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My husband and I were spending a four day weekend at resort in Southern California. While I expected to have a wonderful time, given the beautiful coastline, the amazing hotel, good golf and great California weather, the trip turned out to be more memorable than I could ever have imagined.

We arrived on a Thursday afternoon, and man was I happy to be away from work for a few days. Without going into detail, let's just say that in my line of work I am constantly dealing with morons, including some that office right next to me! The ocean breeze and the sound of the waves was just what I needed to relieve the stress. Of course, a cocktail here and there wouldn't hurt either.

The weekend got off to a wonderful start. As we were having a candlelight dinner on an outdoor patio overlooking the ocean, Jeffrey presented me with a Tiffany box, which he said was a gift for my upcoming birthday. Inside was a beautiful necklace, with diamonds and sapphires twinkling in the moonlight. There was also a gift certificate to the hotel's boutique for $2,000! Since he was golfing the following day and I had decided not too join him, he suggested I spend some time shopping.

I was almost giddy from the gifts and the wine at dinner as I headed back to our suite. Jeffrey was going to stop at the little gift shop for drinks and snacks as I rushed back to put something sexy on for him. This is when the truly memorable part began. As I was crossing the lobby, a handsome young man that looked familiar had just checked in and was heading my way. As he got closer, I realized the dirty blond with the scruffy beard (and large body) was none other than C.J. Davis (the major league pitcher)! We made eye contact and I'm sure my eyes twinkled as I smiled broadly at him. He grinned and said "wow, great smile" as we both headed toward the same walkway. I thanked him, commented on the great year he had, and couldn't keep myself from chatting with him all along the walk. He was very personable and friendly, and I learned he was there for a whole week, "mostly surfing and soaking up the sun" as he said. We walked right past our suite (I was trying to make it last!) and when we got to his, I said "I'm Debra" and reached out to shake his hand. He took my hand and said "I'm C.J., and I'm sure glad I met you?.hope to see you around".

Wow, if I was giddy before, now I was on cloud nine. I rushed back to our suite and got into a negligee just as Jeffrey walked in. I posed sexily and asked "do you like what you see?" He walked over and kissed me passionately on the lips and I knew the answer. We just stood there french kissing for a couple of minutes, caressing each other, and I could already feel him getting hard. I smiled and said "guess who I just had a little chat with?" and I told him about C.J. He teasingly said he couldn't believe I was still here in our suite and didn't go home with him. C.J. is one of the few men I have openly salivated over in my husband's presence. I reached down and felt his hard cock through his slacks and said told him I already had plans for tonight. Then I smiled and returned the tease "maybe some other night."

He grinned and said "you're a naughty girl" and kissed me again, pushing me back towards the bed. In no time he had pulled my negligee down and was sucking my nipple; his other hand rubbing my pussy through my panties. It had been a romantic and exciting evening, and we had shared a bottle of wine, so I was quickly feeling frisky. Jeffrey gently caressed my clit for a couple minutes, then quickly slid down, pulled my panties to the side, and began eating me. He would alternately apply gentle pressure on my clit with his tongue, followed by quick, light flicks. Then he reached up and grabbed both my nipples while he fucked me with his tongue. I realized he still had all his clothes on, so I closed my legs and said "no more until you get out of those clothes". He quickly obliged, then laid down so that I could reach his swollen cock, and went back to eating me. I grabbed his cock, rubbed the pre-cum all over it, and began stroking it. He said "I'd like to watch you stroke C.J.'s cock like that", then smashed his mouth into my cunt, licking and sucking with passion. I moaned and went into a glorious climax, pushing his face into my cunt with one hand and violently jacking him off with the other.

I quickly regained my bearings as Jeffrey stood up to reposition himself. Before he could lay down again, I pulled him towards me and grabbed his hard on with both hands. I licked the wet head of his cock, then took him in my mouth as deep as I could. I slowly pulled my mouth off, then took him deep again, feeling his cock against my throat. I did this a couple more times, and I could tell he was close to climax, despite all the wine. I wanted to watch him cum. I leaned back slightly, slowly stroking the full length of his shaft, and said "so you'd like to watch me do this to C.J., huh?"

He let out a moan and said "oh God, I'd love that???.would you like that?".

"yes, I think I would" I said, then "I might like to give him a blow job too." I barely had the words out of my mouth when he tensed up and began shooting his load. I instinctively took him back into my mouth and continued to stroke him as he shot another three or four bursts into me. I continued to gently suck him for a minute or so, and he eventually relaxed so I slipped him out of my mouth. He said "wow, that was amazing; an A+ orgasm".

A few minutes later we were cuddled in bed, just enjoying each other. I told him I loved him and he said "I love you too, and you are SOOO sexy".

A minute later, he said "I know you have the hots for C.J. Do you want to try to hook up with him?"

I said "I would never do that to you, but it's fun to fantasize!"

"This is different - it's probably a once in a lifetime opportunity. If you have my approval, you wouldn't be "doing anything" to me. Plus, it really turns me on to think about it. And of course I would want to hear all about it."

"you're such a nut" I said, "I love you so much."

"I love you too, you sexy thing. And I want you to have some crazy experiences, if you want to. I know you're not going to run off and leave me for C.J. or anything, so I think you should do it. You should at least flirt with him and see what happens. If you want to just give him a blowjob, that would be awesome. If you want to fuck him, that's ok too. And I know you don't want me to watch, so I'm prepared to let you go it alone if you're comfortable."

I really couldn't believe he meant this, but the idea was certainly exciting. I teased a little and said "oh sure, what are you going to do in the meantime, screw some pretty young girl you saw today?"

"No, my plan would be to stay in our suite, imagine what you're doing with C.J., and masturbate. By the way, just to be safe you need to call me every hour or so."

Now I understood he was serious. And maybe he was right. It was definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity, and if he gave me permission, it would be fun to give it a try. And I know from experience that hearing me tell about it would really arouse him. "But won't you be jealous?"

"Yes, but I know you're mine every other night. And I think the turn-on would be worth it."

"Ok, my crazy sexy husband, I'll think about it."

The next day we slept in and had a wonderful breakfast on our own private patio. Jeffrey headed off to golf and I headed to the boutique. I bought Armani and Dior dresses, one bikini, and two pairs of designer shoes. I had no trouble using the whole certificate! Then I put on the bikini and headed for the pool. I had probably been there an hour and had one cucumber martini in me when I see C.J. walking towards me. I have to admit I was quite flattered when he walked stone faced past several pretty young women in bikinis and came right up to me. He said "hey Debra, I was hoping to see you again." I invited him to sit down and spent the next twenty minutes flirting and chatting with him. He had been surfing and looked the part perfectly. He was bigger than he looks on TV, with a nice muscular build, a great tan, and messy sun bleached hair. During our conversation he said he had a charity dinner to attend that night but planned to return to the hotel bar afterwards, and invited me to join him! At that point, I had no choice but to tell him I was married, and politely declined his dinner invitation. He seemed disappointed and shortly thereafter excused himself.

That evening, Jeffrey and I had a cocktail before once again dining on the outdoor patio. It was another amazing evening, and we shared a nice bottle of wine with dinner. I told him about my conversation with C.J., and he said "are you kidding me? He invited you to dinner? Holy shit, you can't pass this up." I told Jeffrey that I told C.J. I was married and to forget about it, but he said "no way. You should go to the bar later and see if he shows up."

"you mean go to the bar without you?", I said.

"yes, what's the harm in checking things out?"

My heart picked up the pace a bit as I thought about it. It would be exciting, and I was already feeling that first little bit of arousal you get from something new. With my mind impaired just enough from the alcohol, I agreed to at least go and check it out for awhile as soon as we finished dinner.

When we finished and left the restaurant, Jeffrey turned around and hugged me. He then gave me a wet french kiss and said "I love you babe. I'm going to miss you, but I want you to have fun. And don't forget to call - every hour!" I returned the "I love you" and Jeffrey headed back to the room and I headed to the bar, not really expecting much. But the first person I saw upon entering was C.J., and he flashed a big smile and waved. He had a little bit of the bad-boy look going, which I like: scruffy beard, tight black t-shirt and designer jeans, and an earring. Since he appeared to be alone I went over - just to say hello - and he immediately asked me where my husband was. I playfully said "I'm on my own tonight" and he asked if he could buy me a drink.

About an hour and two drinks later, we were on the dance floor for the third time. He had been a complete gentlemen all evening, very sweet and funny in a quirky sort of way. Now we were slow dancing, and things were getting interesting. He held me tight and I couldn't help but be impressed by how big and solid he was. I felt his hands drift down to just the top of my butt, and I'm pretty sure I could feel his manhood harden against me. He whispered in my ear "you are such a warm, beautiful women. I can't believe your husband lets you out of his sight."

I was truly flattered, and told him so. I'm not a good secret keeper, and I was 90% drunk, so I then giggled and blurted out "my husband knows I sort of have a crush on you, so he agreed to let me come out and try to seduce you."

He leaned back so he could look me in the eye and said "what the hell are we waiting for. I'm taking you home with me." Then he leaned down and in one fluid motion, picked me up in his arms! I had no intention of struggling, and moments later, he put me down and opened the door to his suite. Entering his suite reminded me that I owed Jeffrey a call.

"Hi honey" I said.

"Hi. How are you doing" he said.

"I'm great. I'm having fun. We just walked in his suite."

"Ok. I guess things ARE good. Be careful and call if you need anything. Have fun and commit everything to memory, because I want to hear it ALL."

"Ok. Love you."

"Love you too."

As soon as I turned around from putting my phone on the dresser, C.J. grabbed me and kissed me on the lips. I opened my mouth to meet his tongue, and a shiver of excitement ran through my body. Now I was past the point of no return, and I was ready to release my inhibitions and simply enjoy the night. As his tongue probed and tickled my mouth, I did what I had wanted to do for over an hour - I reached down to feel the hardness of his cock. He reached around and grabbed my ass with both hands and squeezed me tight, my tits smashing against his chest. Now I was torn between ripping all our clothes off and humping madly, and my desire to make this night perfect. C.J. made the decision for me. He took a small step back, put both hands on my shoulders, and gently slid the straps of my dress off. I wiggled a little and it fell to the floor, and he stood there a moment admiring my body. Then as he kissed my neck and shoulders, he reached around and unclasped my bra, quickly moving one hand to each breast and squeezing gently. I moved my arms and allowed the bra to fall, and he lowered his head and took my nipple into his mouth, his other hand still caressing my other breast.

"Sorry to be so crude, but your tits are amazing" he said. He licked and gently sucked each nipple, and I was really horny now. I reached for him and began pulling off his shirt. He stepped back and quickly pulled it off, and I immediately placed both hands on his massive chest and couldn't help kissing and licking him. He pulled my face towards his and kissed me deeply again. As we french kissed, I reached down with both hands and unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans. I pulled away from him and fell to my knees. I slowly helped him step out of his jeans, staring at the bulge in his black boxer briefs. I reached for his cock with both hands and caressed it through the fabric for a minute. Then I pulled down his underwear and his cock sprang upward, hard as a rock. I grabbed it with both hands and stroked it slowly. I looked up at him to remind myself who this was, then began licking the head of his cock. I tasted his pre-cum as he played with my hair and caressed my back with his large hands. Now I was determined to give him a blowjob he would remember.

I took him deep into my mouth and sucked gently. Then I pulled him out, stroked him slowly, and sucked him back into my mouth. He had a wonderful cock, and I couldn't deny the excitement of sucking another man's cock for the first time. And I could tell by his breathing that he was enjoying it. I took him as deep as I could, even grabbing his muscular ass and pulling him towards me, trying to somehow fit his cock a little ways down my throat. I relaxed my throat and soon my lips were against his groin, his cock all the way inside my mouth. I had never done this before, and within seconds he was moaning and twitching, and then I felt his hot cum against my throat. I swallowed and continued sucking gently, and he shot several loads into my mouth. I knew I had done well, and now my pussy was wet and throbbing. Honestly, I would have been happy if the night had ended there, but it got better.

C.J. pulled me up from my knees and led me to the bed, where he gently laid me down. Before I knew what was happening I felt his tongue on my clit and another shot of electricity went through me. Again I marveled at the thrill of feeling a different tongue and mouth eating my pussy. I was close to climaxing, but this wasn't how I wanted to do it. Knowing this was a one time deal, I wanted more. I pulled his head up towards me and kissed him on the lips. Then I said "I really want you to fuck me - are you ready for that?" He looked down towards his cock and my eyes followed his, and what I saw was a very impressive hard-on, so I said "very nice." He slid between my legs and I could feel the head of his cock at my opening. Slowly he entered me, and given my level of arousal, he slid right in. He held himself up off me, and I could see his amazing upper body as he gently thrust in and out. Then he laid down on me, and his body rubbed against my clit. It was only three or four thrusts later that I began to climax. And it was a good one. The combination of the alcohol, the newness of it all, who he was, and the fact I had been holding back for quite some time, resulted in a truly body tingling orgasm that I will always remember.

I don't know if it was the thrusting of my hips or my moaning that excited him, but right in the middle of my orgasm I felt his butt tighten and he moaned loudly, followed by the unmistakeable warmth of his cum shooting inside me. He lay on top of me another minute or so, and then said 'your husband is one lucky man. You are so much more woman than the groupies that follow me around. I'll remember tonight for a long time."

As he walked me to my suite, I felt a pang of guilt, and I suddenly felt very anxious. I was worried how Jeffrey would really react. My fears quickly disappeared when I entered our suite and he immediately came to me and kissed me, opening his mouth and letting our tongues meet.

"Hello, my little sex kitten" he said. I could only smile. He hugged me tight and said "I love you so much, and I missed you."

"I love you too." I said, as I snuggled into his chest.

"I can't wait to hear all about it, but I suppose you'd like to wait for another night?" I reached down and confirmed my suspicion - his cock was hard. I said "well maybe I'll tell you just a little while I take care of this little problem."

"It's ok, you don't have to do anything tonight. I'll live." But I wasn't about to let him go to bed horny after what he had just allowed - no, encouraged - me to do. I pushed him back on the bed, and while I sprinkled him with little tidbits of my night, I proceeded to give him a blowjob even better than the one I gave C.J.

That was my only night with C.J., but he has lived on in our lovemaking. It's Jeffrey's favorite bedtime story.

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