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Blessing in disguise, Couple, Romance of two mature persons

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It was Friday afternoon and Melissa finished her lunch. When she was just thiknig of buying a new dress for her birthday on Sunday, she was called by her HR Chief and was given the 'pink slip'. That was the only time in her life when tears literally rolled out of her eyes.

She was really surprised and wept like a small child. she did not cry that much when her husband,died in car accident. Now to get a job and to lead a new life was looking uncertain. She composed herself and thanked her colleagues for the support and was waiting at the bus stop.

It was her brother Robin from San Francisco.

'Hay Meli, Ronald wants to know if you can fly to London to watch Wimbledon Men's final on the centre court between Andy and roger on Sunday. he has two tickets. He wanted Veronica to come. she sprained her legs. He would send you e-ticket from Los Angeles to london and back by British Airways and he would take care of you in London. He wants you to leave on saturday and you can be back on monday afternoon. take leave on monday and that should be fine'.

Veronica is wife of Robin and ronald is her younger brother. Though Ronald is 54 years old his body age is 45 and looks perfectly trim. He is 6 ft 2 inches tall and muscular of weight 175 pounds. He gets up early in the morning and does swimming and plays tennis. He is very intelligent and Melissa's dream man. Ronald holds a doctorate in mechanical engineering from a prestigious university and MBA from a reputed business school. Presently he is working in a multinational company as a senior executive looking after operations in Europe.

Melissa too is his dream woman. Though she is 43 years old her body age is 34. A graduate in arts she was a tennis player and ballet dancer with sharp features and a figure 38-29-40. She is 5ft 11 inches tall weighing 150 pounds. By the time he met her for the first time at her marriage he was married and had two daughters. At the time of her marriage she had a perfect figure of 36-25-38 weighing 135 pounds.

Ronald's two daughters had completed masters in mechanical engineering and are married. Melissa's two sons were taught mathematics and guided to join navy by Ronald, for which she alwys adores him. Ronald was very happy man till his wife Angila died of breast cancer last year. To keep himself busy he took the assignment in Europe.

"I will talk to Ron" and said 'Wish Vera a speedy recovery'.

Melissa was with full enthusiasm wanting to fly to London, watch the final and spend the night with her dream man. She thanked God and heaven for such a treat on her birthday.

She rang up Ron and said 'I am not able to believe it Ron'.

He also said similar words and finally said "Do not bring any extra clothes or luggage and come as you are".

On sunday morning the flight landed at 9.50 A.M. and he booked a luxurious hotel near the Heathrow airport.

She was wearing 'true white seamless ribbed tank dress and touch ups nona whit satin high heels'. She was looking like venus to Ron.

From behind he could see lovely breasts popping up sideways. Her asss cheeks were teasing him. After a long time he was sex-cited in his life.

He greeted her with a hand shake but the pressure of his hand shake sent romantic signals to her and she also responded by not leaving the hand.

He was wearing a 'high quality umo- 2 button suite and 'belvedere coppola black shoes shining like mirror' and 'grey tie'.

'You look very handsome' complimented Melissa.

'You also look gorgeous'.

As they entered her room in the hotel he presented a bouque of flowers and said 'wishing you many happy returns of the day'.

On the bed he spread an 'oscar de la renta black silk grecian goddess dress'. It is a pure silk chiffon classic black colour, styling including wide shoulder straps, square off v-neckline,banded waist, back zip, full liningand floaty hem. Black- chantelle chantelly lace thong and half cup bra fitting her teasing breasts and thunder thighs were placed inside dress.

Adjacent to the bed he placed 'mild heel jane styled footwear with functional strap and buckles with pointed toe and 7.5 cm heel'.

He handed over 'rolex celini orchid watch with black leather strap matching to the dress.

There was glow in Melissa's eyes.

'Take bath quickly and get ready. We have to watch the match from the beginning. It is going to be exciting'.

Ron gave the clothes she wore during the flight for dry cleaning. She wore a towel and half of her body was naked and Ron was happy to see her exposed body.

When Melissa came out from the bath room she was looking fresh and juicy. He put around her neck a 'black tahitian pearl necklace with diamond clasp and gave her matching earrings.

She couldn't believe it.

'How do you know my sizes'?

'I am an engineer', he quipped.

She gently kissed him on his lips.

While driving to Wimbledon she asked, 'Who would win'?

'I think Federer would win'.

She said 'I bet on "Andy"'.

'With whom'.


'How much'?

'Five hundred bucks'.

'You want to bet with me'.

She whispered in his ears, 'If Federer wins I will be yours and if Andy wins you will be mine tonight'.

'Both are win-win situations for me'.


'I know'.

Both watched the match as true professionals without anything else on their minds, except exchanging smiles when their predictions came true and applauding each rally and return. It was perhaps the best day in her life.

When they returned to the hotel she asked 'Ron, what next'?

'I am thinking of going to the swimming poolfor elaxing. Would you join or you want to elax in your room.?

'I didn't bring swimming dress though i love to swim'.

'don't worry. i bought a swimming dress for you. I had intuition that you would love to swim after the match'.

He took out a 'victoria's secret beach sexy triangle bikini set which was white in colour from hissuitcase and gave it to her. She undressed her black dress and changed to bikii and Ron did see her teasing tits and erect nipples. Ron changed to 'hugo boss trigger fish swim suite'. Melissa had a quick glance of his shaft which was oscillating semi erect.

"Ron, I have yet to see a person matching your taste and organizing capabilities'.

Ron laughed and called the service maid to dry wash his suite and her black dress including the inner garments and added that 'these should be ready by tomorrow morning by 8 a.m'.

In the pool there were others an as such both of them kept safe distance. As it became dark all left and they were alone. Melissa became bold and put her arms around Ron's neck and kissed him passionately on his mouth. Ron grabbed her and kissed her all over her body passionately and opened her mouth with his. They both went deep into the water and she tightened her legs around his waist and Ron squeezed her ass cheeks firmly.

They came out of the pool and sat at a table. Ron suggested to have drinks to which Melissa responded asertively.

He ordered for 'gin lemonade, fried prawns and cut straw berries'. They sat closer and perpendicular and Ron sat to her left. He could sneak her lovely teasing tits closely. he placed his right hand on her knee and she did not try to remove it, He played up and down her thigh very slowly with his fingers and she placed her left hand on his muscular thigh and moved up and down. He leaned closer to her, dr*ped his arm over her shoulder and lightly grazed her breast with his hand. He put his two fingers around her erect nipple and fondled it.

She saw a bulge in his swim suite and pressed it with her left hand. As it was growing harder she suggested that they go back to his room and he got up nodding his head in agreement.

The moment they were in his room, Ron put up 'Do not disturb' placard and bolted the door. He removed her bikini and she removed his swim suite. He saw a great pair of beautiful round breasts and hard erect nipples to be fondled, licked and bitten. She started playing with his growing shaft and bull size balls.

'would you like to have one more drink'?

'sure' and dropped her hand 'Chivas regal or johnnie walker blue label'


He put in two glasses and brought to the bed where she was sitting naked on the edge.

He put the music system on with some soft piano music.

He sat by the side of her. She got up and asked, 'can i sit on your lap'?


She sat on his lap and offered her glass to him to drink and he offered his glass to her. He fondled her tits and nipples. She kept her right hand around his neck and offered her tiny luscious lips to him now and then to be kissed.

After the drinks he lifted and put her on the bed in a comfortable position. She laid back and he was on top of her, kissing her passionately fully in her mouth toungues playing like snakes. He moved down and kissed her neck. His tongue played circles around her nipples and he sucked each one alternately. He licked literally her stomach and navel and simultaneously squeezed her tits.

He moved further down and knelt near the bed and pulled her two legs on to his shoulders. His tongue licked her pubic area where her hair was like a small bush. He kissed and licked her inner thighs alternately. He kissed her inner lips of the wet pussy and started eating the pussing simultaneously pinching her nipples and squeezing tits. She further pushed her pussy into his mouth and she experienced best orgasm in lfe.

'Come on Ron. i want you in me', she said slowly and clearly.

He got up and she moved back and spread her legs aswide as she could. He entered her slowly and gently. When he was totally in, she put her legs around his waist and tightened them. He put his hands around her arms, lfted her head and kissed her passionately. She then lifted her knees and bent them and later stretched them and put them on his shoulders. He couldnt believe the position and he thrust into her pussy with deeper penetration.

When they were exhausted Ron Cell rang.

It was from Veronica.

'Is Melissa with you. she was not lifting her phone '?

Ron handed over the phone to Melissa.

'Sorry Vera, the charge in mine was over. I am getting it charged.

Veronica knew it was a lie and guessed what must be happening.

'So how was your day with Ron. Did you enjoy the match?

They chatted for half an hour. Meanwhile Ron got up and took a shower in the bathroom.

When he came out she said, 'Both Robin and Veronica conveyed special thanks to you for taking care of me so well'.

'I should thank them for sending you'.

'Do you a gillette razor'?


'I want to shave there and present you a cleaner pussy for the second set after dinner'.

'Is it'!

There was a naughty smile on Ron's face.

After the bath both wore ward robes and both were stark naked inside.

The perfumes on their bodies were awesome and tempting.

For the dinner he ordered chicken pizza and banana milk shake. Both sat on the carpet and fed one another with loveand affection.

After Dinner while Melissa was watching news headlines Ron sat on sofa and was solving the guardian crossword.

Melissa sat near him and was observing Ron filling the words.

'There are three sexy clues', said Ron bit loudly.

'What are they'?, asked Melissa 'One is 'sexually mature' and it must be 'nubile', the 'second one' is ' sexual preamble' and it must be 'fore play'.Melssa said with a smile,'You are romantic and sexy' and asked 'what is the third one'?

"It uplifts"!

'What does that one mean'?, exclaimed Melissa.

He removed her wardrobe and placed his two hands on her tits and said 'You dint wear one and ofcourse 'you dont need one either'

"I dint get it', she said innocently.

It is BRA'. he said in her ear.

She removed his ward robe and pushed him on the bed and mounted on him like a 'jockey' on a frisky horse. She bent and held one of nipples to his white teeth to suck and bite. She took his right hand and handed over her left tit to squeeze.

He put his index finger of left hand deep ino her wet puusy and started searching the G-spot. When he found it he kept on pressing it. She removed his finger and moved further and rubbed her wet pussy hard on his chest and juices started secreting and were dropping on his chest.

She turned and put her wet pussy to his mouth. She took his shaft into her mouth full till it touched her throat and both were rallying. Before long it was she who turned and guided his shaft into her pussy and rode him to ecstasy. Like a fountain he ejaulated in her. She kissed him fully in his mouth. She got down, washed and slept on his chest like a small baby.

It was morning 7.00 am and Ron got up before and was brushing his teeth in the bathroom. melissa joined and said, 'good morning dear'.

'Good morning honey, you know melissa originally meant 'honey'.

'I also heard tha way'.

While she was pissing Ron put his hand under her pussy and collected her urine in his palm and gulped it.

She couldnt believe it.

He said 'tastes good'.

She applied tooth paste to his rod like cock, put it into her mouth and sucked it vigourously.

After she finished her brushing he lifted her and put her on the marble platform of the wash basin. She leaned back and he inserted his hard erection into her wet pussy and drove her crazy pumping loads of semen.

Both took bath together in the tub caressing and kissing.

At the buffet breakfast they sat in a corner. She thanked him saing,' I never expected that such intelligent, gentle and a senior executive of a multinational company would spend so much time and money on ordinary woman who was given pink slip last week. Thank you Ron for all the wonderful things you have given and love'. and she cried softly.

'You were and are always special to me. My secretay has resigned as her husband is posted in China. I will take you.You can be with me as long as you want'.

He called the airlines to cancel her return ticket. Both held each others' hands and went to her bed room to play the 'fourth set' of the 'love bed tennis match'.

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