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In the hotel Melissa and Ronald noticed that the Billiards table was unused by any of the guests that morning. Ron asked Melissa whether she would like to play Billiards.

'I am not as good as you are', Melisssa said.

'I will make you better', Ron said.

The way Ronald kept holding her in his arms and striking delicate shots she admired and planted deep emotional kisses. Also her lovely breasts were sneaking from sideways from her 'seamless ribbed tank dress',which he fondled in the process now and then which she also relished. He placed at times his oscillating shaft at the crack of her ass cheeks.

'shall I order some drinks', he asked.


He ordered for 'Johnnie Walker blue label'.

She admired his taste. He made her win all the three rounds and she felt happy that she could improve her knowledge, skill and shots in billiards. They also had three rounds of whisky and the heat and urge inside them increased. She kissed him passionately in his mouth and he kept on squeezing her ass cheeks.

'let us go to my room for a change', Melissa pleaded.

When they were in her room she placed the 'do not disturb' placard outside on the door knob and locked the room from inside. She removed his tshirt, tennis short and white brief he was wearing.She made him sit on the adjacent sofa naked and took his cock into her mouth kneeling in front of him. He caressed her hair and back. She cupped his balls and licked them. She sucked his cock vigorously and fluid was coming from it which she licked it with a naughty smile looking at him.

She got up and undressed. She took the butter sachet which she brought from the dining hall at breakfast and took some butter and spread it on his erect cock. She applied her saliva and juices from his cock. She asked Ron to apply some butter in her ass hole which he gladly did. When his finger was appying butter in her ass hole she moaned with pleasure and she experienced one of her finest orgasms.

She slowly pushed her lubricated ass hole on to Ron's cock and he was surprised that his cock slid into her ass hole with out much difficulty. She kept on giving him jerks and he hept on fondling her tits and pinched her erect nipples and lickijng her neck and arm pits. Both of them found sexual ecstasy. When she got exhausted his cock was still erect. She lay on her back on the sofa and she guided his cock into her wet pussy. Ronald became wild and lifted her legs to his waist and pumped her with his loads of semen. Both of them again kissed and he lifted her put on the bed and he leapt on her. Though he was heavier she liked him sleeping on her. The love and bondage was so strong.

When Melissa's cell rang both of them woke up. She wore the wardrobe and picked up the phone. Ron went to the bathroom and took shower and came out. He found Melissa talkig to Veronica.

"Ron offered a job in his company", Melissa told Veronica.

"a blow job", jokingly said Veronica.

Melissa laughed and told the same thing to Ron.

Ron took the phone and explained to veronica about Melissa losing her job and that there existed a vacancy in his office. Veronica felt happy that Melissa is well looked after by her brother. Veronica wished them all the best.

'What would you like to have for lunch?, Ron asked Melissa.

'Your Choice', said Melissa

He ordered 'Prawns cocktail', 'Lamb Henry' and 'pasta Baked with Garlic Bread'.

'How about a dessert'

'Your choice', said Melissa.

He ordered 'Spotted Dick'.

with a naughty smile Melissa said 'What is that'?

'Spotted dick is a steamed suet pudding containing dry fruits (usually currants) commonly served with custard. Spotted refers dry fruit( which resembles spots) and dick may be a contraction or corruption of the word pudding. It is a famous recipe of England from 1850' explained Ron.

Melissa took shower and wore wardrobe. They ate lunch together with Melisssa feeding him with reverence, love and admiration.

'What are your plans of returning to Geneva', She asked.

'I thought we both will go to Paris in the evening by 'euro star train. We both will stay in hotel 'Best Western Aux Ducs De Bourgogne' tonight and tomorrow night and enjoy and see Paris city whole day tomorrow and take the morning swiss air flight from paris to geneva day after tomorrow. You can take rest from wednesday to friday. I will show you in and around geneva on saturday and sunday. You can join my office on coming monday. You can ask your brother to wind up your establishment in Los Angeles unless you have some personal things to do. Next month we both can go to San Francisco to meet Veri and Robin'.explained Ron his plan of action.

It sounded like a decision rather than suggestion. she was more than pleased and hugged him and lifted her legs and kissed him passionately.

'No wonder you are good CEO', she complimented.

"Is it OK?, he asked holding her from behind rubbing his shaft to her ass cheeks.

'OK but' she hesitated and added 'i have no clothes'

He said ' you dont need' and added 'I will buy better ones in Paris and Geneva'.

She turned around and kissed him.

'Let me go to my room and do the necessary arrangements' and whispered in her ear 'lie down naked in the bed for the fifth and final set of bed love making tennis match and i will serve'said Ron teasingly. She smiled.

He locked the room and took the key and went to his room and made all the reservations from his laptop computer and came back to Melissa's room. When he entered the room she was watching 'National geographic channel in which life about lions was being shown.

'If i were an animal i would love to be lion', said Ron.

Why? asked Melissa.

'He is lord of the jungle and lions mating process takes place every 10 minutes and lasts for 4 to 5 days and it is generaaly the lioness which takes the initiative', Ron said with a sexy smile.

Melissa laughed wildly and threw the pillow which was hiding her massive breasts at him. She removed the bed cover from her body. She was completely naked and invited him by stretching her arms.

" I would love to be your lioness my lord lion', She said.

He removed his t shirt and tennis short and the brief and mounted on her. Ron put his arm around Melissa and kissed deep and she responded and their toungues played hide and seek. The pleasure was so sweet. He took a nipple in his mouth and began sucking. Her hand went down and curled around his balls and cock. He put his index finger in her pussy and moved in and out. He moved down and spread her legs. His tongue reached the desired spot and his teeth bit the possible flesh.

'Ron please give yours', Melissa moaned. He turned and they were in perfect 69 position.

His manhood was in her mouth and she engulfed it in her mouth.

'Ron pl fuck me', whispered.

He moved over her entered her lifted her head and closed her lips with his. It was romantic bliss they were experiencing. He began to move deeper and deeper. He moved out of her and asked her to lay on her stomach and she obliged instantly. she bent her knees and like mating of lions he entered from behind and after some he stood on the floor pulled her closer and guided his hot and hard missile deep into her. It was the best fucking session she and he enjoyed in life.

'can you cum in my mouth', Melissa asked.

'i love to', he responded.

Melissa turned around and sat on the edge of the bed and took his wet cock full of both juices into her mouth which wasa strange and delightful experience. when she finished he kissed her tasing some of it. He took her into his arms and took her to the long bath tub and slowly placed her in warm water and he also sat behind her. Both washed their bodies again fondling and kissing.

She wore the 'Grecian Goddess dress' he presented and went to his room. He wore his'umo-2 button suite'. Both of them kissed passionately before they vacated the hotel. They reached London Railway station and boarded the 'euro star' express train business class compartment to go to Paris and then to Geneva to play the 'French and Swiss' 'Bed Courts Love Making Tennis Matches' in days to come.

Melissa put her head on Ron's shoulder as an assurance to tell that 'she is his' and 'he is hers' and thanked heavens for the best'Blessing in Disguise' of her life.


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