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The boat rocked with the waves as it was anchored in the inlet of the harbor. The cool breeze blew gently across the bow in the pale moonlight. This air was calming to Brad as he lay back on the front window of the main cabin.

He was just a few hundred yards off the shore in the harbor. Appropriately place was new to him. He had been at sea for six days. This was but a speck on his journey. He was fulfilling his boyhood dream. Not three months prior, Brad had taken a chance and won a substantial fortune in the state?s lottery. Brad, would never have to work again if he did not want to. The world was his oyster. He was 29 and now free. He sold off all of his possessions and everything he could not part with he loaded onto his brand new 42ft sailboat he so appropriately named, ?Beginnings?. Brad left the hustle and bustle of Los Angles.

On the sixth day of sailing around the Catalinas, he needed supplies and decided he had already seen LA so it was logical that San Diego would be his first stop on his tour around the world.

He put into a small anchorage in a small inlet next to a place called Shelter Island. He could hear the gong of the bouy?s bells and the cries of the sea gulls. This noise to some was annoying. Not to Brad. He had traded the cares of a young paralegal working his way through law school, barely making ends meat behind him. Traded it for the sea which welcomed him with open arms. He was driven by a boyhood dream of sailing the world over.

Brad dozed in and out of sleep trying to remember what he would have been doing at this moment had he not taken that chance on that one dollar ticket. It was at that moment he heard a splashing unlike that of the waves hitting the sides of his boat. It sounded as though it was getting louder and closer. At first he thought it to be a seal or a sea lion coming to check him out.

Brad got up and looked over the side to see the form of a woman in a skintight wetsuit swimming to him. He reached out to her and she grasped his hands as he hoisted her wet form over the stern. He handed her a towel and took a good look at her. Her hair drenched but curly. She was a sandy blonde with home bleached streaked highlights. Brad turned on the deck lights which illuminated the whole vessel.

He gazed into her gray eyes and said, ?Hi. I?m Brad. What the hell are you swimming in a harbor at night in a black wetsuit for?? He did not care what the answer was. He was actually happy to see someone up close. She was pleasing to the eyes. Brad was entranced by her gaze. Her face was perfect, she smiled back at him and said, ?I?m Mara. I swam out here to see you.?


?I saw you come in this morning from my friends house. I was visiting from LA and I saw you from her balcony. I thought you were cute and I wanted to meet you. When I realized you weren?t coming in, I figured I would come to you.?

Brad was flattered. His cheeks became red. He was not sure how to draw out a conversation. It is not everyday that a woman dawns a wetsuit and swims in dark, cold waters to meet him.

He went below and returned with a cup of hot chocolate. She graciously accepted and placed both of her hands around the cup for warmth. She closed her eyes and sipped. Brad stared at the fullness of her lips. How even not knowing this woman for less than 5 minutes, he wanted to kiss her. To make her warm.

Mara set the cup down on the bench beside her and stood up to unzip her wetsuit. Brad had felt his eyes being pulled to her pert breasts. Her nipples were rock hard and were straining against the wet lycra of her blue bathing suit.

Brad could see where this was going even though he had never been in a situation of this sort before. He was slightly uneasy. He was not accustomed to women, let alone beautiful women, not only coming onto him, but to go through what might be considered a difficult hurdle.

Brad took Maya by the hand and led her below deck to the main cabin where it was warmer for her. He also wanted to see her better in the light. There was an ulterior motive to this. Even though this had never happened before, Brad was not dumb to the signals Mara put out for him. She had baited him and he took to it. He bit hard.

He asked her what part of L.A. She was from. ?Beverly Hills?

?Beverly Hills??

?Yes, I just graduated from U.S.C with a business degree. I just don?t know what I want in life yet. I?m taking a break. I figured I would travel for a few years. See the sights.?

?Can?t that get expensive?? Brad replied.

?Yes. But I have an inheritance with a trust fund. Why work if I don?t need to. Why sit around when there is so much of the world to see and so much to experience??

Brad?s head was racing. ?Wow! A woman who doesn?t want me for my money.? Brad had found that since he came into this new wealth, he had friends he never knew before. One of which was named ?Greed?. This was the reason he decided to follow his heart and leave town.

Mara took another sip from the steaming cup and asked, ?What?s your story? A young guy like you, all alone on a boat? In the middle of the ocean. Why are you all alone? Are you on a vision quest or something?? Brad took a moment and replied, ?I left L.A. because I was tired of it.? Alittle reluctant, ?I won some money and decided to travel.?

With that, Mara stood and walked over to Brad and took the Beer from his hand and set it upon the counter. Mara inched up on her tip toes and kissed Brad on the lips. His heart was racing. Pounding so hard as to burst out of his chest. Her arms drapped around his neck, Brad wrapped his arms around her waist and his hands slid into her wetsuit. His large hands took a firm hold on her nice round ass. He squeezed. She let out a whimper.

They held each other tight. Mara?s breasts pressed hard against Brad?s chest. She felt the buldge grow in his shorts. Again, she whimpered as it rose and felt as though it would poke out the top of his shorts, jutting into her tummy. He pussy was wet with anticipation.

It had been awhile since Brad had felt the warmth of a woman?s body next to his. Their tongues moved about in a languid dance, lips locked tight. ?I want you to take me to bed. I want to feel you inside me. I want you to fill me.? She said it with helpless abandon, as if her life depended on him taking her.

Brad?s eyes widened. Mara stepped back and he stepped to the side taking her by the hand and leading her into the forward cabin. The lights were low as he tugged at the straps over her shoulders. He knelt before her and suckled her nipples. Mara grabbed at his shirt and pulled it off. Brad pulled down the dual layers of wet gear Mara was wearing to find a fine line of hair as if to point to her sweet sweet spot. He nuzzled deep between her legs. The aroma of her arousal was strong and intoxicating. His cock was straining to the point in which it hurt.

His tongue came out to meet her clit. She moaned and dropped back against the cabin door. He extended his middle digit to explore her womanly treasure. It was wet and slid into her with no difficulty. To him it felt as though he slid his finger into and open fist that had just clinched tight. He felt around and found that soft spot that caused Mara to gasp loudly. Her hands came down from over her head and began to pull at his hair. His tongue worked on the button below that thin strip of hair. Mara?s breaths increased in speed and volume. Brad felt his finger being clamped upon and the a flood down his chin and hand.

Mara went weak and pulled Brad up only to push him onto the small bed that took up the majority of the space in the forward cabin. She worked his shorts off from around his waist. His cock sprang too. She gazed at it?s glory. She could no longer resist, Mara had to wrap her hands around it?s girth. Brad looked Mara in the eyes as she stroked his rod up and down. He brought his head up to see her looking him in the eyes.

She played with his balls. Massaging them between her nimble fingers. Mara Flicked the tip of his cock with her tongue. All the while, not losing eye contact with Brad, she took his whole length between her lips. This was the most enticing sight Brad had ever gazed upon. They were connected, by more than just sex. They were really into each other. Her head bobbed up and down, occasionally stopping to suck his balls and quickly move back to the shaft. She stroked him fully with her lips, tongue, and hands. This was the greatest feeling to Brad since all the women he had ever been with would not go down on him.

He moaned and breathed deep. Brad could not take it anymore. He pulled Mara on top of him and they met with another kiss. She was reluctant to stop sucking his dick but she had no choice, he was strong and forceful in his actions. Not once did she feel threatened by his handling of her. It made Mara want him all the more.

This was a great turn on to Mara. Something animalistic about it, it made her empty pussy quiver as if to cry out, ?I need to be filled!?

She found herself on her back before she could do anything else. Brad was on top of her. She looked him in the eyes again and could see the want within him. Mara reached between his legs a gave a couple loving strokes as they kissed. She then grasped firmly and pulled his rod to her wet pussy. She slapped the engulfed mushroom shaped tip against her clit a few times rubbing it up and down, side to side. Mara guided his manhood to her waiting pussy.

In one fluid motion, Brad thrust slowly, deep inside her. Mara letout a loud moan. She had never had a cock of this size inside of her. It was not so much the length, for he was average in this area. It was the width. She felt as though she were being stretched apart. It was a glorious feeling a sif to massage muscles that were sore. She whimpered and pulled Brad down to her. Their bodies pressed hard together by Brad?s weight.

Brad began to slide in and out of her pussy. It was so tight. He felt as though he would empty his load at any moment. Mara wrapped her legs around him and bulled Brad deeper and deeper with every thrust. The weight of his body pressing down onto her pubic bone which rubber her clit, intensifying the tingling between her legs. She let out one moan after another. Brad felt as though he was going ot empty his load at any moment.

Mara went limp. Brad wrapped his large hands around her waist and moved her onto her side. He straddled her right leg while simultaneously draping her left leg over his shoulder. He was on top of her looking down. Again, Brad entered Mara. He reached down and grabbed her tits, one at a time, gently squeezing, stroking, caressing. With the other hand he kneaded her ass. Rubbing it. Mara began to rotate her hip to his thrusting motion. He was deeper now than he was before. Mara would let out louder moans as her climax was building. In and out. In and out. Thrusting deeper and deeper.

Mara was reaching, almost tearing at the sheets. Her yells were growing louder. She was on the brink of cumming. Brad felt his own climax building and pulled out again. He rolled her over onto her stomach. Without warning, He mounted her sex. He thrust deep. In and out. In and out. The tip of his cock pressing her glorious spot that sent shock waves of pleasure up and down Mara?s spine.

Brad grabbed Mara by the hair and pulled her close to him. Not missing a thrust, he kissed her neck, reached around, and gently squeezed Mara?s full, swaying breasts. He was rough this time for he could not help himself. His roughness was not in a way that was harmful or put Mara into a state of fear but to induce a state of euphoria deep within her.

Brad?s moans grew. Mara?s breathing increased. She whispered with increased volume between breaths,? OH! FILL ME, BABY! OHHHHH! FILL MY PUSSY!!!!!!! OH GOD!!!!! I WANT YOU TO CUM INSIDE ME!!!!! OHHHHH MY!!!!!! I?M GONNA CUM!!!!! CUM WITH ME, BABY!!!! FILL ME UP, BABY!!!!! OHHH BRAD!!!!!!!!!!?

That was enough for Brad. He could not stop what was just set into motion. He could not take it anymore. His Pelvis pounded away against Mara?s round ass. He let out a groan the sent Mara over the top and they both came together.

Brad thrust deep, as far as he could go. To the base of his penis. Mara?s Pussy convulsed around Brad?s engorged phallus. Mara pressed her ass hard against Brad?s pelvis, grinding her hips. Massaging his cock. She reached between her own legs and grabbed hold of the balls that slapped on her clit while Brad rode her from behind.

Brad Exploded and let go a tidal wave of cum that filled Mara who in turn was no clawing at the sheets on the bed. The two lovers, spent, collapsed holding onto one another. Chests heaving, Sweat beads forming.

The sunlight peeked in through the cabin windows. Cascading light on the two intertwined with one another. Brad kissed Mara on the lips and got up. He wrapped a towel around his waist and stood.

Mara sat up in the bed, her bare breasts exposed. Brad had his back to her when she spoke, ?Take me with you.? He felt it to but thought it to be silly to speak.

Mara Crawled across the bed to him and spoke again, ?Take me, please I think we would..................? She sighed, ?I have nothing here. Nothing to tie me down. Brad kissed her. That was all she needed to know that she had found her soulmate.

Once again, their embrace turned into passion and Mara wrapped legs around Brad as his towel fell to the floor. He impaled her with his rock hard cock once more.

Mara was pinned against the wall as Bad pumped away. Ramming his cock deep inside her sex. Over the course of the next several hours, Brad and Mara spent their time fucking with wild abandon yet the gentleness found between two lifelong lovers.

On the shoreline that evening, an answering machine had picked up this message, ?Hey Michelle. It?s Mara. Don?t wait up for me. Kay? I?ll call you in a few days from Mexico. LOVE YA!?

Later in the day, the two lovers hoisted anchor and headed southwest where where the drinks were cold and the sun is HOT!!!!!!

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