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His name was Tommy. I never knew his last name. He was introduced to Sally and me by a mutual girl friend of ours. Her name was Mary. Tommy was a supplier of good quality crank, and Mary at that time did quite a lot every day.

Mary introduced me to Tommy. After I had purchased about $500 worth of his product, he let me come by his apartment without Mary. I could now carry on my business with him without having to cut Mary in on the deal.

Tommy lived about twenty miles from where Sally and I resided. One weekend day when I was about to visit Tommy, Sally asked if she could come along. I didn’t where it would do any harm so I told her to be ready in five minutes. I wanted to beat the traffic going out of town after work.

Tommy appeared to be about ten years younger than me. That put him around Sally’s age of thirty-five. He was average in build with short blond hair. When we arrived, Tommy was not there. There was a note on his door that he would be back by four-thirty. We decided to wait the twenty minutes or so for him to return.

Sally had worn a very short white slip over dress that barley covered her ass checks. The front was not cut low, but if I looked hard I could make out her nipples pressing against the fabric. We sat in the car for about a half an hours and still no Tommy, I finally decided to drive to 7-11 and get something for us to drink. When I left the store to get back in the car, there was Tommy going inside. I told him we were waiting for him to return and introduced him to Sally.

Tommy did not have a driver’s license or car. He lived downtown so he took the local buss where ever he needed to go.

I told him I would give him a ride back to his apartment since I wanted to do business with him any way.

He finished his shopping and got in our van. He remarked how hot Sally looked in her “little” dress. He said his place was a mess, but we were welcome any way.

When we got to Tommy’s apartment to do our deal, we found out he didn’t have anything at the time. He could ride his bike about three blocks down the street and be right back if we wanted to wait while he picked some up.

Sally and I decided that would be ok. We wanted the crank for the up coming weekend. A little wait would be no problem. Just before he left with our money, his door bell rang. He looked out the peep hole and turned to us and asked if we would wait in his bedroom.

The two guys at the door were his connect. He didn’t want them to see us. When we went into his bedroom, he shut that door. Then he opened the front door and let his connect inside, We could hear the three of them talking, but we really could not make out what they were saying.

We sat on Tommy’s bed since there were no chairs in his room. I was glad his connect came by because it seemed like it was taking forever to conclude business. I began to play with Sally while we waited.

I laid back on Tommy’s bed and began to caress her tits and lower her shoulder straps for better access. I also managed to push her dress up about six inches. We played around for about fifteen minutes getting more anxious all the time.

Suddenly the bedroom door opened and in walked Tommy. I was right in the middle of kissing Sally’s nipple and blowing on it. I liked to see her nipple wrinkle up when she was getting hot, and her nipple was getting cold.

Tommy said he didn’t mean to surprise us, but then he had no idea what we were up to. He took a long look at Sally’s tits, and asked if she wanted to take her dress off. She looked a little taken back, but she didn’t try to cover herself back up.

Finally her nipple wrinkled. I think it was because she had Tommy as an audience. When Tommy walked in on us, I had just started to blow. Her nipple didn’t have time to wrinkle from the cold. It had to be the excitement of Tommy watching!

I sat up on the edge of the bed and Tommy sat down on the other side of Sally. He said he got our crank. He asked if we wanted to try it out before we left. Being as we were late getting out of town and could not miss the traffic, we decided to do some while we were there. First I had to take a piss. I got off the bed and went to the bathroom. When I returned, Sally was still lying down with Tommy sitting next to her. She still had made no attempt to cover herself back up.

I filled my pipe and we passed it around until it was gone. As usual, it was quite good. All three of us got a real good buzz. Sally finally went to the bathroom and fixed her dress and makeup. Before we left, Tommy once again told Sally how hot she looked in her dress. Sally told Tommy she would come with me the next time I made a purchase. She said she would wear one of her favorite outfits just for him to see.

The traffic going home would be heavy this time of day so Sally and I decided to drop by Mary’s and get her high. Tommy, I guess over heard us discussing May y, and asked if he could catch a ride with us. I didn’t have a problem with giving him a lift. Especially when he said he would supply the crank to smoke while we were there.

It only took about ten minutes and we arrived at Mary’s. Sally liked to visit Mary. Mary was a quality dumpster diver and trader. She had all kinds of lingerie and let Sally go through her closet and pick out anything she liked.

We all went into Mary’s bedroom and Tommy loaded my pipe.

We smoked constantly for about fifteen minutes. I’m sure every body was about as high as they could get. Also, every one was thirsty as could be.

I decided to go out and pick up some sodas for us to drink while Sally checked out Mary’s new things. Tommy came along with me to the store. It didn’t take very long to get there and back. I handed every one a soda and sat down on the couch in the living room with Tommy. Sally was still in the bedroom checking out possible outfits and Mary was in the kitchen cooking.

I yelled out to Sally and asked what was taking her so long. She answered back that Mary had a lot of new things, and she had picked out four outfits. She said she would be out in a minute or two. She was right. Two minutes later she walked out wearing her first outfit. She wanted to know what we thought.

It was a red two piece see thru trop and bottom. The sort of outfit that called a day lounge wear. The shorts were really short. There were about five inches tall, and looked like red see thru hip huggers. The top wasn’t much bigger. It came about five inches above her navel and left nothing to the imagination!

Needless to say, Tommy was impressed and so was I. I liked the outfit and the fact Sally was modeling it for us. Tommy couldn’t believe his eyes. He said he hadn’t seen any one wear something like that in years. He was very appreciative and refilled my pipe. We took a couple of hits while Sally was changing into her next item.

Tommy asked if it would be ok to take Sally the pipe to hit on since it was already half gone. I told him I didn’t think it would be a problem, but to knock before walking in. I should have known better from our experience an hour before. Tommy got up from the couch. He walked down to Mary’s room, opened the door without knocking, and walked in. He shut the door when he entered the room.

I was a little surprised but not alarmed. Tommy was a nice fellow and I’m sure Sally was getting off on him looking at her. Besides he came out in a couple of minutes followed by Sally in another outfit. She said this one is the outfit Tommy wanted to see model next.

This was an outfit that consisted of only a long sleeved see thru golden blouse. The top did have some ruffles on the bottom edge and on the cuffs. Sally had just started to show us what it looked like when the front door opened and two of Mary’s friends walked in. They didn’t know quite what to think. Sally told them what she was doing. If it bothered them, they could go into the kitchen. Besides she only had one or two more to try on.

Sally really looked hot. That top has since become one of my favorites.

Sally said she only had two more to try on. One was a black night gown, the other a white long sleeved shirt. She said she would be right back. Mary’s two friends took seats in the living room waiting for the next “show.”

Tommy told us he knew what one she would come out in next since he had seen them all. He said it would be the black night gown. Sally called out Tommy’s name. He got up and went back into the bedroom shutting the door behind him. In a couple of minutes Sally was back out. She said she needed help lighting the pipe and lacing the night gown. That was why she called for Tommy. I figured that was bull shit. She was just getting excited from the crank and Tommy looking at her. Now she had two more guys she could thrill! I was getting thrilled as well!

Sally came out wearing the night gown. It was barely laced up in the front. In fact the laces weren’t even tied but left to float free. It was see through like the others, and open about 14 inches at her neck down to where it closed about 2 inches above her navel.

Every one loved the night gown. Sally pranced around the room. After a minute she finally sat down on the couch. I put my arm around her and gave her right tit a gentle squeeze. The material felt very silky and smooth. The material added to the sensation as I pressed down on her tit.

Sally said she was only going to take these three items because the white top did not fit or feel right. She asked Tommy if he knew what she meant by “fit and Feel.” I knew he wouldn’t have a clue. Sally told him to come and place his hands on her tits. I got up and moved out of the way. The “fit and feel “ explanation sometimes takes a while to understand. It is however interesting. Tommy got to rub his hands all over Sally’s tits while she tried to make him understand.

Mary’s two friends turned out not to be very smart. They said they understood exactly what Sally meant by the term “fit and feel.” Those two were left in the dark and got to feel nothing.

Sally and I left a few minutes later. She put on the red outfit for the ride home. I think she was hoping someone would see her in new day lounging outfit. I played with her all the way home and to my knowledge no one looked in the passenger window. I had her tits out rubbing on them as she beat me off.

I came so hard I shot cum all over the inside of the driver’s windshield. Sally just laughed and said she wanted to come with me the next time I went to Tommy’s!

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