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Cards and Comments - the beginning

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Players in these wonderful experience besides myself are Jack and Karen because I hate 'Jack and Jill' plus Cindy, (could be her real my wife. At the time this all began Cindy and I were 23 years old with Jack and Karen at 27 and 26 respectively.

Here goes -

32 years ago, I was in the military and overseas when our first swing experience began.

I received a letter from my wife telling me how she had met a wonderful woman through the Wive's club and that she was sure that I would like Karen as much as she did. Cindy, my wife, went on to say that she felt like Karen was the sister she never had. Cindy also stated that the kids played well together. Jack and Karen's child was a couple years older than our twins.

As it turned out, my time overseas was extended by 3 weeks so Cindy had already met Jack by the time I returned to Hawaii. The second weekend after my return Cindy asked Jack and Karen over for a cookout. When they arrived, I was shocked to see that Jack was a good friend that I had worked with when I had been overseas earlier in my career. Jack and I couldn't believe that we were stationed in Hawaii together after 3 years of not seeing each other. We instantly renewed our friendship and all 4 of us became very close after a short period of time. The times we could spend together were great and in no time Jack and I were kidding each other, commenting about each other's wife and after the kids had gone to bed, all conversations turned to sex. In other words, typical man stuff.

I could tell that Jack really liked Cindy's body, most men did. A natural dark auburn redhead that was 5 foot 3 tall, 135 pounds with olive skin that got darker as she tanned. Cindy had what I can only describe as multi-colored eyes. If they looked Gray, stay away. She was not having a good day or she was pissed. If they were Hazel, she was relaxed, happy, and in a good mood. If you saw green, grab the She was horny and you were in for a wonderful treat. If you saw her as she climaxed, you would see them turn dark emerald green while her olive colored breasts turned a deep red. What some say is the most important measurement - she was blessed with a chest that started at 34B when we met and ended up at 44EE after the twins. That 44EE was after she dropped down from a 50F or G. When the twins were born she provided enough milk for the twins and 8 other babies in the nursery at every feeding. The hospital asked that she continue to supply them as some babies either had difficulty with their mother's milk or the mother had problems with lactating. After 5 weeks the twins got sick and had to go back into the hospital. She continued to milk her breasts for the babes in the nursery but after a month she allowed them to dry up because the priority was our kids.

Needless to say a bra was hard to find and my income didn't allow me to buy more than two once we found them at Victoria's Secret. Cindy preferred to go braless anyway. She didn't admit it at the time but I believed she really liked the attention she received from men. Besides, when you only have two bras you save them for the more formal occassions that require them.

Karen was also 5 foot 3 which made her taller than Jack. She was about 125 pounds and had a blend of blonde to light brown hair. I estimated that her body had perfectly proportioned 36C or D breasts. What caught my attention most was her mouth and long fingers. Soft and sensual with the greatest set of lips I had ever seen on a woman combined with slender and sexy fingers that made me fantasize about them stroking my body or wrapping around my hard manhood as she guides it to her lips. That thought still gets me hard which isn't an easy thing to do these

For Jack and I, it started the first time we went to the beach. Karen wore this lovely light purple two piece. Cindy was in an off-white one piece. The kids were playing near the water so Cindy and Karen decided to take a swim. The kids were far enough away allowing Jack and I to talk about oral and anal sex. Our conversation stopped when the ladies walked out of the water. I don't believe they realized transparent their outfits were when they were wet. Even from 40 yards away, both suits showed a clear outline of Karen's dark Rose and Cindy's very Brown colored areolas. Not quite so visible was Cindy's red triangle that promised a world of pleasure. Karen's must have been more blonde than brown as it was only visible the closer she came. There was a bit of a breeze that had their nipples straining against the material. I couldn't tell exactly how long Karen's nipples were but I could tell that they were longer than Cindy's. Jack and I looked at each other and in unison said "WOW"! The girls were not that close to us so I turned to Jack and told him how I would love to see more of Karen. Jack looked at me and said, "You lucky Sonova Bitch"! Then we both laughed.

I looked around and informed Jack that we weren't the only ones that noticed the view. We laughed again.

From then on, Jack and I easily talked about sex. Not long after that we teased each other with recaps of our bedroom antics. This led to admitting that we would love to swap wives. Through the stories we told each other Jack learned that Cindy was a screamer and her climaxes started with 'Oh My GOD'. The words would stretch out and she'd get louder the closer she was to letting go. She loved to have her breasts massaged and her nipples rolled. Cindy enjoyed breast stimulation so much that she could climax just from that. One of Jack's stories taught me that Karen loved to have her clit sucked hard and if you would give her nipples a pinch, she would lose control. He also said that if she let go you'd best be prepared because she wasn't a squirter but her womanly juices would flow, overflow actually.

As our relationship continued to grow, nothing was off-limits. Conversations always included or turned to sex. We became so close that we started to meet and depart each other's company with a kiss and hug for the other spouse.

At the end of one particular cook-out at our place, a day which was heavily ladened with suggestive sex talk, it was time for Jack and Karen to leave. I helped Jack carry their boy to the car and get him secured in the back seat. Jack and I stayed outside so we could watch the car while the girls finished gathering up everything. Jack and I were thinking about the same thing, the breasts of each other's wife. I asked Jack if he would love to feel Cindy's tits. He admitted he would through a grin that went ear to ear. I said, "Do you think we can figure out a way to cop a feel?" We thought about it and I came up with a plot to make it happen. Both Karen and Jack would get into their car and after the initial kiss, he'd complain about how short it was. We would see if Cindy would stick her head through the window for a better kiss. He asked, "How will that help?" I told him that her big boobs and his small car would force her to need 'help' getting her breasts through the window so that she could lean in far enough for the good kiss. He agreed that it could work but I would have to be over on Karen's side so that I could lean in and feel Karen. When I lean in he told me to put my hand on her breast and see what happens. If she doesn't like it, she'll probably just move it. If she responds he wanted me to massage her tit and see if I could roll her nipple between my fingers. The plan was set. The ladies came out and Karen and Jack got into the car. Cindy lean in just enough to give Jack a peck on the cheek while I did the same to Karen.

Right on queue Jack complained. "After all this time, that's all we get? I want a better kiss than that." Surprisingly Karen added, "So do I."

Cindy started to lean in as I did the same on Karen's side. Cindy and Jack had already locked in a kiss and I saw Jack's hands head up to her mammoth breasts. He gently helped them over through the window and left his hands on her. I locked lips with Karen as I placed my hand on her breast. Karen clamped her arm down locking my hand in place. Just as quickly she released my hand and I started to gently massage her. My cock stiffened as fast as her nipple sprung to life. Her lips parted and she searched my mouth with her tongue. I gave her breast another squeeze and she kissed harder, her tongue danced a sensuous dance with mine.

I had the advantage of being able to kiss her and still look over at Jack and Cindy. Jack massaged Cindy's tit and started to play with her nipples.

Neither lady objected to what was happening.

I returned my attention to Karen and her breast. She let out several smalls moans that might have been heard by Cindy and Jack. I heard a familiar moan from Cindy indicating she was getting hot. My kiss was followed by several small kisses and then another longer one. Karen responded with desire and I assume Cindy did the same. I took another glance but could only see Jack's shorts starting to grow. I don't know how we did it but the kiss ended for both couples at the same time. We watched them back out and then we waved as they pulled out of the parking lot.

Cindy immediately grabbed my hand and pulled me towards our front door. While still outside she started removing her top. She was pulling so fast that she barely gave me time to push the door closed. She hauled me to the bedroom, finished stripping, helped me with my belt, jerked my pants down so hard it almost hurt the hard-on I was sporting and we had...I don't know if there is any word that best describes it but it was 2 hours of the greatest, noisiest sex ever. This wasn't love making. This was hot, steamy, lust. Both of us doing anything we could to make your partner cum.

I am surprised the neighbors didn't call in a domestic dispute complaint. Maybe they were use to her pleasure screams.

She could never give me a blowjob but she certainly tried several times. I got lucky and I didn't cum for the longest time but when I did, I drove my 10 inches in as deep as possible. With Cindy so wild and the memory of fondling Karen's tit, a hard cock was back in record time. Cindy greedily endured three cum shots deep in her velvety warmth. She even tried to take it in her ass which we had never successfully completed because of my size. When that didn't work, she tried to give me a blowjob. I turned her onto her back, spread and raised her legs and started kissing her inner thighs. She squirmed and kept asking me to fuck her. When I reached her outer lips and sucked one into my mouth, she began to beg for cock. I separated her knees as far apart as they would go placing her feet on my back. She reached down and parted her outer lips exposing her hard clit. I dove it. Sucked it into my mouth. I flicked her magic button with my tongue. She moaned with each tease. Her legs remained on my back as I reached around and up to grab her breasts. I took as much as my hands could hold placing her nipples between my fingers. I started to squeeze. She started to grind. Her hips betrayed the start of the strongest climax yet to come. I repositioned myself and brought one hand down while the other stayed on her tit. I held her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. My other hand was busy with her opening rubbing around her lips, over her clit and teasing her opening. With all the excitement and cum, she was silky wet. I shoved a finger into her quickly and she gasped. I reached her g-spot and her hips involuntarily began to lift. My thumb and forefinger started to squeeze her nipple harder than I normally do. When the first 'Oh my God' escaped her mouth, I knew it wasn't going to take much. I squeezed her nipple hard, shoved my finger in and sucked her clit into my mouth. Three more 'Oh my Gods' were heard with each getting louder than the other. To send her over the edge I nipped her clit with my teeth followed by continual tongue lashings. Perfection! She grabbed my head and smashed my face against her pussy. Her legs tightened around my head so tightly that I could no longer hear the music from the radio. I was beginning to wonder if she was going to let me breath. Her womanly juices flowed like never before. There was so much that I couldn't keep up and a hugh wet spot formed. She continued to climax and flow for what seemed like 10 minutes. I couldn't tell if it was one long one or if she was having multiple orgasms. I really didn't care. She looked so lovely.

When she released my head, I finally had a chance to take a deep breath. I withdrew my cum covered finger, released her nipple and crawled up next to her. I grabbed her in my arms as she tried to catch her breath. She snuggled up against me and she managed to say "Thank you!" between gasps for air. When she calmed down enough I told her, as I chuckled, that this had to happen more often; like maybe once a week. She chided back that she wouldn't have any energy left to do anything else. I said, "Not what just happened, but what happened before you hauled me into the house." "What? Nothing happened. I was just horny from all the sex talk earlier" Cindy offered as an explanation. "Don't worry, I saw what you and Jack were doing during the kiss". I continued with, "We kinda set both of you up." Cindy punched me. "Jack has wanted to see more of you, I would like to see more of Karen and we both have been talking about watching each other and swapping. We kinda set both of you up to see if we could cop a feel. It worked, too." Cindy punched me again. "I'm surprised you didn't hear Karen moan." "I was busy" Cindy snickered. I gently ran my finger over her still erect nipple.

"How was it?" Cindy asked. "How was what?" I answered. "You said that you set both of us up so that means you managed to feel Karen, right?" Cindy queried. I cautiously offered, "It was nice. Her tits are just as firm as yours but naturally not as big. Her nipples get longer but it was hard to tell how much longer than yours they are. I kept fondling her, she kept kissing me harder and trying to find a tonsil with her tongue." We both laughed. Cindy stated, "I think you'll like her nipples and maybe she could give you a complete blowjob." Surprised by the last part of the comment I had to ask, "How would you know that?" "Do you think guys are the only ones who talk about having sex or share details with others? Karen and I have the same swap fantasy plus we have had thoughts of being sex slaves or gangbanged. We never said anything because we didn't know how to talk about it or if the both of you would be repulsed by such thoughts." Cindy added, "Besides, I've told Karen how big you get and she would really wants that much meat in her pussy?"

Sleep started to overtake us. She smiled as she mentioned that the next get together might included more than just copping a feel. I smiled realizing that if schedules permitted, that might be as early as next weekend.

It turned out to be two weeks but that's the next story.

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