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Are Men Really That Simple? (Husband encourages wife...)

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Are Men Really That Simple?

A Psycho Analytical Narrative on the Primitive Nature of Male Competition for Female Sexual Attention -

and Why Women Always Win….

by Dr. Trisha Dunn of the Museum of Primitive History

Friday night: 7:32pm. Sam looked at the clock again, twisting in the swirl of emotions which had been set off three days earlier. He reflected on the initial moments from that Tuesday, earlier in the week, as he had walked in from a long workday to find Trisha waiting for him at the door.

That look in her eyes had been so sultry, so lusty. He knew she had been up to something mischievous, and the way she was dressed… so hot and sexual. His wanton wife had that most sexy look of lust in her eyes Tuesday, and it had continued up until only an hour ago on this most slowly passing Friday evening when she had strutted out the door with a look of seduction in her eyes, and the body of the most desirable woman he had ever seen.

How many times had he checked the clock already? That damn clock seemed to be standing still. His mind raced at visions of his wife in the arms of another man. Giving herself to him in completely unbridled lust. Wanting him, and allowing him full access to her mind and body. Living out the fantasy Sam had so insistently suggested to her for so many years. Now it was real, and now his emotions were wrenching his mind into a confused state of jealousy, lust, fear and excitement. Waves of anxiety followed by rushes of lust. This was the most alive he had ever felt. This was the drug his mind had craved for so long, and now it was upon him – twisting him, sapping him, and causing every nerve in his body to jolt him in a non-stop battle between sexual excitement and primordial jealousy.

Over the years Sam had imagined countless versions of this night, but his mind was now playing tricks on him. As tension built he’d try to relax, knowing he had set this wheel in motion, but fearing that now it would forever spin out of his control. What had he done? Would things ever be the same? He checked the clock again. One minute had passed since his last glance. This was going to be a very long night….

Pretending to watch a baseball game, he cracked open a beer as his mind reflected back to Tuesday when he had come home.

“Hi Babe, I’m home!”

The cla-click of Trisha’s heels had sauntered down the hall even as he had inserted the key into the door lock. Her look was stunning, and her eyes - they said it all. They were filled with lust. Her nipples stood erect through her sheer pink blouse as she had made her way directly up to him.

It was always hot when Trisha met Sam at the door with such a sultry look on her face. It was a look he craved. For that brief moment before her lips met his, he would always imagine his sultry wife as a wanton, lustful, slut, excited by sexual thoughts of another man. It was his own private fantasy although Trisha had long been aware of his “secret” fantasies.

Her soft, warm lips planted themselves onto his, as her delicate hands made their way around his neck. Her body pressed into his, and her pelvis ground at his cock as if she wanted him inside of her right here, right now, standing right here in the hallway!

Sam’s mind had gone into overdrive that very moment, and as he embraced her, allowing his tongue to meet her own, his mind began wondering just what exactly had aroused his reserved wife to such a state.

Her body continued to offer itself to him, and her seductive energy had done the trick. Sam’s hands squeezed Trisha’s ass as he enveloped her in a standing embrace.

“Wow, Baby! What’s got you purring this beautiful Tuesday afternoon?”

“Nothing,” Trisha innocently replied.

Sam let out a chuckle as the statement had so obviously been concealing something. “You been up to something I should know about?” he asked.

Trisha’s demeanor had done what it always did to him when she got like this, and Sam’s cock fought to unleash itself from the confines of his suit pants. But his mind wanted more information, and he fought his initial urge to succumb to his own growing lust.

Sam led Trisha to the bar, intent on slowing this down and probing her for more information. Trisha willingly followed as the clicking of her high heels continued to distract his thoughts.

“So, my hot, sexy lady, who has you so worked up?”

Trisha took a deep breath and assumed a slightly conservative posture as her mind prepared to reveal the source of her overwhelming lust.

She had thought about it all afternoon. What she’d say to him. How she’d approach the subject. How he’d react. She actually hadn’t fully committed to mentioning it, but her body had given her away – which she had subconsciously wanted it to do all along. Her mind had envisioned its own secretive, erotic images about the gentlemanly hunk who had asked her out earlier that day, but her body had forsaken her intention to remain quiet about it for at least a little while longer. Deep down she wanted to reveal her secret, and although her body was an unwitting participant in this complex mind play, it was her mind that had chosen to dress herself in Sam’s favorite lingerie and heels, and to stimulate herself all afternoon in anticipation of her husband’s reaction. Yes, she was apprehensive about mentioning it, but she was also looking forward to his reaction. She knew her body could bridge the gap, and reveal to him what her mind was still slightly apprehensive to admit.

Her mind knew this was something Sam wanted, but her upbringing told her it was unnatural and immoral. It didn’t matter that they had played out countless fantasy scenarios like this together. It didn’t matter that Sam had been suggesting something like this for years now. It didn’t matter that years of Catholic school had crushed the most remote thought of ever actually acting on something like this, but here she was, aroused beyond belief, and giving in to the urge to spill her secret to her inquisitive husband.

“A guy asked me out today,” she sheepishly uttered, relieved to have finally gotten the words out of her mouth.

Sam immediately turned to her with raised eyebrows, and a subtle grin on his face. “You say that like it’s the first time anyone ever asked you out,” he said, knowing his beautiful wife was the subject of countless approaches by men eager to fill her tight little hole.

“Is this someone you know?” Sam inquired, turning back toward the bar and fumbling to mix himself a rum and coke.

“Well, sort of. It’s a man I’ve met at the museum who always says ‘Hi’ to me when he sees me there.” Trisha’s mind replayed images of the sexy, older gentleman who had been pursuing her for almost a year, as she watched Sam’s expression intently for clues to his reception of this most candid information.

“And this is the first time he’s actually asked you out?” Sam inquired almost jokingly, knowing the faceless man from the museum had probably been asking her out for as long as he had been communicating with her.

“No. He has asked before, but today I actually thought about saying ‘Yes’ to him,” Trisha confessed, now intently studying Sam for clues to his state of mind.

“What’s he like?” Sam subtly inquired.

“He’s very polite. A real gentleman,” Trisha responded, picturing Michael’s manly features and gentlemanly style.

“What’s his name?” Sam asked.

“Michael,” she replied without hesitation, entranced on the features of his chiseled face so freshly etched into her memory.

Sam made his way to the sofa, gesturing for Trisha to join him while developing an image of the still faceless man named Michael who had the balls to ask his gorgeous wife on a date - and who had quite possibly succeeded in getting her to the point of saying yes….

“So what did you tell him?” Sam asked.

“I told him I’d think about it,” Trisha allowed, as her mind envisioned the suave gentleman seducing and undressing her. “He gave me his card, and wants me to call him if I’d like to go out Friday night,” she added, now reverting her attention to Sam.

Sam parted his wife’s legs, admiring her shapely thighs and her silky stockings as his fingers made their way to her moist pussy. His lips approached hers as he pulled her to him.

“Seems like you wanted to tell him ‘Yes’,” he whispered just before seductively kissing her and gently taunting her swollen clit with his warm fingertips.

Trisha knew her moistness had now completely given away her arousal, and her secret desire to give in to Michael’s persistent advances.

“You know I’d never say ‘Yes,’” she stammered amidst their teasingly soft kiss as Sam’s fingers continued to stimulate her already excited clit.

“Until you’ve talked to me first?” Sam whispered back, increasingly aroused by thoughts of Trisha’s revelations – and her obvious interest in proceeding.

Trisha remained silent as Sam probed her moistness. Her tongue pressed into his mouth in an effort to stifle further revelations, but knowing her own arousal was on full display, and quietly thrilled at her husband’s apparent approval.

Trisha allowed her delicate fingers to find their way onto Sam’s suit pants and his now fully erect cock throbbing to get loose. She secretly delighted in the response her revelation had caused, and her own arousal continued to grow.

As Sam’s breathing increased, he moved to his knees and pressed his shoulders between Trisha’s thighs. His dreams were one step closer to becoming reality, and his own excitement burst into a fury of passion as his tongue met the warm, wet folds of Trisha’s outer labia. Trisha was on fire with thoughts of Michael, and Sam knew his wife’s current state of arousal was due to this most erotic development. He had never felt so turned on, or so driven to deposit his seed into his straying wife’s wanton hole.

Thoughts of his wife fucking another man filled Sam’s mind as he continued to devour her pussy. His own excitement driven by the obvious desire and arousal his wife now willfully displayed.

Trisha pulled his face onto her lusty clit as she continued to imagine Michael between her stocking-covered legs as her feet pulled at him and held him pinned to her clit. Their mutual energy and passion exploded into a ravenous and wanton orgy as each independently fantasized about the new twist in their lives.


Wednesday morning, Sam began his typical routine of preparing for work, but the thought of his wife fucking another man continued to stimulate and taunt his mind. Trisha, too, began her morning routine acting as if nothing were on her mind. Yet Sam expected he knew what she was thinking, and his cock pulsed relentlessly as he imagined her focused on Michael – even now – as she pretended to be indifferent to yesterday’s conversation and explosive sex.

“Any plans for today?” Sam asked, unable to subdue his thoughts any longer.

“Nothing special. I have a Society meeting scheduled for this afternoon, but that’s all,” Trisha remarked, knowing good and well her morning was about to be spent fantasizing and masturbating to thoughts of Michael.

Sam embraced Trisha from behind, nuzzling close to her ear, and pressing his stiff cock up against her rear as his chest braced against her back. He knew she would feel his arousal, and recognize what was on his mind. He wanted her to think about going out with Michael Friday night, and he wanted her to know it excited him.

“You really turned me on yesterday, and I think it is so hot that you might actually go on a date,” Sam whispered.

“You honestly think you’d be ok with that?” Trisha asked, still puzzled with Sam’s willingness to actually share her with another man.

Sam reached around to Trisha’s pussy. Warm and wet just like he had hoped. He gently exhaled near her ear and softly moaned, now rocking his hips slightly as his cock continued to press against her from behind. He loved Trisha’s ways, and he took special delight in finding her pussy moist with arousal - even as she had acted indifferent to the morning routine with no regard for the events of the preceding day. Sam loved his wife, and he loved seeing her aroused. Her lustiness and mood directly affected his own libido, and he was more than willing to accept the advances of other men toward her if it meant his wife might remain in a state of constant arousal. His fantasies never considered thoughts of losing her to another man. No, their relationship was too strong for something disastrous like that. This was all about keeping Trisha on fire, which meant evermore frequent advances for sex toward him just like she had done yesterday at the front door. And that, after all was the highest form of flattery he could imagine receiving from his wife.

“I think it will set you on fire, and you’ll want to devour me more than ever,” he replied, imagining his wife forever graced with the lust-filled eyes and wanton attitude he craved so much, and could never get enough of.

His thinking did seem to merit consideration, Trisha accepted. After all, she had been a hormonal, sexually charged firecracker ever since she had shared her little secret of a possible date. Just the act of sharing that juicy tidbit of information with Sam had caused Sam to become more completely aroused than she could remember, and her own hormones had been running at full-out levels as well. The sex between the two of them had been great and continuous ever since her admission, and for the first time in decades, she felt like a hormone-filled teen, secretly fondling herself and dreaming of sex at every available moment.

“Well then, maybe I’ll consider it, if you’re so sure you can handle it,” she stated, matter-of-factly.

Trisha’s mind shifted to her new heels, and how they’d go with the skirt and blouse she had in mind. A pedicure, of course, was in order, and if she had time, perhaps she’d even wander over to Victoria’s Secret and check out the hot black lingerie that she had recently been eyeing.


Sam’s thoughts all day were of his wife. Had she masturbated to thoughts of fucking Michael? His own desire to masturbate was damn near getting the best of him, and for the first time in his career he actually considered going to the bathroom into a stall, and relieving himself of the pressure continuing to grow within his balls. But in some erotically perverse way, the pressure felt fantastic. The constant flow of hormones and the need to release coursed through his body all day, keeping him high on a wonderful flow of unending endorphins.

He had successfully resisted the urge to call her all day, though he desperately wanted to know. His cock had been twitching nonstop. During meetings, during lunch, even while his boss went over plans for the upcoming projects with him. Sam’s only real thought all day was the image of his wife, making that first lip to lip contact with Michael, knowing exactly what her petite body could do to a man’s hormones, and knowing exactly how wet and seductive her own pussy would be at that instant.

He imagined how she’d look, and the effect her appearance could have on any man. He pictured her lusty eyes, and her moist pussy. God, how he dropped everything for that sexual goddess when she wanted attention!

“Hi Babe,” Sam announced as he entered the apartment. “How was your day?”

“Hi Sam. It was ok. How was work?” Trisha countered, with her back to him as she stood in the kitchen.

Sam looked her up and down. No passion. No lingerie. No lusty eyes. Damn, he loved this woman’s ability to taunt him. She was beyond words. This goddess of a woman knew exactly how to keep him guessing, and his cock throbbed with hormone-filled blood as he tried desperately to avoid the issue of the phone call to Michael. But goddammit! Did she call him or not? It was driving him – and his balls – insane! Was she playing with him, or had she dropped the idea, and not given it another thought?

Trish knew exactly what he was thinking. He wanted to know. Did she call Michael today and commit to meeting him Friday night or not? Her heart raced wondering how the subject would come up. She knew he’d break first. He was so predictable, and his cock was throbbing in his pants so tellingly giving away his unspoken thoughts. She knew he wanted to know. It was driving him crazy, and he was trying not to ask her. She loved this game – and her superior skills at playing it. Catholic school, it seemed, had been good for something after all. But this time was different. This time she wasn’t just concealing her thoughts and emotions. No, this time she really had something juicy going on, and the secret was rapidly becoming one of the hottest things between them. Trisha’s world had become much more interesting - simply by admitting to her husband that she had been asked out, and her pussy had been on fire ever since! Female empowerment never felt so good, she thought! And then, of course, there was Michael…. Friday was on, and her body tingled with a seductive mixture of sexual desire and anticipation.

“You feel like having tacos tonight?” Trisha asked, innocently as ever.

“I feel like getting you naked,” Sam piped back, his emotions rapidly taking over his senses.

Trish loved Sam this way. An animal, with uncontrollable lust wanting to consume her. His body pressed her against the kitchen counter. His bulging cock unmistakable beneath the thin fabric of his suit pants. His mouth pinning her into a kiss.

Trisha’s own senses were becoming charged. Her nipples stiffened, and the first twinges of hunger coursed through her pussy. Her man was ravenous, charged with hormones and desire for her. Her tongue met his in a deeply passionate kiss as she let the moment take her – just as her man was about to do.

Sam could tell Trisha was turned on. Her lusty look was back, and he was certain she had called Michael. As his cock penetrated her pussy he yearned to ask her, but his need for immediate gratification consumed him. His body had ached for release all day, and right now his only real mission was to empty the entire contents of his swollen, erotically painful balls into this incredibly hot woman who had consumed his every thought all day.

Lust now consumed Trisha as well. This raw display of male sexual aggression aroused her in a way that she hadn’t felt in years. Her man was alive with sexual hunger, and she held the key to his release. At this moment he was an animal, and her pussy owned him.

“Oh god, baby. Fuck me, just fuck me,” Trisha moaned.

“I thought about you all day today. Going out with Michael, and seducing him with your sexy legs and feminine ways.” As Sam continued to envision his wife with Michael, his body began to shudder under the initial spasms of an unusually deep orgasm. Something about it seemed so raw and lewd. His reserved, petite wife, hot for another man, and giving herself to him so passionately and femininely – like she was so perfectly designed to do. The thoughts raced through Sam’s head as he pictured her in an uncontrolled orgasm from the attention of a competing male suitor.

Initial waves of an orgasm cascaded through Trisha’s body as she listened to Sam’s visualization of what she too had thought about all day. Her body had been flooded with hormones as the images of Michael fucking her had stayed with her throughout her orgasm-filled day. Her body continued to succumb to the now powerful thrusts of her husband’s oncoming orgasm as she envisioned herself under the full control of the older gentleman she so vividly pictured fucking her.

“OH GOD, YES BABY, OH FUCK, FUCK, UHH, AHHH. …..” they both screamed as their mutual orgasm had now taken over their bodies. The intensity was thunderingly deep and powerful as both Sam and Trisha pulsated in unison amidst one of the most powerful orgasms either could remember.

As Sam lay panting on top of Trisha, she experienced immense emotional satisfaction having felt him cum so incredibly hard with the admission of thoughts that fantastically coincided with her own. But Trisha was ON for Friday, and that tiny little aspect of her day had not been discussed yet. Sam hadn’t even asked her, but his actions obviously indicated he hoped she’d be going out Friday night. For a moment, Trisha toyed with the idea of telling him it was off – just to mess with his mind a little, but her desire to continue exploring the effects of this fascinating game with her husband - this incredibly stimulating new reality - quickly took control of her. Sam definitely wanted this to happen, just as she too now wanted. Just the mention of it had rekindled a hunger in him she hadn’t seen in years.

Was this some sort of unconscious competition between Sam and other males? Like lions vying for sex rights with the most desirable female of the pride? His hunger for her was astounding, and something she eagerly wished to keep aroused. The implications of this reality, as some primitive, instinctual competition between males astounded her, and her sense of confidence and self-esteem grew stronger than ever.

“So you’re really ok with me going out Friday night?” Trisha softly inquired.

Sam’s head snapped to attention as he looked into her eyes. “Is it on?” he asked.

“Only if you’re ok with it,” Trisha replied.

A smile crossed Sam’s face as his cock twitched to life once again. “She’s really doing it,” Sam thought to himself as images poured through his mind.

Sam’s cock thickened as the images continued to play, and he unwittingly began to pump into her with his half-erect cock. “That is one of the hottest things you’ve ever said to me,” Sam admitted, before embracing Trisha in another lengthy kiss.

Trisha’s mind came alive with her own images of Friday night as her husband’s growing excitement began to fill her once again. Images of competing males, vying for her sexual attention. Images of owning them both in some unspoken sexual way, their hormones and attention geared completely toward her own sexual satisfaction.

Their testosterone on display in some raw competition for the prized female. Could it really be that simple? Had she latched on to some primitive instinct still deep within the genetic code of dominant males? Was this simply Sam’s need for competition manifesting itself in some primitive way? His tendency toward competition and aggression was unquestionable, she conceded, but this was a dangerous game. She could play it, and enjoy every limitless possibility of it, but she’d have to keep her own emotions in check, and always make sure Sam came out the dominant male – if not in reality, at least verbally…. “Ah yes,” Trisha thought. “This could get really interesting.”

Her body tingled as she imagined the two males competing furiously for the attention of her feminine, seductive body. As Sam more forcefully pumped into her, unaware of her visual focus on Michael, she continued to drift into the image of Michael penetrating her, and taking her. Pinning her to the bed under the full weight of his body. His lips covering her own, and her pussy giving in to the overwhelming sensations of being probed by his testosterone-driven cock. She gave her entire body to his complete satisfaction.

“OH GOD SAM, FUCK ME BABY FUCK ME,” Trisha exclaimed, barely uttering Sam’s name while completely enthralled in images of Michael.

Sam continued to thrust furiously as he listened to his wife’s moans and pleas. He was certain she had Michael on her mind this very moment as he pumped deeply and aggressively into her. His own images of this moment had him somehow imagining Michael – not him – as the powerful stud satisfying her unusually strong urges. At this moment he WAS Michael, and he fucked her with aggression and passion normally absent from their typical afternoon quickie. Her wantonness drove him again to the brink of orgasm as he fucked and panted heavily. The images still pouring into his mind, knowing she could be moaning like this Friday night- fucking another man and giving in to his powerful sex, pushed Sam once again over the edge….


As Friday continued to slowly tick away Sam remained distracted despite the enormous workload in front of him. Today, he knew, was Trisha’s day, and later that same evening she’d be in the company of a suave gentleman whose sole objective was to get her into bed – an objective he too had once pursued, thinking back on his original courtship with the petite beauty who was now his wife of many years. He envied the unseen competitor’s current situation, and knew Michael had surely been masturbating to thoughts of seducing and fucking this petite and feminine prized female.

He knew too that his wife had imagined being engulfed in passion with Michael, and had been an unquenchable sex kitten for the past three days and nights. Even this morning, before Sam had crawled out of bed, Trisha had lured him into a morning quickie, so filled with passion that she must surely have been dreaming of Michael all night. This was good for Trisha he thought, trying to remember the last time they had morning sex – and good for him too. His mind and body had never felt so energized and stimulated. A continual series of thoughts and images plagued his ability to concentrate. His mind fought tremors of trepidation mixed with sporadic feelings of euphoria and arousal. He wondered how Trisha was managing to cope with the mixture of emotions and feelings which must also be coursing through her body.

“Ring-a-ling-a-ling. Ring-a-ling-a-ling.” He listened as the phone rang on the other end at his apartment.

“Hello?” Trish answered.

“Hi Babe. How is everything?” Sam asked, hoping his lovely wife were relaxed and excited about this evening.

“Everything’s good,” Trish replied. “My thesis meeting this morning was fine, and I just got back from getting my nails done.” Trisha looked down to her toes, knowing what feminine appeal her sexy little toes had on the male psyche.

“I bet you look fantastic,” Sam replied now picturing his wife’s well manicured hands and feet, and imagining what she’d be wearing for tonight’s erotic diversion.

“I’m leaving the office in about an hour, so I’ll see you soon,” he added.

After saying their goodbye’s, she looked herself up and down in the full-length mirror, and gently swayed left and right to an imaginary tune of soft, seductive background music as her thoughts drifted back into the arms of Michael; swaying together slowly and seductively, alone in a comfortable living room, kissing, touching, and dancing slowly as their mutual passion and desire continued to build. She imagined Michael’s hands slowly working their way down her back and onto her ass as they kissed. His shaft now pressing up against her navel.

“Time to get dressed,” she thought, pulling herself away from the romantic image still arousing and seducing her.


Sam raced for the subway. His wife was most likely getting dressed this very moment for her rendezvous with Michael. Anxiety tore at him and he worried. Not that something would go wrong, but that his wife would be worried – this very moment – rather than aroused like he hoped she’d be. He knew he had nudged her in this direction, and he felt guilty that somehow she was only doing this for him. How could he be such a selfish pig, Sam thought. How could he have put his loving wife in this position?

Guilt tore at him as the crowded subway made its way downtown.

“Honey, I’m home,” Sam announced as he burst inside.

“I’m in the bedroom.” Trisha replied.

Her voice had sounded relaxed, Sam thought, still feeling guilty about pressing his fantasy so persistently onto her.

“How do I look?” Trisha purred. A look of lust firmly established across her face.

Trisha looked stunning! There was no other word for it. Every detail of her attire and posture screamed sexuality. Her exquisite feminine beauty caught Sam off guard as he stood speechlessly admiring his wife.

Trisha seductively whirled around before approaching him and placing her arms around Sam’s neck.

Only inches from his face, and with a look of innocence, Trisha softly asked, “Are you sure you want this?”

Sam placed his hands on Trisha’s waist. “I think I just came in my pants!” he stammered, still paralyzed by her striking beauty.

“I won’t be out late. Think you can wait up for me?” Trisha asked as she now turned back toward the mirror and applied a coat of lipstick.

“I couldn’t sleep if I wanted to,” Sam replied, his eyes wide with excitement and awe.

“Well then. I better get going. I’m already late,” she said as she walked out of the bedroom.

“Trish! Wait! What are you wearing underneath there?” Sam asked, now seated on the edge of their bed.

As the cla-click, cla-click of Trisha’s steps made their way toward the front door she paused, turned ever so slightly, and flashed her stocking tops at her husband who was still in shock, and watching her from the bedroom.

“See you later Darling. I love you,” she purred as she blew him a kiss, and disappeared out the door.


The agonizingly slow night continued to creep along as Sam again checked the clock. It read 12:22 this time. Six minutes had passed since the last time he had looked. And then he heard it. The elevator door opened, and the distinct sound of Trisha’s high heels clicking along the hallway floor were making their way toward the front door.

Sam jumped from his seat and raced to the door. As he opened it, Trisha’s eyes met his, her hands still retrieving the keys in her tiny, elegant black purse. A smile cascaded across her face as they momentarily stood there and basked at the sight of each other.

Sam pulled Trisha into the apartment letting the door swing closed on its own, and the two lovers embraced each other in a furiously passionate exchange of kisses, groping and hugging.

“I love you Honey,” Trisha whispered into Sam’s ear.

“I love you too Baby. Damn, I’m happy you’re finally home,” Sam exuded, now enmeshed in deep feelings of love and respect for his wife he cherished so much.

“Come with me,” Trisha said, now leading Sam by the hand toward the bedroom. “We have some unfinished business.”

Her eyes filled with the look of seduction and desire as her arms dr*ped around Sam’s neck, and her partially opened lips pressed against his. Her tongue pressed deeply into Sam’s mouth as she ground her pelvis against his now hardening cock.

“I need you to fuck me right now,” she seductively moaned. “I’m all yours, and I’ll do anything you want,” she purred, her mind quietly drifting to tomorrow, and her plans at the Museum of Primitive History, where she’d finally be able to begin writing her thesis now that a subject had so interestingly presented itself: a psycho-analytical narrative on the primitive nature of male competition for female sexual attention – and why women always win.


The End

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