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Barbaras Wonderful Fuck Adventure

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Barbara loves to fuck.

Sometimes after a good fuck with someone else we will be together and she will shiver. I’ll ask her if she’s all right and she will purr a bit and say, “I’m still tingling from the fuck”. Then she will squeeze her arms toward the front, squeezing her breasts; put her hands down between her legs and smile as she pushes her still sensitive spots.

Depending on where we are I will reach over and place my hand on her breast and squeeze her hard nipple a bit. She will moan again, her face will get that, “I want to be fucked look” and we will both know what will happen soon.

We had just moved to town from a far city. We moved to a third floor apartment in a complex with a lot of good looking couples and singles. Next door lived John. John was a very nice fellow with a good strong build. He worked for IBM so had that clean cut look with the white shirt and neatly pressed suits.

Barbara, with an ever sharp eye for a body that would feel good holding her during a good fuck, noticed John with interest. Barbara likes the feel of strong back muscles as she is being pounded by a healthy cock. Grabbing that back and feeling his body stroke into her as his muscles ripple certainly adds to the thrill of the fuck as well as the memories that will come later.

As we got to know John it was apparent that he was a nice fellow. Being a single guy he was interested in things that both of us did. He did some cooking so Barbara was the center of some conversations and I listened. With sports or mechanics it was he and I as Barbara listened. We both became very comfortable around him.

While John might have wished for some time with Barbara in the bedroom alone he probably didn’t realize how possible that was. As Barbara and I would fuck we would sometimes talk about how John might be as he fucked her. We noticed he would bring girls home after a night on the town. We could sometimes hear a faint sound that was obviously them fucking. Barbara’s interest was growing.

We lived close to both Barbara’s and John’s work place. Sometimes on her lunch break she would come home and lay out on the third story deck to tan in the nude. She knew that some days John came home for lunch as well. He appreciated the view. While that would seem obvious she played coy and didn’t acknowledge that she knew he was seeing her.

One evening Barbara went over to John’s for some trivial reason. She was gone for a little while before returning. She came in the apartment and said, “I’m going to go back over to John’s for a bit. I knew what that meant. We have the agreement that when she fucks she always tells me up front when possible or as soon as we see each other.

I went instantly hard. I could envision her naked body being pummeled by John as sweat ran off him and she was screaming with her legs pulled back so he could go deep. I grabbed her and gave her a huge hug while we French kissed. Our tongues tangled and our hands raged in a passionate caress. Her hot body was already tingling at the thought of John taking her.

When the first time occurred for Barbara to fuck another man we had some adjusting to do. The traditional emotions whether trained or natural caused a little bit of tension. I knew then that if I was to keep her I had to let her fuck around. As it turned out it was a good decision. She became prolific but selective in whom she fucked. Because I was accepting she was fair and open. She enjoyed telling me about her trysts and we reveled in them together.

She finally said, “I better go. He’s expecting me.”

She turned to walk away and I grabbed her and brought her back. She thought I wanted one more kiss. I started to take her clothes off. She asked, “What are you doing?” I said, “I want you to go to him naked.” She said, “You’re naughtier than I am.” I said, “Let’s see who wins that contest.”

She eagerly helped me get her clothes off. While doing so I kissed her shoulder, sucked her nipples, licked down her thigh, ran my finger up to her pussy and got some of her pussy juice to taste, “pre John’s cum”. I said, “I want to compare the before and after.”

She was naked and ready to go. As she turned I stopped her again and said, “You forgot your high heels.” She quickly and sensuously put on her 5 inch heels that scream FUCK ME! Leaning over she faced her back to me so her pussy was visible as she bent over. She straightened, stretched her arms toward the ceiling while clasping her hands together, pulled one knee up just a little, squinted her eyes in a sexy look, blew me a kiss and off she went.

I watched her as she went out our door to his. Her gorgeous ass was in a sway directed by the high heels. Her body language was all about sensual pleasure. Her hair flowed down her back. She reached over her shoulders taking her hair with both hands and giving it a fling behind her. There was nothing on her body that she did not have exposed and she was proud of it. She knew she was a knock out and she loved the attention. I simply said, “Enjoy.” I new she was going to have a good time tonight and John was about to experience heaven.

John’s door was right beside ours so she didn’t have far to go. I watched from our open door as she stood at his and knocked. She didn’t need to knock, she could have just walked right in but she wanted me to see her as he opened the door and she enjoyed the shock on his face of seeing this beautiful naked goddess who wanted only one thing; him. She wanted to fuck him and feel his cock glide into her with the passion that only first time fucks can deliver.

She stood and posed while giving me a glance. I blew her a kiss and told her she was ravishing. She reached up to knock and then resumed her pose. When he opened his door he wouldn’t see me so he wouldn’t be sure I knew what they were going to do. But when he saw her there naked he would know if he thought about it. I don’t know if he could think about it with a naked girl standing at his door. Not this naked girl.

The door opened as he started to say, “Come in.” All he got out was the “Come…”

His next words were, “Oh fuck, you are beautiful.” She responded, “Fuck is just what I intend to do. Are you interested?” He reached out the door and grabbed her in an embrace that was the definition of passion. She responded. I watched as he pulled her back in his apartment. She was moaning all the time as I heard their tongues sloshing together. The door closed.

I was hot. My cock was at full mast. Barbara was about to get the fucking of her life and I would follow by pushing my cock into her cum filled pussy. I knew she would continue her cum with him when she returned and I fucked her as well. I love her more than is possible to state.

These expressions are shared by few and we are fortunate to be some of the few who enjoy our mate’s sexuality beyond the boundaries of monogamy. Not everyone can handle it thankfully we can.

I slowly closed our door as their sounds faded away to other parts of John’s apartment.

Barbara and John immediately embraced as they continued to kiss. Their kisses were full of passion and lust. John’s hands were flowing over her beautiful body as he felt and explored very part of her. He found places he had dreamed about as he watched her sun bath in the nude. He never dreamed he would actually get to touch them.

She was very compliant as he would go to parts considered private. She would open her leg to allow his probing fingers. She was trying to attract his hands and entire body to her most sensuous zones. It was working.

Barbara pushed him back. She immediately started unbuttoning his shirt. The nervous efforts were rewarded as she stripped his shirt off his shoulders and down his back.

She then grabbed him in another embrace. Her naked breasts pressed against his strong bare muscled chest. Her hard nipples pressed into him as though they would pierce his skin. She was very, very hot.

Again she pushed him back. She grabbed his belt to unbuckle it. Then came his zipper and top button. Now the moment of truth. She spread his pants at the waist and began to firmly pull them down. The first thing she found is that John didn’t wear underpants. Now she began her firm and determined journey with his pants.

As she pulled the pants down she went down to her knees. Springing out to greet her was what would become the biggest cock she would ever fuck. It was pleasantly long but the most breathtaking thing was its girth. It was too big for her hand to fully encircle.

The pants came off his feet and his socks were removed. She wanted this big hunk to be totally naked just like she was. (Except for the high heels which remained on.)

As her mission was accomplished she remained on her knees and returned to be in front of him. His cock was right at her eye level. It stood out at her and she placed her hand on it while holding on to the back of his leg with the other hand.

She touched the soft mushroom head with her dry finger tip rubbing it around the edge. This sent a shock from John’s cock head throughout his body. She moved her hand around to grasp his cock firmly. She stroked slowly but firmly. The touch of a woman’s hand on his cock was a feeling that sent electricity all over his body like the most wonderful electric shock possible.

A quick, fast, firm stroke of his cock preceded Barbara’s mouth moving up to John’s cock and slipping over the head then engulfing his big cock in her mouth pushing to the top of her throat. Her tongue swirled around his cock head and she stroked under his cock tip to give him pleasure.

Barbara stood and pressed her naked body against John’s with passion. She grabbed his head and he responded by joining his mouth to hers in an open mouth kiss. These two were animals determined to make sex an art form tonight.

Their kiss was released and Barbara took John by his big beefy cock and led him down the hallway to his bedroom. She knew they needed more appropriate quarters to accomplish their goal.

John laid her on the bed on her back and in one smooth movement he began to find her erogenous zones with his mouth He kissed the side of her neck. Barbara goes wild with this attention to her neck. She squirmed while squealing in his ear. He moved slowly down her chest to her beautiful breasts and then her nipples. He gently bit them and she grabbed his head and encouraged his actions.

John moved down her stomach going to her navel. He stopped to stick his tongue in and around while his hands remained at her breasts. With his arms extending he continued his journey down to her smooth mound. His attention shifted to the focal point of the night. Her sweet, wet pussy suddenly became the center of both their worlds.

What sweet nectar greeted his lips as he sent his tongue on a journey all around her juicy pussy. His hands moved to assist as they moved her lips to expose the most sensitive points of her pussy. He loved eating pussy and this one was as sweet at they come.

Suddenly he stopped and moved down to her feet. He began to make his was up her legs toward the prize. He kissed and licked every possible erogenous zone he could find. She felt wonderfully vulnerable as he made his way up her legs. They were spread exposing her beautiful pussy to his gaze. The side of her ankles, the back of her knees the underside of her thick firm thighs all were given attention with the purpose of bringing her to ecstasy.

When John began his journey all over Barbara’s body she froze as she stiffened her body and stretched her arms and legs as far as they could go. Her toes curled and her fists squeezed. The thrill she was receiving was from the physical pleasure but also the forbidden territory of another man while her approving husband waited next door. In her words: She loved it!

John began centering on her clit. He licked, stroked, sucked, massaged and everything else he could think of doing. This girl was intense, those were his words later. He said she was the most intense fuck he had ever had.

Then he made her cum. Oh what a cum it was. John’s tongue sent her crashing into ecstasy like a jet breaking the sound barrier. Barbara froze as she broke through the barrier between pure bliss and near unconsciousness. Barbara had a history of passing out with a good or prolonged cum. Then she would come back awake with more intensity than before she passed out. She didn’t want to pass out on this one though; she wanted to be conscious to experience every thrill possible.

John’s tongue was now too much for her sensitive pussy. She squeezed her knees together and pushed his head away. He knew what this meant. He rose over her and she reached down to grab his big swollen cock. She stroked it a few times as he directed it toward her gorgeous pussy. They both knew she was about to get the most wonderful fuck possible. Barbara knew she was bout to be pushed over the top as John’s beautiful cock would press into her hungry pussy and hit every spot possible that could make her continue her cum.

Barbara’s pattern is that once she has cum in her sex session she stays high for the rest of the fuck. I love having her cum early in our fuck sessions and then the fucking we enjoy has her thrashing and staying high as she screams, squeals and hollers to be fucked harder, deeper and longer. She is a glorious fuck.

As John poised his cock at the opening of Barbara’s cunt they both were aware that something great was about to happen. And it did.

Barbara was so wet that when the tip of his cock touched her pussy the moisture wet the tip of his cock. As he entered her pussy lips spread open to let him in. As the head passed though the opening the lips closed back around his head caressing every spot along his glorious shaft. She arched upward as he plunged down slowly but firmly. He went clear in to the hilt of his cock and the depths of her pussy. She was fucked. She let out a deep guttural OHHH!!! as he began the pistoning of this intense, tight and wet cunt. His cock head was being caressed like never before. Her pussy walls were being stretched more than ever.

While one of our fuck buddies referred to me as a “horse” Barbara told me John was long but more enjoyably, thick. He stretched her more than any other.

Her head snapped back and forth as she screamed for pleasure. John was plunging into Barbara and the sound of their flesh smacking together was harmonized by the squishing sound of her juices sloshing out of her cunt.

The orgasm she had achieved earlierwas continuing to build but now from his pounding cock.

John was stretched over Barbara’s gorgeous body on his hands and toes. Her legs were pulled back with his arms holding them for optimum positioning. Her legs were spread and her pussy was as open as she could make it be. She was rolled back a bit for the optimum position. She wanted him inside her entirely if possible. She wanted fucked.

His body had begun to sweat and the sweat was dropping on her. Every so often she would reach down to spread the sweat all over her stomach and breasts. She wanted all of his juices that she could get. She knew that soon she would get his most prized juice. His cum would fill her full then turn to foam as he continued his pistoning into her.

Their rhythm was sweet. They were both getting the best possible fuck. John continued to plunge into Barbara and she continued to invite him by her words and her passion. She would rise to meet every plunge as his cock went totally deep. Her pussy, from the lips to the cervix, was sucking him in.

This continued for some time as the fucking became even more intense. Barbara was quivering as John built to orgasm. Time was no longer a dimension either of them comprehended.

Suddenly John groaned and froze then moved and grunted, then froze and groaned again. Barbara saw his face and it seemed she tried to experience what he was feeling. She looked directly into his contorting face with the natural sense of imitating his expression. She loved knowing he felt so good because of her beautiful pussy. She loved knowing she could bring a man to this point of pleasure. She loved knowing that his stroking cock in her squeezing pussy could do this to a man. She loved the expression.

John squirted his first load of sperm. It took Barbara’s breath. She seldom felt the spray like this one. Then came another. And another. She spread her legs wider so he could go deeper. John groaned and came until he thought he would pass out. He had been fucked like never before.

John lowered himself to Barbara’s hot and wet body. They embraced and kissed as they rolled to their side. He would occasionally stroke in and out of her pussy then rest again. She would occasionally squeeze her pussy together and caress his big beautiful cock inside her. Sometimes she would move her hips so he could be stroked without having to move.

They both knew this fuck was special and intense.

The time finally came when they slowly unraveled their sweat covered bodies. John’s cock came slowly out of Barbara’s pussy as they both watched. The white foam of both their cum was covering his cock and oozing out of her pussy. It dripped off his cock and flowed down her cunt lips. They both said, “That is the most beautiful mess.”

As John pulled away Barbara stretched one more time on the bed as she said with great delight, “I’ve been fucked!” John laughed and agreed the same had just happened to him.

Barbara stood and John took her in his arms one more time. They kissed a passionate kiss with tongues working. Barbara pulled away as she looked down to see a big stream of cum flow down her leg. John offered her a towel to wipe it off. “No,” she said, “my husband will love seeing that on me.”

They both remembered she came with no clothes except the high heels which were already back on her feet. What a beautiful picture she was as she stood there for John to see one more time. She posed and let him see what he had just had. Her hair was disheveled in a way that only a good fuck can do. Her breasts were still sporting hard nipples fresh with sweat. The smell of sex was potent.

He reached over to kiss her again as she grabbed his still wet cock. As they separated she put her hand to her mouth and licked their juice into her mouth.

It was now time to go home. John asked what her husband was going to say. She responded that he would probably not say much because she was about to be fucked again by her husband. His cock was going to use the lubrication supplied by John in her pussy to make the assault more easy and thrilling.

Barbara turned to walk away. John followed her to the door. Her naked body swayed one more time. She opened the door carefully at first to be sure no strangers were out there. Seeing none she pulled it fully open and went into the hall. She stood before her own door and turned to John one more time to pose.

This time she reached down between her legs as she pulled one knee up by raising one foot to its toe. She rubbed her fingers into her pussy bringing some of their juice out. She offered some to him and the rest she put in her mouth. She turned, waved good bye and blew him a kiss.

Suddenly she turned back to him, dropped to her knees, sucked his still hard cock into her mouth, cleaned the juice off and let it stay in her mouth. She was going to leave it there until she kissed her husband and shared this special nectar with him.

Then she opened our door to step into out living room. I was there to greet her. There she stood in all her just fucked glory. Fresh sex was evident in both her attitude and her expression. What a sight I saw.

I was so hot I tingled. Here was the woman I loved so much. She was about to finish her night with me as we utilized this just finished experience to build into the ultimate fuck. Her hot body was just now primed for action that would take us beyond expression. We were about to make love and fuck at the same time.

I grabbed her and kissed her on the mouth. Immediately I knew I was tasting John’s cum along with hers it didn’t get better than this. soloduet

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