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Asian Wifes niece

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My cock loving Asian wife was on a mission to have some more sexy experiences. She started to hit the gym allot more tho hardly needed it, and was buying some very snug fitting tops and shorter skirts, showing off her slim brown legs. I watched the faces of men in the mall turning their heads as she walked by and she loved the attention.

A month or so after the session with the builders the wife?s niece came to visit us and to stay with us for a couple of weeks. I met her niece last when she was at high school and she was a cute little thing back then, but only about 16 years old. Now she was about 21 and when she walked out of the airport my mouth dropped open. She was one of the sexiest little things I had seen in years. About 5?4? tall, slim about 23? waist, 36? tits, and slim hips like her auntie. She gave the wife a hug and a kiss and we got in the car and they sat in the back all the way home giggling and talking in their home dialect. I know enough of her language to get by and at least some of the conversation was directed at me, with the niece telling my wife I was hot, and my wife telling her that I probably understood this. Something I confirmed in their minds by locking eyes with them in the rear view mirror and smiling. The niece went a little red and the wife laughed.

Over the next few days she and the wife spent a lot of their time in the back garden in their bikinis soaking up the sun. As a result when I come in from work, they were wandering around the kitchen wearing little. My reaction to the nubile niece did not go un noticed with my wife teasing me in front her ? She has a nice ass honey huh?? knowing that she would be embarrassing me. The niece didn?t seem to be embarrassed and indeed seemed to take great delight in brushing past me at every opportunity and making sure I got the best view possible of her little brown body.

One day the wife had to go out for most of the day to visit a friend, and left me the niece to plan our day. I said I would take her out somewhere and she said she wanted to hit the mall. Not my idea of fun but ok. She came downstairs that morning in the little t-shirt she had been sleeping in, her pert bra less breasts jiggling under her top as she came bouncing into the kitchen. I?m not a real morning person, but watching her waft around the kitchen and reaching to cupboards for bowls and cereal work me up. Or at least parts of me. It was clear she didn?t have any panties on and did little to hide the fact as she reached into the top cupboard. I knew it was a good idea to keep the bowls there. As she turned around she clearly caught me staring intently as her butt and smiled at me and sat down at the breakfast bar. There was some awkward silence and finally I asked her what time she wanted to go, and she told me she would take a shower and be with me in about 30 minutes. I knew this was more likely to be an hour and told her I would get in the shower first go fill the tank up, pick up a news paper and hopefully she would be ready to go when I got back.

I went up and got in the shower. Feeling more than a little horny I thought I would off load some of the tension and started to stroke my cock standing under the warm shower. With my eyes closed I pictured my wifes niece. In a moment I felt a little cold air hit me and looked around to see the niece standing there staring at my hard cock in my grip. For what seemed like forever I stood there frozen and she didn?t seem intent on moving either. Instead she simply yanked off her t-shirt and got in the shower beside me.

She said nothing and pulled my head down and stuck her tongue in my mouth, my hand went straight to her tits and hers went to grip my cock. She dropped down and I watched her as the water cascaded over her as she took the head of my 8? cock into her sweet little mouth. She looked up and me and never taking her eyes from mine started to suck my slowly. One of her hands working the shaft the other between her legs working her hairless pussy. After a minute or so with me backed up against the shower wall she stopped and asked me if I wanted to fuck her.

Motioned to the bed room and we got out and I threw her onto the bed, and knelt between her legs. She opened them wide and with 2 fingers opened the pink folds of her pussy and my tongues ran up and down the length of her sweet smelling slit, circling her hole and sucking on her hard little clit. She bucked and shook as she cum and squirted her juices over my mouth as she did. I moved up her body kissing her stomach and sucking on her little hard nipples. The head of my cock was now touching her pussy. She looked me right in the eyes .

?Please fuck me hard Uncle David?

Fuck that was all I needed, I rammed my cock into her hole and she wrapped her legs around my waist. Fuck she was tight. She screamed and shouted me to fuck her harder and I pushed her legs back and really pounded her little hole. After a few minutes I rolled her onto her knees and gripped her hips, and pushed into her from behind. I pumped her for all I was worth and she was shaking and bucking around telling me loudly each time she was cumming. I felt her tight hole grip my cock as she contracted with each orgasm. Needless to say it didn?t last long, and I was telling her I was cumming. Just like my wife she spun around and opened her mouth looking into my eyes to receive my cum. I sprayed it all into her mouth and as the last drops dripped from my cock she took the head in her mouth and sucked me clean swallowing all I gave her.

She got up smiled gave me a kiss on the cheek and told me she was taking a shower, and bounced off into the bathroom.

When the wife got home later that night, I was up in bed reading and I heard her go into the nieces room. I heard some giggling and talking and about 30 minutes later she came in the bed room and gave me a kiss. She started to undress and I asked her how her day was. She said clearly not as exciting as mine. ?I knew that you wouldn?t last 5 minutes as soon as I left the house ? she said. I admitted it. She told me she had made a deal with her niece and told her to make the move as she knew I wouldn?t unless prompted.

The girl stayed with us for a couple of weeks and will be back around Xmas time. We had a few other encounters when she stayed sucking and fucking, such as having my wife hold her open as I pushed into her from behind, which was memorable, but that?s for another time.

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