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Beauty and the Beach

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The setting is a hot summer's been 95 all day in the shade and there wasn't a cloud in sight.

We begin our evening at a very nice air conditioned restaurant. After dinner and a few drinks, we decide to walk off our meal with a stroll down a sandy beach. Both of us are dressed in shorts.

As we walk hand in hand I take my index finger and slowly rub your palm with it.

You respond by opening your hand up if to invite me into your world.

"You look very pretty tonight" I tell you. "Why, thank you" you respond.

We stumble across some REAL HUGE boulders and sit down to watch an incredible sunset. The sun dances off your silky fine hair and shows a slight shadow of you in the sand.

As the sun sets, we sit on the boulders. Waves crashing into God's earth. No one around forever. You sit in front of me. Your back to my chest. My legs spread. You sitting between them. My arms wrapped tightly around you as a slight breeze graces us with it's presence.

It becomes dark and I gently kiss your ear. You tilt your head back for more as I kiss and lick on side of your neck. My hands feel your breasts as your nipples become harder with anticipation. Your legs spread as if to invite me into your love mound. I take your hand and lead you onto a beach towel we had brought to watch the sunset.

I lead you onto the towel and you lay on top of me. I kiss you. Gently at first. Then we kiss like two passionate, wild animals in the height of mating season. You open your mouth and stick your tongue gently into my mouth. I gently suck on your and out and in and out as you stiffen it for my like an erected penis, I suck faster and harder. My hands rub your back, your ass and your legs. I slide my hand down your shorts onto your ass and gently massage your ass. You moan with pleasure unlike you've ever known as we hump each other with our clothes still on.

I roll you over onto the towel and continue kissing you. I take your arms and place them above your head to prevent you from touching me. I kiss your lips. I bite your bottom lip tenderly. I kiss your ears, your neck and your chin and end up at your lips again. THEN I lick those previously visited places. First your lips then your ears, your neck and your chin and once again, end up at your lips....kissing you.

All the while my right hand was massaging your right breast and my right leg was applying JUST THE RIGHT AMOUNT of pressure to your crotch as you humped it.

Because of the heat, and to drive me absolutely wild, you wore no bra. I remove your shirt WITH MY TEETH exposing your perfectly formed nipples as they await my touch.

I pull your shirt off and start kissing you again. HOWEVER, THIS TIME after I kiss you, I DRAG my tongue slowly down to your left nipple where I circle it with my HOT saliva drenches it perfectly as you moan with ecstasy.

After I suck on the left nipple, I DRAG my tongue over to the right nipple, sucking it so tenderly and perfectly also. Then I return to your mouth, kiss you again and gently rub your pussy with your shorts still on.

I then drag my tongue from your mouth, past your breasts, past your stomach, and circle your navel. I gently bite both sides of you and let you know that.......TONIGHT?

Well,'re mine.

I climb on top of you. I kiss and lick your stomach as both of my hands grab both of your nipples and squeeze them JUST the way you like them squeezed. You hump my chest as your arms are still up over your head and you ask me....."Phil, PLEASE honey....PLEASE STOP TEASING ME !"

I remove your shorts and you lay naked under a blanket of stars, wet as can be, wanting feel the touch of me, the touch ONLY I can give to you.

You spread your legs wide. Thinking, and hoping I will eat you right away, but alas I don't.

I lick down your right outer thigh all the way down to your ankle, around the ankle, and up the inside of your thigh. "PLEASE" you beg....."PLEASE Phil !"

I reach your pussy and just lick your hairline being VERY CAREFUL not to touch your pussy. I then start on the left leg ALL THE WAY down the outside.....kissing, licking, biting, the all the way up the inside, and THEN ........your trip to Utopia begins.

I kiss your pussy once. Smelling you. Tasting the juices I love so much. You spread your legs fully, you hump me and moan as I slide my talented tongue in you deeply. Then I remove my tongue and place my finger in you. Finding your G spot in order to give you the best orgasm you've EVER experienced ! I found it ! You moan.

I massage it gently as you become even wetter. I open my mouth and place it over your clit. I take your hands and place them on my head as you run your fingers though my hair as I suck your clit up and down as only I know how.

You grab my head, pull me into your pussy and hump my head as I lick and suck your pussy like the underdeveloped cock that it is. You cum in my mouth and I feel your juices rush to the back of my throat.

I get up and show you what you've done to me and expose my 8" ROCK HARD cock to you. You roll your eyes back in desire and moan.

I put you on all fours on the towel and slide my concrete monster into you slowly as you scream with lust and passion. "DEEPER"......."PHIL? DEEPER !" I slide my rod into you all the way and as I plunge into you, I reach around and rub your clit with my right hand, THEN I reach up with my LEFT hand and roll your nipples around between my thumb and my forefingers.

So, I'm making love to you doggie style, rubbing your clit and rubbing your nipples ALL AT THE SAME TIME !

You feel me squirt my HOT cum inside of you as you cum with me and I kiss you as we cum together.

I roll you over and hold you tightly and whisper "I love you" as we fall asleep in each others arms. I love you, Phil ©

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