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Bad Boy

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It was pouring out when I step out of the car and ran to the back door. I open the door and startled my guest. Didn?t expect you come from there he said. He had been a way for a few weeks and when I saw him, my eyes smiled. He looked so cute in his black dress shoes, jeans, and a blazer he had since 1988. He reached his arms up pulled me closer and started kissing my neck. His lips made chills go down my spine as his soft hands went under my sweater and up my back. I missed his touch. I reached for his cock out of instinct. It was so hard as I stroked it through his pants. I wanted to fall to my knees right there and make love but we had plans and we needed to go to dinner.

I played with that hard cock the whole ride to dinner and we teased and touched each other in all the right spots at dinner. We ate quickly but talked about tour and his travels across country in the bus. He slept with a hottie, rolled in the sand with a married woman, and came in his hand for his lady. He was glad to be home though sitting there talking and laughing. No dessert was needed but a quick trip around the block and there we were back at the office. Our home away from the kids.

When we arrived we grabbed my backpack out of the car.As I shut the door his hand smacks my ass playfully and we run to the back door. I hurry and open the door. The rain is coming down we are getting drenched. I open the door we walk down the hall, hands all over each other. When we finally get in to the office, we put our stuff on the desk and kiss. I tell him to go set the room up. He leaves and comes back quickly. I start kissing his neck. I unbutton his shirt as I get to his lips. His lips are always so soft against mine, so delicate. I stop and tell him to undress. His duffle bag is on the desk from before I arrived. I opened it saying we need more toys. He smiles and agrees. I rummage through the bag as he?s getting undressed. I find what I am looking. I pull out a pair of leather cuffs they are shackled together. I unclip them and wrap the first band around his wrist. I hand him the second band and tell him to put it around his ankles. I put the other wristband on and command he puts the other on his leg and stand I take the other toys I want to use out of the bag. We leave the room, he goes to the bed but I laugh and say sorry you?re over here, now get on the floor. He listens well. I take his hands first, bring them behind his back, and clip. I move my hands down his legs to his ankles and shackle them together. I sit and stare. I grab his penis and spank it. He squirms. I ask him if he was bad or good on his trip. He was very bad he replies. I smile because I already know his bad behavior and am very excited to punish him for it. I spank him harder this time for being bad. I kiss his neck, his chest, and bite his ear. Did you miss me I ask yes he replies? Well then, tell me what u missed. Your smile, your touch, my deviant thoughts he goes on as I run this leather belt along his body, stopping at his cock and spanking it with his belt. Will u be a good boy I ask? Yes, he replies. I stand and tell him to get on his knees and put his face on the floor butt up high. He struggles and asks for help. I chuckle, I will be right back be prepared when I return and I leave the room. When I come back, he is in position. I pick up the belt, run it between his ass checks and up and down his body. Good boy I say for listening but because you asked for help, you will be spanked. My belt goes down hard he flinches. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK it is so loud, his eyes squeeze shut during each blow. His ass is nice and red where the belt came down. I rub my hand over the marks. Stand reach for my wand and sit in front of him. Get on your knees I tell him. I rub my hands along his face and tell him I missed him. I turn my toy on and start rubbing it along his balls, his cock, and then my clit. I look him in the eye but do not say a word just continue to play. He drops to my feet and starts kissing my feet, moving up my leg, I stop him and tell him he does not deserve this and to kneel until I am ready. He obeys. When he gets back up, I take my rubber cock, rub it along his lips, and insert it in his mouth. Show me how you want me to suck your cock. He takes his mouth and engulfs the whole things sucking up and down as I continue to rub my clit with my toys. It feels so good vibrating against my body. I stop, this time I take my figures away from the toy in his mouth, tell him to hold it there while I play.

He struggles at times keeping it in adjusting his head so it falls back in his mouth so he does not disappoint. I take it out put my breast in his mouth and tell him to go gentle because it is sore from my ring. The warmth of his tongue sends a small drop of wetness down my leg. I turn his head to my other breast and tell him gentle. He bites I remove his head immediately and say gentle. He bites again, I slap his face, and say be good but he is not. I slap his face three times hard, take his toy, shove it in his mouth, and hold his nose. He opens his mouth to breath. I remove my fingers from his nose. Tell him if he is not good, he will not get my pussy. He is very gentle as his tongue glides around my nipple. I remove his mouth. I Sit back down and start playing with my clit I take his cock and put it in my mouth he starts to moan. I let him enjoy for a sec then I stand and tell him this is not for his pleasure just mine and he will not make a noise I put the toy in his mouth to shut him up and if a peep comes out he will be spanked. He was very quiet until I put my toy on his balls. It must have felt very good because he moaned unexpectantly and continued until he realized I had stop, picked up the leather belt, and spanked his ass. He promised not to make a sound again.

I told him to get on his back. He struggled getting up but did what he was told, laid on his back his hands above his head. I did not speak but straddled his body. I positioned his cock right in front of me with his balls touching my pussy. It was so thick, it felt much bigger than before he left. I squeezed really hard he squirmed underneath me. I squeezed harder then started to run my finger up and down tickling his cock. It was so much fun watching him squirm. I teased the tip, the rim, and his balls. Smacked it a couple of times then when I was satisfied, I have made it hard enough I stand. His next task lick my pussy while I was standing in front of him. He was instructed to life his body up every time and keep his feet up in the air while his tongue was licking my clit ,basically he was doing sit-ups for me, LOL. He did well the first couple of times but I made him hold it longer the last times and he failed miserably. His punishment was a spanking and a mouth gag.

The gag was black with a dildo protruding out. I wanted so bad to ride it but I waited a sec and left him on the floor while I got a drink of water and took pictures of him. He looked so cute in his gag. I got my toy, straddled his face, and slowly glided down on his toy. It felt so good inside me, I told him to work the toy as I was playing with my wand. He did such a good job fucking me I couldn?t take it anymore and squirted all over his face. When I had stopped, he begged me to do it again, I continued with my toy and for a second time squirted over his face.

I could not take it any longer and got off the toy. I released him from the restraints. When I did he flipped me over lifted my ass in the air and proceeded to fuck me hard until my knees were raw and I begged him to stop. He laughed turned me around and came all over my body. He fell down beside me and we cuddled until he left.

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