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Camping Fantasy

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My fantasy for you has to do with a camping trip. We find a nice place, away from the regular campground area, where we can enjoy the peace and tranquillity of nature. We make our camp before nightfall. After the evening meal, we will sit around a campfire, enjoying the coolness of a summer evening after a hot summer?s day. Talk ranges from the silly to the hilarious, as we tell jokes and stories. Soon it is time to bed down for the night and that?s when the fantasy really begins. We enter our tent, and arrange the sleeping bags and other articles before undressing for bed.

When I remove my shirt you get aroused by the sight of my breast, illuminated by the light of a single lantern. You reach over and gently cup your hand under my breast, lifting it slightly so that its weight rests fully in your hand. You bend your head forward and flick your tongue over my nipple several times before you take it between your lips and gently suck it, using your lips to roll my nipple back and forth. I finally push you away so we can finish undressing.

After turning out the lantern we turn to lay down and I place my hand against your chest. My head bends down and you feel my breath against your chest. Then my tongue is teasing and caressing at the same time. My hand strays to your thigh, caressing the inside, tantalizingly close, but still keeping away. I lift my head and smile in the darkness. You can barely see me but my brown eyes are sparkling with secret surprises. Through the darkness you reach for my waist, sliding your hands up until your thumbs are underneath my breast, drawing me closer to you. We kiss gently at first, with tender and sensitive tongues playing over one another until the intensity of the night begins to fan the flames of desire. Tongues begin to run wild, first in my mouth, then in yours. Our hands are caressing and kneading flesh on one another, promising more later and wanting it now.

You begin kissing me all over, ignoring the place I want to be kissed most of all, while at the same time returning your hands to my breast, to lightly caress and pull on them. You can hear my breathing becoming heavier as you watch the rise and fall of my hips. Without warning, I suddenly sit up, grabbing your shoulders and force you onto your back. You lay back on the sleeping bag and I half stand. As my pussy descends towards your face you know I don?t want you to tease me anymore. I want you to eat my pussy. With my thighs on either side of your head, you open your mouth and use your tongue to explore my moist tender pussy. My wetness and the force of the rhythmic motions of my hips doesn?t surprise you. My hands are in your hair, pulling you closer to my pussy, making you realize that I?ve wanted this all day and night. I grind my pussy against your tongue and my breath is coming in shorter and shorter breaths. My wetness is everywhere it seems. You can feel it on your cheeks and even some running down your neck from your chin. I announce my orgasm with short breaths and little cries, while my whole body spasms and shudders its approval.. Your lips are pressing and sliding over my clit in off-rhythm beat to my contractions, trying to prolong my pleasure. Finally, I?m spent. For now the afterglow of my orgasm will make me limp and exhausted. I roll over onto my side next to you, and a heavy sigh escapes from my lips.

After regaining my breath I once again lean over you and take your hard cock in my mouth and begin sucking it with complete abandonment. My head is bobbing up and down and you can feel my fingers lightly caressing your balls. I stop sucking, pausing to lick the underside of the head and shaft of your cock right where you are the most sensitive. I want to suck you off. I want you to cum as much as you can in my mouth. I want to taste your cum and feel it running down my throat. Then I want you to eat my pussy while I suck you hard again. After that I want you to fuck my cunt from behind while you hold my breast. I want you to make love to me all night.

I move and straddle your legs, letting my breast lean down and touch your rock hard cock. My hand jerks your cock against my soft warm breast, and you can see them wiggle with my movements. My mouth descends again onto your shaft, making soft noises of wetness. It is my eagerness to please you that has you so aroused that your cock feels like it will burst.

Without taking my mouth away from your cock I move to my side, the two of us forming a slightly bent ?tee?. You hear a rustling sound in the tent and you realize that I?m reaching for something. You know what it is, and when my hand reaches between my thighs you take the large dildo from me and slide it into my pussy. A gasping moan comes from me and you feel a renewed attack on your cock. Roughly, you plunge the dildo into my soft flesh, feeling my hips move back each time to meet your thrusts. After a while you place your hand at the base and let me lean back into it, taking it as deep as I want. My hips almost touch the floor of the tent as my greedy cunt tries to draw it deeper. My hand comes back and grabs your wrist, taking your hand away from it?s present duty, placing it instead on one of my breast. Understanding you begin to squeeze and pull on my nipple. You notice my hand has moved back between my thighs and I?m using the dildo myself. Fatigue takes its toll and you suggest I roll over on my back. As I do my hand never leaves your cock. After getting comfortable my mouth encircles your cock once again. You can feel the volcanic rise and tingle of your coming orgasm. As my tongue licks under the head, the first spurt rushes into my mouth, followed quickly by another, then another. My hand pulls your cock out of my mouth as another gush of cream splashes against my lips and chin. I slide up some and come to a half sitting position, bringing my breast up to your still gushing cock. More cum leaps from your cock, landing on my heaving breast.

You collapse in a heap, still watching me as I plunge the dildo into my pussy. Taking your cue from my mood tonight you lean forward and spread my pussy lips, tonguing back the hood of my clit. You look up at me, seeing my face contorted by impending orgasm. Your mouth automatically closes on my clit, feeling the vibrations in it, your tongue trying to prolong it for me.

The next five minutes are spent in saying thank you!? to each other using gentle kisses and caresses. Both of us enjoying the warm afterglow that always follows our lovemaking.

Once you are ready to go again I lay on my back and bring my legs up and wide. Needing no urging, you move into position. Placing your hands under my ass you lift me up and plunge deeply into my waiting cunt. You keep plunging into my pussy, feeling the wetness against your loins. It?s hot and steamy with fragrant sex odors in our tent, and we are joined in the pursuit of pleasure. You keep your cock moving slowly in and out of my cunt slowly picking up speed. I almost sob as I clutch you to me, meeting each thrust. My orgasm is coming quickly now and sensing this you begin to cum with me.

We both know it is going to be a very long night. We have only just begun.

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