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Camping Will Never Be The Same

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Camping will never be the same.

The music had ended, the bands had all cleared the stage area and we had gone back to our community campsite. We sat, telling stories, laughing and drinking the various drinks of choice. After awhile, one of the girls mentioned that she would like to walk around and visit some of the other campsites. Since I was camping alone, I got the job. Not that I minded. She was young and attractive. We gathered up a couple extra drinks to take with us on our trek around the camp The more we walked, the more we drank and soon it began to show on us both. She started stumbling as we walked so I asked her if it would be all right to put my arm around her to help steady her, not that I was in the best of shape, just a little better off than she was at this point. No sooner than I asked, I felt her grab my arm and put it around her waist. At this point, still being the perfect gentleman, we continued our walk with my arm around her and hers now around me. We began to tire and she said she was wanting to go to bed. I escorted her to her camper and led her to the door. She stepped up, stood in the doorway and looking down to me asked if I would like to come in. I quickly responded "yes!" and followed her inside. At first we just talked a bit and then, with a yawn, she said again that she needed to go to bed. I started toward the door saying goodnight when she took my hand and said "you don't have to leave, you can sleep here." I stopped in my tracks, looked back to her, and told her how much I really liked that idea. She told me there was only one bed and that we would have to share it, but since we were both fully clothed, it wouldn't be an issue.

I agreed, and soon we were laying next to each other. As we laid there, I made a slight gesture and put my hand over her waist asking her if that made her uncomfortable. She told me that it was ok and that actually, she rather liked it. I pulled her a little closer and asked if I could kiss her. She replied by pressing her lips against mine for a quick, friend-type kiss. We then gave each other a knowing look and within a split second our lips met once again, this time in a much more than friendly kiss. Her lips parted as she allowed my tongue to explore her mouth. And her responding in kind. We kissed like this for quite a few moments, then as the kiss ended, she looked into my eyes and asked "can we just fool around?" To be fair, and to not start something we wouldn't finish, I asked her "just how far do you want to go with it?" Once again, she simply responded by pressing her lips to mine. With this signal, I immediately let my hand go to her breasts, feeling them through her clothes. She relaxed to my touch and her tongue became even busier in my mouth, so there was no question that she approved of what I was doing. Finally, I decided it was time to go to the next level and pulling her shirt loose from her waistband, I threaded my hand up under the back of her shirt. Finding the clasp, I quickly and deftly unsnapped her bra letting her beautiful tits fall free from their cloth prison. I moved my hand back to the front and now, unrestrained, began to fondle her nipples between two fingers. With this, she needed no more coaxing and I soon felt her hand on my crotch as she started rubbing my cock through my jeans. Encouraged by her actions, I allowed my hand to slide down and into her already unbuckled jeans until I came into contact with her wetness. She let out a loud moan and shook a little to my touch. I massaged her clit for a moment, and then without hesitation, plunged two fingers into her hot, wet pussy. As I did this, she shuddered, arched her back and released a terrific orgasm, covering my hand with her sweet juices. When she stopped shaking, my hand still against her warmth and fingers inside, she looked up at me and said "Fuck me....Fuck me, NOW!" I didn't need to be asked twice, in no time, I had my pants down to my ankles, and as I put on the condom, she took that time to peel her pants completely off. She laid there in front of me, her shirt now unbuttoned and open, pants stripped away and looking ever so beautiful. I did not hesitate. I positioned myself over her and as I lowered myself to her, she took my cock in her hand and guided it to her dripping wet pussy. It felt so good, she was so tight that I almost had to force myself into her. The excitement building up in me, I knew I wasn't going to last very long if we continued like this, so I withdrew from her. She asked me why I had pulled away, but without a verbal response, she soon knew, for now, I had replaced my cock with my tongue. I licked around the outside of her swollen pussy, teasing her clit, sucking on it and nibbling ever so gently. Then flicking it with my tongue and once again guiding my tongue back between those puffy lips. As she started writhing under me, I knew she was about to cum again so I pulled my tongue out, softly blew warm breath against her wetness and then plunged my tongue back into her. As she gave out another moan, this time more softly, her juices poured out of her and into my mouth. I licked up all the moisture I could, trying not to lose any of it, but there was just too much. Now, I pulled my cum-drenched face away from her valley and repositioned myself over her. I leaned down to her and kissed her once again, this time allowing her to taste her own sweetness from my mouth. As we kissed, I let my cock find it's destination....She thrust her hips upward against me. I told her that if she wanted this to last any longer, that perhaps she needed to slow down a bit. To this, she just increased her thrusts and told me that she wanted me to cum, that it was now my turn. I asked her where she would like to feel my cum and she said that since I was wearing a condom, she wanted me to leave my cock inside her so she could feel every pulse from my dick as I came. This was now making me even hotter and with one more kiss and a couple more strokes into her hot, tight pussy, I felt myself granting her wish. I could feel the cum building up in my balls and the wonderful release as it escaped from my cock and filled the condom. As she felt each spasm from my cock she would flex her pussy muscles as though she was actually milking my dick for every last drop. I kissed her again and, regretfully, I slowly pulled my softening dick out of her pussy. As I did this, she reached down to my cock, took it in her hand and skillfully removed the condom from me. Then she did something I had never seen anyone do. She proceeded to take the condom and squeeze it's contents out over herself, first onto her tits and then lower, onto her belly. She started working the cum into her tits, rubbing it into her skin as though it were some kind of lotion. This was an incredible sight and I found myself actually starting to get semi-hard again. When she saw my half-hard cock, she stopped what she was doing, changed positions and took me into her mouth, licking up any and all of the cum that was still on me. After which, she came up, with the remnants of my cum still in her mouth, and tried to kiss me. This was new to me and at first I resisted, but then I figured since I had her taste herself earlier, it was only fair that I do what she wanted now. So I opened my mouth to her and together we shared the final tastes of my own cum.

JGW 6-12-09

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