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Blood, Sweat & Tears

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When she walks into the motel room he is there, waiting for her. You could already feel the darkness looming in the air. Thick and heavy. He is sitting on the edge of the bed wearing nothing but a tee-shirt and shorts. There isn?t any time for pleasantries. She closes the door, throws her bag on an empty chair, and kicks off her shoes. The room is dimly lit by a lonely lamp on the bedside table. He looks nervous, but then again, he always is.

She smiles at him. He gets up from the bed and they fall into each other. It feels so good to have his arms around her. She?s waited a long time for this. He holds her tight, not wanting to let go. Not wanting to ever let her go. They stay like that for a long time. She wants to kiss him but doesn?t. Instead she kisses him on the cheek and then breaks away. The intensity of the moment is already starting to suffocate her.

Excitedly she says, ?Let?s get started.?

He takes off his clothes and lies down on the bed. The sight of his nakedness causes that churning in the pit of her stomach to grow into a dark, almost out of control hunger. There is a bag next to him and she knows what?s inside. She smiles. One of the straps of her flimsy tank top falls off her shoulder. She isn?t wearing a bra. No need for that. She takes off her shorts and keeps her black panties on. For now. It?s time. It?s been way overdue. Every part of her body is awake and ready to begin this dark dance with him. With only him. She feels the pervasive darkness run through her soul. It?s time to feed the need. It?s just the two of them now. Just the two of them and the darkness.

She nonchalantly wipes a tear from her eye, overwhelmed by the moment, hoping he doesn?t notice. To finally be with him. To finally feel his intensity for real. To finally have this. To finally be able to be free.

She climbs on top of him, his cock responds to her touch. It?s semi-hard. For now. She reaches into the bag and pulls out some alligator clips. His favorite. She examines them for a few seconds. Opening, then closing them. Getting a feel for them. He could see the darkness in her eyes. The fascination. She looks more than beautiful to him. The darkness is radiating from her. It is strong and it is what he needs. What he always needed.

She looks at him and he can smell the scent of dark seduction. Almost coyly she asks, ?Are you ready??

He tells her he is and then says her name. He knows what that does to her. He can see her respond as she tries to maintain control. She?s not the only one with dark seduction on her mind.

She takes the clips and places one on each of his nipples, gathering as much flesh as she can between them. The first sound of pain immediately catches her attention. She watches him closely. She watches as he reacts to her touch. She begins to experiment. She pulls on the clips, twists them, and taps on them with her fingertips. His body writhes on the bed as the pain swathes around him. Every sound he makes causes her to pull harder or squeeze tighter. Her body responds to his pain. She can feel it in her clit, like stabbing little knives exploring that deepest part of her. His pain is already becoming her addiction. She pulls even harder on one of the clips; harder than she thought she could, and one snaps off, taking with it some of his flesh. It starts to bleed. The sight of his blood arouses every part of her lust-craving flesh. She is in awe of how red it seems to be. How it has a life of its own as it trickles down his side. She watches, completely transfixed on the scarlet flow. It sends chills throughout her body. Her breasts are swelling. She can feel her own nipples beginning to throb.

?This is better than I imagined it to be. I?m becoming a slave to your body.?

He opens his eyes and through the pain looks at her, like a princess sitting on her throne. Her eyes are like two pools of darkness. She is panting slightly. She?s moving her body, rubbing her wet pussy into his cock. The excitement, the arousal, the wetness ? he can smell it on her. He wonders how he?s survived this long without her touch and knows this is just the beginning. Without hesitation she brings her finger to the blood and touches it. She brings the bloody finger to her mouth and her tongue accepts it. She looks like a lioness lapping up the remains of her first kill. Talk about dark seduction.

Now that she?s tasted him, it?s given her a definite purpose. She pulls on the other clip still attached to his flesh and squeezes it with all her might showing no mercy. The exquisite sounds of pain fill the room. She watches more closely now as his body responds to her dark sadistic touches. His chest is heaving, his breath comes in short hard gasps, while hands are clutching the sheets in tight fists. The open wound beckons her. She cannot resist the urge to drench her finger once more in his blood, only this time she pushes her finger inside feeling the silky raw and exposed flesh. A low guttural moan escapes from her own lips and the feeling of his flesh further pushes her into this darkened madness.

She shifts her body to where she is now sitting on his leg, her wetness still pouring out of her. She grabs hold of his cock and it grows for her. With her hand still tightly around the clip she digs her nails into his cock, up and along the sides making dozen of tiny half moon shapes with her fingernails, breaking the skin. She does this almost rhythmically as she continues to pull on the clip, blood now pouring out of that wound. The need to taste him again is all she can think about. She removes the clip and puts her mouth to it, swirling her tongue around the tiny cuts. She sucks on it, licks it; she can?t seem to get enough. He tastes so fucking good. She doesn?t even realize that as she?s doing this her hand finds a different kind of rhythm, as it moves up and down the length of his hard cock, almost causing him to come.

She abruptly stops and giggles. ?Can?t have that happening?yet.? She smiles at him and then reaches into the bag, pulling out a scalpel.

Again, she examines the foreign instrument, as she did the clips, holding it in her hand, getting a feel for it. ?Feels good in my hand,? she muses.

She takes the scalpel and brings it to the base of his cock and starts to cut. She cuts up and along the side until she reaches the tip. His moans grow louder and more forceful. The darkness is inside him now and he?s never looked more beautiful.

?Do you want me to stop??

Through ragged breaths he says, ?No?no, don?t stop, please don?t stop.? And he says her name again. Hearing him refocuses her attention to her body. That dark and sexy voice which has such control over her. She could feel her body respond to him, opening up to him. Needing his touch. She shakes off the feeling, temporarily, because she isn?t quite finished yet.

She touches the tip of his cock with her fingers, noticing the remnants of cuts from long ago. Then she puts more pressure on the blade, pushing it in further, and makes a nice deep slit. The blade continues to run down, with less pressure, to the base of the other side of his cock. When she?s done she puts down the scalpel and examines the cuts. There?s plenty of blood oozing out. She takes her hand and wraps it firmly around his bloody cock, moving it slowly up and down, watching him wince in pain; every breath he takes becomes her own. She can?t control the persistent ache between her legs. She removes the tank top and her breasts fall freely, bouncing slightly. She takes off her panties, drenched from the need. She is wet. She is wild. She feels completely out of control. She wants him now. She straddles him. She pushes him deep inside her. They both cry out. His pain becomes her pleasure and every sound he makes, every jerk of his body takes her into that darkened bliss.

?You don?t know how much I?ve wanted this. How much I?ve needed this. God, you feel so fucking good.? She moves slowly, wanting to savor the moment. Hoping it will be enough to keep her satisfied until they meet again. He grabs hold of her hips and helplessly moves inside her. His pain is what she craves. Her pleasure becomes his motivation.

?You are fucking amazing,? is all he can articulate.

He wonders, in the dark corners of his mind, how he was able to resist this for so long, how good it feels to be free with her. Just like he knew it would be. The friction of her cunt walls wrapping around his assaulted cock is burning, but he cannot stop. Watching her ride him, watching the desire drip from her dark eyes is all he can think about. He reaches out his hands and grabs hold of her nipples squeezing them hard. Too hard. She cries out in pain. He does this as if he?s done it a hundred times to her before. It feels so right. So natural. Before long they are nice and red, but he?s only just begun. He raises his body, even though it?s screaming in pain, and lifts himself up, his cock still firmly inside her. Then, he pushes her off him and onto the bed. She?s lying on her back. He looks at her pussy and sees his blood on her. He feels the darkness in this very moment like he?s never felt it before. It?s so powerful that it frightens him. This need to take her. To break her. To own her.

He spreads her legs wide and then with his fingers spreads the swollen lips of her pussy. He brings his mouth to her clit and bites down, holding it between his teeth as his fingers slip inside that syrupy wetness. He fucks her with his fingers, devouring her clit, sucking, biting, and licking. She tastes so fucking good. Her moans are bouncing off the walls. She?s begging for his cock but he won?t give it to her just yet. He wants her to come in his face and taste that sweetness. The taste of his blood and her combined is making him raging hard. And the harder he gets the more the pain from the cuts are maximized.

He stops for a moment and looks up at her. Her dark hair sprawled all over the pillow, strands of it sweaty and sticking to her face. Her face is flushed. Her eyes are glossy and full of dark passion. Her body is his.

?Don?t stop, please?don?t stop. I want to come for you.?

?I know you do my little whore. But you?ll have to wait.? He takes his hand out of her steaming hot cunt and reaches into the bag to retrieve a pair of handcuffs. He can smell her on his mouth, in his nostrils. It?s more than intoxicating. He?s drunk with desire for her. A dark desire. A desire he knows she will accept and embrace because of the connection they share. He places her arms above her head and can see the dried blood on her fingers and under her nails. He likes seeing his blood on her body. He puts the cuffs around the headboard of the bed and locks her wrists in them. He brings his hungry mouth to one of her breasts and bites down hard on her nipple. Hard enough to break the skin. Hard enough to taste her blood. He has to fight the overwhelming need to push his cock back inside her. The taste of her pushes him over that edge and the darkness is now the driving force within him. She can sense something is different about him. The way he?s looking at her now, the way he?s molesting her, breaking her body, molding it into that of his own. It scares her. It arouses her. At this moment she exists only for him.

He sucks on her nipple while his other hand squeezes and pinches the other one forcefully, relentlessly, feeding on her, needing her more and more as every torturous second passes between them.

He takes another scalpel from the bag and teases her with it. It falls on her breast and he pushes it in, ever so slightly. It travels down her belly to her pussy. He puts the blade on her clit and gently rubs it. He can see the fear in her eyes. He?s high on that fear. He then places the knife onto her virgin skin; that crease between her pussy and where her thigh begins, that special spot where her panties will be constantly rubbing against it. He cuts her there and she closes her eyes and allows herself to feel it, to truly feel it for the first time in her life. It?s something she?s wanted ever since they connected. It?s something she needed because of the darkness he so effortlessly brought out of her. She feels the pain and accepts it. She feels the pain and then the tears burning in her eyes. It hurts so fucking good. As he slowly and carefully continues to cut her, he is lost inside this darkness. The darkness of her.

When he?s finished he comes to sit beside her and removes the handcuffs. He takes her hand and kisses it, something he wanted to do a long time ago. As he wipes a few of her tears away he asks, ?Are you okay??

She looks into his eyes and sees the man behind the darkness. She whispers, ?I?m okay,? then pulls him towards her. They kiss then, for the first time. Kiss like neither one has ever kissed anyone before. The dark passion behind the kiss makes her body feel that fire. That need. How long has she imagined this very moment? She sucks on his tongue, practically sucking the life right out of him. His lips are soft and warm. She wants to feel those lips on her cunt. Through the kisses she urges him to finish what he started but she cannot stop kissing him. She takes his hand and brings it to her clit and he starts to rub it. She?s moaning into his mouth. He needs to taste her again. He breaks free from the kiss and brings his mouth back to her pussy.

?My god you taste so fucking good.?

He looks at the perfect cut he made and licks it. Shivers of pain seduce her once again. She falls back onto the bed as he manipulates the cut with his tongue. Then his fingers push deep inside her and he fucks her with them once more. His mouth going from cut to clit. She is screaming now. From the pain? From the pleasure? He doesn?t know. He doesn?t care. And then her body buckles and starts to convulse. She screams as she comes, a sound he knows only too well. He continues to stimulate her until she?s about to come again, and then he stops.

All this time he is more than painfully aware of his cock, and how much it hurts, but hurts more because it?s not inside her. He is overcome by this need to be inside her. It scares him but he?s not going to let anything interfere with the dark needs within him.

?I want you. I need you.? Then her name rolls off his tongue. He can see fresh tears in her eyes. She is helpless. She is a slave to his darkness.

?Then take me. I?m yours. I?m your whore. I?m your plaything. I?m your?,? she pauses for a moment and then says, ?I?m your beautiful mess. Take me. Hurt me. Fuck me. Reduce my will to ashes. Whatever you want . Whatever you need.?

He pushes his cock deep inside her and crushes his mouth on hers. She runs her fingers down his back, scratching and tearing at his skin. She then finds his swollen bloody nipples and presses her fingers into them, pinching them hard, just the way he likes it.

He fucks her with dark lust. He fucks her with a burning need. He fucks her with love. The dark needs within them both hopelessly entangled into one another. Because for them, it could be no other way.

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