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Big Boog

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A few weeks ago my wife, me and Glenn were just finishing up with a heated tag team on my wife in our living room. We were dressing when Boog, a mutual friend of ours, came in the front door.

"Damn" he said "you all were fucking werent ya", as me and Glenn put out shirts on and my naked wife scampered upstairs to the bedroom. "too late boog youre always a day late and dollar short" we laughed.

Boog is about 400 pounds and about as round, as he is tall, just a massive dude.

Anyway, my wife Jeanie went a bed as she was pretty tired and us guys sat around downstairs and broke out the liqour and beer. We drank for about about an hour and Glenn decided to head home instead of staying the night. Me and Boog kept going for another hour and half until I couldnt drink anymore.

I offered for Boog to sleep on the couch instead of him driving home and threw him a pillow and blanket from the closet.

Boog took to the couch and I headed to bed. I statted to doze off after about 20 minutes and Jeanie woke up. "I need to get a drink of juice, and she got out of bed naked and headed downstairs". I rolled over and suddenly thought "uh oh Boog is on the couch- not Glenn", I sat up and then climbed out of bed and by the time i got to the door she was long gone off the stairs.

I got halfway down the stairs and looked over to see my wife (who is about 5'5 and 120 lbs) creeping toward the couch, thinking she would scare Glenn. Suddenly the big man reached out and grabbed her in the dark. "I see you came to see ol Boog" he said. She gasped as he pulled her down. I what looked like a quick motion her naked body was on the floor and Boog fell on her.

She was immediately enveloped with his massive body and I kind of stared like this was a train wreck. Boog pulled off his shorts and all I could see what her two feet out to his sides and her hands sticking out from underneath. I was a little worried if she could breathe when Boog lifted up and began to thrust his hips.

Her hands kind of waived around and I could hear a whimper and muffled voice, then I knew she could at least breathe.

B"boog get off me goddamit" she said. "Hell its boog time baby" he said.

"Theres the spot" he exclaimed as he rythmically started thrusting.For a big man Boog hit it hard and fast. her hands shook violently and her feet tried to ouch away, but Boog was too big for her to get away.

Boog must have fucked her for about 10 minutes when he grunted and came in her. "Damn you are a nice fuck" he exclaimed. "Fuck you Boog, get off me" she said.

"i did" laughed Boog. He started to lick and suck her 36c tits and grab them as she was still stuck underneath him.

"This is Boog nite" he told her- its been a few years since I let some cum out, and yu are a great fuck".

"it feels like it Boog, its running down me" she said. "Now let me up!".

"not yet babe, its been too long and i am wanting round 2!" as he thrust back into her. "Goddamit Boo..." in a muffled voice as he went down on her again.

I was pretty aroused and amazed at this point and sat quietly on the steps watching this play out.

Boog came in her again and by this time was sweating profusely. He lifted up after the second fucking and was momentarily catching his breath, when she rolled over and tried to crawl out.

"Damn Boog you pig" she said' "Now I am covered in sweat and Cum." "That makes everything nice and slippery jeanie" as he fell on her. She was face down, her tits smashed on the carpet and her arms out to her side under his weight.

Boog reached around cupped her tits, with his hands between them and the floor and thrust his dick in her ass.

She started to squeel and reached over and bit the blanket that Boog was using on the couch. With each thrust she whimpered less and there was dead silence untilhe came. it seemed he was butt fucking her for at least 15 minutes.

Boog then stood up, picked her up caressed her ass and sucked a tit or two and hit her on the ass and said "off to bed for ya and thanks for the crazy sex".

I quietly scampered up the stairs and she came up within a minute, went to the restroom to clean up and went to bed, never telling me about what happended that night.

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