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Caught in the act

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After 17 years of marriage and three wonderful children our lives have become a routine. There was little going out, intimacy was limited to quickies, and time alone was infrequent and limited to special occasions. Life for us was simple, and at times, boring but it was what we had and we were content on living that way. We were fortunate to have schedules that prevented us from using schedules as Marie?s schedule was opposite of mine with an occasional day off together every week. We had evening?s together but at times to tired to play and used that time to get caught up on household chores.

We both are in our 30?s as Marie still looked well after adding some pounds over the course of the years. At 5?7 140 lbs she had a wonderful set of D size breast and a first round ass (a little junk in the truck). In either case, I thought she looked good and was proud to have her.

Over the course of the past few weeks I have seen a change in Marie. She has been a little more reserved and tired. I figured keeping track of three kids was wearing her down and she was just waiting to get her second wind. We were both off the weekend and I spent the morning working in the yard as she worked around the house. After a few hours in the sun I came inside to get a shower. As I was soaking in the stream of water I forgot to get the shampoo out of the garden tub. As I exited the stall to reach for it I could hear Marie on the telephone kind of mumbling. I stuck my head around the door and saw her sitting on the bed with her back to me. I heard her say ?he works tomorrow if you can stop buy? in which I assumed she was talking to one of her girlfriends. I went back in the shower and finished cleaning up.

As I got out and started to dry off I could hear her still talking. I heard her whisper ?let me call you back he just got out of the shower? and hung up the phone. I thought that was odd but did not think much of it. As I left the bathroom I asked who she was talking to and she replied ?what did you say?? I looked at her and chuckled ?who were you talking to?? Marie replied ?oh that was Sharon; she wanted to go to the mall tomorrow.? We then went on to relax for the evening.

The next day when I went to work I thought it would be a nice gesture to have some fun. I had someone cover my shift for a few hours and I was going to come home and give Marie a good pouncing. I parked somewhat down the street a little as I did not want her to see the car and spoil the surprise. I opened up the side door to the garage and entered the house through the kitchen. The house was quite. I began walking down the hall as I heard Marie on the telephone. I am not sure who she was talking to but I knew it was a girlfriend. I heard Marie talking about a guy at work that she thought was cute that has been flirting with her a lot. Since you could only hear on side of the conversation I could make out that this was the individual that must have been invited to the house. Of course, I was pissed and I was ready to give her the what for. However, I wanted proof and to get it I would have to catch them. Of course, it may have only been a friend coming over in which I have had female friends come over on occasion as well.

I heard Marie say ?hold on for a second. I got someone beeping in?. Marie clicked over on the other line and said ?Hello?. The conversation again was one sided and I could only hear on side if the conversation. But her response was excited as she blurted out ?Hey!. What yah doing? Hey hold on a seconds? Marie clicked back over and gave Sharon some interesting news ?Sharon, that?s Randy let me call you back?. She again clicked over ?Sorry, what you doing?? she asked. After pausing between questions all I could get was fragments. ?You can come over if you want to? and ?Yes, I want to see you?. I began thinking to myself this is fucked up. But was so curious on what was going on I thought I would see how far things would continue.

After hanging up the phone Marie got in the shower. I was wondering what to do because I was afraid of getting caught before catching her. So I decided to hide in out walk-in closet towards the back were the long fitting clothes were. I could hear her getting ready and getting cleaned up. After a few moments in out bedroom she went into the living room. In moments the door bell rang. I eased out of the closet and made by way towards the hallway were I could see Marie answering the door and inviting the man inside. ?Hey? as she hugged his neck and he returned the hug. ?So what are you doing?? he asked. Marie replied ?I have going to watch a movie if you want to watch it with me?. The man replied ?Sure?. The guy was good looking about 5?10 probably mid 30?s. They both made there way to the sofa as Marie grabbed the remote and started the movie. The guy, Randy, sat next to her on the sofa as she scooted somewhat close to him.

Marie would often turn and smile at him as he placed his arm around her. They began talking. ?You know I have never been with anyone else other than my husband?? Marie stated, ?You mean never? Randy replied. I was not really getting mad because she was opening up about our personal business. ?Nope not at all? she replied. ?So why am I here then? He asked. ?I don?t know.? She answered. ?Maybe it?s not a good idea?. Randy leaned forward and gave her a gentle kiss on the mouth and pulled back and smiled. Marie accepted this as she leaned forward to meet his mouth and began to slowly place her tongue inside of his. They began to kiss and to kiss with passion. I was in awe watching my wife of 17 years, never with anyone else, kiss someone. The anger I had was not there as the observation alone began to cause my own cock to stir a little. What?s up with this I thought to myself?

Randy continued to kiss her as he allowed his body to push my wife slowly back until he was somewhat on top of her while they continued to kiss. I watched as Randy began to pull her shirt out and run his hand up her shirt and began to rub her breast. Randy moved towards her neck as hey began to suck and kiss. Marie squirmed as there mouths continued to meet. Randy sat up and removed his shirt and went back and continued to kiss her neck and mouth. I new that Marie was enjoying this as she had her eyes closed and allowing herself to receive his advances.

Randy leaned back and began to pull Marie?s shirt off as the shirt went over her head Marie placed her arms behind her back unlatching her bra. As the bra fell down across her waste and exposing her breast Randy began to gently suck on each one. I watched as this man placed one nipple in his mouth while fondling the other and with a rhythmic motion alternated between the two. I could see her enjoying it as each nipple grew erect in his mouth. He gently would kiss her all over and continue to run his mouth over hers and alternated between each breast. He began to slowly kiss his way down to her belly as he placed his hands on her hips pulling down her panties and pajama pants down to the ground and gently removing them from each leg. My wife was with another man, naked, and I was watching.

As he gently threw her pants to the side he began kissing up each leg until his mouth met her already moist pussy. Randy gently began to stroke her swollen clit with his tongue as he would gently place his fingers inside of her. Ann began to moan in excitement as the familiar sounds of ?ahhh? and ?mmmm? began to leave her lip. Ann placed her hand on his head as if to push his mouth deeper inside of her as she wiggled her hip to meet the length of his tongue. After a few moments Randy stood up and pulled down his pants as his erect cock sprung to life. I could see Marie staring at it and admiring the first strange cock she has ever seen. Randy walked over towards her head as he invited her to suck him. Marie leaned over and placed her hand on his swollen member as she gently placed it inside of her mouth. I watched her gently suck on the head and began to take his length the best that she could running her tongue along the base and jerking his shaft with a slow motion. Randy would lean his head back in pleasure as Marie sucked his shaft. In a moment of intrigue Marie stood up and motion Randy to lie down on the sofa. Marie startled him backwards in the 69 position as Randy began to eat her pussy while she sucked his hard on. My own cock was as hard as a rock as my own pre-cum was dripping out of the head.

They continued until Marie got up and startled him and began to his him. He ass rubbed his cock sliding her wetness along the shaft. I could see her getting ready to position as she placed his cock in her hands and guided it inside of her. As her ass began to slide down along his shaft she whimpered at the new sensations she was having. She began to increase the pace as she began fucking this stranger on my sofa. I watched her thrust her hips as Randy grabbed and fondled her breast. At times, she would lean straight up, a position I loved to watch her in, and thrust her hips back and forth. The continued to fuck and soon Randy wanted to take charge. The switched positions as Randy got on top of her and guided his dick inside. He started with small strokes, then longer and faster. Marie meet each stoke thrusting as they continued to fuck. I stood there watching from around the corner and soon found my own hand stroking my cock. I could hear Randy breathing heavy as Marie was grunting and saying ?fuck me..fuck me? and in moments it was concluding as Marie, my wife of 17 years, yelled out ?I am coming?I am coming..ahhhhhhh? and she was as her body jerked as she pulled him closer. Randy began to increase his pace until he pulled out of her and began to shoot his white come across her belly as he jerked off and drained his shaft.

Randy fell across her as she kissed the top of his head and rubbed his back. Marie signed as the continued tremors from her orgasm continued to hit her. Marie looked at him ?That was awesome. I never knew how different it could be? she told Randy. ?You were amazing? he replied. ?Your husband is a lucky man?. I was stroking my own cock and finally shot my load into my hand with such intensity that I nearly hit the wall in front of me.

As they got up Randy stated ?I got to get ready for work can I call you later? Marie replied ?absolutely?. As she placed a towel around her she walked him to the door and gave him a little kiss. After she closed the door I went back into the closet as she went into the bathroom. I could her water running as she began taking a bath. I left the closet and made my way out of the house and back to work. As I was driving the sensations of watching my wife with someone else was exciting and I wanted to see more of it. But I also wanted her to know that I knew.

When I got home from work Marie was setting in the sofa (the same one she fucked on) as I entered the house. ?Hey, what up?? I asked. I could tell she was nervous as she really attempted to avoid eye contact. ?Nuttin, what is up with you? she replied. I sat on the sofa next to her. ?You have a good day?? I asked. She replied ?Yes, pretty good? I smiled at her and gently leaned forward whispering in her ear ?I bet you did and so did your friend? Marie looked at me in shock as her eyes grew wide and face became flushed. ?What do you mean?? she asked with a changing voice. I responded ?I know, and its okay. Its is okay to see what you missed, I too am curious about it?. Marie began to tear up and apologize and admitted this was the only time it ever happened. I reassured her that it was okay. I asked her if it was that she was unhappy or curious and she let me know it was all curious.

After talking about the experience after the kids went to sleep we began talking about the experience of swinging (something we could do together) as we soon plan to attend a party later this month hopefully I will have a better story to tell.

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