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Apartment complex

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in 03 or 04 something like that i moved to fort collins colorado, its a great town big college town but thats another story. I ended up getting a job out there being a maitenance supervisor at an apartment complex. It wasnt the greatest job but i had fun. I spent most of the days fixing small things in peoples apartments, lights, garbage disposals, doors, etc. The best part of the day was in the afternoon when alot of the stay at home moms were just chilling around the pool in some very nice swim suits..;). Any ways there was this one apartment b-304 it was a first floor corner apartment. the windows were always shut, but every apartment had a balcony but they had high walls so u can only see like the tops of the sliding door behind it any like tops of heads if there out there. I always wondered who lived there. About a month of me looking at the place as i walked by to do other jobs on the complex i got a work order for that apartment to take a look at the stove. I go and knock on the door. and after about 3 minutes the door opens and its this cute little brunette she was pretty petite answered the door. I told her i was there to take a look at the stove. While im taking a look at it she was sitting in the chair keeping me company in conversation. She was asking me about were i was from and stuff cause i have an accent how long i was out there and stuff. After about 10 minutes of conversation i said i have a question for u she said shoot. i told her out of all the apartments here how come your winds are always shut and looks like know one is here except for the slider door open on the balcony. She laughed and said u wanna know, im a nudist i love to be nude so when my kids are at school and my hubby is at work i just walk around naked. i said no kidding thats kinda hot, u didnt have to put on clothes on my account.. she laughed and said she would remember that...i said ok. i finished up with the stove and said ill see u later, and went on to my other jobs. The rest of the day and the next few weeks after that all i could think of was what she looked like naked, cause she was small u could tell she had small boobs but looked like a great ass. About a month later i got another work order for her apartment to fix a garbage disposal and some lights. i was like cool. so i went over to her apartment and knocked on the door, i didnt hear anything so i knocked again. then i heard come on in its unlocked. so i walked in didnt see anyone so i walked over to the sink and started to work. i heard how is it going today so i told her not bad, she said ill be there in a few im just finish making the beds and stuff i said no worries. then she came in and asked if i would like something to drink i said sure, when i looked up she was naked. i was like woops sorry, she laughed and said well u did say last time that i didnt have to cover up on your part, i said thank your that. she gave me a drink and sat up on the counter right next to me. i was like u know ur not making this easy for me to work she said sorry i can put something on i said u better not lol. i told her u better watch out though u look good i might not be able to handle myself she smiled and said what a shame. i stood up and said i warned u gave her huge kiss then as she sat there on the counter i spread her legs and started eaten her out. she sounded like she came about 3 or four times while i was down there. then i stood up and i droped my pants she started to stroke my cock as i kissed her then i spread her legs again and shoved my hard cock in her pussy. we fucked like that for about five minutes then i picked her up off the counter and bent her over the counter and started fucking her from behind i pulled on her hair and gave it to her as hard as i could after about 10 minutes she turned around and sucked her pussy juices from my cock. damn she sucked pretty good she walked me over to the couch laid on her back and spread her legs..i fucked her until i came all over her. after we were done i finished my jobs in her apartment. i asked her if she seduces guys in her apartment all the time, she said no never u were the first i thought u were cute but when u talked that accent just drove me nuts. i was like wow ty for the compliment. for about 3 months after that she would make up a fake work order so i could go over and have sex with her. its stoped when her husband switched to night shift, cause he was home during the day.

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