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Art Convention

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So i get a call from my buddy Steve Wilson and he says "Dude you have to come to this convention i'm going to!!" and i ask him "What the fuck are you talkin' about??" and he says "It's a nude art convention, gonna be nothing but nude chicks there!!" I tell him i'm broke and he says "It's on me." Well i don't have anything else to do for the weekend so I figure what the hell. Guess I'm driving down to Birmingham. What I didn't know at the time was it would be a weekend I would never forget. The drive down was uneventful, beautiful but uneventful. I pull into B-ham and call Steve, and he says "Dude I'm at UAB, Donny Finch's little brother goes here. Come on over and get cleaned up. We'll grab something to eat and go to the convention." On the way to the auditorium we're walking behind this hot blond wearing a short, short skirt and I elbow Steve "Check THAT out!! That's a fine ass!!" I was hoping that she would be going to same way as us but she continued to walk right past the arrow that said "Art Convention". Steve and I went inside the cavernous building, there were people all over the place!! We decided to start at one end of the building and work our way to the other. That's when we realize it's paintings, it's nothing but paintings!! I look at Steve and he looks at me and I say "You fuckin' dumbass!!!!!! I thought it was supposed to be a bunch of HOT chicks!!!" And he says "Well what the fuck, we're here you wanna look around??" I'm pissed off but I think might as well, i got nothing else to do. They do have a bar set up at one end of the building so we go over a get a couple Cap'n Morgan & cokes. We start walking around and looking at some of these paintings, there are examples of erotic art, pin-up art, fetish and fantasy art and straight up nudes. I'm looking at some cool pin-up art and i catch this blond hair out of the corner of my eye walking away from me. I turn and look and I'll be damned if that ain't the same fine ass i saw outside!!! I tell Steve I'll be right back. I watch and see where she goes and who she's with. She ends up in the fantasy section talking to a hot redhead that she hands a glass of wine to. I stand just a few feet away and get my first good look at her. Oh are you kidding me she's fucking beautiful!!! I catch her eye and get a big smile out of her. She's tan, got these incredible lips and and this mischievous look in her eye. I don't want to stand there and stare at her ( i really do but it would be a little creepy for her i think lol! ) but when I look over again, her friend is gone and she's looking right at me. I look her right in the eye give her my best smile, it must have worked because she started walking towards me. She walks up to me sticks her hand out says "Hi I'm Brandy." in this sultry southern accent that was dripping with sexiness."Hi I'm Glen." is what i think i said but I can't be sure because at that moment there wasn't much blood in my head, it was all in my pants!! LOL!! I ask her which of the paintings are her favorite and she says "Come on I'll show you" She grabs my hand and starts walking, I'm thinkin' "Wow this is awesome!!!" She turns and says "Hey let's get a couple drinks before we get there." I agree and we stop at the bar. You order a sex on the beach that comes with an umbrella. I order a Cap'n Morgan & coke. We start chatting and the next thing I know is we're gettin' closer and closer to each other. I say "Show me your favorites." and give you a lil' wink! You give me this wicked lil' smile then grab my hand again and we take off from the bar, walk though this hallway and into a room that has writing above the door that says "18 AND OVER ONLY" I take that as a good sign!! It's a pretty good sized room. Not to many people in here and to add to the mood of the pictures the lights are slightly dimmed. We stop in front of a painting that shows this hot ass blond gettin' her pussy ate!! We chat about it for a minute( that gives that lil' chubby I got going on time to settle back down!! ) then move down a couple of paintings to one that shows that same hot ass blond gettin' banged from behind!! We chat about it ( I got wood!! ), only this time you happen to look down and notice!! You look up at me and say "You REALLY like these paintings don't you?!?" You have this twinkle in your eye and this sly,sexy smile on your face. I know I'm turning beet red but what can I say I'm busted. So I say "Yes you could say that I'm affected by this type of art." LOL!!! You step up and kiss me then whisper in my ear "Lets get outta here I'm takin' you home and we're doin' all the things we saw in the paintings." I kiss you and I can't help myself I grab a handful of that fine ass under your skirt and pull your pussy right up against my thigh. I can feel how hot your pussy is because my fingers are mere inches away!!! We stop kissing and realize that people are are watchin' us, we both kinda get the giggles and decide it's time to take off!!! LOL!! We are both still a little buzzed so we hail a taxi. We get in and take off. As we're riding along we can't seem to keep our hands off each other!! I can't believe my luck, I'm suckin' face with this incredibly hot blond, she has her hand on my cock and i have my hand on her pussy and we're goin' to her house to FUCK!!! The next thing i know you have my zipper undone and you're pullin' my cock outta my pants!! I give you a lil' smile and you lick those awesome fuckin' lips and head right for my cock!! Your mouth is so wet, so warm!!! You start to twirl your tongue around the head and we hear the cabbie say "We're here." I know it's just a momentary interruption. I try to pay the cabbie but he says "It's free tonight, thanks for the show." We both laughed all the way to your front door. When we step inside I grab you and kiss you, I pull you tight to me and reach around and give you a good slap on that fine ass!! I get a squeal of delight in return!! I let you go and you start pulling me by the hand towards another room. You flip on the light to reveal a huge bed. You turn towards me and begin to take your dress off very slowly, lookin' me in the eye the whole time!! My cock has swollen to epic proportions, it feels like steel in my pants!!! So I peel off my shirt unbuckle my belt, then unbutton my pants and now your dress is hittin' the floor about the same time as my pants are. Standin' in front of me with nothing more than a pair of lil' white cotton panties on you look good enough to fuckin' eat!!! That is exactly what I plan to do!!!! I walk over to you, and you grab me by the cock and lead me over to the bed. I throw you down on your back and give you a deep, wet , passionate kiss that brings a lil' moan outta you. I start bitin' and kissin' your neck, that gets another lil' moan and a "yes" from you. I have a hand on your titty and I'm pinchin' your nipple 'till it's bullet hard, then I move down and put that nipple in my mouth. You put your hand on the back of my head and urge me to get as much of that titty in my mouth as I can!! At the same time my hand has found it's way to your panty covered pussy!! Your pussy has got to be wet because these panties are drippin' with pussy juice!! I lift my head away from your titty, bring my hand up to my mouth and begin to lick each finger clean right in front of you, FUCK you taste sweet but I only do from the pinky to the middle finger I save the index finger for you!! I pop my finger into your mouth and you greedily suck that pussy sugar off it!! That's HOT!! Then as I'm lookin' at that finger comin' out from between those awesome fuckin' lips all I can think of is how good they felt on my cock, but I have some unfinished business to take care of. Namely, makin' you cum in my mouth and all over my face!! I kiss my way down to your pussy and get in between legs. I grab your panties and in one swift motion rip them right off you!! That gets an "OH yeah" from you!! This is the first i get to see of your pussy and it was worth the wait!! I tell you "You have a beautiful pussy baby but I'm about to wreck it!!!" And with that I grab your legs and roll you up for a slightly better angle and lick you from the start of your ass crack all the way to your landing strip, the last half of that lookin' you dead in the eyes!!! I feel a lil' shudder from you, I take another long lick just to taste some more of that drippin' pussy sugar!! That gets a big "YEAH DO THAT AGAIN" and I do, not once not twice but three time in quick secession and now your moanin' and movin' your ass all around!! I start flickin' my tongue all over your pussy, not stayin' in one place for more than a second, flickin' side to side, top to bottom. When I do hit that swollen clit I hear you gasp and I just keep goin' on flickin' here and flickin' there 'till I'm sure you can't take it anymore and then I lay the wettest, longest, biggest lick I can on your pussy and I get just what I wanted, you moanin' "yes yes YES eat my pussy, eat my pussy good!!!" That's when I take my thumbs and spread your beautiful pussy open. I have no problem findin' your swollen clit and I suck it right in my mouth with my big ass lips, I flick it with the tip of my tongue a couple of times and release it. Then I suck it back in flick it a couple more times and release it. I'm hear you say "oh oh make me cum make me cum!!!! I suck your clit back in my mouth and begin flickin' my tongue all over your clit with no intention of stoppin' until you fill my mouth with cum!!! I've got my hands under your ass shovin' that pussy into my face!! I can hear you moanin' and know it won't be long before I have a mouthful of pussy sugar!!! You yell "YES YES YES I'M CUMMING, I'M CUMMING OH YES EAT MY PUSSY EAT MY PUSSY GOOD BABY!!!" I take a minute to come up and give you a big wet pussy sugar kiss and you take my face in your hands and start lickin' your juice off my face!!! HOLY FUCK THAT'S HOT!!! I give you another kiss and tell you "Ok round two, i want you to suck my cock while i eat your drippin' wet pussy" I get up on my knees to change position and a big drop of cum starts to hang off the end of my cock. "Will you look at that!!!" I say and before I know it you have gotten right under the drop bringin' your tongue up to meet it, then you grab the base of my cock with your hand and slowly slide it towards the tip releasing another big drop that also lands right on your tongue. You reach up and put your hand on the back of my neck and pull me down to you and give me this incredibly hot, wet, passionate kiss!! FUCK YOUR HOT!!! I taste you, I taste me, all mingled together and it tastes fuckin' GREAT!! I lay down on my back and you get on top of me, as I put my tongue on your pussy I feel my rock hard cock being engulfed by your moist lips, the head being teased with your tongue!! I can feel your tongue dancin' all over my rigid cock, first on the head then up and down the shaft and you get a "oh YEAH" outta me!! While your workin' over my now very wet and the way you are devouring it, very tasty cock, I get busy makin' that pussy even wetter than it was. I reach up and pull you down right on my face and stick my tongue as far as I can into that molten hot pussy, I pull it out give your clit a couple quick flicks then stick back in again. You are startin' to moan on my cock and that feels GREAT, I suck your pebble hard clit into my mouth and flick it up and down. You take my cock outta your mouth and say "That's right baby LICK THAT CLIT!!" I suck that clit as far into my mouth as I can and get my big, wet, flickering tongue goin' as fast as I can. It has the desired effect, your moanin' louder and louder!! You're really suckin' my cock too!! First lickin' up one side and down the other, then gettin' as much as you can down your throat, then you slide your hand up and down a couple of times and shove it back into your mouth!!! I stop lickin' your pussy and tell you "Come up here and sit on my face I want to look you in the eye as you cum on my face." You spin around and before i know it you have dropped that red hot pussy on my cock!!! You pump my very hard cock up and down twice then start to climb up me, bringing that drippin' wet, sugar tastin' pussy right up to my face and say with that southern sexiness that got me in the first place "Eat my pussy baby, eat my pussy like its the last pussy you'll ever eat." YEAH!! I begin to feast on your pussy, suckin' your pussy lips in and outta my mouth then workin' your clit over with a bunch of lil' licks, and stickin' my tongue in and outta that sugar filled pussy!! I can see your eyes startin' to glaze over, your about to cum!! I suck that stiff lil' clit into my mouth and at first slowly flick it, then pickin' up speed it's no time at all and I'm goin' as fast as I can. You're grindin' on my face and moanin' "yes yes just like that yes lick my pussy suck that lil'... oh yeah oh yeah baby fuck fuck" I'm about to get a faceful of cum and I LOVE IT!! Just as you start to cum we lock eyes, i can see the look of pure sex in your eyes!! You continue to grind and I continue to lick that sweet sweet pussy and you say "oh baby yes yes I'M CUMMIN' YES I'M CUMMIN' OH YES BABY MAKE ME CUM HARD YES!!" You reach down and run your hands through my hair and let out a lil' giggle and say " Was that me makin' all that noise??" "Yep darlin' that was all you !!!" I say. LOL!!! You come give me a kiss and say "Now I want that big, fat cock in my pussy!!" I get up and you get on all fours, I get behind you and I can't resist, I give that cute lil' ass a slap!! You let out a lil' yelp, then wiggle your ass, I give you another and you give me a moan in return. I spread your ass cheeks and give your cute lil' asshole a good lickin' then another lick of that tasty pussy then I slide my stiff cock into that wet, juicy, beautiful pussy. I grab your hips and pull you back into my cock as I thrust forward shovin' my cock deep, deep into that pussy!!! That gets a "ahh...ahh" outta you and I begin to pound that pussy. Two good strokes and a slap on the ass, two more strokes another slap on the ass. I grab your hips again and I'm not stoppin until you shudder and shake on the end of my cock!! I'm fuckin' poundin' that pussy now, my balls are slappin' your clit with every stroke and I can feel pussy juice drippin' down my leg!! All I hear from you is a steady stream of "oh fuck oh fuck fuck me baby OH FUCK ME BABY FUCK ME HARD BABY!!" I get in about four more good strokes and you start to shake and I can feel your pussy start to squeeze my cock and I know your cummin'!! You just let out moan after moan which just makes me keep right on goin' pumpin' that pussy!! I lean in and reach around and get a finger on that clit and this drives you over the edge!!!! You're fuckin' me now, I'm not movin' and you're just slidin' that pussy back and forth on that stiff rod!!! You turn and look at me and say "Ok, my turn to fuck you!!!!" You get up and push me on my back, and while lookin' me in the eyes, grab my still rock hard cock and take a big lick off it!!! I look at you and say "Wow that's HOT!!" You give me that sly, lil' sexy smile and straddle me, takin' my cock and puttin' it right in that still drippin' wet pussy. I start to move and you put your hand on my chest and say "I told you it's my turn to fuck YOU!!" With that you lower you pussy on my cock and slowly inch by inch my cock disappears into that hot, wet pussy. Your sittin' straight up, my cock buried deep in your pussy and you've got a nipple in each hand pinchin' and twistin' those hard lil' nips!! I take this opportunity to reach out and put a thumb on your clit!! You take one hand off your titty and get some pussy juice on it and feed it to me. I'm more than willin' to eat some more of your sugar and I gladly lick all you have to offer!! Now you're gettin' going, you put your hands on my chest and slide that pussy up right up to the tip of my cock, then you slam back down, right up to the tip and SLAM right back down!!! You're goin' faster now and I can see that sweet juice of yours drippin' off your pussy, you close your eyes, arch your back and I can tell your close to cummin'. I grab you by the hips and hold you up a lil' bit and proceed to give you ten really fast, deep strokes then stop. Then ten more just as fast as I can. The look on your face says that you are a big fan of this!!! I do this 3 or 4 more times and you're ready to cum all over my cock!! You look down at me and say "Holy fuck i don't think I've ever cum this many times!!" I say " I think you're good for one more." and I continue to pound that pussy!! You're moanin' and shakin' and the next thing I know there's a flood of juice comin' outta your pussy!! OH FUCK!! I CAN FEEL IT RUNNIN' DOWN MY LEG!! FUCKIN' AWESOME!!! I've had women cum on my cock before but nothin' like this!! And you're the literal definition of bein' fucked silly because all I hear from you is "oh wow oh my wow whoo haaa" LOL!!! You are layin' on my chest and I roll you off onto your back and give you a big, wet, sloppy kiss. I nibble on your neck and move down and slowly suck first your left then your right nipple into my mouth, fuck even your tittys taste good. I go down and get another taste of that sweet, sweet pussy and then grab you behind the knees, lift your legs up and slide my cock in that pussy!! FUCK!! It's like your pussy was made for my cock, fuckin' lock and key shit!!! I'm strokin' that pussy at a nice easy pace just enjoyin' myself, gettin' off on the look of pleasure on your face. I pick up pace and now I'm gettin' right on the verge of cummin'. You must have seen that because you say to me "I want to see you cum, pull outta my pussy and shoot that hot load all over me!!!" Well that was about all I could take, I give you 5 or 6 or 7 or who knows how many more, good hard strokes and I say "OH YEAH OH YEAH OH YEAH I'M CUMMIN'!!!!!!" I pull my cock outta your pussy give it a couple quick tugs and I'm cummin'!! The first stream lands on your neck and now I'm soakin' your tittys and belly with the longest, biggest cum shot I've ever had!!! You dip your fingers in it and take a big taste of my juice and smile that wicked lil' smile!!! We collapse next to each other, all sweaty, limbs all entwined, compleatly drained. We kiss for the last time that night and it's a very knowing and very gentle kiss and with that we both fall into a sex induced coma!!!

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