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Beyond Anticipation

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Our first online date ended with passionate kisses at her door. An unbelievably hot redhead, her eyes revealed a lust she hadn't experienced in years of unhappy marriage. Yet still, not wanting to move too fast, we agreed to end the night and allow our imaginations to complete a date that far exceeded any other online experience. Before I left, I promised a night to remember when we made plans for the next weekend.

As she lay on her bed waiting for me to arrive, she could hear the rain on the roof and closed her eyes momentarily, nestled in the warmth of her bath towel. With the tempo outside rising, her thoughts turned to the previous night, and she could feel her breathing increase. Vivid memories of my words, my voice unconsciously precipitated ever-so-slight grinding of her thighs together. My hand was on her, cupping her right breast, slowly, barely circling her excited nipple with my thumb, and her hand wandered downward between her legs. Her lips moistened, and she was entranced by soft, gentle caresses giving way to full, ravenous kissing. With thoughts of me deep inside her, her body moved to the liquid orchestra beyond the windows - astride, beside, below, but never apart from me. Bodies glistening, wetness was in us, on us, around us, outside of us. The sound of thunder drowned out our moans. Her moan. Her eyes opened in uncertainty, unaware of the time that had passed. She looked over from the bed, and our eyes met.

She forgot she had left the door unlocked with a note to come in, and had been too consumed to hear my knock and entrance. My chest heaved and heart pounded as my eyes smoldered in desire. Removing my shirt while stepping towards the bed, I leaned down and into her, kissing her slowly and deliberately. Her fingers found their way to the zipper on my pants and feverishly removed them, all the while not taking her eyes off mine. Her hands reached for my ass, caressing it as she leaned forward towards my crotch. Her breath was hot and unsteady as she slowly nibbled my inner thighs. The smell of my cologne was driving her mad. The smell of me was driving her crazy. She pulled me onto the bed, laying me on my back and climbed upon me to taste my mouth again - kissing me, licking and nibbling my neck. Her tongue snaked a trail down my chest as she licked and sucked on my nipples. She skillfully slithered down my body while planting soft kisses on my stomach. She could feel my hardness against her breast, and took me in her hand, kissing and licking me before taking me fully into the back of her mouth. She moaned as she tightened her grip and hungrily fed on my manliness, moving faster and faster keeping up with the movement of my hips as I thrusted forward deeper and deeper into her throat. I could take no more. I wanted her then. Grabbing her shoulders, I pivoted her on her back and up towards me and entered her with so much force, so much determination she couldn't even remember her own name. Her hips moved forward meeting my every thrust in a tempo unmatched by the sound of the downpour outside. My strong arms pinned her shoulders down, keeping her steady, even. She was like a wild woman wanting me deeper and deeper inside her. She felt as if we were in another time and place. A place where time didn't exist. Her back arched just as mine did and the sounds of a simultaneous orgasm filled the room. I collapsed on top of her, and her body welcomed my weight just to feel my closeness. As we wound down from our lovemaking, we tenderly kissed each other's forehead and nose and cheek while wiping the moisture from our brows. The gentle touching, however, only made us want each other again. She turned on her side as I held her in the spoon position, my breath felt against the back of her neck. She began to moan. Quietly at first, then louder as my lips brushed against her neck. Her breasts heaved as my free hand explored past her navel and slid between her legs. She was so incredibly wet. Her breathing quickened and her moans sounded like that of a wounded animal. My tongue circled the top of her spine, then around the side of her neck as my mouth opened and bit down into the crevice between her jaw and shoulder blade. She could hold on no longer as she turned onto her knees and reached behind her to guide me inside. It felt so good to be inside her. She envisioned the lion as he takes hold of the lioness by the neck with his mouth and she was beside herself. I had her by the hips pulling her onto me quicker and quicker while she rocked back and forth on all fours meeting my mighty animalistic thrusts. Her head strained back as I grabbed a hand full of her hair and bit into her neck again, sending tears to her eyes as we came over and over again. Then quiet. Her breathing slowed as a barely audible sound escaped her mouth. She was completely satisfied. We were completely satisfied. We drifted into a fatigued repose as she recalled again my words about a night to remember.

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