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Basically, couple, romance, role play -- she dances for him

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Still in comfy attire they were lounging around on a Sunday morning when his cell rang.


Ya Ummhmm Ok, well I will let you know later.




Well, I will think about that too, and then he hung up the phone.

There was a silence for a second before she asked him;

What was that all about?

Oh some of the guys are heading down to the pub to catch the game and asked if I wanted to come along.

I see.

What else?

What else what?

You smiled in the end; you usually don?t.

Oh it?s nothing.

With a raised eyebrow she said; nothing?

He decided this wasn?t going to end well either way so he blurted out the missing part of the conversation.

After the game they were heading over to the strip club for a few more drinks.

I see. So; after getting a little buzzed, a bunch of lecherous old men are going to go ogle pretty girls their daughter?s ages. Is that basically the deal?

Yes, basically.

Don?t they dance around in their underwear or bathing suits rubbing all over everyone?

I guess so.

You ?guess so??


Is that it?

Yep; that is it.

I think there are more details you may not be sharing regarding what ?basically? means but; I will let you slide on this particular inquisition. So are you going?

Nah, I doubt it.

Why not?

Well the only person I want dancing around and stripping for me is you anyway.

She smiled at him and gently said; that?s very sweet of you to say and a good answer.

They sat for a few more minutes together before she got up and kissed him on the cheek and mentioned;

I am going to head into the shower.

He said ok as he looked up at her; were you going to say something else?

No; that?s it.

Just wondering; looked like you had something else on your mind.

She smiled again and said; nope, back in a few.


Within ear shot he heard all the familiar sounds of the bathing process; closet doors, dresser drawers, dance mix cd playing and eventually the water running. Waiting for his turn; he decided to finish reading the paper over his now semi warm coffee.

The water eventually stopped and the same series of previous noises echoed through the house. Giving her a bit more time he started the crossword puzzle he never usually finished anyway. Time clicked away before he noticed something different. A few seconds ago the music got much louder and he distinctly thought he heard high heels clicking across the kitchen floor and they were getting noticeably closer.

In what seemed like a flash out of a movie scene she was standing in front of him. She was in six inch heels; freshly painted finger and toe nails, including a skimpy bathing suit she only wore in the back yard to catch rays in the summer. Her hair was impeccable; she smelled great, and she seemed to be covered in some kind of light body glitter.

She just let him stare a little bit before she said anything to him and when she spoke he was stunned.

As she spun around in front of him she said; so, is this basically what the strippers dress like?

All he did was nod.

She then proceeded to dance for him. As she moved; everything she did was erotic. Rubbing her legs with her finger tips. Cupping her breasts and occasionally licking each of them in turn. She even began running her hand over her stomach and even lower with playful pauses along the way.

He was entranced.

She walked a couple of steps closer and asked; and they dance like that?

Again he nodded.

She pushed her covered breasts into his face and rubbed them against him and slid them down his chest. Drawing her hands down his body she lowered all the way down him and covered his lap in all her lusciousness. Pulling herself back up she spun around to sit in his lap. Leaning into him she ground her charms forcibly against him. It was very apparent through his lounging pants what she was doing to him and she put a little bit more grind in her grind. Pushing up off of him again and leaving some body glitter behind on his clothes and face; he made a grab for her.

She slapped his hands sternly and spoke in a flirty voice; easy buddy that?s against the rules.

He laughed and nodded again.

Dancing again; she began to slowly loose her top and then eventually her bottoms. By the time the next song on the CD mix started playing she was gloriously naked in front of him still in her heels. He was watching lovingly before, now his look turned to pure lust. She could feel that heat of his gaze cover her and it gave her a pleasant chill. She sat in his lap again and continued to violate him through his clothes. This time she allowed his hands to roam and explore her body. He always knew how to touch her and where to touch her. He was obviously turned on and she actually liked the way his stiff prick felt on her skin through his thin pants. Lifting up her hind end a bit; she reached around and felt him. He was rock hard and that lead to her next form of deviousness. Getting up again she turned; faced him, and straddled him.

Kissing on his neck a bit and nibbling at his ears she pulled his pants down enough to access his love muscle. There was no surprise when she felt an engorged head and guessed it was probably purple with matching blue balls. He moaned and leaned back closing his eyes. She could feel his hands tremble as they began to softly caress her thighs; inside and out. Unable to stop her deviltry she began to stroke him. In rhythmic unison she rode his lap the same way she was abusing his penis. She smiled with gratification when the first drops of pre-come started to lubricate her hand job. Actually; he was lasting longer than she expected.

Even before she felt the slickness in her hand she too was becoming aroused. Rubbing on and against him was also taking its toll on her and she could feel her pubic area glisten with her sweet dew. But; she knew, it was already to a point that he wouldn?t last much more than 10 pumps inside of her before he would detonate.

Sliding up a bit in his lap she held his rigid cock rocket still and lowered her soft moistness onto him.

She was wrong; she wasn?t all the way down on him when he launched his first stream of semen into her. Before the next spurt; he pushed down on her shoulders to finish his entry, and they both grunted audibly as even more liquid drained from him. He was still trying to catch his breath when her forehead touched his and she posed her question.

So is that how the strippers dance?

Between breaths he said. Not even close.

She laughed her response;

That is what I thought you were going to say, basically.

jeff g © 2010

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