. It is one of the first things a child recognizes and attributes to another person as their being human, and Anja and David stared at each other as children, having just been born again and able to completely ascertain everthing about the essence of a person simply by looking into their eyes. And they did so for each other. And they liked what they saw.

A new radiance came over them, and a bonding occurred that made the whole greater than the two separately. They beheld each other and thought the other splendid in an eternal way, in a way beyond words and religions and philosophies and sex, the normal boring ways of mortal beings. They were above this plane, and danced together as one.

They were drawn again to the sounds coming through the window from outside, and became fascinated by them. They lay on the bed side by side and propped their hands under their chins and now watched the window intently. It had a life of its own, and they incorporated the sights, sounds and smells coming through it as almost a proof of the windows sapience, as its existence as a being in its own right. They saw it breathe with the flow of curtains passing around its mouth, and it talked to them. It took on a surreal presence to them, and the sun passing into the room from outside sparkled the dust into starlight. It was as if God was revealing an important message to them, private and personal.

They recused to the chaise lounge chair to receive this message, her sitting upon it, and him on the ground with a pillow underneath, positioned between her legs. They sat for some time and their thoughts passed over this and that subject, and then became lost and diffuse. To move would be to break the spell, they thought, and as they sat the drug passed through its phases. Their eyes were half open, half closed, and their minds wandered over landscapes, to places and people and times real and fantasy.

He kissed the inside of her leg and she became all women to him. Every woman he had ever seen was contained within Anja, and there were no others. The same was true for Anja, and he represented all men to her. She felt his kisses and imagined the fire of 1000 men somehow simultaneously kissing her. He stroked the inside of her thigh idly, and to her felt 1000 men determined to make love and to enter her. The stroking and kissing of her inner thigh began to become more directed, as if he were idly playing a harp and then kissing it into tune, but not overly so. It was a symphony of 2000 players, 1000 women and 1000 men moving in concert together in grace. They now represented all of mankind, the Adam and Eve, as they moved.

She stretched first one leg out then back, then the other out and back, to her mind seeing red ruby slippers with high heels as she did so, even though her feet were bare. She moved and felt him within her, literally within her more than any sex she had ever had, and she tossed a laugh at the silliness of the possibility of that. Though still reclined against her, she felt him more than she thought could be possible without actual intimacy. But that word intimacy started to take on new meaning. She possessed him and that was the difference. She became very interested in him.

He had on a blousy white shirt open at the top revealing his chest hair. It was just the right amount for her, and he knew that and would show it off. He had a shirt specially made for a Renaissance festival that they attended, and its old world charm had sexual overtones. The women of the middle ages must have been driven mad by its charms.

She started to caress his hair again, as she had earlier, and felt his head trapped between her legs. She liked this position, and felt in control. As his kisses picked up in intensity, she writhed on the chair on her back, trying to maximize all his actions with magnified response. She would squeeze his head between her legs and then throw back her head and give a silly little laugh, revealing herself.

David turned in his position, and started to kiss the inside of her thigh, all the way up to her pantyline. She wore white panties, and this made him feel as if he was having her for the first time, for all the associations that go with white and purity. He very intently started licking the inside of her thigh now as she stroked his hair and would squeeze his head ever so gently with her hands and legs as the moment suited her. He was careful to use his tongue in such a manner as to keep it lubricated and she felt the impact of that. He would lick, suck for a moment, and then kiss every place he could find within a 6 inch area below her pantyline.

This went on for awhile. They were both integrated into the sensations of give and take. Both give and take were equal to them, none was lessor than the other. This created a sense of harmony and balance, and they were pleased. Stopping never entered their minds. They were not moving in a goal oriented way, just following nature in the way we all hope for.

The most incredible thoughts swirled through her as they did this. It wasn?t the room, it wasn?t the drug, it wasn?t David that made her feel this way. It was coming from inside of her, it was something inside of her that she possessed all along that was starting to come alive within her. It belonged to her and her alone. David was the conduit and she let him continue to see if she could feel more.

David leaned forward and playfully nuzzled his nose, and then his face into her. He pulled back, smiled and pulled her panties aside with 2 fingers. He then very gingerly, in slow motion, moved forward and pressed his tongue slightly into her. He didn?t move it, just kept it there. He kept it rigid as a cock would be. She sighed and arched backward into the chaise and pushed forward into him. He kept completely still as she rocked into him, taking his entire face into her it seemed, then away from him, and then around him, and then suddenly he pulled away so that his tongue was an inch away from her. She saw this and wanted more and so pushed again into him and rocked for a moment or two until he then pulled away as before.

This drove her crazy. They repeated this time and time again, the frustration mounting within her, but creating a new sensation from it. One that she liked and sought to nurture. They artfully played within this structure for a period of time, experimenting with this new game that they both enjoyed greatly.

She hadn?t noticed the progress of the sun across its domain, but the stardust tracked its motion for her, and soon she felt the heat of the sunbeam directly upon her belly. She saw through her haze that God was shining his light directly upon her now, a million specks of stardust illuminating the way from heaven directly to her, setting a path for angels to follow. David was Michaelangelos angel, and now her angel; he was working his way to the sunbeam and could not now be stopped.

David felt a sense of urgency pick up within him, and he settled down on her and intently sucked on everything that he could find. He sucked in her clit and surrounding tissues into his mouth, gathered an immense amount saliva and worked all of this in and out very artfully. He did his best not to make sounds to distract Anja from her pleasure, and focused on his endeavor.

Anja enjoyed the shift in entertainment, and settled back into her chair to remain motionless. She didn?t want to make any sounds to distract him, but that was difficult. She then took an opposite approach when she discovered that making certain sounds actually controlled Davids motions. Just as a horse rider controls the horse beneath, often without thought, so Anja controlled David. She started to move to encourage David in certain directions. He picked up the cues and let Anja ride him. They marched in unison to the beat and rhythym of Anjas contortions around David.

David began to intensely work Anja, and put his tongue directly underneath her clitoris and he sucked it in and out, in and out. He really had the motion now, and Anja had him just where she wanted him. They continued for some time. David had her panties pulled aside with his right hand, but now he used the left hand, bringing it up to her and at first placing 2 fingers just against her, just enough so that she would feel them there. Of course this wasn?t enough for her, and so she contorted in such a way as to bring the fingers tighter against her. The moisture from her body and Davids mouth combined and allowed his fingers to gradually work their way into her, not from his intent particularly, but just because with that gentle pressure from David and the lubricant there was nothing else they could do but go inside. And so they slid inside over time and made themselves part the event.

Anja was now beside herself. The opium filled her mind with thoughts of shieks and sanddunes as the sunbeam built up a heat on her sensitive stomach. The loose, flowing fabric of her gown swirled about them and lent a mystique of sensations without beginning or end as they became lost within each other. She felt a million hands touching her, a million arms surrounding her, a million men entering her, a synesthesia of sensations brought her to the edge.

David now stroked his fingers in and out of her, and sucked her with great rhythym and force. He plunged his face in and out, in and out, in and out. She bucked her hips against him to match his motion, it became frenetic. His face melted into her and they truly became one. There was no beginning and no end. No time other than now. No place other than here. David sensed her getting close and literally pounded his face into her. He slowed slightly and he pounded harder, and he sucked with the greater intensity he was allowed by this. He took her in and out, in and out, in and out, and then she came in a mind blowing torrent, rush of adrenalin, sweat soaked profusion that shook her and the chaise and David and the room and she screamed ?OOOOOOH GODDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!! and at that moment she connected fully to the universe through the umbilical starlight on her stomach, taking and passing her soul straight up through the ages through time and space and physical life into the immortal foreverness of God, to establish her place among those stars, herself existing now as an infinite point of light, to live untouched and inviolate for all time among all the other stars that have connected this way, to hopefully shine down her starlight into stardust and make others feel the way she felt, as a natural and eternal and blissful due to all creatures of the universe great and small.

Anja collapsed into a heap and simmered on the chaise. David calmly turned around to the window to watch the stardust drift in its idle motion and took another hit from the opium pipe, and stayed lounged against the inner thigh of Anja for eternity and never moved again.

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