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Better than Riding the Bus

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My first two years in college were not what I expected. Because of family needs, I had to turn down a scholarship to a private school and attend the local community college in the town where I lived. Most of my friends went away to schools across the country, as did my high school sweetheart who dumped me within weeks of moving into the dorms. So my expectations were crushed as I took the city bus to school every morning and waited in a shopping center parking lot every afternoon for my transfer back to my home. It sucked except that I always was caught up on my assignments.

As Halloween approached, the weather was cool and I was bored with sitting on the bench for ninety minutes. I decided to kill some time at the closeout store at one end of the shopping center. The shopping center must have been great when it opened but that was a long time ago. Now everything seemed low rent. Other than a coffee shop and a couple of state agencies, the shopping center was almost deserted. To warm up, I decided to spend most of my time in the closeout store.

Other than a bored checker, there was almost no one in the store this afternoon. I wandered aimlessly through the aisles until I came across the table of clearance items. I was looking through a pile of hand tools when a woman started digging through a pile of children?s cloths directly across from me. She was nice looking but it was obvious that she did not take that much pride in her appearance. Her jeans were baggy; her blouse was a size too big. Her hair was clean but pulled back into a ponytail. She wore no make-up. There she was digging through a pile of children?s clothes ignoring the world around her. Then I caught them? the puppies, the love bags, her boobs. The top button had come undone and as she bent over, she was giving a show to anyone who wanted to look. She wasn?t wearing a bra. Her breasts were slightly pink and engorged. Her nipples were dark and erect. They swayed back and forth and she dug through the mound. I realized I had been looking a little too long and decided to move on my way when I did it.

I turned and ran right into a woman my grandmother?s age. I tripped over her cart and fell right into her. Luckily, neither one of us was hurt but very embarrassed especially since I grabbed her boob as I tried not to fall. I apologized profusely and she appeared skeptical until she gave me the once over. She was willing to accept my apology if I helped her take everything in her cart to her car.

We made small talk the rest of the way to the register. She was much older with a few lines on her face. Her body was nice also but it was obvious that her breasts were sagging and her hair was dyed. Not unattractive but she wore heavy make-up conceal her age. Still in her blazer and scoop neck top, it was obvious that she worked hard to keep her shape. She explained that she was a part-time teacher at a parochial school and that she was widowed for many years. She asked me about school while we walked around the building to the parking lot near the rear of the building. She drove a minivan with tinted windows and I loaded it quickly. I was about to walk away as she was about to enter the car when she asked a fateful question.

?Was your hard-on for feeling me up or looking down her blouse??

I looked at her dumfounded.

?I would like to think it was for me but men don?t look at women my age too often. Still, I like to think I have nice tits??

?Very nice? I responded.

?Thank you? she responded ?but I think you should look them over to decide?. With she leaned out the window of the door and let her full bosom spill out.

?Too bad, I can?t see your nipples?

?You have to share something for that.? She giggled but her giggles turned into gasps as I pulled my cock out of my pants.

?Oh my, you are thick.? She stepped away from the front door to the sliding door of the van. My cock is not long but it is thick. She stepped back onto the seat and I followed shutting the door behind me.

I sat down on the bench beside her as she reached down for my cock. She giggled like a schoolgirl and said it was the first dick she had touched since her late husband?s. She squeezed it slightly and began to jerk me. It felt nice but it was not the same as my last girlfriend. My former girlfriend was much more confident and experienced than this woman was. Still the idea of feeding her fantasy was turning me on. I whispered in her ear to do whatever she wanted. It wouldn?t break.

I slid my pants down exposing all my cock and balls. I slid my sweater off until I was virtually naked with her. Her gasps continued with each of her strokes. Her eyes widened as she cupped my balls. I whispered in her ear that she made me hard. Her eyes widened at that and I started to nibble on her neck.

She moaned slightly and I copped a feel of the boobs. She moaned more loudly now and I asked her to rub her boobs around my cock. I ran my hand across her back and released her bra with one hand. She looked at me and said I was too quick but she dropped on her knees and put my dick under her blouse and she rubbed my hard cock between her breasts. She released it slowly and began to blow gently on it. I smiled but realized that she was very sheltered for her age.

?Just open your mouth and suck gently.? She looked at me sheepishly but I assured her that I would make me very happy and nothing she was afraid of would happen. I stroked her hair as she slowly worked up her nerve by tonguing the head of my cock. Eventually, she closed her eyes and grasped my swollen member. Then my cockhead disappeared in her closed mouth. I was moaning audibly. Her blowjob was virginal at best but she was adept at jerking me off and when I thought I was about to cum, I pulled her into my lap. She was still clothed but my cock was pressing through her slacks and panties. I kissed her deeply while dry fucking her. She was breathing heavily when I told her it was my turn to make her scream.

I lowered the seat so that it formed a bed while she undressed carefully. She was afraid of wrinkling her clothes. I soon was pulling her back onto the lowered seat next to me. She was trembling through her body was beautiful. Her nipples were large but were aroused into large tight erasers. Her sex was trimmed. She had an all over tan. I wanted to ravage her body but I decided to take my time.

I slid next to her and whispered in her ear ?what do you like?? She opened her eyes in surprise and fumbled for an answer. It occurred to me that no one ever asked what she wanted. She expected me to climb on top and cover her up when I was done. I leaned over and kissed her passionately. Her mouth was warm and inviting now and her tongue was more active than in her feeble attempt at a blowjob. Soon she was wrapping her arms around my neck as my hands explored her body. I began to lick and bite her ear and she moaned. As I became more aggressive, I asked her repeatedly if this was what she liked. She never responded but only moaned loudly. After a few minutes of this, I asked if there was anything she wanted.

?Nurse, little boy!?

I teased her some. I fondle and squeezed her breasts, tugging on her hardened nipples. She only began to run her fingers through my hair pulling my down to her full breast. I slowly closed my mouth around it and began to draw on it? pulling on her breasts as I withdrew my tongue. Then I returned taking more of her breasts into my hungry mouth. I could tell I was finding a reaction when she released her grip and began to relax, spreading her legs slightly. It was the opportunity I was looking for.

I reached down to her sex. I let my fingers lightly tease her. She did not object, opening her legs wider. I looked up at her and said, ?This is something you like!? I returned to her breasts and traced her outer lips with my fingers. She was wet. I looked at her and she smiled. Her smile disappeared as her eyes closed and I entered her sex with my finger. I explored her sex with my finger as I took her mouth with my tongue. Suddenly, she gripped my wrist? breathing heavily. I climbed on top of her then, kissing her gently to reassure her. Then I asked what she wanted next? drawing up her legs and rubbing my cock against her pussy.

She reached up and said, ?Fuck me?.

And with that I slid inside her. Stroking her slowly at first but with more intensity with each stroke. She suddenly went limp and told me she was coming?I picked up the pace and she only moaned. I begged her to come with me but she said that she had already. She wanted me to come on her face and treat her like a slut. When I was about to pop my cork, I pulled out and came on her tummy. I slumped next to her and reached for something to clean up the mess.

?Why didn?t you come on my face??

?Because you are not a slut. You are a lonely lady that needs to be cherished?

She smiled. ?My name is Jane and tomorrow, can I ride you??

Jane still rides me today.

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