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Becky, Indeed the Preacher's Sinful Wife

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Becky was having a very difficult time coping. She had gone to a week long retreat with her husband, the pastor, and had missed her weekly treat with Wilbur and Michael, and now that she was home on Friday night, she needed rest, but worse than that, she needed sex!

Her husband had a phone call from a family who's father was in the hospital 65 miles away, not expected to live through the night, so, of course, there would be no sex from him, as he probably would spend the night at the hospital or else get back home extremely late at night or early the next morning.

Needing some milk and other items necessary to her, Becky got in the car and went to the store. To her surprise there were only two or three customers in the entire store, none that she knew or recognized. Going to the store hungry was not a good idea, and she bought so many groceries a young carry out had to help her to the car.

Becky couldn't help watching the young man packaging her groceries. His name tag, said "George--Assistant Manager."

George was tan, muscular, probably, she guessed, about 6 ft tall, and 180 pounds. White male, with a wedding ring, but he looked at the pastor's wife with great interest, noticing how "short" her shorts were,(she didn't intend to wear those shorts in public, only around the house or on one of her outings with Wilbur and Michael.), and her low cut tank top. She did, however, have on a bra, but the top of her breasts indeed left nothing to George's imagaination.

On the way out to the car George commented,"you look very comfortable on this warm evening, you have to go home and cook for your husband?," he asked, smiling.

"No, he won't be back until later, or in the morning, just me tonight," she smiled.

"Well now, that just isn't right leaving a luscious woman at home by herself, that could be harmful," he laughed, winking at Becky, already aroused by his interest.

"I am sure your wife will have you a nice meal warm and waiting for you when you finish work," Becky said, still smiling, and very wet between her legs.

"No, she is out of town, her dad is ill,I won't see her before Sunday or Monday, I was thinking about going to that bar and barb-q place about 30 miles down the road," he said. "I heard it is pretty good."

"Yes, it is. I haven't been there on Friday night, but I heard they have an all you can eat rib special on Friday night," she told the handsome young man, and she really did notice a bulge in his pants.

"Sounds good, I get off in half an hour, I think that's what I will do," George said.

Becky hurried home and put up the groceries and thought, "what the hell? Barb -Q and an assistant manager sounds good," she laughed at her thought.

Back into her car she got and drove the 25 minutes and walked into the bar and barb-q joing and sat down. Sure enough, sitting in a booth, by himself, was George.

Feeling bold,(and of course horny) Becky walked over and said, "hey stranger."

"Hey, sit down, order you some grub," George said smiling, "glad to see you here, a little suprised, but glad you are here," he said.

"Well, this sounded better than anything I could cook, and with the drive over here, I had some time to think," Becky said, looking into his eyes.

The two carried on some small talk, and after George had a beer or two, and offered Becky one, he asked, "so,does your husband know you eat supper with other men?"

"You going to tell him? Because I enjoy your company, and I really don't think he needs to know," Becky replied, winking.

"I guess this is my lucky night, good ribs, good cold beer, and the company of a sexy woman," George said, touching Becky's hand.

"No, I think it's my lucky night. I needed some male company, really bad. You want to dance?," Becky asked boldly.

The two danced two songs, holding each other closely and Becky could feel the bulge in his pants getting more huge by the minute.

The beer, the dance, got George more bold and he kissed Becky's ear softly, sending a wonderful sensational tingle all through her body.

The two walked arm in arm back to the table, smiling all the way. He pulled out her seat for her and asked, "are you always faithful to your husband? By the way, I never caught your name," George asked and added his observation.

"Well, no, and my name is Becky. What he doesn't know, can't hurt him," she smiled.

George told her that up the road, back toward town, was a little motel if she would like to join him. "I will make those sexy toes of yours feel really good first, and we will go from there," he winked.

Becky followed George up to the motel and waited while he got a key to the room and the two entered the room, arm in arm.

Inside the room the two kissed, a long, sensual, passionate kiss for what must have been at least two minutes, Becky trying to get her tongue in Georges mouth and he let his hands run down to her nice little ass.

He lay her on the bed and removed her sandals.

"Did you think I forgot about your feet,sexy lady?," George asked,smiling picking up one leg, and while doing so looking down her thigh and could see she had on a pair of sheer, tan panties.

Carefully, he massaged, then sucked,then licked, then kissed each toe, slowly, methodically, and it was sending the preacher's wife into a state like none other in which she had ever been.

"MMMMMMMM, I want you so bad!." she screamed, "if you fuck as good as you take care of my feet, I will scream at the top of my lungs in happiness," she nearly cried, she had never,ever, had her feet and ankles comforted in that manner.

George, with Becky's help, got the young lady completely naked and then with her help, removed all his clothes.

"God, that's a nice one! I can hardly wait for you to fuck me," Becky smiled.

She stuck the six to eight inch cock in her mouth and sucked the entire hardness right down to the balls, making George shutter with pleasure.

George removed the cock from her mouth and thrust his hardness into Becky's wet,wet, pussy and pounded it in and out, to her delight.

"Fuck me baby, fuck me, I need it," she screamed.

"Tell me you are a nasty little slut Becky,tell me," he demanded, smiling.

"I am a nasty little fucking slut, I fucked two guys just down the road two weeks ago," she screamed, making George even harder and making him pound her even harder.

"Did you enjoy fucking the two of them you little slut?," George asked, "and do you want to fuck them again slut?"

"Yes, Yes, Yes," she said, having the first of many orgasms. "I want their cocks, in my mouth, in my pussy in my assk, I want their cocks just like I want yours. I love cock. I am a slut," Becky screamed, as George shot his load into her pussy.

George held her in his arms only a few minutes and became very hard again quickly as Becky told her about being video taped fucking Wilbur and Michael, the two black men she met at that same bar and barb-q place.

George stood up and grabbed some scarves off the bed post and tied Becky to the bed, just to where she could squirm and put his mouth to her pussy and teased it with his tongue.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, God," she screamed, "what the hell are you doing?," she inquired lustfully, as he inserted first one finger, then two, then three.

"Just trying to make you one satisfied little slut," George laughed, as he fingered her to climax and all she could do was squirm and scream.

He mounted himself again on the preacher's wife thrusting his cock in and out until once again he came hard, shooting his cum hard into her pussy.

For three hours, untill nearly 11 pm. the two fucked on the bed, the floor, in the shower, on the bed again, holding each other, talking to each other, her sucking on his cock and telling him she would fuck him and one of his buddies if he set it up, that there was little at this point in her life she wouldn't do, and George got hard again, and once again shot his cum hard into her wanton pussy.

"By the way, what does your husband do?," George asked as he was getting dressed to head home.

Laughing, Becky answered,"he is a Baptist preacher, and I truely am a preacher's sinful wife!"

"Well, you come buy groceries more often,sexy lady," George said before kissing her good buy.

"I will, you can count on it," she smiled,kissing him passionately.

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