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Beach fantasy

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Tonight is a beautiful night. The moonlight glistens on the ocean, the waves crash against the shore. Only thing that would make it better is if i had that incrdible body of yours here to use as i please. The atmosphere is perfect for romance, but i am not really feeling too romantic. Maybe its the smell of the salty ocean air, or the lure of the full moon, but i feel a strong animal urge rising in me tonight. Tonight is a good night for a wild, passionate fuck. If you were here right now, i would ravage that body. I would have you pose for me in the moonlight, letting me enjoy the site of your lucious curves and sexy ass. I would have you walk to me slowly, meeting me down by the water, I sit in a beach chair laid out on the shore awaiting you.

You straddle my lap and can feel the large bulge in my shorts and see the sly smile on my face and know that looking at your sexy body is turning me on. I sit up and put my arms around you, my lips against the center of your chest, between your breast. my tongue begins to trace upward, enjoying the salty taste of the your sweat and the sea air on your skin. Your lips let out a soft moan of passion and i slide my hands up the back of your neck and into your hair.

I told you i wasn't feeling romantic tonight and i grab a handful of your hair, pulling your head back and sinking my teeth into your neck.  I alternate biting, licking and sucking on your neck as i move your head from side to side by your hair. I can feel the wetness start to run down your thigh and onto my leg and know you are enjoying.

I reach up with my other hand and grab two handfuls of hair, pulling back hard and making you arch your back, allowing my better access to your sexy breast and your hard nipples. I make my way down your chest and take turns, sucking and licking your nipples. You are so turned on that you start begging me to fuck you.... but you will have to wait I stand up, your legs quickly wrap around my body to keep you from falling and bring my mouth up to yours. Your lips part and i slide my tongue inside, eager to fing yours. Our tongues meet and i grow harder as i imagine how good your tongue will feel against my throbbing cock.

You are enjoying the feeling of my kiss so much, that you don't notice me turning you around until a sensation of falling overtakes you.

I throw your body so forcefully onto the chair that your breath is temporarily knocked out of you. You are stunned for a moment and look up at my face and notice the look of pure, raw, animal passion in my eyes as i look at your incredible body laying below me... ready for me to use for my pleasure..

I pull down my shorts, allowing my hard cock to spring free. You can see how turned on i am and start to sit up so you can take me in your hand. As you reach out to touch me, i grab your hand, pulling you roughly forward till your face is pressed against my stomach. i reach back with my other hand and grab the back of your hair, pulling your lips against the lower part of stomach. You instictivly start to kiss my stomach, making your way downward so you can take me in your mouth. As you are about to take the head of my cock between your lips, i pull firmly back on your hair. Keeping my cock just out of reach.... If you want to feel my cock tonight you are going to beg me for it.

I know how strong willed you are and begging is not usually your style. but tonight is my night in control and you will beg....

Your tongue slides out between your lips and almost touches the tip of my dick, but i pull roughly back on your hair, making your face turn skyward.. I bend down and kiss your lips hard with mine.... your hungry tongue slides against mine and i know you are eager to feel me in your mouth... I break our kiss and ask you what you want.

"i want to taste you." you say.

not good enough.... i want to hear you beg for it.

"please, let me taste you." "taste what?" i say "your dick" ask me again... tell me what you want to do to it.

"please.... Please, let me suck your hard cock" Good girl, you learn quickly... I stand up, both hands in your hair now, controlling your head. I bring my hard cock up to your eager lips. Anxious to feel your hot mouth. I tease you by running the head across your lips. You open your mouth and i slide just an inch into you. Your hot tongue slides across the head, sending an overwhelming sensation of pleasure across my body which makes me temporarily forget myself and i let go of your hair. You quickly take advantage of this and bring both hands up. One hand begins to rub my balls and the other encircles the shaft of my penis and begins to slide up and down. You stroke me as you take me deeper into your mouth... I am completely overcome with ecstacy and let you have your fun for a few minutes, allowing you to think you have regained some control for the night.

Your mouth feels so good and i know i won't be able to last much longer, so i grab the back of your head with my hands and pull your mouth down, forcing me deeply down your throat. You start to choke a little as i fuck your mouth hard with my thick cock... Your hands grab my thighs for support as i fuck your mouth harder and deeper. You feel my body tense up as i start to cum. My hot cream filling your mouth. you try to swallow but some runs down the sides of your lips and lands on your chest.

i pull back and watch as you wipe my cum from your chest and lick it off your fingers, enjoying the sweet taste of my sticky cum.

You start to say something, but i am quickly on you, pushing you back until you are lying down on the chair. i grab your legs and pull them apart as i kneel in the sand at the end of the chair. I begin to kiss your stomach, around your naval and across your pelvis. Enjoying your silky smooth skin. You open your legs wider, eagerly anticipating my lips and tongue on your hot, wet, pussy.

I kiss and lick my way close to your wetness. letting you anticipate me tasting you... you can feel my hot breath against your hard clit and you slide your hips upward to meet my tongue... but i am not going to taste you yet. I want you wetter and more eager for me, so i move down your thigh. alternating kissing, licking and playfully biting you. moving from one thigh to the other. each time i cross over your wet pussy i teasingly kiss it lightly, letting you think this may be the moment you feel my tongue.

After a few minutes of teasing you, i can feel the heat radiating from between your legs and know that you are ready. I wrap my arms around your thighs and pull them farther apart. allowing me full access to that beautiful pussy. I can see how wet you are and i can't wait to taste you, so i move my head closer. I flatten out my tongue and start at the bottom, close to your ass. I slide my tongue upward, feeling your heat and tasting how wet you truly are.... You taste so good and i slide my tongue up and down, enjoying the taste of your sweet juices.

I change the shape of my tongue, making it smaller so i can tease your hard little clit. I begin by sliding it around your clit in a circle, avoiding your most sesitive part until i hear you begging me for release. I decide to let you get off, not because you are begging me to let you orgasm, but because i really want to taste you when you cum.

I wrap my lips around your clit and start to suck on it as i move my tongue back and forth against it. I feel your body grow tighter and know you are close to coming, so i suck harder and move my tongue faster across your clit.... your body starts to shake and i keep sucking and licking, eager to taste your sweet juices as you cum.

You fall back on the chair, exhausted. your body covered in a thick layer of sweat that glistens in the moonlight. making you look even sexier and making me hard again..

you may think you will have time to recover from your orgasm, but you feel me grab your legs and lift them up as i prepare to enter you. I rub the head across your wet pussy lips until the head and shaft are slick with your juices. I am still to turned on to be gentle and you cry out as i slide my long, hard cock, deep inside of you. I slide every inch inside you and proceed to pound in and out. fucking you hard and deep. You cry out my name in pleasure and I lean down so you can wrap your arms around my neck. as you grab a hold of my neck, i pick you up and hold you, allowing me to penetrate you deeper as i fuck you while standing. Your sexy little body bouncing up and down on my hard cock as i fuck you harder then you have ever been fucked before... I feel your body tighten as you are overtaken with another orgasm.

Your pussy gets so tight when you cum that i know that if i don't do something i will cum soon as well. So, i lift you off my cock and make you bend over the chair, facing the ocean. The moonlight shows off your sexy ass and is so bright that i know people can probably see us from their balconies. But i don't care, i am not done fucking you and need to be inside of you again now....

I position myself behind you and guide myself into you. I tell you to reach back and play with your clit as i fuck you and you hesitate....

I grab your hair and pull back hard, forcing you to turn your head and look at me over your shoulder.

"I said, play with your clit as i fuck you."

You do as your told and i can feel your fingers brush against my cock as your rub your clit and i slide in and out of you..... You are so wet and tight that i know i am going to cum soon... i Fuck you harder and faster as i feel my orgasm start to build. The combination of your fingers on your clit and my rock hard cock sliding deep into you are enough to bring you over the edge again.... You moan in pleasure and your pussy tightens as you start to cum... i pound my hard cock roughly in and out of you a few more times then pull out so i can watch as i spray my hot, sticky cream all over your sexy ass.....You collapse onto the chair and all that can be heard is our deep breathing and the sounds of the ocean as i stand over you.

The sight of your sexy cum covered body in the moonlight is amazing and i know that the night is not over yet... i hope your not too tired baby, b/c this is only the begginning

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