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Ben Scores a Touchdown

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It was a typical steamy night in Georgia. The only thing hotter was the party dress I was wearing. It was my favorite because it showed my cleavage and was about mid thigh short. I don't have huge breasts but they are a nice hand full and with me being only 20 yrs old they defy gravity. For this story my name will remain anonymous. Having a nice figure which this dress accentuates, I always get lots of attention from the fellas in this small college town. Me and a couple of my girlfriends were spending a night out bar hopping. We had only been at this one bar for about 30 minutes when there was a commotion at the front of the bar. It seems a couple of sports celebrities had arrived and lots of people were surrounding them getting autographs and such. When we finally saw them, it looked like there was four of them. Two of the group acted like body guards, all of them were big boys. As they came past us one of them introduced himself as Ben. He stopped and had a drink with us and talked for a while. He wasn't crude but there was definitely a lot of sexual innuendos proposed in our direction. After a bit he wasn't getting the feedback he wanted from us and he moved on. We ended up getting a pretty good buzz on and it was time to leave.

At our second bar we continued drinking and later that night guess who shows up? Ben and his gang, as he walked by I gave my best little old southern girl, "Hi Ben...." He recognized us immediately and started visiting again. This time he started ordering shots for all of us and we all soon got pretty drunk, including Ben. His talk filled with sexual undertones were much more blunt this time and we all flirted back at him. He had enormous hands and I told him how they say if a man's hands are big so his his schlong. Everyone laughed at that one. It seems they had arranged a sort of VIP section for him back by the restrooms. Ben invited me back there for some alone time and I told him jokingly that I wasn't that type of girl. He didn't take that very well and left us calling our group a bunch of teases. We stayed at the bar and his posse retired to the VIP section. When I would go to the bathroom I noticed lots of girls back there with him and once he even called out my name as I was leaving the girls restroom. I gave him a sexy wink and strutted back to the bar. The girls and I were pretty drunk towards the end of the night when one of his bodyguards came up to me and told me Ben wanted to see me. He escorted me back to the VIP room and nobody was there. As I set down my head was spinning and I knew I had way to much to drink. Soon I noticed someone passing the two bodyguards out front and walking toward me. It was Ben. I asked him what he wanted and he told me he had something to show me. He then actually pulled down his pants. I couldn't believe what he had just done and what was even more incredible was what was hanging down between his legs. It was the biggest dick I had ever seen. Even in it's soft state it had to be 8 inches long and thick too. I was temporally mesmerized by the sight of it. My hand instinctively reached out to touch it when I realized where I was and what I was about to do. I pulled my hand back before touching it. Ben told me it was OK but I had to get away from him. I stood up and made my way to the ladies restroom as best as I could.

Once in the ladies room I turned on the faucet to splash some water on my face and regain my composer. When I looked into the mirror I saw Ben right behind me. I turned to protest but he just put his finger to my lips and again said, "Shhh, it's OK." He then placed both his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down. I saw his pants were around his ankles and his huge dick was staring me right in the face. "Touch it," he said. I knew I should leave but I wanted to feel this enormous cock with my hand so I touched it. It was soft and docile, I lifted it away from his body and tried to encircle it with my hand. I could just barely touch the tips of my finger and thumb together and his cock wasn't even hard yet. I heard him tell me to kiss it, but I hesitated and soon he was pulling my head toward it. I don't know why but I complied and kissed the head of his big dick. I could feel the blood surging into his cock as it slowly grew in my hand. As he pulled my head against it I heard him say, "Suck it." I couldn't comprehend what I was doing, I was so drunk and hypnotized by his cock. I couldn't believe my mouth was opening and my lips covered his manhood at the same time. His cock continued to grow as I sucked him. My hand around the base of his cock was now not able to fully able to cover it and my jaws were stretched as wide as they could. I could only get about half of his dick in my mouth as it had to be at least 9 or 10 inches long at this time. Ben was muttering over and over, "Good, good." I wondered how anyone could take his massive tool inside of her pussy. I was on my knees in the bathroom sucking a strangers cock. I was now aware of where I was and what I was doing. I wanted this to be over and and started stroking his shaft as I sucked him harder. But Ben had other ideas. He pulled me up off the floor and turned me around and pushed me over the counter. He lifted my dress up over my ass and started pulling my thong down. I protested and told him no several times. All he said was, "It will be OK." He shove his middle finger into my pussy. It was a complete shock and I wasn't all that wet. I gasped out loud, "OOHHH!" He started finger fucking me and my pussy started to lubricate. He withdrew his hand and I looked over my shoulder. He seemed to be rubbing my juices over the head of his cock. Again he thrust his finger back into me and fucked me some more. He used my flowing juices to cover his cock once more before he shoved me down with his free hand and started sliding his cock up and down the length of my cunt. I beg him, "No, please don't." And again he replied, "It will be OK." I felt the head of his dick stop at the opening to my slightly wet vagina. Everything was happening so fast and my head was in a fog. There wasn't anything I could do and then I felt him shove his hips forward. I heard some one yell out, "Uuuggghh!" As his cock skewered my defenseless pussy and that someone was me. The shock and pain was intense but he didn't pause for a second. He wasn't pounding me but he fucked me with a even measured pace. My pussy wasn't wet enough at this point but as he continued pumping my hole my juices started flowing and covered more and more of his cock. Even so my pussy and never experienced the fullness that his massive cock was filling me with. He was getting more and more of his 10 inches into me. At first I just lay there gasping as he plowed my backside. He almost had all of it in me when I felt him pull one of the shoulders of my dress down and pull out my tit. He mauled my sensitive breast with his big hands as he continued pounding my cunt. I could feel the pressure of his dick pressing close to the back of my cervix.My pussy was getting acclimated to this enormous cock inside of it and I started to whimper ever so slightly. Once I had giving in to the pleasure of having my cunt stuffed he released me and placed both of his hands on my hips and started fucking me even harder. I looked into the mirror and witnessed my one exposed tit jiggle like jello with his every thrust. I was being violated but my pussy didn't know it. My pussy loved being penetrated. He was slamming me against the counter and I started thrusting my ass back against him if not just to protect my hips from getting injured. "You little slut tease, I knew you wanted it." he exclaimed. My pussy was on fire from the sensation of the biggest cock I had ever been fucked by and I savored the feel of it. I started moaning louder and louder as I knew I was going to get off. We had been going for awhile now and I don't know what effect the booze had on him but I was going to cum. "Faster, faster," I pleaded. He just fucked me harder. He was pounding my cunt into hamburger meat when I felt the first wave of my orgasm radiate out from the depths of my vagina. My cunt convulsed like a nuclear explosion, "Aaagghhh." Wave after wave of climatic bliss rocked my world and I don't know for how long I continue to jerk on the end of his thick cock. I collapsed on the counter as he continued to pound away. He didn't seem to be getting any closer to cumming and he stopped and pulled his cock out of me. As I lay there I thought he was jacking himself off. After a minute or so I heard him moan some and then felt him pull me up off the counter. He ushered me into the nearest stall as best as he could being my thong was still around my thighs and his pants were around his ankles. He pushed my over the toilet had me put my hands against the back wall. He pulled my thong down to my knees and had me spread my legs apart further. Then he grabbed my hip and shove his thick dick back into me. He pounded me with a sense of urgency and soon I heard loud grunts coming with every thrust. As hard as he fucked me it was all I could do to keep my balance. He slammed me as hard as ever and yelled, "Uuuugghhh!" His cock exploded inside of me. I felt the warmth of his hot cum pulsating through out my womb. Again and again I felt the surge of hot cum and I wondered if he was ever going to stop. He must of cum in quarts as he flooded my cunt with male seed. When he finished her lay up against me for a time. When he finally pulled out, my pussy was numb. I heard something splashing into the water of the toilet. It was his cum. I couldn't feel it but it was pouring out of my cunt in great globs. My legs were weak so I turn around and sat down on the seat. Ben's semi hard dick was staring me square in the face. I looked up at him and he had a big smile on his face and all he said was, "Clean me up." He shoved his cock against my mouth and I went ahead a sucked him clean. He pulled up his pants and exited the stall. I heard him turn a faucet on. I was a mess sitting on the toilet. I was drunk, my pussy was hammered shit, and I felt something wet on my ass. I looked down and saw long strands of cum oozing out my pussy until they broke off and fell into the toilet. His cum was still dripping out of my cunt down my backside. Soon he returned with a drinking glass full of warm water. He poured some on my cunt and inserted his finger into me and rinsed me out. Then he left without saying a word. Later when I had composed myself I went back to the bar and joined my friends. They all asked me how I was feeling. My stomach was queasy and my pussy was sore, it was time to go home.

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