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Birthday gift

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Its Friday (the day after your birthday), you come over after work, where I have a wonderful dinner and bottle of wine to share with you over a romantic candle light dinner table. We eat dinner and sip our wine, and I give you several gifts that take your breath away. But I still have one more for you, a surprise gift, one you will never forget, one that you?ll love!

I escort you upstairs to the bedroom, where I slowly, but gently start kissing you on the nap of the neck? you start to melt I unbutton you blouse to feel you hardening nipples slowly peeking through your silken bra. As our kisses get more forceful you reach down and start rubbing the inside of my thigh, and slowly move your hand toward the bulge in my pants. You find your target and try to manipulate my zipper open with your one hand as your other hand clasps the back of my neck and pushes your tongue deep into the cavern of my mouth. As you give up on the zipper, you instead start to unbutton my shirt as I unclasp your bra and slip it off with your blouse. I push you down on the bed and with one fluid movement I pull down and off your pantyhose, skirt and your thong????????..the beautiful lace thong that makes me hard, just seeing it caress every subtle curve of your pussy and butt cheeks. I then take off the rest of my clothes and get on top of you and start to kiss you?????all over. Gently kissing, suckling and licking your skin with the finesse of a cat licking the life into her new born kittens. I hold your arms down, above your head, to keep you from moving, so you can enjoy the sensations; after all this is your day, your birthday????.Its all for you tonight??????just relax and enjoy.

I take your hand in mine and walk you in to the bathroom, turn on the shower, while we are waiting for the water to get warm, I lift you on to the counter, rest your legs on my shoulder and start to lick your dripping cunt. I love to feel your smooth pussy lips against my cheeks as I press my chin on your clit and lap your essence into my hungry mouth. My index finger finds its way to your asshole and I slowly finger it as I gently chew on your cunt lips?????and you let out a low level moan. You start to squirm, as I feel your first orgasm get ready to explode in my mouth. As it starts to shoot up and down your lower body, you squeeze your legs tight around my neck and pierce your fingernails into my arms with uncontrolled abandon. Your body, momentarily tense, relaxes as I again take your hand and walk you in to the hot shower.

There we stand, embraced in a long sensual kiss, while the hot water pelts our bodies????each of us holding on to the other by our butt cheeks. As the warm water runs down our bodies, outlining every curve and crevice, you reach for the soap and start to lather up my extended member with great focus. You turn me around to rinse it off and then drop to your knees and thrust the whole thing in your mouth while washing my asshole with the soap. Deeper and deeper goes your finger in my tight little anus ?.in, out, in, out???as you stroke my cock in the same rhythm?waiting for me to shoot my load in your busy mouth. But that isn?t going to happen, I won?t let it?.we have a long evening ahead of us, and I have many surprises for you to enjoy yet. I can?t let my plans come to a sudden halt just because I can?t control my self. I lift you to your feet, so you?re standing and get behind you so you are leaning against the tiles in the shower and thrust my cock in your begging cunt. As I push in and out in your warm pussy, I too clean your cute little ass with soap and let it rinse out with the falling drops of the shower. I want it to be clean, for I think it might have some company later; if I can keep from coming too quickly. I then reach around you with the soap to give your clit a soft, yet firm rubbing ???????in the interest of cleanliness of course! As a big lather of soap and water fill your pussy I continue to thrust your tunnel of love from behind, until you come again. By now the water is starting to turn cooler, and our skin is starting to resemble that of a prune?. so I dislodge my erect member from its temporary home and we get out of the shower to dry each other off.

We each lift a towel to pat dry the other and as I make sure your hairless pussy is smooth and dry, I put your nipple in my mouth and slowly squeeze it with my teeth until you give out a moan. We finish drying each other and I walk you to the bed and start to evenly cover your inviting, beautiful body with moisturizing lotion. You try to grasp my erect penis but I wont let you?.I have to keep reminding you this is your birthday, to relax, this is my gift to you, an evening of unbridled pleasure. You reluctantly give in and stop trying to grab me and lean back on the bed and light up a cigarette. I excuse my self, run down stairs to get a snifter of Nocella (for you) and come back with 2 glasses and a thin joint. I walk into the room and find you smiling at me as your slowly rubbing your smooth, hairless pussy. You say, playfully: ? I didn?t know how long you?d be, and it was lonely?. I smile and light the joint and give you a drag while rubbing your breast and twirling your nipples between my thumb and forefinger. Several drags later you push it away and start to rub your wet clit even harder while trying to grab my cock with the other. Again I have to stop you from grabbing me, ?it?s your day!? I reach for the straps and you begrudgingly let me tie all your appendages down to the corners of the bed, which leaves you helpless, helpless to focus on the bodily sensations that you are about to enjoy. I reach for the blindfold and put it over your eyes in order for you to further focus on the bodily sensations that will be sent to our pleasure center of your brain, as you begin to ready for the journey I?m going to send you on.

I step back and look at your gorgeous, hot young body spread eagle, tied down to the bed. Your beautiful smile, your large pendulous breasts, evenly resting on your chest and the soft rounded belly casting a small shadow on your perfectly shaped pussy. Your body glistening from the moisturizing lotion I rubbed all over your supple body before. Gazing at your beauty is making me harder than I have been all evening! My mouth is dry with anticipation as you slowly start to squirm, wondering what pleasures await you first.

I reach for the body lube and squeeze out a few small drops and let them fall onto your nipples and your clit???????.your startled by the coolness of it but lay still as I slowly start to message them into your anticipating body. Your back arches as I press your nipples into your chest and get that smooth silky feeling all over your entire oreolous. Your moaning gets louder as I grab the pocket rocket and you hear the low dull whine of the motor as I turn it on and start to circle your breast with its head. As I continue to work on your breasts I lower my self down between your legs and ever so gently, lightly lick the soft, white skin surrounding your wet, throbbing pussy. The smell and sight of it is driving me wild, and your dying, because I?m flicking my tongue everywhere but its eventual target! After 10 minutes of teasing, you command me to lick your clit????..I chuckle and slowly start to lick your rear, being careful not to touch your now very wet cunt. You try thrusting your whole crotch to catch a piece of my moving tongue to where you really want its final destination to be. I can?t hold out any more and bury my tongue and lips right on your inviting wet pussy. I form suction with my mouth and find your clit and ever so ?gently grasp it between my teeth and start to suck, as my tongue dances all over it. Your orgasm is coming, watch out, you can?t move your hands or feet and your whole body starts to vibrate as the wave of spasms begin, and I feel a stream of warm tasty fluids engulf my mouth, and run down my chin. But this is good ??..because it also runs down to act as a lubricant for your cute little ass. With the middle finger of my left hand I push it in your ass up to my knuckle. Your still squirming from the orgasm in progress, and this prolongs it, for what seems to you as an eternity. My right hand is now pressing the pocket rocket firmly against your breast, my left hand has its middle finger moving in and out of your ass and my mouth is locked on your clit; sucking the liquid essence out of you as you scream, shake and elevate your self to levels of pleasure you could only imagine but never actually experienced. But the best is yet to come! Your body releases, and you cry out: ? enough, give me a minute to re-coup!? I stop, get you a cigarette, and get on top of you, inserting my stiff rod deep in your pleasure palace. I give you a few sips of Nocella and a drag or to of the Newport lite as I slowly and subtly raise and lower my hips in a small circular motion?. making sure I touch every part of your insides. I press my lips against yours and inhale your tongue into my mouth and kiss you with all the love and lust that is emanating from every pore in my body. My hips are moving in unison with you now, wider circles, more pressure, I?ve got it, I feel the point in your body where if I focus all my body?s energy against it, I can bring you to a wonderful orgasm. I press and kiss and thrust, its only a matter of time now before you cum????..but I may cum too????..but with a little luck and a lot of focus on you, I can avoid cumming. I talk you through to your next orgasm with out me shooting my load, by speaking dirty to you, telling you what I?m going to do to you next!

You ask me to take off the blindfold and untie you, but playfully I refuse, and ask if your ?wimping out?? You smile and say ?go for it, fuck me with all you got? all of a sudden the dogs (downstairs) start to bark, I say I?ll be right back to see what their problem is. I go downstairs and it is the person I invited over, your final surprise. I had unlocked the door, when I went to get the Nocella before. I immediately come up stairs and say it was ?nothing,? and they quietly follow behind me. The stay behind in the hall, making sure they make no noises, they disrobe and stand in the door watching as I straddle your shoulders and put my swollen cock in your mouth. You accept it with joy and I methodically fuck your face, as you suck and lick my dick like an animal that hasn?t eaten for days. I turn around and ?sit on your face as you start to nibble on my solitary ball and probe my asshole with your tongue, lapping me like a dog licking itself. I reach down and unstrap your leg harness, and lift your legs toward me, exposing your wet pussy and ass into the air. With that the other person silently moves over and presses their mouth on your Venus mound and starts to lick! You?re startled! ? What, Who the fuck is that?? I lean down and whisper in your ear? Relax, honey?Happy Birthday. Enjoy! Enjoy! You ask?. who is it? I don?t respond, you ask again??.finally I ask: ?Does it matter?????..You pause,?????? .The person is licking your tasty cunt with great fervor and now that the shock has worn off, and your starting to let the sensation warm your whole body, and the ideas of it is starting to excite you??.more than you ever thought. You start to grind your hips in harmony with the mouth that is exploring your insides. A few minutes of moaning is then broken by: ? Is it a man or a woman, you can at least tell me that?. can?t you?? Again I respond,?????Does it matter?? You don?t know how to respond, and deep down inside, you really don?t care because it feels so good?????..your pussy being eaten, a cock in your mouth and your tits being rubbed, and all you have to do is lie back and enjoy it. Its your day??.go with it. In fact it feels so good (the person eating our pussy), you think to your self: ?it must be another woman, a man couldn?t know how to do this so well?????But its almost as good as Larry eats me, so maybe it is a man?????.hmmmm??????.god that feels sooooooooooooo good?who cares?? And you begin to lose interest in exactly who or what sex the person is. You?re getting lost in the pleasure, the way it?s supposed to be. The way I wanted it for you. To have hedonistic pleasure with no guilt. Then all of a sudden the movement starts to get frantic as you explode yet with another orgasm., I light you a cigarette, as you lie their in silence almost purring. You know better than to ask any questions, because neither one of us will respond. I kiss you again and lift up you legs and start to put my cock in our ass????you shout out: ?Is that yours Larry?? calmly I say: ?yes?, and ask, ?cant you tell?? You feel foolish and don?t respond, I say: ?I know what your wishes are, I won?t do anything against your wishes.? ? Please honey, enjoy this, I want you to be happy and pleasured.? You relax as I start rhythmically pounding your asshole; in and out, it?s so tight and moist. The other person reaches for the lube and drips some on our clit and starts to rub it in clockwise, then counterclockwise, harder and harder, as to form a warm friction and you start to moan, as you feel the inevitable orgasm approaching. They reach for the vibrator with their other hand and slowly insert it into your cunt, and match my motion of going in and out of our ass perfectly. The dildo is vibrating, the other hand is messaging your clit, I am fucking you in the ass and you?re about to come for the zillionth time????..and I?m going to cum too. But I want to cum the same time as you. I try to lean forward and kiss you; I grab your bottom lip with my mouth and kiss you, amongst all the hands, the dildo and cock movements. Silence fills the room all except for your and my moans and the droan of the dildo. I feel your ass start to tighten, the other person gives me a nod (as they feel your vagina start to slightly spasm), to let me know you?re about to cum, and I thrust harder and deeper into your ass so I can cum too. As I feel your anus tighten and loosen with every orgasmic contraction, it makes me start to cum. I pull it out of you ass and shoot my hot load all over your ass and your pussy. You shake uncontrollably while yelling: ?Holy shit, holy fucking shit!? You collapse into almost an exhausted like coma. The other person pulls out the vibrator, gets dressed and waves goodbye. I tell you they are leaving, you say: ?Goodbye, who or what ever you are, and thanks.? We hear the door shut, and I remove your blindfold, light you a cigarette, and kiss you lightly on the lips. I take my hand and mix together all the cum in your ass and on your clit with the juices that come from you; and drop to my knees and lick them all up, while you watch. I insert my tongue deep in your ass and sucking every tasty drop out of your anus and pussy until you start to have short orgasmic after shocks and finally shout out: ?enough already?. I laugh, call you a wimp, undo your straps and give you a deep kiss and we share the tastes and smells of each other. I cuddle you and we fall into a deep sleep. As I drift off I say: Happy Birthday Honey, I love you.? And as you drift off with a warm content feeling you can?t help wonder who the other person was, did you know them and were they a man or woman? But as you lose consciousness to the sleep world you figure it really didn?t matter, it was one of the best birthday gifts you?ve ever had???.hedonistic pleasure, with no guilt???and you made the man that loves you feel good about making you happy, which in turn made him happy??????.

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