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Aruba Vacation - with vibration!

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We had been working our tails off for the last several times I had been home. I work overseas and am gone over half the time. Loria & I had been extremely busy each time in, helping the daughter and son-in-law build their new home. We had not taken any time for ourselves and we were so tired nearly every day that things had begun to slip a bit in our sex lives. Even after 25+ years of marriage we still enjoy each other very much, and being away from each other so often and for so long seems to keep the "honeymoon" factor going. I was beginning to wonder though if this slippage was more permanent than just during these busy times.

While I was away at work last time, I thought a great deal about what I might be able to do to put the spark back in. We had already booked ourselves a week in Aruba - as a gift to ourselves for finishing the new house, as well as completing several other side projects we had going. I managed to get online and ordered a couple of new sex toys while I was away. Loria sometimes enjoyed these, but her favorite one had died and we hadn't found one she liked nearly as much. So, to be more sure I picked out something she'd enjoy - I ordered a variety.

They arrived at home before I got there, and she didn't sound too enthusiastic about what she found when she opened the package. So much so, that when I got home they hadn't even been taken from their individual packages yet. I thought for sure that I had fouled this up, and was wondering what else I could come up with.

We left for Aruba nearly immediately after I returned from overseas. We were having a great time together on vacation and enjoying ourselves. Seeing some beautiful sights and taking it easy and not worrying about work or projects for a while. As one does in the Caribbean and on vacation, we managed to have several tropical drinks one particular afternoon, followed up with a very romantic evening meal at a restaurant built out over the water. View was spectacular and the sunset was to die for. We were really enjoying ourselves, and enjoying just being alone together.

We made a fairly early night of it, only hitting one casino before going back to the Resort. Loria fixed us another drink each and we began to fool around a bit and were both feeling frisky. Time to go to bed!

It didn't take either of us long to get snuggled up to each other. I began kissing her all over and slowly worked my way down to her pussy, finding it very hot and already wet. I licked and sucked and played with her for quite a while. I could tell she was enjoying it very much and she tasted great. Then she told me to come up higher on the bed so she could suck my dick. And that she did - with great enthusiasm and lots of sexy slurping noises. I was enjoying myself to the extreme, but knew if she didn't stop soon that it was going to be a short session.

I had packed one of the new vibrators in our bag, and had placed it in the drawer by our bedside. It was the one that looked the most promising and from the packaging it was supposed to have the most "action". I asked Loria if she was ready to try it out and she said okay. I spread her legs and got between them with the vibrator, lubed it up good, and turned it on low speed. I was soon to find out this was not just an ordinary vibrator. It was Mr. Vibrator!

The long part not only vibrated, it gyrated - and had four different speeds. The clitoral stimulator had little nubs on it and it also had some pretty serious vibration to it, with four different speeds. I started out with both on low and Loria was apparently enjoying herself. She was moving around a lot and moaning and it was clear that she was having a good time. Okay - let's go for second gear! Man - did that every light her up. She couldn't be still and was really mobile & vocal now.

I eased my dick up closer to her pussy and started to rub it around the outside. After a few minutes of this, she told me to put it in - with the vibrator still inside her! I went really slow, and added a bit more lube, and was able to eventually slip it all the way in and start stroking slowly. The feeling was unreal, with my fucking her hot, wet pussy and the vibrator making all its commotions inside her at the same time. We were both having a blast. That must have been the first time that she came that night. At one point she turned the clitoral stimulator part towards my balls - and I had to ask her to move it quickly. It would have only taken a few seconds for all these multiple sensations for me to fill her up to the max.

Loria reached down and took hold of the vibrator and started to work it in / out herself and then she absolutely shocked me. She told me to lube up my dick and she wanted to try anal sex. This would not have been the very first time for us. We'd tried it a few times, but it was never at her request and I didn't believe she ever enjoyed it much.

Well - it didn't take me long to recognize this opportunity and to get in motion. My hands were freed up, since Ann was now in control of Mr. Vibrator. I lubed up and very slowly started to work the head of my dick past her sphincter. It was extremely tight and I had to go slow, for both her sake and mine. After several minutes I had most of my 8" inside and was able to begin stroking very slowly. Loria still had the vibrator going in her pussy and the feeling of it through the thin membrane between her ass and pussy - and against my dick - was absolutely mindblowing. It was a feeling that I will never ever forget! And the best part was that she was actually enjoying it as well. Didn't take a mindreader to see / hear that.

She felt so tight inside that the sensation was indescribable. She asked me if it felt like virgin pussy. I told her it was better than that! The excitement from all this was finally just too much. I came - buckets full! That loosened things up a bit more in her backside and allowed me to keep stroking with slow and deliberate motions - enjoying every stroke. And amazing to both she and I, my dick did not even go soft.

Loria was still working the vibrator inside herself, and asked me to put my dick back in her pussy. She kept the vibrator going slowly until I was all the way back in. At this point I was inside her and the vibrator was also. Then she decided to shift gears and put the vibrator and stimulator into third. This coincided with the second time she came - and it was a doozy. Her eyes rolled back into her head and her whole body vibrated all over and her butt went as cold as ice. Yep - this was a good one and one we could both remember it for a long time.

By now we were both so sensitive that she had to turn off the vibrator and ease it out. We just lay there a long time with me still inside her and rubbing each other all over. We were both pretty well spent. We talked for a while and then decided we needed our sleep for tomorrow's activities. As we lay there spooning I asked her "When do you think we can try out fourth gear?"

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