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Ashleys lust

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Derrick and Ashley?s sex life slowly dwindled down to sex once a month or once every other month. It wasn?t due to marital problems or even them falling out of love. They had kids and a very busy life. Recently Derrick took a job where he was traveling every other week. This meant the week he was home he would spend his time catching up on work around the house and giving Ashley a break with the kids. There just wasn?t time anymore for the great sex life they used to have a few year prior to having children.

They both still had a high sex drive and when they did get the opportunity to have fun in the bedroom, it was always great. More often than not though, whenever Ashley was horny, Derrick would either be traveling or the kids would need her attention. She would have to sneak off to quickly masturbate to fulfill her needs.

Recently they had even been talking about trying out an open relationship. Often Derrick would meet a female employee of on of his clients that would catch his eye. A few times he had even been hit on. His many lonely nights in the hotels around the country left him wondering what it would be like to bring one of these women back to his room. Ashley had similar thoughts while she was home alone. Her needs were different than Derrick?s. While he was more interested in just having a brief physical relationship while traveling, she was more interested in someone to talk to and spend time with while her husband was away. Of course she would love to experiment sexually with other men, but it wasn?t just about the sex. She was lonely.

They continued talking about opening up their marriage and even had a few close calls with friends and guys they met online. They finally decided they would try it if the opportunity ever opened up. Their only rules were that they had communicate before or immediately after the sexual encounter and they had to always put their marriage first.

For months nothing happened. Neither one of them tried to find another partner as they continued on their busy lives. Ashley had a few old coworkers she wouldn?t mind starting up a relationship back up with. She had a crush on one guy in particular and while they worked together there was some pretty heavy sexual tension and flirting. Derrick had even gently pushed her to contact him again. She didn?t know why she was so afraid to reach out to him. Part of her was worried what would happen to their marriage if she crossed the line and part of her was simply nervous. What if this guy didn?t find her attractive? What if he had no interest in sharing her with Derrick but just wanted to fuck her when they worked together? No, she would just wait things out and see what happens.

Nothing changed until spring of that year. They occasionally talked about different people they would sleep with if they had a chance and how they thought their marriage would improve. Derrick continued to gently nudge Ashley into finding someone. Not only did he fantasize about her sleeping with another man, but he knew it would help with her depression and self esteem issues.

Ashley still was apprehensive about the whole idea. She continued wondering if another man would find her attractive and want to sleep with her. She was also very worried about Derrick either getting upset with her if she went through with it. When they first started discussing the lifestyle he had gotten jealous a few times and it even led to a few fights.

A few more weeks went by with no conversation on the subject. One afternoon while flying back home for a week, Derrick received a call from his friend Andy in western Washington.

?Hey Derrick. Long time no talk! How are things?? he asked.

?Great Andy! Good to hear from you. How are things on the west coast?? Derrick answered.

?Well actually, that?s one of the reasons I?m calling. A job opportunity came up in Wyoming and I applied for it. I just found out last night that they gave it to me. I?m moving back home buddy!?

?Wow, that?s awesome. It?ll be great to have one of my good friends back in town. I don?t see you that much anymore. When will you be back?? Derrick asked.

?Next week. There?s orientation training starting on Monday and they want to get me in it. I was wondering if I could stay with you guys until I find my own place. It?ll only be for a week or two?

?I?ll have to run it by Ashley, but I?m sure she?ll have no problem. Our spare bedroom is always ready for company?. Derrick said.

They chatted for another 30 minutes before Derrick had to catch another flight. He quickly called Ashley to ask if she was ok with a temporary guest. Of course she had no problem with it and quickly went to work setting everything up in their basement for their friend.

That Sunday evening, Andy showed up with his bags. He was a few inches shorter than Derrick and much more slender. Ashley was surprised by the way he looked. She always thought he was kind of cute, but now he was dressed much nicer and was more clean-cut than she remembered. She instantly felt very attracted to him. She gave him a big hug when he walked in casually pressing her breasts against his chest.

?Hi Andy? she said and kissed his cheek. Mmmm he smells nice too, she thought.

That evening and the next they caught up at night over dinner and drinks. Throughout the week, Derrick worked the entire day in an office complex in town. Andy spent his mornings and early afternoon in orientation for his new job. He would get home around 3pm and would help Ashley with the kids and keep up on the house.

By Wednesday Ashley started dressing a little nicer in anticipation of Andy coming home early. Derrick always told her that her legs and ass were his favorite part of her body. She also has nice tits that still have held their shape even after kids. She would wear shorts around the house like she normally would but now she put on much shorter and tighter ones. She also started wearing her nicer bras that made her tits look even better. She even surprised herself by wearing a thong again so her panty line wouldn?t show. Ashley told herself that what she was doing was harmless. She liked it when he looked at her longingly.

Ashley was really enjoying her few short hours with Andy. They never spent much time in the past talking about themselves so their conversations were never dull. He truly seemed to enjoy spending time with her. By Thursday of that week Ashley had developed real feelings for Andy. Not only was he attractive and nice to be around but he also seemed to feel the same way about her as well. He even started making little comments to Ashley when Derrick wasn?t around. They were harmless compliments but they made her feel something she hadn?t felt in years.

Late afternoon on Wednesday Ashley was finishing some busy work in the kitchen while Andy sat at the counter ideally chatting with her.

?You know Ashley, you really look great. I?ll tell you a secret if you promise not to tell Derrick.? Andy said.

?What?s that? Ashley laughed.

?I?ve always had a crush on you. I think you?re very beautiful. Derrick?s a lucky guy. If you weren?t married to him, I?d probably make a move? he chuckled.

Ashley laughed, but blushed furiously. She quickly turned towards the kitchen sink and glanced outside where the kids were playing. Her heart was beating wildly. She could tell by the look on his face that he was nervous. ?Oh yeah? What kind of a move would you make??

?Something like this? Andy said as he walked up behind her. He put both his hands on her bare shoulders and slowly started rubbing them. He brought his mouth next to her ear and whispered, ?then I would do something like this? as he softly kissed her neck.

Ashley?s heart started racing even faster. No man had touched her like this other than Derrick. Her stomach was doing cartwheels and she started to feel a familiar warmth between her legs. ?Mmm Hmm? she whispered.

Now she could feel the bulge of his crotch softly touching her backside. She wanted so badly to push back against him?to make him feel good. He moved to the other side of her neck and slowly started kissing her from her shoulders to her neck. She reached behind, grabbed his shirt and pulled his body into hers. She wanted to feel more of the growing bulge in his pants. She wished he would rub her breasts. She wished he would pull off her shorts and fuck her right there in the kitchen. She knew she couldn?t resist if he did.

She felt like she was living someone else?s life. She didn?t have a thought about the kids who were just outside the window or about her husband that would be home any minute. It was just her and Andy.

His hand slowly started moving off her shoulder and down to her right breast. Ashley almost grabbed his hand and moved it for him. He was moving too slow. He slightly grazed her nipple through her shirt and bra. Her nipple was erect and sensitive. She wished he would suck and nibble on it. She wanted him so badly. She could feel herself getting wetter and swollen down below. She hadn?t been this worked up in years.

She opened her eyes long enough to glance at the clock. 4:15pm. Derrick wouldn?t be home for at least another hour. Through her ecstasy, she started planning out how she would turn around, grab Andy?s hand and pull him into the bedroom she shared with Derrick. She would lock the door so the kids didn?t stumble in. She would push him onto their bed, rip his clothes off and fuck him right there. There would be plenty of time for them to finish and clean up before Derrick showed up. His cock was hard and she knew she was plenty wet. They wouldn?t need any foreplay to get in the mood. Just as she was about to turn around, they both heard Derrick?s car pull into the driveway. He was home early!

Ashley quickly grabbed Andy?s hand and urged his to feel her boobs. She used her other hand to pull his waist and crotch into her back end. She pushed back into him at the same time dry humping his now hard cock. She didn?t care if Derrick saw this. She wanted it and needed it too badly. She didn?t know if she was more turned on by Andy or the fact that she was about to get caught. Right before Derrick walked in the front door, Andy took his hands off her and quickly hobbled over to the sofa and sat down to hide his aroused crotch.

?Hi honey?, Ashley croaked. She quickly started washing and rewashing the few dishes that had gathered up in the sink. She couldn?t face Derrick. She knew her face must be bright red from her arousal. Andy started flipping through the channels on the TV.

After a few minutes she composed herself but couldn?t bring herself to look Andy in the eye. She was too embarrassed by what had just happened. She kissed Derrick on the cheek and locked herself in their private bathroom. Without even turning the light on, Ashley pulled her shorts and thong down and sat in their small bathroom chair. She leaned back and furiously started to masturbate using her fingers. She was so wet and swollen it only took her seconds before she exploded with an orgasm. It was so good that she was unable to keep her eyes open and her breathing caught in her throat. She sat there for a few more minutes softly touching herself here and there and the now sensitive lips and clit slowly shrank back to there normal size.

She couldn?t believe what had just happened. She couldn?t believe what would have happened if Derrick didn?t come home when he did. Would she actually have taken Andy into their bedroom? Could she actually have sex with another man? Yes, she knew that just a few minutes ago, she would have. She slowly started to feel guilty for what she had done. Then she remembered, they had an open relationship. Couldn?t she sleep with Andy all she wanted as long as she followed their rules? Maybe, but she wasn?t sure how Derrick would feel about her sleeping with one of his best friends. Now she was too scared to ask. What if she asked him if she could do it and he said ?no?? Would that mean that what just happened in the kitchen would be cheating in his eyes? Worse yet, how was she ever going to be alone with Andy next week when Derrick was on the other side of the country? She knew that if he stayed there for another week, they would end up fucking. She also knew that and she desperately wanted it to!

Andy and Ashley hadn?t discussed what happened the other day but the tension was high. Until she wrapped her head around her feelings and discussed what happened with Derrick, she would stay away from Andy. Whenever she and Andy would have been alone, she purposefully ran errands in town until she was sure Derrick was home.

They kept making eye contact and while nothing was said, it was obvious that he wanted her just and bad as she wanted to be with him. She kept catching him looking at her chest and legs whenever he got the chance. She liked it but was worried that Derrick would notice too. On one occasion since Wednesday afternoon they unintentionally found themselves alone without the kids or Derrick around. Derrick had been in the shower and she brought his freshly washed sheets down to his room. She swore that he was upstairs watching TV with the kids. As soon as they were in the same room alone, the sexual tension became so thick she started getting light headed. Ashley handed him his sheets and started to turn away. Their hands touched for a brief second which was all that was needed for their wall they built to come crumbling down.

Andy grabbed her shoulders and kissed her passionately. She kissed him back just as hard. After a few seconds of kissing and feeling each other?s body, Ashley pulled Andy down onto the bed. While they still made out she wrapped her legs around him and started grinding her crotch against his. She could feel his hard-on straining to get out of his pants and into her. He pulled her shirt down uncovering her hard erect nipples. As he began to kiss her boobs and nibble on her nipples, Ashley undid his belt and pants and reached in to pull his dick out. She once again found herself oblivious of the danger of what they were doing. All she could think about was fucking Andy right now.

Once she had his cock out he reached down and pulled her shorts and panties to the side leaving her wet pussy ready to take him. Just as his dick reached her outer pussy lips, they both heard her son bounding down the stairs, ?Uncle Andy! Aren?t you going to finish the show with us?? Andy leaped off Ashley and quickly buckled his pants back up before running out to join the kids.

That Sunday Derrick finished packing for his trip that week. After they put the kids to bed, they decided to watch a movie. She had hoped Derrick would sit next to her on the couch to watch the movie. Even though she was very turned on by him, she was still uncomfortable around Andy because of her confusion and strong sexual feelings towards him. Unfortunately, Derrick sat in his comfy chair closest to the TV. He could only see the couch if he turned his head all the way around. Andy sat on the other end of the couch. Even though there was a vacant seat between them, Ashley started feeling horny with him even that close.

Ashley could feel Andy?s eyes on her legs and bare feet. She even thought she could see his crotch twitch as his dick started to get hard. She knew he would try something soon. She didn?t want a repeat of the other day until she got her head on straight. Thirty minutes into the movie, Ashley thought of a way to get Derrick to sit between them. ?Honey, my feet are cold. Can you bring your blanket over and warm them up??

They were watching a war movie. Derrick got so into these movies that he hardly moved until it was over. He grabbed the blanket and threw it to Andy. ?Here, just have Andy warm them up. I?m sure he wouldn?t mind.?

?Uh, no I don?t mind at all? Andy said.

?No, that?s ok. I?ll just use the blanket to warm them up? Ashley hastily responded. She knew Andy would love to be able to rub her feet and lower legs. She also knew that she wanted him to touch her. She was scared that if she got as worked up as she did in the kitchen, she might not be able to stop herself. If Derrick wasn?t ok with her being with Andy, she could ruin their marriage.

?Don?t be silly honey. Andy?s not afraid to touch you. In fact if I remember right, I think Andy?s a leg and foot guy. He?ll probably like it.? Derrick pushed laughing.

Ashley knew she couldn?t resist anymore without looking strange. Andy spread the blanket over his waist and most of her body up to her neck. She put a pillow down for her head and slowly turned her body so her feet and ankles were resting on his lap. Andy immediately started rubbing her feet and expertly massaged her lower calves. She loved feeling his hands on her again, but tried to focus on the movie. In a minute she would get up and go have a smoke outside. When she came back in she would sit on Derrick?s lap for the rest of the movie.

After a few minutes Andy stopped massaging her feet and legs and started slowly rubbing them. At one point he took his hand off her and adjusted himself. He must be getting hard, Ashley thought. That one thought instantly lit a fire in her again. She slowly felt the need to be kissed by him again. She slowly pressed her foot against his crotch. Oh my god! She thought. He?s rock hard. As soon as her foot pressed on his crotch he pushed back out. She knew that must feel good for him.

Andy?s hand started working its way up her leg. She knew he would try to rub her pussy and she wanted it badly. So she didn?t alarm Derrick, she slowly scooted her butt towards Andy so that her could reach her easier. She also turned onto her back and slightly spread her legs apart. That was all the invitation Andy needed. While he kept one eye on Derrick to make sure he wasn?t looking, he worked his hand towards her pussy. At first he just rubbed circled around her lips on the outside of her shorts. She wanted more. She tucked one of her hands under the blanket and pulled her shorts and thong to the side giving him full access.

Andy expertly started rubbing her clit and used her warm juices to lubricate. The feeling was amazing. Ashley wanted to tell him to go faster. She wanted him to go down on her and lick her to an orgasm. Hell, she wanted him to throw the blanket off and fuck her right in front of Derrick!

Andy continued to rub her clit with his thumb then slowly worked a finger into her waiting pussy. This almost sent Ashley over the edge. She had to stop him before she had an orgasm. She knew that if she had one she wouldn?t be able to keep quiet and Derrick would find out. Andy seemed to sense this and slowed down. He would finger her and bring her to the edge of an orgasm then stop and give her a rest.

Ashley rubbed her left foot up and down his crotch. She wasn?t sure how but his pants were unbuttoned and his cock was out. She was rubbing his bare flesh! It felt large, soft and warm. She wanted it so badly.

Her eyes snapped open. Andy was rubbing her pussy and she was stroking his dick with her husband just feet away! She finally couldn?t take it. ?I?m going outside for a quick smoke?, she announced and got up to go outside. ?Uh huh?, Derrick mumbled. ?I?ll go with you. I could use a cigarette right about now.? Andy cut in.

They went out the front door and walked to the side of the house to get out of the wind. They didn?t have any neighbors or lights on this side of the house so it was almost completely dark. Before Ashley could like a cigarette, Andy pushed her back against the house and started kissing her. She wasn?t surprised and was so horny that she was going to start kissing him if he didn?t make a move first. They were both fully aroused and needed to feel each other.

Ashley reached down and unbuttoned his pants. She grabbed his cock and pulled it out. It was bigger than her husbands but not too big to where it would hurt. She started rubbing her hand up and down. Andy was so turned on and wanted her so badly he pulled her shorts and panties down to her feet. Their need was so great that they didn?t even think about Derrick catching them. They had to do this.

The warm evening breeze blew covering any sounds they made. Ashley?s naked flesh felt warm in the night air. Once her panties were off, Ashley spread her legs and pulled his dick close to her. Because Andy was the same height that she was they lined up perfectly. Once his dick touched the outside of her pussy she felt the last few thoughts of her marriage fly out the window. She pulled and he pushed until he was all the way inside her. He started thrusting slowly. She pushed back into him urging him to fuck her faster. She had to come on his dick.

They kissed while they franticly fucked. They?re hands feeling each other and pulling themselves even closer. Neither one of them had felt such an animalistic passion as they did right now. Their orgasms didn?t take long to hit them but they were both amazing. Ashley couldn?t help herself and started moaning as her orgasm build up. She felt two orgasms coming at once. One from her swollen clit and the other deep inside her pussy. His big dick was hitting her G-spot every time he thrust!

Their orgasms hit at the same time. Andy?s breathing was quick while he muffled a few grunts. Ashley once again found herself unable to keep her eyes open as hers hit. Her toes curled up and she stopped breathing for a few seconds. It seemed like they both came for minutes. Andy came deep inside her without even thinking about whether she was on birth control or not. At the moment he didn?t care.

When they finally finished they both collapsed against the house. Now that her sexual urges had finally been satisfied, Ashley was able to think clearly. ?We better get back inside?, she said.

As they walked back in she felt some shame and guilt by what she did. She wasn?t sure how Derrick would respond when she told him, but she knew she would have to let him know sooner or later. She definitely wanted to continue fucking Andy. She finally decided that she would bring it up after he got home the following week. That would give her and Andy a full week to be together and work things out. For the first time in years, she felt extremely happy and content with no signs of depression. She knew that if Derrick could accept her and Andy as sexual partners, her life would become amazingly complete.

End part 1

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