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Bar Pick-Up Fantasy

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Bar Pick-Up Fantasy

Tonight I am going to fulfill my fantasy of being picked up in a bar. I am so excited, anticipating how the evening will progress, end, my panties are already damp. I plan on letting myself go, in total abandonment, but in a controlled environment, I just hope he is in agreement, wink wink.

Looking thru the closet, what will I wear? I come up with an outfit I haven?t worn in a bit, a mini skirt, red leather, with a matching halter top. Add a cute little G-string, and some black heels, yes that should do. Put on a little eye shadow, mascara, just a little, some lip gloss, let the hair fall on the back, I am set to go. One last look in the mirror, oh yeah, the skirt barely covers the ass, frames it well, and of course the heels give the legs definition, I am ready to go.

The bar is crowded, hazy with smoke, but I find a stool at the bar. I order a vodka collins, and survey the crowd. There are a few guys sitting at the bar, watching a game, I see a game of pool going, and there are a few people at tables. A good-looking crowd tonight.

I sip my drink, stool turned so I can watch who comes and goes, and keep an eye on the pool game. I just recently learned how to play. I am not very good, but thinking I may give it a shot.

I was just getting off my stool when I see him come in, mmm, he is a looker. I watch him stand for a minute, adjusting his eyes, he surveys the room, our eyes meet, and he smiles. He spots a table in a corner and goes to sit.

The game of pool is coming to an end, and I decide to try my hand. I have no problem getting a taker at a game. I get to break, I lean over the table, I know my ass is barely covered in this stance, it makes me warm thinking of the guy in the corner. He has a perfect view from where he sits. I play a pretty good game, of pool that is. Leaning over the table, sticking my ass out as much as possible. I know most of the guys in the bar are watching, that makes me smile, and keeps that G-string moist. I look up, and the guy in the corner is openly admiring what he sees. I catch his eye and smile. The game ends, I decline another set, and go back to my bar stool. The bar keep has a drink ready for me, says the guy in the corner sent it, I turn around and raise my glass to him, then turn back to drink.

The stool to my left is empty, and the guy from the corner comes and sits, I thank him for the drink, smile. He invites me to his table, sure I say, easier to talk than at the bar. I slide into the booth, he sits in beside me, close, I can smell the masculine scent, makes me shiver for a second, a good shiver. There is tension in the air, sexual tension, we both know it, feel it. And play on it. The corner booth is dimly lit, works to our advantage. We make small talk, sitting in close to each other, heads bent so we can hear over the hum of the bar. Something funny was said, I laugh and place my hand on his arm. The shock of touch has us both looking at one another, god the sparks are flying. He moves a little closer, we are practically on top of one another, my breath catches, as he places a hand on my thigh, fingers caressing ever so lightly. I squirm a little in my seat, getting warmed up. My feet under the table rub along his leg, nice calf muscles there. We are still just talking, normal talk, as we gently tease one another. I place my hand on his thigh, his muscles quiver, mmmm, I have his attention. I slowly caress his leg, moving towards the groin, then away, teasing. He groans, I sigh, and we continue to touch one another. His hands are working under my skirt, fingering my g-string just a bit. He notes how damp it is, looks at me and grins. I note the lump forming in his groin, and return the grin.

We look at one another, god the lust and want in our eyes mirrored, we bend towards one another and kiss. A long, deep kiss, heating up, getting more intense. Our kiss becomes more hurried, tongues dancing crazily, we can?t seem to get any deeper. My pulse is quickening, my panties are soaked, the anticipation and want of this encounter taking over my body. I am sitting in his lap, facing him, my skirt barely covering my hot, wanting pussy. I can feel his need, his want, his desire thru his pants. His hands are on my ass as we kiss, mine all over his arms chest face.

We stop, getting too hot, after all we are in a public place, I sit back in my seat, still breathing hard, moist.

I tell him I need to visit the ladies? room, with a smile. I slide out of the booth, head to the hallway where the restrooms are. As luck would have it, it was a single stall, and it was occupied. He is standing next to me, pulls me toward him and kisses me deeply. I respond by pressing my body closer, my hands on his stomach, moving lower. We are in this hot, entangled position, when the bathroom door opens, a girl exits, looks and grins at us. Quick into the room, lock the door, our hands all over each other, our lips still connected, tongues still dancing.

He pushes me against the sink, hands on my ass, pulling our groins together. As he is cupping my ass, he whips the g string down and off, before I know it. He bends and nibbles my neck, as he fingers my very wet lips. I can feel the bulge in his pants, pressing to be free. I oblige by unzipping and setting free. My hands stroking. He groans and kisses lower towards my breast. I reach behind me, and unsnap the halter, letting my breast fall free. He takes one nipple in his mouth, my breath stops, my pussy quivers.

Leaning against the sink, my hands steading myself, I wrap my legs around his waist, pulling him in closer. I can feel the head of his cock at my ready wet, pussy lips. We look at each other, in the eyes, as he thrust his full swollen cock into me. God the excitement of a strangers cock, driving into me, in the ladies room, the thrill of discovery. Deeper, faster, harder, we are both just totally lost in the excitement of the moment. He sucks on a nipple, almost making me cum, I am so hot and worked up., matching his rhythm, thrust for thrust. I can feel him, almost ready, as he swells more. This feeling, along with his sucking on my breast, makes me cum, a long, pulsating orgasm, I moan, call out very loud, oh god yes!!!!

He groans and gives one last thrust, I can feel his hot cum pulsing into me, god it makes me cum again. We lock lips, tongues down each others throat, as the last quivers of our climax wanes.

I unwrap my legs stand. My handsome strange turns on the water, gets a paper towel, wets it, and gently wipes the cum juices from my thighs, my still throbbing pussy. This touch, his touch, wets me again, I come near to climax again, he sticks a finger in, two, and I cum around his fingers. He bends, places his tongue on my pussy, so that he can taste my juices, our juices as the flow from me.

He stands, smiles, we kiss, and then clean each other with the wet paper towels. We put our clothes in order, unlock the door, and exit the bathroom. We head back into the bar, people look up, look at us, grin, and go back to their drinks. I sit at the bar, order a drink, my handsome stranger goes back to his table.

I finish my drink, pay my tab, and walk towards the door, passing the corner table on my way. He glances up, raises his glass, and smiles, I leave the bar and head home.

The drive home I reflect on my bar adventure, smiling and feeling so good. At home I undress, shower, remember, climb into bed.

Awhile later, my lover comes home, he looks at me, and smiles, my handsome stranger in the bar.

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