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Bedroom Bliss Romance. A lover provides a romantic night to his lover

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.When she had returned from a day of shopping with her friends I had already poured her favorite drink and while she relaxed I drew a hot bath in the master bedroom then as I led her down the hallway toward the bedroom she smiled at me asking what I was up too. As we entered the bedroom she exclaimed "oh my" for the room was filled with candles and the smell of lavender incense and soft music playing on the stereo. I undressed her slowly and led her into the bathroom that had been decorated with rose pedals and candles. I lowered her into the warm water soft pillows of bubbles engulfing her. I sat and watched her for a few moments as the warm water released the tension of the day. I reached for a bath sponge and gently started to wash her whole body starting at the neck and shoulder area moving slowly down to her breasts slowly circling the nipples. I watched her sexual arousal rise as her beautiful breasts started to swell and her nipples hardened. I washed lower and lower down her body her breathing quickened as I stopping only briefly at her closely shaved pussy. I washed her silky smooth legs and massaged her feet as I finished washing her body. Sitting her up I scrubbed her back and then grabbed a small bowl and started to cascade water over her body allowing the water to rinse and stress that was left then leaning her head back allowing the water to flow over her beautiful hair. I massaged shampoo in and as I washed her hair the emotion of allowing someone to totally take over her body was something she did not expect and smiling up at me with intense eyes she released tears of joy. I finished rinsing her hair and helped her up and out of the tub where I had warm towels waiting for her. I sat her down on a stool and dried her eyes and the rest of her body. I picked her up and brought her into the bedroom where the sheets had been already pulled back and more rose pedals had been displayed on the sheets. There were candles everywhere and the smell of lavender was subtle but bought out the sensuality of what was to come to her.

I left her for a moment to adsorb and take in the senses and emotions of what was happening to her and went to the kitchen to retrieve the fruit plate and champagne that was chilling in the fridge. I returned to find her sitting up looking amazing with huge smile on her face I poured a glass of champagne for her and undressed crawling into bed along side her enjoying the moment with her with my own glass. After we had finished our drinks I leaned over and kissed her softly for the first time that night I kissed her lips softly slowly flicking my tongue in and out of her mouth then moving slowly I started kissing her forehead then around her eyes tasting the salty tears from before. I kissed her ears and neck moving ever so slowly around her shoulders moving down to her swollen breasts and nipples. I gently nibbled and bit them both causing her to moan with passion and emotion that was building up inside her. I move down to her stomach softly kissing as I make my way down to her hips and into her inner thighs kissing softly down her legs until I got to her toes sucking each one carefully. I started back up her legs until I got back to her inner thighs stopping to kiss all around her now soaking wet pussy but never touching. I use my fingers to gently open her pussy to expose her swollen clit very softly kissing her wetness and flicking my tongue on her clit and the inner lips until a wave of pleasure washed over her.

Moving back up to her face and as I kissed her deeply her passion sucked my tongue into her mouth. I let my hands caress her body as we kiss gently squeezing her breast and nipples. I position myself between her legs my hard cock rubbing her wetness between her legs still kissing her I move in a motion that would seem like I want to enter her but I change the angle so that I don't enter. I do this over and over until her body involuntarily starts to move with me trying to get the angle correct so that I may enter her.

I stop and while looking deep into her eyes I slowly enter her. I stop when I have entered her completely and while not moving a muscle and looking into her eyes she explodes with wave after wave of pleasure. I kiss her again and start slow rhythm moving in and out of her swollen pussy. Her wetness has soaked my cock and she has orgasm after orgasm until finally we come together in an explosion pleasure.

We laid there in each others arms both of us spent from the release. I look into her eyes watching as her body starts to wind down from the excitement. both of our hearts beating franticly enjoying the monument of pleasure. I feel her pussy throb and pulse around my cock as I lay inside her my cock still hard from the hyper excited state I was in. When her body was calmed down I slowly slip out from her and she makes a whimper as if to say please no stay inside me. Her body is tingling with desire as though the love making that had just happened was an appetizer. I start to kiss her again ever so softly our tongues touching like a slow dance. My hands caress her breasts and body, my fingers feeling every inch of her. I start to kiss her on your neck and shoulders I am kneeling between her legs my hands touching her breasts and belly I lean in and kiss her nipples flicking them with my tongue and softly biting them causing her to moan softy. I pinch her nipples between my finger tips and they respond by getting stiff and hard. I kiss her belly and circle her stomach with my tongue. My hands now move between her thighs the wetness if her pussy soaks my fingers I bring them to my mouth and the smell and taste of her drives my senses into overload. Her smell has made me rock hard again my cock throbbing with want and desire.

I start to lick all around her swollen pussy my fingers sliding in and rubbing her Gspot while I lick her clit. I nibble and softly bite her inner lips and start sucking her clit. I can taste myself in her the saltiness on my tongue tingles and I desire more licking faster and faster. She starts moaning and moving her hips and I can tell that she is about to explode again. I start rubbing her Gspot faster as she gets closer and closer to releasing and then with a thrust of her hips she explodes with an orgasm that sprays my face. Wave after wave she cums like she is having an out of body experience and when she is finished her body twitches and she is out of breath I move up to her and lay quietly stoking her hair until her breathing and body recovers. I lean in and kiss her gently and I realize then that she had fallen into deep and peaceful slumber.

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