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Blame It On The WebCam

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What had come over her? Her heart was racing. She felt flushed, and excited. A warm tingling sensation deep inside the lower regions of her tummy had haunted her off and on all day. And now it was escalating. She felt warm chills spreading through her body, coursing through her veins. And she knew why. Tonight she was going to talk to him again. And maybe more.

"Blame it on the webcam" she thought. After she had acquired the cam, she had stumbled across some adult web sites. As she flipped through the cam list, she was amazed by what she saw. Men and women played naughty games in front of their cams . . . teasing each other with unfettered displays of their naked bodies. They said naughty things to each other in chat rooms, and tempted one another to show more . . . to do more. Many masturbated for hours until they collapsed from exhaustion. And she was fascinated by what she saw.

If she admitted the truth to herself, she had secretly wanted to join their fun. But as beautiful and sexy as she was, she was just too shy. She could only watch and chat and wonder. Yet she knew it would be an incredible turn-on to reveal herself on cam, if only she could bring herself to do it.

She knew her breasts were perfect . . . not too large or small. Her tank tops would stretch tightly against her round curves, and her nipples tilted slightly upward. They were nipples that men loved. Each was perfectly round and easily became fully erect and hard. And they protruded from the surface of her breasts at least a quarter of an inch. She loved the effect they had on men.

<Smile> If it hadn't been for the cam, she would not be feeling the way she was now. Needing him. Wanting him. The intense forbidden thrill of sexually teasing another man without really being with him stirred such erotic passion.

Ordinarily hundreds of men watched her on her cam and would beg her to show more. But she never did. They wanted her to watch them masturbate for her. It was funny and ridiculous and predictable. She ignored most of them because they all wanted the same thing and weren't very original. They didn't care about her needs . . . her pleasure. Besides, she DID have her own man.

But one man seemed different. He discovered her on cam, found her online, and talked to her. (Ohhhhhh did he talk to her). And he was naughty. He didn't beg her to get naked and watch him masturbate. Instead, he invited her to imagine her favorite fantasies. He would put into words what she wanted . . . what she felt . . . what she needed. And the images he would describe made her body tingle with need and desire. She could almost feel the lovers he would describe touching her and teasing her. And she wanted to feel more. Perhaps tonight, she would.

Her boyfriend would be working . . . and she couldn't wait to get online and find the man who inspired such passion inside her. She knew her man would be mad if he knew, but she wasn't going to tell him!

She wanted to please her online friend, so she put on her most daring (and oh yes, very tight and erotically semi-sheer) bra. As she was putting it on, she noticed how taut and erect her nipples had already become and she smiled to herself. She knew he would notice. And when he did, he would describe how he would make love to her if only he were there. And she smiled again.

If she closed her eyes, she could already feel the touch of his moist lips kissing hers for the first time. She could feel the electric surge of desire suddenly course through her veins as she imagined the touch of his lips on hers. Their kisses would deepen and become erotically passionate. His tongue would seek hers. And she could taste his desire . . . feel his growing need of her . . . as their kisses deepened and their bodies pressed together.

She would tell him she liked to be in control like she did the first time they really talked. It made her so hot to be in total control. Perhaps she would suggest he be stripped naked, bound and tied in his computer chair with his cam running. She could imagine him helpless and on cam, watching her prance and tease in her panties and wonderbra. His penis would become painfully erect. The world would watch as his cock grew harder . . . as it became red with desire . . . his balls aching as they filled with the hot creamy fluid that eventually would be hers.

But of course . . . this was imaginary. She wouldn't really be there with him to be in control . . . to torture him . . . to make him want her. If only she was brave enough to tease him with her cam. Make him sit in his chair . . . his legs dr*ped over the arms . . . revealed only to her. Maybe tonight, while her boyfriend was gone, she would.

Yes - she would make him sit there, naked and exposed. She would close her eyes and imagine his deep longing kiss. With her cam running, she would slowly caress the round bottom curve of her breasts for him. She knew he would get hard watching her. Her nipples would strain against the thin sheer fabric of her bra. They would be aching for his touch and she wanted to reveal them to him. She could imagine thrusting her breasts in his face, making him kiss them; making him lick her nipples; making him suck each one deep into his hot moist lips where his tongue would flick back and forth. Yes . . . she wanted to show her nipples to him and make him beg for her . . . but she would command him to only watch . . . and forbid him from touching.

She knew that if she tempted him this way, her pussy would be aching with desire. She knew he liked getting her hot . . . getting her wet. She knew he would describe for her how it would feel if he was with her. He would tell her to imagine curling her fingers around the shaft of his cock as she licked the wet droplets of precum escaping from his pouting hole. He would describe how she would feel the pulsing heat of his shaft throbbing in her hand as she sucked his hot and swollen mushroom head into her full moist lips. Ohhhh . . . how she ached to feel his cock. To taste his cock. To feel it thrust deep inside her own swollen, hot wet pussy.

She wanted to touch her pussy now. She wanted him to see how much it ached with desire. The very thought of touching her pussy while talking to him on cam thrilled her. She wanted him to know how hot and wet he made her. And she knew he would want to tell her how he secretly wanted to lick her hole . . . thrust his tongue deep inside . . . and tease her pink throbbing walls with the probing tip. And she could feel it inside of her.

Finally, he would ask her to imagine being there while he sits helplessly in his chair. She would stroke him and suck him until he was ready to explode and then choke off his need to erupt. His balls would ache and his shaft would harden even more. The mushroom head would be so swollen it would be nearly purple. And his hole would be open, droplets of precum leaking and trailing down his naked shaft. He would invite her to imagine taking his cock in her fingers and guiding it inside her hole . . . to imagine sitting down on him and feeling the penetration of his hot erection deep inside her pulsing pussy . . . rubbing inside her pink throbbing walls. And she would ride him. She would spread her legs . . . take him inside her tunnel . . . and thrust her hips down to force his cock as deep inside of her as she could. She would imagine caressing his balls with her fingertips as she rides his hot cock . . . and would feel his balls slam against her own swollen pussy lips with each downward thrust of her hips. She would feel his cream fill his balls . . . his shaft harden and swell even more inside of her . . . and she would feel his earth-shattering eruption. The hot cream would explode, splashing against her deepest wet pussy walls. She would feel each hot ejaculation of his cock. And she would ride him even harder . . . until every last drop was inside her.

Oh yes. His fantasies made her sooooooo hot. And she couldn't wait until tonight . . .

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