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At Long Last

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Finally, finally was their thoughts. The moment they had both been waiting

for, craving for and hurting for. They were finally together. The two of them stood staring at each other. Eating each other up with their eyes like two children in a candy store. His eyes devoured her from her head, to her eyes, those lips, down the neck to her breasts. Both breasts waiting to be touched, nipples hard just with the anticipation of what was to come. His eyes lowered till he came to her land of no return. How he wanted to touch her, kiss her plunge into her over and over.

Her eyes bewitched him. Where should she start? She wanted to know all of

him. Before she could do anything he grabbed her by the waist with one arm.

With the other hand he grabbed a fist full of her hair from the back of her head and forced her to him. Lips to lips, chest to chest, body to body.

This time was not going to be gentle and tame. This time there was almost a animalistic need they both had never had before. They both knew what they wanted and were determined they were going to get what they each had come for.

They both wanted the other and it was going to happen.

Their lips touching, caressing, opening. Their tongues meeting half way. Not sure what to expect but wanting more and more. Her tongue traced his tongue, her tongue ran along his teeth, first up then lower. As his tongue was searching she suddenly grab his tongue with hers, closed her lips around his tongue and started sucking. She wanted to give him a sample of what was to come. She sucked on his tongue as her hands cupped his head in her hands. She finally released his tongue and ran her tongue all along his lips as her hands and nails traced his eyes, to his nose and along his cheekbones.

All the while his hands had found their way to her breasts. There they were under her clothes. He cupped one in each hand as his thumbs played with her nipples. Rolling her nipples around now between his thumb and finger. Twisting one way then twisting another all the while feeling them getting harder. Which was not the only thing getting hard.

Enough! They had both had enough. They each started ripping at the others clothes. They couldn't get them off of each other fast enough. Who knew where they went they were just thrown somewhere. Didn't matter where as long as they could touch and feel each others skin. As they finished undressing they both fell onto the coffee table. They didn't care where they were or what they were on as long as they were together.

Her lips lightly kissing along the outline of his face. His chisled chin, strong jaw.

Her hands running down his arms to his chest. Fingers intertwining with the hair on his chest. Lightly grazing over his nipples. As her mouth moved to his ear her tongue licking her teeth nibbling on his ear lobe her fingers took his nipple and started rolling it. Pulling it twisting it. Her lips moving lower across his neck down his chest to replace where her fingers had been on his nipple. Her teeth nibbling, her tongue flicking the nipple as she pulled on it with her lips, pulling, sucking till it was at full peak. Trailing her tongue across to his other nipple she didn't let the other one feel left out.

Her fingers lazily working slower circling along his skin, searching for what she couldn't find. Her lips following her fingers, feeling, tasting till she came to it. The beginning of what made him a man, the home of his very existence, his manhood.

As she spread her fingers apart she let each piece of his hair slide through feeling the curliness of it. As her fingers came to the base she knew she was finally at the point of no return. Her nails encircle the base of his dick, trailing down lower, lower till she reaches his balls. Taking one into her hand she gently squeezed and rolled it in her hand. With her other hand she trailed her nails along the inner part of his thigh getting ever so closer to him. Taking one nail she slowly, lightly started up the long shaft of his dick. He could feel her moving over him, enticing him luring him into a world he hasn't been to before.

As her nails reached the lip of his head her mouth had finally arrived at the base of his shaft. She let her lips barely touch the base as she kissed lower and lower to his balls. As her tongue explored his twins her hands started exploring his erection. Both hands holding his dick as they slowly slid up to the length of his excitement. Reaching the tip her hands dropped right back down as slowly as they had risen only to rise back up again.

Her tongue following the path her fingers had created found his shaft. As she gently kissed it with her lips her tongue would dart out for a quick lick then back to her mouth. In and out her tongue would dart licking, tasting, feeling the silky softness of his member. Up to the top of his head, the nails on one of her hands lightly touching his shaft making lazy circles while her other absently massaged his balls. Her tongue licking across his head, around the lip of his head and underneath. Her teeth nipping at his head as her lips quickly took his head into her mouth as she just as quickly released it.

She could feel him tensing the goose bumps on his skin wanting needing to be released. She wasn't ready yet she was going to make him beg.

As she took his head into her mouth her tongue darting around his opening he could hear the pop as she pulled him out of the suction of her mouth.

He could take it no longer. His back arching, moaning he tried to thrust himself to her. She knew it was time he was hers.

One hand around the base of his shaft the other helping hold the top of his shaft she slowly slid her lips over his head, licking and sucking as she went. Fist just a little bit of his shaft followed into the moist warmth of her mouth. As she slid more and more of him into her mouth she would pull back on his dick and bring it back out to the light then plunge it right back in for more.

Sucking, licking, his dick clinched in her hand as she ran it up and down his shaft she began working faster and faster. They could both feel it. His body arching more and more, wanting to thrust but her mouth and lips taking care of that. The heat. He could feel the heat building up in the pit of him. Faster, faster she moved her mouth, sucking harder and harder, hand moving faster and faster he couldn't take it any longer. He could feel it. As the explosion began she took even more of him into her mouth and sucked and licked till he couldn't stand it. His body convulsing, shuddering, he couldn't keep it in as he started loudly moaning as she pulled everything he had in him out. Spent he collapsed back on the table. He looked down at her as she finally released him from the spell he had been in. He ran his hand through her hair as she slowly kissed his body both of them exhausted. As he hugged her to him he knew then she was right. He had just gone to a place he hadn't been before and he couldn't wait to go back

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